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Duolingo Accepted Universities in USA for International Students

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Blog Summary Duolingo is one of the more accepted English language proficiency tests by Universities in the USA. But what are the top Duolingo accepted universities in USA? What is the best one for you? The blog provides a list of Duolingo accepted universities in USA for international students.

Duolingo Accepted Universities in USA

One of the benefits of taking the Duolingo English test is that you can take it from anywhere if you have access to a computer and the internet. You don't need to travel to a testing centre, which can save you time and money. In addition, you get to choose when you want to take the exam. So, you can schedule it for a time that is convenient for you. 

The Duolingo English Test is easy to use. First, you sign up for the exam and pay for it. Then, you log in on the day of your exam and follow the instructions. The whole process is user-friendly and well-labelled. This guide will walk you through Duolingo accepted universities in USA.

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Why do universities prefer the Duolingo English Test?

Duolingo has many benefits for both students and universities in USA, which is why various schools are still experimenting with using it as an English assessment tool. Other tests require students to be physically present at the exam centre and have limited time slots, but with Duolingo's online features, universities can easily keep track of exam scores. This makes it easier for Duolingo accepted universities in USA to evaluate a candidate.

If you want to study at a university that accepts the Duolingo English test, you must register on the official website. Your speaking skills will be measured with your scores, video interview and writing samples, which will give the university a snapshot of your English ability.

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Duolingo English Test Requirements

Students should have the following for taking the 1 hour Duolingo test.

  • Any government ID, Passport, or driver's licence
  • Fast internet connection
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A silent room with clear lighting

Besides, you must also have the following to take the Duolingo English test conveniently.

  • A microphone
  • A front-facing camera
  • Speakers or headphones

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Education in USA: Highlights

Academic Excellence: There are some incredible universities located in the United States that always rank high in global university rankings. These schools are known for having excellent academic standards and implementing rigorous policies to ensure quality. They are also well-supported, providing students with an outstanding education.

Flexible Educational System: There is a vast array of courses and programs available at American universities and colleges. You can tailor the course material to your own needs and preferences, and you have a lot of control over the structure of the program.

Incredible International Student Support System: Overseas students often face difficulties when adjusting to university life in America. To help ease this transition, many universities offer orientation programs, workshops and training sessions. The international student office provides support for students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you have an academic question or are struggling with culture shock or social anxiety, the staff will be there to help you out.

Cultural diversity: The United States is a country of immense cultural diversity. You'll have the opportunity to learn alongside students from all walks of life, making for a truly enriching educational experience. Being raised in a diverse environment can instil strong character traits and abilities that will be highly sought-after in the global marketplace.

Friendly and dynamic campus life: Campus life in the United States is an experience like no other. From the moment you step onto campus, you will be immersed in new cultures and ways of life. Embrace this opportunity and open your mind to all the new people and ideas you will encounter. You won't regret it!

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Which Universities in USA Accept Duolingo?

The following universities in USA accept Duolingo:

1) Arizona State University

The Duolingo English Test is accepted by Arizona State University, and it is an online exam that tests your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. The cost of the exam is $49 (USD), and it can be taken from any computer that has a camera, audio and reliable internet connection. After you have completed the exam portion of the test, there will be an interview section where you will be asked to respond to various prompts in 30 to 90 seconds. You will receive the test results within a few days after you finish the exam.

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2) University of Arizona

Students who are not native English speakers must demonstrate their proficiency in the language before being admitted to the University of Arizona. Those who take the Duolingo exam can have their official score report sent directly to the school. All test scores must be no more than two years old to be considered valid.

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3) Colorado State University

You may be eligible for conditional admission to Colorado State University if you meet the academic standards but have not yet submitted a qualifying Duolingo score. If you are admitted conditionally, you will enrol in the Intensive English Program (IEP) until you have completed the required Academic English Program or achieved the necessary Duolingo score.

4) George Mason University

All university students should have full proficiency in academic English to succeed in the program they have enrolled in. In that case, the university needs applicants to show English proficiency to be considered for admission, nevertheless of citizenship. The university does not accept any test scores over 2 years old as proof of English language proficiency.

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5) University of South Florida

If English is not your first language, you will need to take an English proficiency test with Duolingo and score within the acceptable range. Your scores must be from tests taken within two years of the term you hope to enter. If you do not meet the minimum requirements for English proficiency in Duolingo, your application will be denied.

6) Illinois State University

You will need to submit proof of your English proficiency if you are from a non-native English-speaking country. This can be in the form of a TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo English Test that you have taken within the past two years. Duolingo is not accepted for a graduate teaching assistantship. A few graduate courses require a high minimum English proficiency test score.

7) Oregon State University

If you're not a native English speaker, or if you didn't get your degree from a school in an English-speaking country, you'll need to meet certain English language proficiency requirements, such as Duolingo, for admission. For Graduate Teaching Assistant Program, they don't have a minimum speaking sub-score set yet, but they will review each case individually.

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Countries Globally Accepting the Duolingo English Test

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Ireland
  6. China
  7. Japan
  8. Qatar
  9. Thailand
  10. European countries (Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain)

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What is the Exam Pattern of Duolingo?

Duolingo accepted universities in USA conduct the test with three exam patterns: Test Setup, Adaptive Test, and Writing and Speaking Test.

a) Test Setup

If you want to take the Duolingo test, you'll need to follow a few simple steps to get your computer ready. First, purchase the exam. Then, install the app and log in. After that, check to ensure your camera and microphone are working properly. Once you've done all that, you're ready to take the test!

In order to take the Duolingo test, you will need to provide a photograph of your identification, document your face, and agree to the security rules. Duolingo will give you specific instructions on how to complete each step.

b) Adaptive Test

The next stage of the exam is an adaptive test assessing your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. The test will last for 45 minutes, after which you will be given a score between 10 and 160.

c) Writing and Speaking Test

This is the final section of the Duolingo examination, where your speaking and writing skills will be put to the test. You will have 10 minutes to answer the questions in this section. Make sure you use the time wisely and answer the questions to the best of your ability. 

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Duolingo Scores Break-up 

The DET score is a measure of your proficiency in English, with scores ranging from 10 to 160. There are four levels of proficiency: basic, intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced. These levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference. Here's a breakdown of the score ranges for each level for Duolingo accepted universities in USA:

Duolingo Test Score Range


10 - 55


60 - 85


90 - 115


125 - 160


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Duolingo English test?
The Duolingo English Test is a great way to measure your proficiency in the English language. It was developed by the education technology company Duolingo and released in 2016. Many universities and institutions accept the DET as an accurate measure of English proficiency.