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Top Exams to Study Abroad

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Blog Summary Looking to study abroad? Fulfilling eligibility criteria is key, and English exams are a must for most universities. Popular options include IELTS (USA, UK, Canada, etc.), TOEFL (Canada, UK, Australia), and PTE (USA, UK). STEM students might opt for GRE, while MBA aspirants consider GMAT or SAT. To know more about such exams, keep reading.

Whether you are a student looking to study abroad or a bachelor's student wanting to study a master’s course in any of the study destinations, you must fulfil all the eligibility criteria for studying at the respective university. One of the crucial criteria is writing English exams to study abroad. Though each university has specific eligibility, English exams are mandatory in submitting applications to most universities. Some standard English exams to study abroad are IELTS, TOEFL and PTE.

List of Exams to Study Abroad 

1. IELTS Exams to study abroad

IELTS is one of the standardised English exams to study in popular destinations such as Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada and New Zealand. Over 3,000 institutions in the USA accept the IELTS exam. Considering the availability of exam centres across the globe, students from many countries prefer to take up IELTS exam to study abroad.

2. TOEFL Exams to study abroad

The TOEFL exam is accepted in Canada, the UK, and Australia. Many students prefer to take the TOEFL exam to study abroad as an alternative to the IELTS exam. Some of the top universities in Australia accept TOEFL exam scores for enrolling international students. 

3. PTE Exams to study abroad

PTE exam is accepted in countries including USA and UK, and the exam scores are valid for 2 years.

4. SAT Exams to study abroad

The SAT exam is accepted in the USA and primarily tests students’ English language and mathematical skills. Students wanting to study MBA courses can take up SAT exams to study abroad. 

5. GRE Exams to study abroad

GRE is primarily for students wanting to study Law, master’s, PhD and MBA courses overseas. Following the test date, GRE scores are valid for up to 5 years. Especially for students who need to enrol in STEM courses, the GRE would be the apt exam to study abroad.

6. GMAT 

The GMAT exam is one of the standardised exams explicitly designed for graduate business and management admissions. The score obtained in the GMAT exam is valid for 5 years. 

7. CAEL Exam to Study Abroad

The CAEL is one of the widely accepted tests in Canadian universities. This English test assesses the language proficiency of international students wanting to study at Canadian universities. Students can take up this test at a centre or online at home. The validity of the CAEL score is 2 years.

CAEL Full form - Canadian Academic English Language Assessment 

8. MCAT Exam to Study Abroad

Students wanting to study medicinal courses n Australia, the USA and Canada can take up this test to enrol at a university. Some of the skills being tested in the MCAT test are Physical sciences, verbal reasoning and biological sciences. The MCAT scores are valid for 5 years. 

MCAT full form - Medical College Admission Test 

9. LSAT Exam to Study Abroad

The LSAT is a standardised law school admission test to study law courses overseas. In this test, the skills required to study law courses are tested through reasoning, writing and reading comprehension. The score obtained on the LSAT test is valid for 5 years.

10. American College Testing 

The ACT test is a standardised test to study in the United States of America. This test is administered by a nonprofit organisation, ACT. The ACT test assesses areas including mathematics, English, scientific reasoning and reading. The score obtained on the ACAT test is valid for 5 years.

11. Cambridge English Advanced 

The CAE exam is one of the toughest English proficiency tests. Students who want to enrol in advanced study programs in the UK can take up this exam. Unlike other tests, the scores obtained on the CAE test are valid for a lifetime. 

12. Duolingo Test to Study Abroad

Most universities in Australia and Canada accept Duolingo scores. This test assesses language abilities in writing, reading, speaking and listening. The score obtained on the Duolingo test is valid for 2 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top exams to study abroad?
The top exams to study abroad include IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), and SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test).
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