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A leader in its field, the renowned institution of the Toronto Film School is a destination for those seeking to become successful industry professionals. The city of Canada provides an exciting atmosphere for students attending this school, giving them all they need to reach their goals - from practical experience to professional knowledge. With courses designed specifically with this purpose in mind, it's no wonder many have chosen the institute as their route towards success.

Since its inception, Toronto Film School has distinguished itself as an exemplary institution for students passionate about the world of storytelling and visual arts. This commitment to fostering creative expression and cultivating talent has earned it accolades from both local and international communities.

The students of the renowned institution, the University of Film School in the downtown city of Raptors, are well nourished and equipped with cutting-edge tools to start their career journey. With professional faculty members who have extensive industry experience backing up each student's personal growth, they ensure that their pupils stay updated and at par with current trends, tools or techniques used in the sector. This one-of-a-kind mentorship helps them carve a unique path for themselves in the future.

From studios to editing suites, this school is fully equipped with all of today's top technology and industry-standard software. This provides students with an ideal environment for their creative endeavours and technical acuity. Every classroom has been designed to inspire a lively spirit of imagination so that learners can take their ideas out of their headspace and into reality. With such advanced facilities available, expressions of artistry have unlimited potential in this school setting.

For a comprehensive Film School experience, students turn to Toronto's renowned institution. Here, they dive into each component of filmmaking - from screenwriting and cinematography to directing and post-production. Supported by both academic principles and hands-on training, young creatives have full access to every step of this intricate creative process!

Toronto Film School stands out for its commitment to building an environment of collaboration among its students. Through attending industry events, listening to guest lectures, and engaging with professionals in workshops, participants gain invaluable insight into the film industry. These opportunities facilitate networking and formative connections that will last long after a student's time at the school has come to an end.

Toronto Film School is renowned for its dedication to excellence and for producing exceptional graduates. For years, these alumni have gone on to make their presence known in the film and media industry, whether it be through independent filmmaking, cinema production or digital media. Their notable accomplishments are undeniable - they have made a considerable impact on the international creative scene.

Toronto Film School helps to launch an array of success stories in the world of film and media. With thoughtfully crafted classes, talented faculty, and excellent facilities, this school has become a beacon for aspiring creatives to hone their craft. Not only that but there is a vibrant community waiting to be explored by those seeking career satisfaction in film and media production.

Campus location

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Toronto Film School enjoys a prime campus location that immerses students in the vibrant cultural and artistic hub of the city. Nestled amidst bustling streets and iconic landmarks, the school's campus offers an ideal setting for creative exploration and inspiration.

Situated within walking distance of renowned film festivals, theatres, and production houses, the campus provides students with unparalleled access to the thriving film and media industry. The proximity to industry professionals and organisations allows students to connect with potential mentors, collaborators, and employers, fostering a rich network that extends far beyond the classroom.

Toronto Film School's campus itself is a modern and purpose-built facility, designed to cater to the unique needs of creative individuals. Boasting state-of-the-art equipment and resources, the campus features fully equipped studios, sound stages, editing suites, and production facilities. Students have access to industry-standard equipment, including cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and the latest software, empowering them to bring their artistic visions to life.

The campus environment at Toronto Film School is characterised by a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. The open and inviting spaces encourage interaction, idea-sharing, and creative discussions among students and faculty. With designated areas for group projects, screenings, and workshops, the campus fosters a sense of community and teamwork that is essential for artistic growth.

Beyond the confines of the campus, students have the opportunity to explore the diverse neighbourhoods and cultural offerings that Toronto has to offer. From the vibrant entertainment district to the eclectic Kensington Market and the picturesque waterfront, the city provides endless inspiration and a vibrant backdrop for storytelling.

Accessibility is another notable feature of Toronto Film School's campus. The school is conveniently located near public transportation, making it easily accessible for students commuting from different parts of the city. Additionally, the campus is surrounded by amenities such as restaurants, cafes, and shops, ensuring that students have everything they need within reach.

The campus location of Toronto Film School offers a stimulating and dynamic environment for aspiring filmmakers and creative professionals. Situated in the heart of downtown Toronto, surrounded by the thriving film industry and cultural landmarks, the campus provides students with a wealth of opportunities for networking, collaboration, and artistic growth. With its modern facilities, vibrant atmosphere, and access to the diverse offerings of the city, Toronto Film School's campus truly embodies the essence of an ideal setting for aspiring filmmakers to pursue their dreams.

Study Areas 

Toronto Film School offers a diverse range of courses that cater to the interests and aspirations of aspiring filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, game designers, and interactive media professionals. Here are the 15 top courses offered at Toronto Film School:

  • Film Production
  • Acting for Film, TV & the Theatre
  • Screenwriting
  • Video Game Design & Development
  • Interactive Media Design
  • Animation
  • Digital Marketing for Fashion and Beauty
  • Broadcasting for Radio & Television
  • Entertainment Business Management
  • Photography
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Decorating
  • Graphic Design & Interactive Media
  • Makeup Design for Fashion & Entertainment
  • Professional Writing for Creative Arts

These courses provide students with comprehensive knowledge, practical skills, and industry insights necessary to succeed in their chosen fields.

Diversity and Inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of Toronto Film School's values, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. The school embraces a commitment to fostering a diverse community, ensuring that students from all backgrounds feel respected, supported, and represented.

Toronto Film School recognises the power of diverse perspectives and experiences in enriching the creative process and promoting innovative storytelling. With a student body composed of individuals from various cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, the campus thrives as a melting pot of ideas, fostering a vibrant exchange of cultures, beliefs, and viewpoints.

The faculty and staff at Toronto Film School reflect this commitment to diversity, with a team that includes professionals from different disciplines, cultural backgrounds, and artistic perspectives. This diverse group of instructors provides students with a broad range of mentors and role models, each offering a unique perspective and expertise that enriches the educational experience.

The curriculum at Toronto Film School is designed to be inclusive and reflective of the diverse world we live in. Students are exposed to a wide range of storytelling traditions, film genres, and cinematic techniques from around the globe. This exposure not only broadens their understanding of different cultures and perspectives but also equips them with the tools to create authentic and inclusive stories that resonate with diverse audiences.

Beyond the curriculum, Toronto Film School actively promotes diversity and inclusion through various initiatives, workshops, and events. The school organises cultural celebrations, film screenings, and discussions that highlight underrepresented voices and issues. These events serve as platforms for dialogue, understanding, and building bridges between different communities, fostering a sense of unity and mutual respect.

Toronto Film School also prioritises accessibility and inclusivity in its facilities and services. The campus is designed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can navigate the campus and participate fully in the learning experience. The school provides support services and resources to accommodate diverse learning needs and create an inclusive educational environment.

Toronto Film School is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within its community. Through its inclusive curriculum, diverse faculty, and a range of initiatives, the school promotes an environment where students from all backgrounds can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives. By embracing diversity, Toronto Film School prepares its graduates to tell authentic stories that resonate with audiences worldwide, while promoting understanding, empathy, and positive social change.

Student life - Clubs and Societies 

Student life at Toronto Film School is a vibrant and engaging experience, filled with opportunities for personal growth, collaboration, and creative exploration. The school recognises the importance of a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom, and as such, offers a variety of clubs and societies that cater to the diverse interests and passions of its student body.

Within the dynamic community of Toronto Film School, students have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share their love for film, media, and the arts. Various student-led clubs and societies provide a platform for students to bond, collaborate, and pursue their extracurricular interests.

One such example is the Film Appreciation Society, which organises regular screenings and discussions, allowing students to explore and analyse a diverse range of films. This society serves as a platform for film enthusiasts to delve deeper into the art form, exchange ideas, and gain a deeper understanding of different genres, directors, and cinematic techniques.

For those interested in expanding their creative horizons beyond filmmaking, there are clubs like the Photography Club and the Creative Writing Society. These clubs provide a supportive space for students to explore their passion for visual storytelling or literary arts. Through workshops, critiques, and collaborative projects, students can enhance their skills, share their work, and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow enthusiasts.

Toronto Film School also encourages entrepreneurship and innovation through clubs like the Film Industry Networking Society. This society offers students the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, attend networking events, and gain valuable insights into the business side of the film and media industry. Students can build connections, seek mentorship, and explore potential career opportunities in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Furthermore, the school organises a range of events throughout the academic year, including film festivals, guest lectures, and workshops conducted by industry experts. These events not only provide valuable learning experiences but also serve as a platform for students to showcase their work, gain exposure, and network with professionals in the industry.

Beyond the specific clubs and societies, Toronto Film School recognises the importance of a holistic student experience. The campus offers spaces for collaboration, relaxation, and socialising, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among students. Whether it is grabbing a coffee at the student lounge, discussing ideas in the library, or collaborating on group projects in dedicated workspaces, students have ample opportunities to connect with their peers and form lasting friendships.

Student life at Toronto Film School is a vibrant and engaging experience that extends beyond the classroom. Through various clubs, societies, and events, students can explore their diverse interests, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and enhance their skills in a supportive and creative environment. Toronto Film School encourages students to make the most of their time on campus, nurturing their passion for film and media while fostering lifelong connections and personal growth.

Campus facilities 

Toronto Film School boasts exceptional campus facilities designed to provide students with a state-of-the-art learning environment that reflects the demands and trends of the film and media industry. The school's commitment to providing top-notch resources and equipment ensures that students have access to everything they need to bring their creative visions to life.

The campus features fully equipped studios, allowing students to experiment with various aspects of filmmaking, such as lighting, sound, and set design. These versatile spaces provide ample room for practical exercises, rehearsals, and hands-on learning experiences. Equipped with industry-standard equipment, students have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the tools and technologies used in professional film production.

In addition to the studios, Toronto Film School offers dedicated sound stages that simulate real-world production environments. These spaces allow students to work on larger-scale projects and gain experience in handling complex productions, including set construction, camera operation, and coordinating cast and crew.

The campus also houses advanced editing suites equipped with the latest software and hardware. Students have access to industry-standard editing software, allowing them to refine their post-production skills and bring their creative visions to life through the art of storytelling and visual manipulation.

To support the technical aspects of filmmaking, Toronto Film School provides a range of equipment, including cameras, lighting kits, sound recording devices, and other essential tools. Students can borrow these resources to enhance their practical learning experiences and execute their creative projects with professional-grade equipment.

To further enhance the learning experience, the campus offers a comprehensive library and resource centre. The library houses an extensive collection of books, journals, and reference materials related to film theory, history, and technical aspects of filmmaking. Students have access to research materials, industry publications, and multimedia resources that contribute to their academic and creative pursuits.

To facilitate collaboration and teamwork, Toronto Film School provides dedicated workspaces for group projects. These areas are designed to encourage students to come together, brainstorm ideas, and work collaboratively on assignments, enhancing their communication, problem-solving, and project management skills.

To support a well-rounded student experience, the campus also includes common areas, such as a student lounge, where students can relax, socialise, and recharge. These spaces provide a sense of community and camaraderie, fostering connections among students and creating opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Toronto Film School's campus facilities are designed to offer students a comprehensive and cutting-edge learning environment. From fully equipped studios and sound stages to advanced editing suites and a well-stocked library, the school provides the resources and equipment necessary to nurture the creative potential of its students. With its state-of-the-art facilities, Toronto Film School ensures that students have access to industry-standard tools, enabling them to gain practical skills, unleash their artistic talents, and excel in the ever-evolving world of film and media.

Alumni Network 

The alumni network of Toronto Film School stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to producing successful graduates who make significant contributions to the film and media industry. As alumni of the school, these individuals carry with them the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained during their time at Toronto Film School, propelling them towards fulfilling and impactful careers.

Toronto Film School's alumni network spans across various disciplines within the film and media industry. Graduates can be found in diverse roles, including filmmakers, directors, producers, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, and visual effects artists. Their expertise covers a wide range of genres, formats, and platforms, reflecting the versatility and depth of education they received at the school.

The alumni network serves as a valuable resource for current students, offering mentorship, guidance, and real-world insights into the industry. Through guest lectures, panel discussions, and networking events, alumni often return to the campus to share their experiences and offer career advice. This interaction with industry professionals provides students with a glimpse into the realities of the field and helps them navigate their own career paths.

Beyond their contributions to the educational community, Toronto Film School alumni make their mark on the global creative landscape. They showcase their talent and creativity through their work in independent films, mainstream cinema, television, advertising, digital media, and emerging platforms. Many alumni have earned recognition and accolades for their achievements, further cementing Toronto Film School's reputation as a launchpad for success.

The alumni network also offers opportunities for collaboration and professional partnerships. Graduates often find themselves working together on projects, pooling their talents and expertise to create innovative and impactful work. This collaborative spirit fosters a sense of camaraderie among alumni, as they continue to support and uplift one another even after their time at the school has concluded.

Toronto Film School maintains strong ties with its alumni, ensuring that they remain connected and engaged with the institution. The school organises alumni events, screenings, and industry showcases that provide a platform for graduates to showcase their work, reconnect with former classmates, and forge new connections with industry professionals.

Furthermore, Toronto Film School's alumni network serves as a valuable resource for employment opportunities. Graduates often tap into the network when seeking talent for their own projects or when recruiting for their respective companies. The shared experience of attending Toronto Film School creates a sense of trust and familiarity, making the alumni network a natural platform for career advancement and job prospects.

The alumni network of Toronto Film School stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering success. With their diverse accomplishments and contributions to the film and media industry, alumni serve as ambassadors for the school's educational excellence. Their ongoing engagement, collaboration, and support contribute to the vibrant community and enduring legacy of Toronto Film School.

Why Study here?

  • Industry-Relevant Programs

Toronto Film School offers industry-relevant programs that equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the film and media industry. With a curriculum designed in collaboration with industry professionals, students receive practical training and hands-on experience that prepares them for the realities of the field.

  • Experienced Faculty

At Toronto Film School, students learn from experienced faculty who are experts in their respective fields. These instructors bring a wealth of industry knowledge and real-world experience, providing valuable insights and mentorship to students as they navigate their educational journey.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities

The school boasts state-of-the-art facilities that mirror professional production environments. From fully equipped studios and sound stages to advanced editing suites, students have access to industry-standard equipment and resources, enabling them to hone their craft and bring their creative visions to life.

  • Diverse and Inclusive Community

Toronto Film School fosters a diverse and inclusive community, celebrating the uniqueness of every individual. With a student body from various cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, students have the opportunity to engage with diverse perspectives, expand their horizons, and collaborate with individuals from different walks of life.

  • Networking and Industry Connections

The school offers numerous networking opportunities and industry connections, allowing students to establish valuable relationships within the film and media industry. Through guest lectures, industry events, and collaborations with industry partners, students can build connections and gain insights into career opportunities.

  • Practical Learning and Hands-On Experience

Toronto Film School emphasises practical learning and hands-on experience as essential components of the educational journey. Students have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, collaborate with peers, and gain practical skills that are directly applicable to their future careers.

  • Industry Placement Support

The school provides industry placement support, assisting students in securing internships and job placements within the film and media industry. The dedicated career services team offers guidance, resources, and connections to help students launch their professional careers.

  • Film Festivals and Showcases

Toronto Film School organises film festivals, showcases, and industry events that provide students with a platform to showcase their work and gain exposure. These events offer opportunities for networking, industry recognition, and potential collaboration with professionals in the field.

  • Alumni Success

The school has a strong track record of alumni success, with graduates making significant contributions to the film and media industry. Toronto Film School's alumni network serves as a valuable resource for current students, offering mentorship, guidance, and potential career connections.

  • Location

Located in Toronto, Canada's media and entertainment hub, Toronto Film School offers students access to a vibrant industry landscape. The city is home to numerous production companies, studios, and festivals, providing students with ample opportunities for internships, networking, and exposure to the industry.

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Dundas Square Campus - Toronto Film School

10 Dundas Street E., Suite 704 Toronto, ON, M5B 2G9 Canada

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Our 10 Dundas Street location has two studios, an equipment room, and Mac computers. This campus is conveniently located at Dundas Square in the heart of Toronto.

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Yonge Street Campus - Toronto Film School

460 Yonge Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 1W9 Canada

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At over 17,000 square feet, our studio campus features five studios and a vocal booth. Four studios are available for film production and acting students for practical training and assignments. An additional studio is equipped with motion capture technology for Video Game Design & Animation students looking to produce motion capture sequences for their games. The campus also hosts a spacious lounge, classrooms, and an industry-grade equipment room.

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Toronto Film School offers a variety of programs in film production, acting for film, screenwriting, video game design, and interactive media design.

Yes, Toronto Film School is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Admission requirements vary depending on the program, but generally include a high school diploma or equivalent, English language proficiency, and a portfolio or audition for certain programs.

Yes, Toronto Film School offers financial aid options and scholarships for eligible students. It is recommended to contact the university’s official study abroad agent (aecc) for more information on financial aid options.

Yes, Toronto Film School provides opportunities for internships and industry connections through its network of industry partners and collaborations.

Class sizes at Toronto Film School are designed to be small and intimate, allowing for personalised attention and interaction with instructors.

Yes, Toronto Film School has a dedicated career services department that offers job placement assistance and support to students and alumni.

Yes, Toronto Film School emphasises practical hands-on experience, providing students with opportunities to work on real-world projects and gain practical skills.

Yes, Toronto Film School has a strong alumni network that offers mentorship, networking opportunities, and potential career connections.

Toronto Film School provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including fully equipped studios, sound stages, editing suites, and industry-standard equipment.

Yes, Toronto Film School encourages student collaboration and networking through group projects, industry events, and guest lectures.

Yes, Toronto Film School welcomes international students and provides support for their visa application process.

Toronto Film School stands out for its industry-focused curriculum, experienced faculty, and location in Toronto, Canada's media and entertainment hub.

Yes, Toronto Film School organises film screenings, showcases, and industry events to provide students with opportunities to showcase their work and gain exposure.

Yes, Toronto Film School provides access to resources such as libraries, research materials, and support services including academic advising, tutoring, and career counselling.

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