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If a city were a tapestry, Newcastle upon Tyne would be one of the most colourful threads woven into the heart of the UK. Northumbria University would be the golden thread accentuating its rich heritage. Cradled in this bustling city's vibrant life, Northumbria University is a beacon of knowledge, creativity, and innovation.

Doesn't every university boast state-of-the-art facilities and extensive academic options? Northumbria University indeed does, but it goes beyond the usual checklist. Like a seasoned sculptor carving a masterpiece, Northumbria has meticulously designed each course emphasising the latest knowledge and practical skills. This academic crafting ensures that Northumbria students don't merely learn; they become prepared for the real-world challenges their future careers will present.

Isn't diversity just about numbers? At Northumbria University, it is more than a statistic. It is a kaleidoscope of different cultures, ideas, and experiences, just as a bouquet is composed of diverse flowers, each lending its unique fragrance. This inclusive ethos is not just a policy but a culture deeply ingrained in the university, as seen in the myriad of clubs and societies reflecting various cultures, identities, and interests.

Is campus life just about attending lectures and completing assignments? Not at Northumbria University. Like a symphony playing in perfect harmony, the university creates an exquisite blend of academics and non-academic activities. The vibrant clubs and societies serve as platforms where students can venture beyond their comfort zones, discover new passions and form lifelong friendships.

Can a university's influence extend beyond its campus boundaries? Northumbria's robust alumni network answers that question with a resounding 'yes.' This strong network is a testament to Northumbria's commitment to lifelong learning and community, providing current students with a vast ocean of resources. These alumni are Northumbria's success stories, proving that Northumbria is not just a university but a launchpad to a promising future.

To study at Northumbria University is not merely to obtain a degree but to experience an enriching journey of growth, development, and success. So, isn't it clear that Northumbria is more than just an educational institution? It is a vibrant community, a hub of opportunities, and a path to a successful future.

Finally, the robust alumni network at Northumbria provides students with a valuable resource for networking and career development. The university's commitment to keeping its alumni engaged reflects its belief in the importance of lifelong learning and community. The success stories of Northumbria's alumni inspire current and prospective students, reinforcing the university's commitment to excellence.

Therefore, Northumbria University offers a comprehensive and enriching university experience that prepares students for a successful future. By choosing to study at Northumbria, students are investing in an education that combines academic excellence with personal growth and development.

Campus Location

Nestled in the heart of Newcastle, Northumbria University offers more than just a prestigious learning institution; it also offers a rich cultural and cosmopolitan experience. This vibrant city, frequently ranked as one of the top student cities in the UK, provides a perfect backdrop for an exciting university journey. The rich history of Newcastle, from the ancient castle to the iconic Tyne Bridge, offers a blend of historical and modern aesthetics that captivate every visitor. Northumbria University takes pride in its city's heritage and recognises its role in shaping a rewarding student experience.

Additionally, Newcastle's vibrant sporting culture allows students to engage with some of the UK's most genuine football fans. From cheering on the local team at St. James' Park to playing a casual match in one of the many local pitches, students at Northumbria University are certain to feel the city's love for the beautiful game. In the spirit of holistic education, Northumbria University encourages students to engage with this aspect of Newcastle's culture, as it understands that university life is as much about personal growth and experiences as it is about academic achievement.

The city is not just about history and sports; it offers thriving nightlife, shopping centres, restaurants and leisure facilities for students to explore. From the elegant Grey Street, voted as one of the UK's best streets, to the Quayside's bustling restaurants and bars, Newcastle offers a diverse range of recreational opportunities. By choosing to study at Northumbria University, students immerse themselves in a city that offers both a conducive environment for studying and a rich array of recreational activities to balance their academic life.

Study Areas

Northumbria University, renowned for its extensive range of courses, ensures students have a wide selection of disciplines to align with their academic ambitions. The university ensures that every student can pursue their passion with subjects ranging from the Humanities, Sciences, Business, and Art and Design. The university offers courses and ensures that each course provides the latest knowledge and skills relevant to the field, making Northumbria graduates highly desirable in the job market.

The university is committed to providing a world-class learning environment, demonstrated by its impressive academic facilities. The university library, for example, is recognised as one of the best academic libraries in the UK. With an extensive collection of print books, e-books, and e-journals, students have unlimited resources to facilitate their learning. Regardless of the course of study, every student is assured access to the necessary resources and facilities to enhance their learning experience.

Beyond providing resources, Northumbria University also facilitates interactive learning environments. With state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and studios, the university enables students to participate in hands-on practical sessions. This approach to learning ensures that students not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also gain the practical skills necessary for their respective fields. Northumbria's commitment to creating a conducive and comprehensive learning environment makes it a top choice for many students.

Diversity and Inclusion

Northumbria University is an institution that deeply values diversity and inclusion. The university recognises that a diverse student body contributes a wealth of experiences, perspectives, and ideas that enrich the educational experience for all students. Northumbria is a multicultural community, with students from over 100 different countries adding to the cultural tapestry of the institution. By embracing diversity, the university fosters an environment of understanding and mutual respect where every student is valued and heard.

Moreover, Northumbria University is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment. The university has policies to ensure that every student feels welcomed and supported regardless of background. These policies cover areas such as harassment, discrimination, and bullying and demonstrate Northumbria's commitment to maintaining a respectful and inclusive atmosphere. The university’s student services provide additional support, ranging from counselling and mental health services to career advice, ensuring all students have the necessary resources to succeed and thrive.

In addition to policies and services, the university promotes inclusivity through student-led initiatives. A wide array of societies and clubs represent and celebrate various cultures, interests, and identities, fostering a sense of belonging for all students. Whether students choose to join a society that represents their home culture or they decide to explore a new culture or interest, they are sure to find a welcoming community at Northumbria University.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Northumbria University believes in the importance of an active student life and therefore offers an array of societies and clubs. With over 100 societies to choose from, there is something for every interest. Whether a student is interested in arts, sports, gaming, or sustainability, they will find a group of like-minded individuals to share their passion.

The societies at Northumbria are more than just clubs; they represent an opportunity to create lifelong friendships and meaningful experiences. These groups frequently organise events, activities, and outings, allowing students to relax, have fun, and make memories outside of their academic obligations. Joining a society also offers students the opportunity to develop new skills, whether it's leadership in running the society or learning a new hobby.

Student life at Northumbria University is vibrant and engaging. With numerous clubs and societies, students have numerous opportunities to engage in non-academic activities, develop new skills, and form meaningful connections. The university encourages students to participate and contribute to the vibrant student community.

Furthermore, Northumbria University understands that not all interests may be represented and supports students in creating new societies. The university encourages students to take the initiative and contribute to the vibrant student life by providing resources and guidance. This commitment to promoting an active student life demonstrates Northumbria University's recognition of the importance of holistic development and personal growth alongside academic achievements.

Campus Facilities

At Northumbria University, students can expect to find modern facilities that enhance their university experience. Aside from state-of-the-art academic facilities, the university provides spaces for students to study, collaborate, and relax. These spaces are designed with the student's comfort and safety in mind, ensuring a conducive environment for their university journey.

The campus is home to various catering and retail outlets, providing students with various food options for all tastes and dietary requirements. These outlets offer local and international cuisine, ensuring all students can find a taste of home in Northumbria. Additional outdoor seating areas have been added across the campus, allowing students to enjoy their meals in a safe, socially-distanced setting.

The campus facilities at Northumbria University are designed to cater to every student's needs. From modern academic facilities to various catering outlets and the sports centre, students have all they need within the campus grounds. The university's commitment to providing its students with a comfortable and safe environment enhances their overall university experience.

The university's sports facility, Sport Central, is a key highlight of the campus. Home to various sporting facilities, including a gym, swimming pool, and sports courts, it offers students ample opportunities to stay active and healthy. Sports Central caters to all fitness levels, whether a student is an athlete or just looking to engage in casual physical activity. It showcases Northumbria University's commitment to promoting student wellness and academic excellence.

Alumni Network

Northumbria University boasts a robust alumni network, with over 227,000 graduates spanning 176 countries worldwide. The network serves as a valuable resource for alumni, providing opportunities for networking, career development, and lifelong learning. It fosters a sense of belonging among alumni, keeping the Northumbria spirit alive long after graduation.

The university frequently organises events and activities for alumni, from formal speaker events and seminars to informal get-togethers and reunions. These events provide an excellent platform for alumni to stay connected, share their experiences, and continue learning from each other. Additionally, they provide opportunities for current students to engage with alumni, facilitating valuable mentorship and networking opportunities.

Furthermore, the university celebrates its alumni's achievements, frequently showcasing their successes on the alumni webpage. From entrepreneurs and business leaders to award-winning artists and scientists,

Why Study Here

  • Northumbria University provides a cosmopolitan city experience, coupled with modern facilities and a vibrant student community.
  • The university offers an extensive range of courses, ensuring a comprehensive selection for all academic ambitions.
  • Northumbria is committed to diversity and inclusion, creating a rich and welcoming environment for all students.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in various clubs and societies, enhancing their university experience beyond academics.
  • The university provides top-notch facilities for learning, studying, and socialising, always prioritising student safety.
  • Graduates join a global alumni network, staying connected and inspired beyond their time at Northumbria.


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London Campus - Northumbria University

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Ideally situated just minutes away from Liverpool Street station, benefit from studying in a location where the financial district meets the heart of London’s digital and technology sector. This offers you an excellent base from which to take full advantage of all that studying in one of the world’s leading cities has to offer, including work experience and networking opportunities.

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Newcastle City Campus - Northumbria University

Sutherland Building Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 8ST

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The Campus is in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, just a couple of roads from the main shopping areas and cultural centres. The campus marries a unique combination of innovative contemporary buildings with historical sites that have been listed because of their heritage and grandeur. The University has invested more than £250 million in its estate over the last decade and our campus is continuously evolving to create an environment where you can shape your future.

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Coach Lane Campus - Northumbria University

Benton Northumbria University Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE7 7XA

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The campus is home to all students from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Our state-of-the-art Clinical Skills Centre is a purpose-built facility that will allow you to develop practical skills and gain valuable experience of real hospital situations through a simulated environment. Our investment in Simulated Mannequins (SimMan and SimBaby) will allow you to practise skills, challenge your learning and develop confidence in your clinical ability.

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Northumbria University requires international students to have qualifications equivalent to UK A-levels, along with English language proficiency. The specifics may vary based on the course and country of origin.

International students will need a Student Visa (previously a Tier 4 Visa) to study at Northumbria University.

Northumbria University provides a number of scholarships, including country-specific scholarships, that international students can apply for. Financial aid options may also be available depending on the circumstances.

English language proficiency, typically evidenced by an IELTS or equivalent score, is a key requirement for international students. The required score can vary depending on the course.

Northumbria University embraces diversity and promotes inclusivity. The University welcomes students from over 130 countries, creating a vibrant, multicultural environment.

Northumbria University offers various types of accommodation, from University-owned halls of residence to private accommodations.

There are over 100 societies and numerous volunteering projects at Northumbria University that students can join. These range from course-based societies to interest groups such as snow sports and student media.

Northumbria University provides various support services, including career and employment support, mental health services, and a dedicated team to support international students.

International students can work part-time during their studies, subject to visa restrictions. The University's Careers and Employment Service provides support in finding part-time jobs.

Northumbria University has agreements with many international institutions for credit transfer. It would be best to contact the University’s official study abroad agent, aecc for specific requirements.

The academic year at Northumbria University is divided into two semesters: Autumn, from September to January, and Spring, from January to May.

Northumbria University encourages students to gain practical experience and often incorporates internships and placements into its programs.

Northumbria University provides state-of-the-art facilities, including a modern library, various study spaces, sports facilities, and retail and catering outlets.

Northumbria University provides a comprehensive Careers and Employment Service that helps students with job placements, career advice, and skills development.

Northumbria University has a strong alumni network with graduates from over 176 countries. This network allows prospective and current students to connect with alumni from their home countries.

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