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    AUD 36,000

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    4 Years

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    January, march, september

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

The Biology with a Secondary Teaching Emphasis allows students to become secondary school teachers, while giving them the flexibility to pursue any other career in biology or continue to post-baccalaureate studies. A broad Biology curriculum for this major prepares students for a teaching endorsement in Biology. It provides students with a well-rounded liberal arts education by also including courses in math, physics, and chemistry. The requirements for this major include laboratory courses in genetics, molecular and organismal biology, as well as a course that examines the relationship between science and society.

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March, 2024

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  • 4 Years duration

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    Foundation Provider

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A picturesque gem in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Western Washington University - International Study Center - Study Group offers an academic sanctuary where the pursuit of knowledge dances with the symphony of the natural world. Imagine an institution that encourages students to question, explore, and push boundaries in an environment that is as nurturing as it is challenging. Can you picture yourself there?

WWU is not just an institution; it's a diverse community where every student, regardless of background, feels seen, heard, and valued. As a beacon of diversity and inclusion, WWU is as multifaceted as a prism, refracting its students' rich cultures and perspectives into a vibrant spectrum of understanding.

Nestled between the whispering Cascade Mountains and the shimmering Salish Sea, the campus provides a tranquil and inspiring backdrop for intellectual exploration. WWU stands as an epitome of unity between nature and academia. Can you hear the academic discourse intertwining with the rustling leaves?

At WWU, academic opportunities are as diverse as the flora in the surrounding forests. From ecological research and solar energy to music studies and design techniques, WWU's array of study areas is a veritable intellectual banquet. But WWU doesn't just offer knowledge; it provides an invitation to make a difference to tackle the world's most complex challenges. Have you ever imagined being part of a more comprehensive solution?

Life at WWU is a vibrant tapestry woven from threads of various student clubs and societies. It's a grand stage where students choreograph their college experience, shaping their roles in academics, arts, sports, service, and cultural activities. It's a harmonious blend of academia and extracurriculars - think of it as a symphony, with each student holding an important note.

The campus facilities echo the cutting-edge ethos that WWU espouses. Modern classrooms, high-tech laboratories, dedicated performance spaces, and expansive outdoor areas – it’s as if each element is a piece of an intricate jigsaw puzzle, coming together to complete the picture of an enriching university experience. Can you see yourself being part of this picture?

WWU’s alumni network is more than just a web of professional connections; it’s a lifeline to the wider world, a living testament to the power of shared experience. This network is a bridge to the future, with the strength to support every graduate as they journey forward in their professional life.

Western Washington University is more than a place of learning; it's a gateway to self-discovery, a cradle of innovation, and a playground for curiosity. It is not just an institution; it’s a home, a sanctuary, and a community. Can you envision your place within it?

Campus Location

Nestled between the stunning Cascade Mountains and the Salish Sea, Western Washington University (WWU) provides an idyllic setting that enhances the overall college experience for students. The campus location, resting on a hill overlooking Bellingham Bay, delivers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The serenity of the environment augments the pursuit of academic objectives, reflection, and personal growth.

WWU extends across a sprawling area, featuring well-manicured lawns, tree-lined walkways, and a harmonious blend of modern and historic buildings. The vibrant atmosphere and natural beauty merge to create a welcoming environment that students fall in love with. Moreover, the proximity to the outdoors offers students unique recreational opportunities.

The city of Bellingham, renowned for outdoor recreational opportunities, is a gem for students with a penchant for adventure. The abundance of natural wonders, ranging from hiking and biking trails in nearby forests to kayaking and sailing on the bay, offers endless exploration opportunities. This close relationship with nature aids in balancing the rigours of academic life.

Mount Baker, a prominent volcano and ski resort, is just a short drive from the campus. The proximity to this majestic mountain allows students to participate in winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. All these experiences enhance the unique experience of studying at WWU, perfectly melding academic pursuits with outdoor adventures.

Study Areas

The Department of Biology at WWU studies living organisms, ranging from molecular biology to ecosystem dynamics. The department encourages student involvement in cutting-edge research, fostering a deep understanding of the natural world and developing critical thinking and analytical skills.

The Department of Computer Science empowers students to navigate the digital landscape in the era of rapid technological advancements. Students learn programming languages, algorithms, and software development through rigorous coursework and hands-on projects, delving into emerging fields like artificial intelligence and data science.

The Department of English at WWU nurtures a love for literature, language, and creative expression. It provides a deep dive into literary works, helps develop advanced writing skills, and encourages the analysis of cultural and historical contexts. With programs in creative writing, literature, linguistics, and teaching English as a second language, there is something for every student.

Lastly, the Department of Psychology at WWU concentrates on understanding human behaviour and the complexities of the mind. With a broad range of topics such as cognitive processes, social behaviour, developmental psychology, and abnormal psychology, the department readies students for careers in counselling, research, and various other fields.

Diversity and Inclusion

At the core of WWU's philosophy lies a commitment to embracing diversity and inclusivity. The Multicultural Center at the university promotes cross-cultural understanding, engagement, and appreciation, serving as a hub for celebrating diversity. Hosting cultural events, workshops, and discussions fosters dialogue and creates a sense of belonging among students.

Playing a critical role in advocating for diversity and inclusion at WWU is the Office of Equity and Inclusion. The office steers developing and implementing policies, programs, and initiatives, ensuring equal opportunities for all university community members. The team provides training and resources to address issues related to bias, discrimination, and harassment.

Moreover, the university supports various affinity groups. These provide spaces for students, faculty, and staff to connect, share experiences, and offer mutual support. These groups cater to diverse communities, including underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ communities, international students, and first-generation students.

Finally, WWU offers diversity education and training programs to foster cultural competence and inclusive practices. These programs allow students, faculty, and staff to engage in critical discussions, challenge biases, and develop skills to navigate diverse environments effectively.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Besides its academics, Western Washington University's vibrant student life significantly enriches the overall university experience. WWU provides a plethora of clubs and societies that cater to varied interests. These clubs serve as platforms for students to engage with like-minded peers, learn new skills, and develop leadership capabilities.

WWU's Academic and Professional Clubs, such as the Biology Club, Psychology Club, or Engineering Club, offer students avenues to delve deeper into their academic disciplines. These clubs regularly organise guest lectures, workshops, and networking events, supplementing classroom learning and fostering professional development.

Cultural and Diversity Clubs at WWU focus on promoting intercultural understanding and celebrating the rich cultural diversity of the student community. Organisations like the Asian Student Association, Black Student Union, and Latinx Student Association allow students to engage in cultural activities, advocate for social justice, and learn from diverse perspectives.

The Arts and Performance Clubs at WWU cater to students with artistic inclinations. Whether interested in music, dance, theatre, visual arts, or film, students can find a platform to express their creativity, collaborate on projects, and engage in performances. Similarly, the Recreational and Sports Clubs offer opportunities for sports enthusiasts to participate in various activities, from hiking to kayaking, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle.

Campus Facilities

The campus at Western Washington University boasts state-of-the-art facilities that create a conducive learning environment for students. The academic buildings have modern classrooms, laboratories, and dedicated spaces for different disciplines, facilitating hands-on learning and research.

The Wade King Student Recreation Center, the hub for health and fitness activities, features a comprehensive range of facilities. From a gymnasium to a climbing wall, the centre promotes an active lifestyle among students, offering various fitness classes, intramural sports, and outdoor adventure programs.

The Performing Arts Center, another significant campus feature, is a cultural hotspot. This centre hosts various performances and events, allowing students to showcase their talents and appreciate the arts. The centre boasts multiple performance spaces, including the Mainstage Theater and the Concert Hall.

WWU also offers ample outdoor spaces for relaxation and recreation. The iconic Red Square, a central gathering area, and the Western Washington University Arboretum's walking trails and green spaces provide students with areas to unwind, study, and connect with nature.

Alumni Network

Western Washington University's robust alumni network is a powerful tool for networking and career progression. The network facilitates connections with fellow graduates, paving the way for potential career opportunities, mentorships, and collaborations. Graduates can maintain meaningful connections through networking events, alumni chapters, and online platforms.

WWU offers various resources in line with its commitment to supporting its alumni. From career counselling to job boards and networking events, the university provides tailored support for its alumni. The alumni can tap into these resources for career advice and assistance with job searches.

The alumni network also presents opportunities for continuous professional development. Alumni can attend workshops, webinars, and conferences organised by the university or fellow alumni to expand their knowledge, hone their skills, and stay abreast of industry trends.

Finally, the alumni network provides an array of social and recreational activities. These activities, ranging from sports events to cultural outings and reunions, foster a sense of camaraderie among alumni, helping them maintain connections formed during their time at WWU.

Why Study at Western Washington University?

  • WWU's scenic campus location, offering both tranquillity and a range of outdoor activities, provides a unique learning environment.
  • The university offers diverse study areas, each designed to provide comprehensive, in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.
  • A solid commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures all students feel welcome and valued.
  • A broad spectrum of student clubs and societies fosters personal growth, enhances academic understanding, and builds a sense of community.
  • State-of-the-art campus facilities provide modern teaching spaces and recreational amenities, enriching the overall student experience.
  • A powerful alumni network aids in establishing professional connections and provides continued support post-graduation.


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    1201 - 1400


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