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The University of South Alabama provides a unique experience for its students through its combination of world-class academic opportunities, vibrant student life, and a scenic Gulf Coast setting. As more than just an educational centre, it cultivates individual development, creates vital connections between peers, and motivates students to maximise their potential.

With its combination of cutting-edge amenities and the serene serenity of nature, the University of South Alabama offers students and teachers a breathtaking haven. The combination of lush gardens, calm strolling paths, and scenic bicycle tracks create a special setting perfect for learning and development. Visitors will undoubtedly find it challenging to remain uninspired as they wander through the expansive grounds of the university.

More than 125 academic options are available at South for students to explore and start their own unique learning journeys. Its faculty, which is made up of incredibly dedicated mentors and professionals, is committed to fostering students' intellectual curiosity and assisting them in achieving tremendous success. They are the lighthouses that illuminate the broad field of knowledge and point students in the direction of inner treasures.

There is more to learning than just lectures and textbooks at the University of South Alabama. It is a community where various cultures, viewpoints, and ideas converge to create a dynamic and colourful tapestry. On this campus, they are dedicated to fostering variety and inclusiveness so that each student can contribute their own distinct shade to this fabric of personality. You will add your culture, tales, customs, and goals to this mix as an international student. You can rely on the university to appreciate and treat you with care as they honour the contributions that each person makes to the university.

Imagine joining a group with similar interests and goals, where friendships are made and ties are lifelong. The University of South Alabama has approximately 200 student clubs and organisations, which are the lifeblood of campus life. They are the rainbow of hues that paint the picture of your college career. You'll discover your tribe through these clubs—a group of like-minded people who will walk by your side, encourage your development, and push you to reach new heights.

The South campus has more to offer than only academic buildings, as you will see as you move around. There are entrances to inspiration—gateways that take you to life-changing encounters. The Mitchell Centre, a multipurpose venue, is teeming with life and excitement as it hosts sporting events, concerts, and shows that inspire the soul.

The relationship you form at the University of South Alabama lasts a lifetime. Once you become a member of this group, you join a long line of South Alabama Jaguars. Its global alumni network provides a network of support that goes well beyond graduation. It's evidence of the enduring connections made here, the common memories, and the shared goal of changing the world.

Campus Location

Those seeking an idyllic and inspiring educational environment will find it at the University of South Alabama. Located in the beautiful Gulf Coast region, its campus offers both natural beauty and modern facilities for students to enjoy while on their academic journey.

Set upon 1,200 acres of land, the University of South Alabama boasts an impressive campus for students to take advantage of. From well-kept gardens and walking paths to bike trails, visitors inevitably feel a sense of serenity while perusing the grounds. This idyllic setting allows students to fully immerse themselves in their studies and create meaningful connections with one another—perfect conditions for intellectual advancement and personal growth.

The Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail is an essential stop on the itinerary of those searching for open-air activities. This three-mile footpath weaves through native vegetation and provides a spectacular setting to experience the local flora and fauna. Furthermore, students can journey outside the main campus boundaries to the Baldwin County and Gulf Shores campuses, where they can take in all that nature has to offer along the Gulf Coast.

Study Areas

The University of South Alabama is committed to providing students with the academic resources necessary to pursue their career goals. With more than 125 programmes available across a variety of disciplines, there are opportunities for everyone. This commitment is further enhanced by the university's faculty composition: over 75% of instructions are delivered by full-time members who bring expertise and passion into the classroom. Not only do these professors have an abundance of knowledge, but they also act as mentors, helping students discover and reach their potential.

The University of South Alabama understands the importance of helping students on their academic journey, which is why it offers a range of resources. The Student Advising Centre provides comprehensive assistance, ensuring students are well-informed when they make decisions regarding their studies. This centre also provides personalised guidance and support throughout each student's educational path.

As part of their commitment to academic excellence, the Student Academic Success programmes provide a wide range of support services designed to help students reach their full potential. These resources include tutoring assistance as well as workshops aimed at improving study skills and cultivating a culture of success.

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating an inclusive atmosphere The University of South Alabama is dedicated to creating an inviting and embracing environment for all its members. With its focus on diversity, the school ensures that everyone feels included and respected, regardless of their background. This culture of support contributes to the university's overall sense of community.

The institution is enthusiastic about the cross-cultural interactions and distinctive viewpoints that come with having international students on campus. The school has a welcoming environment that encourages pupils to interact with one another's cultures, broadening their horizons and improving their comprehension of various civilisations.

The dynamic campus life at the University of South Alabama is a result of the numerous cultural and diversity-focused student societies there. These organisations give kids a chance to interact with peers who have comparable cultural or interest backgrounds, promoting a sense of belonging and establishing friendships for life. Students build an understanding of diversity and a global attitude that will help them succeed in an interconnected world by participating in cultural events, conversations, and team projects.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

At South Alabama University, students are provided with a wide range of experiences that go beyond their studies. With more than 200 student groups and organisations, individuals have countless opportunities to fulfil their interests, build upon their leadership qualities, and create long-lasting relationships with peers sharing similar passions.

The University of South Alabama offers a wide range of student organisations that cater to all interests. From social clubs and religious groups to professional and departmental organisations, honour societies, and special interest groups, there are abundant opportunities for students to get involved. Joining such organisations is an essential part of the college experience; not only do they provide a space for students to grow personally, but they also enable them to play an active role in improving their well-being on campus.

Campus Facilities: 

Situated in the picturesque Gulf Coast region, the University of South Alabama offers an inspiring and stunning setting for its students. Boasting a sprawling 1,200 acres of land, there is ample room to explore and have fun. To further foster learning and personal enrichment, the school features well-kept gardens as well as pathways for walking or biking throughout the grounds. Furthermore, events such as concerts or shows are regularly held at the Mitchell Centre, a multi-purpose venue on site, presenting opportunities for entertainment and inspiration to all members of the community.

A Global Family: Becoming a member of the University of South Alabama opens up a world of connection and opportunity. Beyond graduation, Jaguars become part of an expansive global family that reaches across borders and industries.

Utilising Connections: The global network is an invaluable resource for career growth, professional connections, and support. Alumni take on the role of mentors, offering advice to current students through mentoring programmes, guidance, and networking events - equipping them with the tools to navigate their future paths.

Alumni Network at the University of South Alabama:

The University of South Alabama has a strong and active alumni network that offers numerous benefits and opportunities to its graduates. Here are some key features of the alumni network:

  1. Global Connections: As a member of the University of South Alabama, you become part of a global network of alumni spanning various industries and countries. This network provides a valuable resource for career growth, professional connections, and mentorship opportunities.
  2. Lifelong Support: The alumni network offers lifelong support to its members. Whether you need career advice, guidance for further education, or assistance with personal or professional challenges, you can rely on the support of fellow alumni who share a common bond and commitment to the university.
  3. Networking Opportunities: The alumni network organises regular networking events, reunions, and professional development workshops, creating opportunities for alumni to connect, collaborate, and expand their professional circles. These events foster meaningful connections and open doors to new possibilities.
  4. Mentorship Programmes: The university's alumni network provides mentorship programmes that pair current students with alumni who have expertise in their fields of interest. This mentorship offers guidance, advice, and industry insights, helping students navigate their career paths and make informed decisions.
  5. Pride and Tradition: Being part of the University of South Alabama alumni network means joining a community rooted in shared experiences, memories, and a collective pride for their alma mater. Alumni actively participate in university events, support philanthropic initiatives, and uphold the traditions that make the university unique.

Why study here?

  1. Inspiring Campus Location: The University of South Alabama is located in the picturesque Gulf Coast region, offering a stunning blend of natural beauty and modern facilities. The serene environment, with its gardens, walking paths, and bike trails, provides a tranquil setting conducive to focused learning and personal growth.
  2. Academic Excellence: With over 125 academic programmes across various disciplines, the university offers a wide range of opportunities for students to pursue their passions and academic goals. The dedicated faculty, comprising experienced mentors and professionals, are committed to nurturing students' intellectual curiosity and guiding them towards success.
  3. Inclusive Community: The university fosters a diverse and inclusive campus community where students from different cultures and backgrounds come together to create a vibrant tapestry of perspectives. Students are encouraged to embrace their individuality, share their unique stories and experiences, and contribute to the rich fabric of the university community.
  4. Engaging Student Life: The University of South Alabama offers over 200 student clubs and organisations, providing students with countless opportunities to explore their interests, develop leadership skills, and build lifelong friendships. The vibrant campus life ensures that students can find their tribe and actively participate in extracurricular activities that enhance their college experience.

Extensive Support Services: The university provides comprehensive support services to ensure students' academic success and well-being. From academic advising and tutoring programmes to counselling services and cultural integration initiatives, the university is committed to providing the necessary resources and guidance for students to thrive personally and academically.


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Main Campus - University of South Alabama

307 North University Boulevard, Mobile, Alabama, 36688

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The beautiful, tree-shaded main campus of the University spreads across 1,200 acres, with a landscape that includes cultivated flower gardens, walking paths and groves of pine trees, miles of bike trails, indoor and outdoor pools and a disc golf course.

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The University of South Alabama offers a wide range of academic programs for international students. These include undergraduate programs, graduate programs, professional programs, and online programs in various fields such as business, engineering, arts and sciences, health sciences, and more.

If you wish to apply to University of South Alabama, consider using a registered study abroad agent/partner like "aecc." By applying through such an agent, your chances of acceptance are higher than if you apply on your own. Make sure to review the specific admission requirements for international students and submit all the necessary documents, including academic transcripts, English language proficiency test scores, and financial documentation.

The admission requirements and criteria for international students at the University of South Alabama may vary depending on the level of study and the chosen program. Generally, you will need to submit your academic transcripts, standardised test scores (such as the SAT or ACT), English language proficiency test scores (such as TOEFL or IELTS), letters of recommendation, and a personal statement or essay.

The University of South Alabama offers scholarships and financial aid options for international students. These may include merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and international student grants.

Yes, international students at the University of South Alabama can work on campus. The university provides opportunities for part-time employment through various departments and offices. However, it's important to note that there are certain restrictions and guidelines regarding the number of hours international students can work. Off-campus employment options may also be available, such as internships or co-op programs.

The University of South Alabama offers comprehensive support services for international students. These include assistance with housing arrangements, access to student health services, counselling services, academic advising, cultural integration programs, and student organisations specifically designed to support international students.

Yes, international students are typically required to demonstrate English language proficiency for admission to the University of South Alabama. This can be done by submitting scores from recognised English language proficiency tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS. 

The campus culture at the University of South Alabama is diverse and welcoming to international students. There is a strong sense of community, and international students have the opportunity to engage with students from various backgrounds. The university organises cultural events, international student orientation programs, and student clubs and organisations that promote cross-cultural interactions and friendships.

Yes, international students at the University of South Alabama have numerous opportunities to get involved in clubs, organisations, and extracurricular activities. There is a wide range of student clubs and organisations catering to different interests, including cultural clubs, academic clubs, sports clubs, and more. International students are encouraged to join these groups and actively participate in campus life.

The University of South Alabama is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus environment. The university welcomes students from all backgrounds and promotes inclusivity and respect. There are initiatives and programs in place to celebrate diversity and

The University of South Alabama offers on-campus housing options for international students, including residence halls and apartment-style housing. These accommodations provide a safe and convenient living environment, allowing students to immerse themselves in campus life and engage with fellow students.

International students have access to healthcare services through the Student Health Center at the University of South Alabama. The Student Health Center provides primary medical care, including preventive care, treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, and mental health services. Students can schedule appointments and seek medical assistance when needed.

The University of South Alabama offers support services to help international students adapt to the new culture and academic environment. These include orientation programs specifically designed for international students, cultural adjustment workshops, academic advising, and mentorship programs. Additionally, the university has dedicated staff who are available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the student's academic journey.

Yes, international students at the University of South Alabama have opportunities to participate in research projects and internships. The university encourages students to engage in experiential learning and provides resources to connect students with research and internship opportunities both on and off campus. These experiences can enhance students' academic and professional development.

The University of South Alabama offers career services to assist international students with their job search and career development. These services include resume and cover letter assistance, interview preparation, career fairs, networking events, and access to job and internship listings. The university's career counsellors provide guidance and support to help international students explore career paths and successfully transition into the workforce.

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