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Welcome to Wichita State University, where exceptional education meets affordability in the heart of the Midwest. Leading research university Wichita State University is proud to provide students from all backgrounds with a first-rate educational experience that gives them the tools they need to achieve.

Wichita State University offers a supportive environment where students can realise their potential and set out on a transformative journey of learning and self-discovery because of its dedication to diversity, inclusivity, and student support.

 Ranked as the most affordable research institution in the region, Wichita State University breaks down barriers and opens doors of opportunity for students seeking a high-quality education without the burden of exorbitant costs. Scholarships valued between US$4,800 and $6,000 per year further alleviate the financial strain, making academic aspirations within reach.

Imagine Wichita State University as a vast landscape of possibilities, where the diverse study areas act as fertile soil that nurtures intellectual growth. Whether the passion lies in engineering, business, health professions, applied studies, fine arts, liberal arts and sciences, cybersecurity, economics, or beyond, Wichita State University offers a comprehensive range of programs that cater to unique interests and career aspirations. Explore the depths of the chosen field, guided by dedicated faculty who are not just teachers but also mentors and partners in the educational journey.

But education is more than just acquiring knowledge within the confines of a classroom. It is a tapestry of experiences that shape character, broaden horizons, and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. That's why Wichita State University emphasises student life and engagement, providing a vibrant campus community that becomes a second home. Picture the campus facilities as a bustling marketplace, teeming with energy and life. From the three housing facilities—Shocker Hall, The Suites, and The Flats—to the Food Truck Plaza and various dining options, every corner resonates with the pulse of student activity.

Like a symphony, the Wichita State University campus is composed of diverse instruments, each playing its part to create harmony. Engage in clubs and societies that align with passions and interests, forging connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. These extracurricular activities offer possibilities for leadership development, personal growth, and the creation of a broad worldview in addition to being ways to spend time.

As students traverse the Wichita State University campus, they'll notice how the commitment to safety weaves through every aspect of university life. Wichita State University has erected a shield of security, ensuring the well-being of students so they can focus on studies and exploration without apprehension. Campus police services, emergency response systems, and student support services stand as pillars of protection, giving peace of mind as students navigate the exciting terrain of higher education.

Beyond the borders of the Wichita State University campus lies Wichita, a city that embraces students with open arms. Imagine it as a colourful mosaic, where the vibrant urban landscape merges seamlessly with the warmth and friendliness of a close-knit community. Wichita's enchanting nightlife, concerts, cultural events, and low cost of living create a tapestry of experiences that enhance university years. 

Wichita State University is more than an institution of learning; it is a transformative space that fosters growth, sparks curiosity, and prepares students for a future brimming with possibilities. Come, join the Wichita State University community of dreamers, thinkers, and innovators, and embark on a journey that will shape not only the academic trajectory but also the soul. Together, let's embrace the perplexity of knowledge, unravel the mysteries of the world, and emerge as resilient individuals ready to make a meaningful impact on society and beyond.


Campus Location

Wichita State University, located in Kansas's largest city, is an ideal location for international students seeking high-quality education. Situated on a beautiful 330-acre campus atop a hill, students can enjoy stunning views of downtown Wichita, just 5 miles away. Wichita itself is a vibrant and thriving city with a growing population of nearly 700,000, striking the perfect balance between a bustling urban environment and a friendly Midwestern atmosphere.

Study Areas

Wichita State University provides a diverse range of study areas to cater to the varied interests and career aspirations of international students. Whether you're passionate about engineering, business, health professions, applied studies and education, fine arts, liberal arts and sciences, cybersecurity, economics, or any other field, you'll find excellent academic programs tailored to your needs.

The engineering programs are renowned for their quality and industry relevance. From aerospace engineering to mechanical engineering, Wichita State University equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen engineering discipline.

For those interested in the business world,  business programs offer a comprehensive education that prepares students for success in the global marketplace. With a focus on practical skills and real-world applications, business students graduate ready to make an impact in various industries. Whether finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, or supply chain management are of interest to you, these business programmes give you a strong basis for a fulfilling career.

The health professions programs at Wichita State University are designed to meet the growing demand for skilled healthcare professionals. From nursing to physical therapy, students receive hands-on training and clinical experiences that prepare them for rewarding careers in the healthcare field. The partnerships with local healthcare organisations provide opportunities for internships and practical learning, ensuring that the graduates are well-prepared to make a difference in the lives of others.

Wichita State University also offers a range of programs in applied studies and education, fine arts, liberal arts and sciences, cybersecurity, economics, and many other fields. Whatever your passion may be, you'll find dedicated faculty, supportive resources, and a stimulating academic environment to help you thrive and achieve your goals.


Diversity and Inclusion

Wichita State University,  embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as fundamental values. University-wide strategic focus on diversity and inclusion fosters a culture that values transparency, accountability, and open communication.

They believe that a truly enriching educational experience can only be achieved when creating an environment that celebrates and respects individuals from all backgrounds.

WSU is dedicated to giving international students a warm and inclusive campus environment.

To ensure that students from varied backgrounds feel appreciated and supported, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion actively promotes multicultural awareness and provides support services.

Through initiatives, workshops, and events, WSU aims to cultivate a sense of belonging and foster an inclusive community where all voices are heard.

Furthermore, Wichita State University's dedication to diversity and inclusion extends beyond campus boundaries.


Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Extracurricular activities play a vital role in the vibrant student life at Wichita State University. The campus thrives with a dynamic array of clubs and societies, catering to a diverse range of interests. Whether your curiosity lies in academic pursuits, cultural exploration, or sports and recreation, you'll discover a welcoming community that fosters connections with like-minded peers.

At Wichita State University, the clubs and societies create a platform for students to pursue their passions, cultivate leadership abilities, and cultivate lifelong friendships. Whether you're drawn to an academic club delving into thought-provoking discussions or seeking cultural organisations that celebrate diversity and creativity, you'll find an avenue to explore and expand your interests. Engaging in sports teams and recreational activities also provides a fulfilling outlet for physical well-being and team spirit.

The rich tapestry of extracurricular offerings at Wichita State University invites you to discover new horizons and embrace opportunities for personal growth. Through active participation in these clubs and societies, you'll have the chance to deepen your knowledge, develop invaluable skills, and create lasting memories with fellow students who share your passions.

Beyond the academic realm, Wichita State University recognises the significance of a holistic student experience. The clubs and societies contribute to a well-rounded education, allowing you to not only excel in your studies but also cultivate a sense of belonging and connection within the campus community. Whether you join a club related to your field of study or venture into entirely new territories, these extracurricular activities will enrich your university years and shape you into a more well-rounded individual. From academic honour societies to performing arts groups, there's something for everyone. You will gain a well-rounded experience that goes beyond the classroom by participating in these activities.

Additionally, campus facilities are designed to support and enhance student life. The three housing facilities—Shocker Hall, The Suites, and The Flats—provide complete communities where students can live, study, and socialise. There are lounges, study rooms, game rooms, laundry facilities, and plenty of places to socialise. Being a resident on campus puts you in the centre of the action and enables you to fully engage with the vibrant campus community.

Campus Facilities

Wichita State University boasts excellent campus facilities to enhance your learning and living experience. Three housing facilities, Shocker Hall, The Suites, and The Flats, provide complete communities with comfortable living spaces, lounges, study rooms, game rooms, and laundry facilities. Living on campus offers convenience and fosters a sense of community, allowing you to easily connect with fellow students and engage in campus activities.

You will have access to contemporary classrooms, cutting-edge laboratories, and specialised facilities as an international student to help your academic endeavours. Whether you're conducting scientific research, working on design projects, or collaborating with classmates, facilities and labs are equipped with the latest technology and resources to facilitate your learning and exploration.

Beyond academic facilities, the campus offers a range of amenities to enrich your college experience. From dining options to coffee shops, you'll find a variety of tasty choices to satisfy your cravings throughout the day. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty brunch, a quick latte, or a flavorful street taco, campus dining options have something for everyone. The Food Truck Plaza adds a touch of excitement and diversity to the dining experience, offering a unique and flavorful culinary adventure.


Alumni Network

As a student at Wichita State University, you become part of a strong and supportive alumni network that spans various industries and professions. alumni are leaders and innovators, and their success stories inspire and motivate current students. Through networking events, mentorship opportunities, and career guidance, the alumni network provides valuable connections that can help shape your future career path.

Wichita State University's alumni network is an invaluable resource for international students seeking career opportunities both in the United States and globally. alumni have established themselves in diverse fields, ranging from engineering and business to healthcare and the arts. They are well-positioned to offer insights, advice, and professional guidance to current students, helping them navigate the job market and achieve their career aspirations.

Affordability and Support

We understand that affordability is a crucial factor for international students when considering studying abroad. Wichita State University is committed to providing an outstanding education at an affordable cost. With a ranking as the most affordable research institution in the region, along with scholarships valued between US$4,800 and $6,000 per year, international students can pursue their educational goals without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, the cost of living in Wichita is notably lower than in many other cities across the United States. Wichita has been ranked as the most affordable college city in the USA, allowing students to manage their expenses more effectively. This affordability ensures that your budget can stretch further, providing you with the opportunity to fully focus on your studies and make the most of your time at the university.

WSU recognises that international students may face unique challenges when studying abroad, and dedicated staff and faculty are here to support you every step of the way. From academic advisors to international student services, WSU offers a range of resources and support systems to ensure your smooth transition into university life. WSU understand the importance of creating a supportive and nurturing environment, and WSU strives to make your experience at Wichita State University as comfortable and enriching as possible.


Why Study at Wichita State University?

  • Outstanding Education at an Affordable Cost: Wichita State University is ranked as the #1 most affordable research institution in the region. WSU believe that quality education should be accessible to all, and WSU strives to make it financially feasible for international students. Additionally, scholarships from $4,800 to $6,000 USD annually are accessible to help you with your academic endeavours. Commitment to providing an outstanding education without burdening you with high costs sets the university apart as a top choice for international students.
  • Diverse Program Options: Whatever your academic interests may be, Wichita State University offers a wide range of study areas to choose from whether you want to work as an engineer, business professional, healthcare practitioner, artist, or economist, WSU has programmes that are specifically intended to give you the knowledge and abilities you need.
  • Opportunity for Career Development: Wichita State University takes pride in its strong connections with over 250 unique employers. With one of the largest Cooperative Education Programs in the United States, WSU offers invaluable opportunities for internships and real-world work experiences. Partnerships with esteemed organisations like Airbus, Textron, National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), Dassault Systems, Spirit AeroSystems, Hexagon, and NetApp ensure that you have access to industry leaders and gain a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Dedication to Safety: Your well-being is the utmost priority.  WSU has implemented comprehensive safety measures, including campus police services, emergency response systems, and student support services. You can focus on your studies and enjoy campus life knowing that WSU is committed to maintaining a secure learning environment for all students.
  • Wichitawesome City: Part of what makes studying at Wichita State University an exceptional experience is the city WSU call home. Wichita, Kansas' largest city, offers the perfect balance between a vibrant urban environment and a welcoming community. With a growing population of nearly 700,000, Wichita provides a range of entertainment options, exciting nightlife, concerts, and cultural events. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Wichita State University is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. WSU  believe that fostering a diverse and inclusive community enriches the educational experience for all students. The dedicated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan ensures transparency, accountability, and effective communication around these critical issues. By studying at Wichita State University, you become part of a community that values and celebrates individuals from all backgrounds.


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Main Campus - Wichita State University

1845 Fairmount Street, Wichita, Kansas, 67260

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The Universitys beautiful 330-acre campus is situated on the crest of a hill with a view of downtown Wichita, 5 miles to the southwest. As Kansas largest city, Wichita is the commercial, financial, medical, cultural and entertainment hub for the state. It is home to one of the most affordable cities in the country‚ÄĒproviding a high quality of life at a low cost.

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If you want to apply to Wichita State University, it is advisable to utilise a registered study abroad agent/partner, such as "aecc." Applying through an agent enhances your prospects in comparison to self-application.

The admission requirements for international students at Wichita State University include submitting a completed application form, academic transcripts from previous schools, English language proficiency test scores (such as TOEFL or IELTS), and financial documentation to demonstrate your ability to cover tuition and living expenses.

Yes, Wichita State University offers financial aid options for international students. Scholarships and grants are available based on academic merit, talent, or specific criteria. It's important to review the university's financial aid page, and you can contact the University’s official study abroad agent, aecc, about the available options and application processes.

Yes, as an international student at Wichita State University, you can work on campus. The university provides various work opportunities for students, such as part-time jobs within campus departments or student employment programs. These opportunities can help you gain valuable work experience while studying.


Wichita State University offers a range of support services for international students. These include international student advisors who can assist with immigration and visa-related matters, academic support services, counselling services, and cultural adjustment programs. The university aims to ensure that international students feel supported and have a successful academic and personal experience.

Yes, there are English language proficiency requirements for admission to Wichita State University. International students whose first language is not English are generally required to provide English language test scores, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. These scores help demonstrate your proficiency in English and your ability to succeed in academic coursework conducted in English.

Yes, international students can apply for scholarships at Wichita State University. The university offers a range of scholarships specifically designed for international students. These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, leadership potential, or specific criteria set by individual departments or programs. It's recommended to review the scholarship opportunities by contacting the University’s official study abroad agent, aecc.

Yes, Wichita State University provides housing options for international students. The university has on-campus housing facilities, including residence halls and apartment-style accommodations. Living on campus can offer convenience, a sense of community, and easy access to campus resources. It's advisable to apply for housing early as spaces may be limited.

Wichita State University prioritises the safety and security of its students. The university campus has security measures in place, including campus police services, emergency response systems, and safety patrols. Additionally, Wichita, Kansas, where the university is located, is known for its friendly and safe environment. However, it's always important to take standard precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

Wichita State University is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. The university values transparency, accountability, and open communication regarding issues of diversity and inclusion. Through various initiatives, programs, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Wichita State University aims to create a campus culture that celebrates and respects individuals from all backgrounds.

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities for international students to get involved in clubs and organisations at Wichita State University. The campus offers a vibrant student life with numerous clubs and societies catering to a wide range of interests. Whether you're interested in academic clubs, cultural organisations, or sports and recreational activities, you'll find a welcoming community and ample opportunities to connect with like-minded peers.

Wichita, Kansas is known for its affordability, and the cost of living is relatively lower compared to many other cities in the United States. The cost of living includes expenses such as housing, transportation, groceries, and entertainment. It's important to budget and plan accordingly, considering your specific needs and lifestyle.

Wichita State University offers a wide range of study areas that are popular among international students. Some of the popular study areas include engineering, business, health professions, applied studies and education, fine arts, liberal arts and sciences, cybersecurity, and economics. These programs provide diverse academic opportunities for international students to pursue their interests and career goals.

International students at Wichita State University have access to various research opportunities and internships. The university has research facilities and collaborations with industry partners, providing students with avenues to engage in hands-on research projects. Additionally, the Career Development Center assists students in finding internships and co-op opportunities, allowing them to gain practical experience related to their fields of study.

Wichita State University's International Admissions Office provides support and guidance to international students regarding visa and immigration matters. The office can help with visa application processes, maintaining legal status, and understanding immigration regulations. International student advisors are available to answer questions and provide the necessary information to ensure a smooth transition and stay in the United States.

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