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Stem courses in usa for international students

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Blog Summary STEM courses in USA go beyond traditional academics, encouraging hands-on learning and preparing international students for future-focused careers. Wandering what makes the USA an attractive destination for international students seeking STEM education? The USA’s appeal lies in its top-notch academic excellence.

Stem Courses in USA for International Students

Are you looking forward to studying Stem courses in USA? Stem is one of the most sought-after programs in USA for international students. You can explore a wide array of career options after completing Stem programs in USA. There is a tight competition for Stem aspirants applying to US universities. With a high CGPA, your candidature will be preferred by Stem universities in USA.

As a Stem student, you need good critical thinking and research skills and comprehensive knowledge of analytical and technological concepts. As you progress through the Stem field, you can be sure enough that you will land one of the high-paying Stem jobs. Hence, this is the right time for international students to enrol in Stem courses in USA.

STEM Full Form - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics


What is a Stem Course in USA?

With the United States historically being a world leader in science and technology, universities in USA offer programs that will enable us to maintain our competitive edge. The study of STEM courses in USA can lay the groundwork for students to develop skills that are critical for success in many different fields. Pursuing a career in a STEM-related field can be extremely rewarding, both personally and financially. 

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What is the Scope of Stem Courses in USA?

There are many opportunities for graduates of STEM courses in the United States. The number of STEM-related jobs has increased significantly since 1990, and the median salary for people in the STEM workforce is very competitive. International workers make up a significant portion of the STEM workforce in the US, and this is only expected to grow in the coming years, which determines the excellent scope of stem courses in USA.

Advantages of Stem Courses in USA

  • STEM education can give students the skills they need to succeed in a wide range of careers. In the USA, students from around the globe can study a wide range of STEM-based subjects.
  • The USA is a renowned centre of academic excellence, boasting excellent research outputs and high success rates. Numerous renowned personalities who excelled at US universities have achieved great things.
  • Whilst continuing their studies, international students can participate in sports, attend lectures and concerts, volunteer for charity work and much more. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in activities outside of academics.
  • STEM courses in the USA provide the foundation for scientific and technological innovations leading to improved quality of life. STEM education can help students develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to be successful in any field.

Stem Courses Eligibility in USA

To be eligible for a STEM course in the USA, you must meet certain requirements. These include having a valid US student visa, proficiency in English, and the required academic qualifications. Each university and course has different eligibility criteria, so be sure to check with your chosen institution before applying. Here are the eligibility criteria for Stem courses in USA.

  • Candidates need to provide all the required documents
  • Candidates should have received F-1 USA student visa status
  • Candidates should check earlier if they are eligible for STEM OPT
  • GMAT/GRE scores and English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOFEL, and PTE are needed
  • For a bachelor’s degree, you need 10+2 in PCM or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology)
  • Candidates should have a 3- 4 year bachelor's degree in the field of STEM if they want to study masters

Stem Subjects in USA

Many academic subjects fall under the umbrella of Science and Technology. These fields of study touch upon almost every aspect of our lives, making them essential to our understanding of the world around us. However, when choosing an area of specialisation within STEM, it is important to consider your interests. The following are some popular STEM subjects taught by institutions in the USA.

  1. Botany 
  2. Biology
  3. Physics 
  4. Zoology 
  5. Geology 
  6. Genetics 
  7. Statistics 
  8. Chemistry
  9. Astronomy
  10. Meteorology 
  11. Aeronautical
  12. Mathematics 
  13. Biochemistry 
  14. Food Science 
  15. Plant Science
  16. Animal Science
  17. Nuclear Physics
  18. Forensic Science 
  19. Molecular Biology 
  20. Computer Science
  21. Mining Technology
  22. Nutritional Science
  23. Forensic Chemistry
  24. Horticulture Science
  25. Behavioral Sciences
  26. Environmental Studies
  27. Biomedical Technology
  28. Computer Programming 
  29. Agricultural Engineering
  30. Architectural Engineering

Stem Universities in USA

    1. Harvard University
    2. Stanford University
    3. Columbia University
    4. University of Dayton
    5. New York University
    6. University of California
    7. Arizona State University
    8. University of South Florida
    9. California Institute of Technology 
    10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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List of Stem Courses in USA (Courses under Stem in USA)

Many types of STEM degrees are available in the USA, each with its own sought-after specialisations. Engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry and mathematics are all popular choices for students pursuing a career in STEM.

The following is the list of most sought-after Stem courses in USA:

  1. Genetics 
  2. Statistics 
  3. Astronomy
  4. Meteorology 
  5. Aeronautical
  6. Mathematics 
  7. Biochemistry 
  8. Food Science 
  9. Plant Science
  10. Animal Science
  11. Nuclear Physics
  12. Forensic Science 
  13. Computer Science
  14. Nutritional Science
  15. Forensic Chemistry
  16. Environmental Studies
  17. Biomedical Technology
  18. Computer Programming 
  19. Agricultural Engineering
  20. Architectural Engineering

Best Stem Courses in USA

STEM courses are becoming increasingly popular among international students studying in the United States. Due to the growing demand for computer engineers, many students choose to study STEM subjects such as computer science and engineering. Here are some of the most popular STEM courses in the USA for international students.

1) Information Technology

As one of the best Stem courses in USA, IT offers students competitive salaries and great job prospects in a variety of industries. Technology is constantly evolving and improving, making Information Technology (IT) an essential aspect of running a successful business. IT is the application of technology to solve organisational and business problems through the use of computers, networks and other technical infrastructure. 


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2) Software Engineering:

The field of software engineering focuses on developing and creating software applications. This process involves designing, testing and building software in order to meet specific requirements. Software engineering is one of the most popular stem courses in the USA due to its potential to economically build reliable software.

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3) Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the best Stem courses in USA, which refers to the practice of protecting electronic systems, networks and data from unauthorised access or attack. Data is a valuable asset for any organisation, and it is crucial that it be protected from malicious attacks or unauthorised access. Cyber security professionals work to find vulnerabilities and prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information.

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4) Mathematics

If you're good with numbers and have a head for problem-solving, a mathematics Stem degree could be the perfect choice for you. With a bachelor's in mathematics, you can go into teaching, research, business, government or science-related fields. And as more and more mathematical disciplines become digitised, you can expect to study computer science modules like automated theorem proving and symbolic computation. 

5) Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a fascinating and rewarding Stem major that offers students the chance to design and build missiles, aircraft, spacecraft, and systems for national defence. The industry is rapidly growing, driven by the demand for green and fuel-efficient technologies. This makes aerospace engineering an excellent choice for anyone looking for an exciting and challenging career.

Stem MBA in USA

  1. University of Georgia
  2. University of Delaware
  3. University of Wisconsin
  4. University of Washington
  5. University of Connecticut
  6. University of North Texas
  7. Carnegie Mellon University
  8. Columbia Business School
  9. University of North Carolina
  10. University of California, San Diego

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1 Year Stem Courses in USA

1 Year Stem Courses in USA

Stem Universities


Harvard University


Princeton University


Harvard University


Standford University


University of North Carolina


Pennsylvania State University

Computer and Information Science

Carnegie Mellon University

Aeronautical Engineering

California Institute of Technology


University of California - Berkeley


University of California - Berkeley


Stem Architecture Courses in USA

Stem Architecture Courses in USA

Stem Universities

B.Sc Architecure

University of Texas - Arlington

B.Sc Architecture

Northeastern University

B.Sc Architecture

Kent State University

B.Sc Construction Management

Kennesaw State University

B.Sc Construction Management

Southern New Hampshire University

B.Sc Interior Design

University of Texas - Arlington

B.Sc Interior Design

Missouri State University

B.Sc Environmental Studies and Planning

Sonoma State University

B.Sc Landscape University

University of Idaho

B.Sc Architecure

University of Idaho


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Stem Management Courses in USA

Stem Management Courses

in USA

Stem Universities


University of New Mexico


University of South Dakota


Morehead State University


American National University


Grand Valley State University


Stanford GSB


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Harvard Business School


Columbia Business School

MBA (Business Analytics)

Michigan State University



The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for granting the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension to eligible students. F-1 visa holders who have completed STEM courses at an accredited university in the United States are eligible to apply for the OPT extension. Applicants can participate in the OPT extension a maximum of two times.

Florida Stem University

Florida International University is one of the best Stem universities in USA, an urban, multi-campus, public research university in South Florida. The university offers a variety of programs and degrees to its students, who come from a diverse range of backgrounds. FIU is committed to serving the community and positively impacting the region.

Stem Fields USA

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all critical Stem fields emphasising innovation and problem-solving. STEM is an acronym for these four areas of study. Together, they form the core of many of the world's most important industries.

Stem Jobs in USA

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Network Architect
  4. Network Engineer
  5. Software Engineer
  6. Software Developer
  7. Aerospace Engineer
  8. Biomedical Engineer
  9. Cyber Security Analyst
  10. Information Security Analyst

Stem Salary in USA



STEM Salary (Average)


Data Analyst



Systems Administrator



Software Engineer



Computer Scientist



Network Security Engineer



Network Architect






IT Manager








Frequently Asked Questions

What are STEM courses in the USA for international students?
STEM courses in the USA are educational programs focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, designed for international students to gain expertise in these fields.