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The University of Adelaide is a renowned institution celebrated for its exceptional academic achievements, pioneering research endeavours, and dedication to producing globally engaged graduates. Its reputation places it among the top 1% of universities worldwide, offering an extensive array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across diverse fields of study.

Nestled in the heart of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, the university's main campus on North Terrace provides students with a vibrant and dynamic environment. Surrounded by picturesque parklands, it offers a serene and idyllic setting that is an ideal backdrop for academic pursuits.

At the University of Adelaide, students can explore a comprehensive range of study areas, encompassing disciplines such as Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Sciences, Business, and more. The university has gained notable recognition for its distinguished programs in agriculture, wine, health sciences, and engineering, which provide specialised education and training under the guidance of expert faculty members.

The university emphasises practical learning experiences, offering students hands-on opportunities, industry placements, and internships. These real-world applications enable students to apply their knowledge in practical contexts, enhancing their employability upon graduation.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, the University of Adelaide fosters an environment conducive to research and learning. Its commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through implementing equity initiatives and support services, ensuring all students are afforded equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.

The university actively engages in reconciliation efforts, forging meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities and providing programs and scholarships to support the educational journeys of Indigenous students.

Student life at the University of Adelaide is dynamic and vibrant, offering a plethora of over 130 student-run clubs and societies catering to diverse interests. These clubs and organisations span sports, arts, cultural appreciation, academic disciplines, and hobbies, providing students ample opportunities to explore their passions, develop leadership skills, and cultivate lifelong friendships.

The university's modern and state-of-the-art campus facilities are designed to support students' learning, research, and extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

The University of Adelaide offers a globally recognised education within a supportive and inclusive environment. Its diverse range of study areas, commitment to diversity and inclusion, vibrant student life, modern campus facilities, and extensive alum network collectively provide students with the necessary tools and opportunities to excel academically, personally, and professionally.

Campus Location

The University of Adelaide is nestled in the heart of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. Its main campus, known as North Terrace, enjoys a convenient location near the city centre. This prime location offers numerous advantages to students. Firstly, the campus is easily accessible, thanks to its excellent connectivity with public transportation. Students can conveniently commute to and from the university using buses, trams, and trains, making it hassle-free for both local and international students.

North Terrace campus is also renowned for its picturesque surroundings. It is surrounded by lush green parklands, providing a serene and beautiful environment for students to study, relax, and engage in recreational activities. The natural landscape offers a refreshing escape from bustling city life, creating a peaceful atmosphere conducive to learning.

Moreover, the campus's central location means that students can access a wide range of nearby amenities and services. The vibrant city centre is just a stone's throw away, offering a plethora of shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues, and cultural attractions. Students can immerse themselves in the rich cultural scene of Adelaide, exploring art galleries, museums, festivals, and live performances.

In addition to the North Terrace campus, The University of Adelaide has additional campuses that cater to specific fields of study. The Waite campus focuses on agricultural and environmental sciences, the Roseworthy campus specialises in veterinary and agricultural sciences, and the Thebarton campus is dedicated to engineering and computer sciences. These campuses provide specialised facilities and resources tailored to the needs of respective disciplines, offering students a comprehensive educational experience.

Study Areas

The University of Adelaide prides itself on offering diverse study areas across various disciplines. With a strong emphasis on academic excellence and innovation, the university provides students with many options for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Whether students are interested in arts, engineering, health sciences, sciences, business, or any other field, they can find suitable programs at The University of Adelaide.

Renowned for its agriculture, wine, health sciences, and engineering programs, the university's curriculum is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for their chosen professions. The programs are regularly updated to align with current and future workforce needs, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of their respective industries.

The University of Adelaide offers interdisciplinary programs that enable students to explore multiple areas of interest. These programs encourage a holistic approach to education and equip students with a broad skill set highly valued in today's dynamic job market. By combining different disciplines, students can gain a unique perspective and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

Furthermore, the university collaborates closely with industry partners, providing students with valuable opportunities for hands-on learning, industry placements, and internships. These experiences not only enhance students' practical skills but also foster professional connections that can pave the way for future career prospects.

Whether students aspire to become healthcare professionals, scientists, engineers, educators, artists, lawyers, or social scientists, The University of Adelaide offers comprehensive study areas that cater to diverse interests and ambitions. The university's commitment to academic excellence, research, and industry relevance ensures that students receive a high-quality education and are well-positioned for success in their chosen fields.

Diversity and Inclusion

At The University of Adelaide, diversity and inclusion are integral to its core values and mission. The university is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse community that fosters equal opportunities for all students. By promoting equity and access to education, The University of Adelaide aims to ensure that students from diverse backgrounds have the chance to thrive academically and personally.

The university actively supports initiatives and programs that aim to increase the representation of underrepresented groups. It recognises the importance of diversity in enriching the learning environment and preparing students to thrive in a globalised world. The University of Adelaide believes diversity brings different perspectives, experiences, and ideas, leading to innovative thinking and problem-solving.

To support students from diverse backgrounds, the university provides a range of support services. These services include counselling, disability support, and cultural support, among others. The aim is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where students can seek assistance and feel supported throughout their educational journey.

The University of Adelaide also actively engages in reconciliation efforts with Indigenous communities. It acknowledges and values the rich cultural heritage of Australia's First Nations peoples and is committed to fostering understanding, respect, and collaboration. The university has established dedicated programs and scholarships to support Indigenous students' educational journey, ensuring they have equal opportunities for success.

By embracing diversity and promoting inclusion, The University of Adelaide cultivates a learning environment that prepares students to become global citizens. Students have the opportunity to engage with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, fostering cross-cultural understanding and empathy. This inclusive approach not only enhances the educational experience but also equips students with the skills necessary to navigate and contribute to a diverse society.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

The University of Adelaide offers a vibrant and diverse range of clubs and societies, providing students with opportunities to pursue their interests, connect with like-minded individuals, and enhance their overall university experience. With over 130 student-run clubs and societies on campus, there is something for everyone.

These clubs and societies cover a wide array of interests, including sports, arts, cultural appreciation, academic disciplines, hobbies, and more. Students can join clubs related to their academic field, such as the Adelaide University Engineering Society or the Adelaide University Law Students' Society, allowing them to connect with peers who share similar passions and career aspirations.

For those interested in extracurricular activities, there are clubs dedicated to sports, such as the Adelaide University Sports Association, where students can participate in a range of sports and compete in inter-university competitions. The university also offers clubs focused on arts and cultural activities, such as the Adelaide University Choral Society, Adelaide University Dramatic Society, and Adelaide University Music Students' Association, providing platforms for students to showcase their talents and engage in creative endeavours.

Joining clubs and societies is not only a way to pursue personal interests but also an avenue for personal growth and development. Students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills by taking on executive positions within clubs or organising events and activities. These experiences foster teamwork, communication, and organisational abilities that are highly valuable in the professional world.

Moreover, clubs and societies contribute to the social aspect of university life by organising social events, networking opportunities, and community engagement initiatives. They create a sense of belonging and camaraderie among students, enabling them to form lasting friendships and connections that extend beyond their academic journey.

Whether students are looking to explore new interests, engage in their passions, or simply connect with fellow students, The University of Adelaide's diverse range of clubs and societies offers something for everyone. These student-led organisations add vibrancy and richness to the university's campus life, creating a supportive and engaging environment for students to thrive.

Campus Facilities

The University of Adelaide boasts modern and state-of-the-art facilities that cater to the diverse needs of its students, supporting their learning, research, and extracurricular activities. These facilities are designed to provide a conducive environment for academic pursuits and promote a well-rounded university experience.

The university's library system is a cornerstone of its academic resources. The Barr Smith Library, located at the heart of the North Terrace campus, serves as the main library and offers extensive collections of books, journals, and digital resources across various disciplines. Students have access to study spaces, computer labs, and technology facilities within the library, facilitating research and study sessions. Additionally, the university has discipline-specific libraries, such as the Elder Music Library and the Roseworthy Campus Library, catering to the unique needs of specific areas of study.

Study spaces are essential for students, and The University of Adelaide provides a variety of options. Individual study carrels offer privacy and a quiet atmosphere for focused studying, while group study rooms facilitate collaborative work and discussions. Collaborative learning areas equipped with Wi-Fi and other necessary resources encourage group projects and interactive learning experiences.

Laboratories and research facilities are vital components of the university's commitment to practical learning and cutting-edge research. The university invests in well-equipped laboratories where students can engage in hands-on experiments, conduct research projects, and develop practical skills across disciplines such as science, engineering, health sciences, and more. These facilities ensure that students gain valuable practical experience and contribute to advancements in their respective fields.

Recognising the importance of physical well-being and recreation, The University of Adelaide offers a range of sports and recreational facilities. A fitness centre equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and playing fields allow students to engage in physical activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students can participate in recreational activities, join sports clubs, or compete in inter-university sports competitions, promoting physical fitness and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Student hubs serve as social and communal spaces on campus, enhancing the overall student experience. These hubs provide areas for relaxation, socialising, and organising events. Students can connect with peers, form study groups, or unwind between classes. The vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of these student hubs fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Food and dining options are plentiful on campus, catering to diverse tastes and dietary requirements. Cafes, restaurants, and food courts offer a wide range of cuisines, providing students with convenient and varied dining choices. These spaces also serve as gathering points where students can enjoy meals together, fostering social connections and interactions.

Alumni Network

The University of Adelaide boasts a strong and extensive alumni network that spans across the globe. The alumni network provides a valuable platform for graduates to stay connected with each other, the university, and industry professionals. This network offers numerous benefits to both recent graduates and seasoned professionals.

Through the alumni network, graduates have access to a wide range of career support services. Alumni are actively involved in mentoring programs, where they provide guidance and advice to current students and fellow graduates. The wealth of knowledge and experience shared by alumni helps students navigate career paths, make informed decisions, and expand their professional networks.

Networking events organised by the university and alumni associations enable graduates to connect with industry professionals, potential employers, and like-minded individuals. These events facilitate the exchange of ideas, job opportunities, and collaborations, opening doors for career advancement and personal growth.

The alumni network also plays a crucial role in fostering lifelong learning. Graduates have the opportunity to attend guest lectures, seminars, and workshops conducted by alumni who have excelled in their respective fields. This ongoing engagement with the university and the alumni community ensures that graduates continue to expand their knowledge and skills, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in their industries.

Moreover, the alumni network serves as a source of pride and inspiration for current students. Alumni success stories highlight the transformative power of a University of Adelaide education and motivate students to strive for excellence in their academic and professional pursuits.

Why Study at the University of Adelaide?

- The University of Adelaide is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide, ensuring high-quality education and recognition on a global scale.

- As a member of the Group of Eight, the university is part of Australia's leading research-intensive institutions, providing access to cutting-edge research opportunities and a dynamic academic environment.

- The university has a strong reputation for academic excellence and innovation, with a commitment to delivering world-class education across a wide range of disciplines.

- Students at the University of Adelaide have access to a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, allowing them to explore their interests and pursue their desired career paths.

- The university emphasises hands-on learning, industry placements, and internships, providing students with valuable practical experience and preparing them for the workforce.

- State-of-the-art facilities and resources are available to support research and learning, creating an environment conducive to academic success.

- The University of Adelaide offers a vibrant campus life with numerous clubs, societies, and cultural activities, fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities for personal development and social engagement.

- The university is committed to producing graduates who are globally engaged and socially responsible, instilling in students the values of ethical decision-making and community leadership.

- Located in the heart of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, the university's main campus offers a beautiful and green environment, is surrounded by parklands, and is easily accessible via public transportation.

- The University of Adelaide collaborates with industry partners to ensure its programs align with current and future workforce needs, enhancing graduates' employability and career prospects.


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Roseworthy Campus - The University of Adelaide

Mudla Wirra Road Roseworthy SA 5371

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Roseworthy campus is located approximately 50 kilometres north of the city. It is an internationally renowned centre for excellence in dryland agriculture and animal production and is home to South Australias only veterinary school with teaching and research in animal and veterinary sciences.

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Waite Campus - The University of Adelaide

Claremont Avenue SA 5064

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Waite campus is located approximately seven kilometres from Adelaide. It is the home of the internationally renowned Waite Research Institute. The campus is the pre-eminent plant and agricultural science research site in the Southern Hemisphere. Research encompasses crop and farming systems, viticulture and oenology, food science and nutrition.

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City Campus - The University of Adelaide

Level 9, 115 Grenfell Street Adelaide, SA 5000

View on map About Campus

The University of Adelaide English Language Centre (ELC) offers a range of General and Academic English language programs, study tour and English teacher training (TESOL) programs. The University of Adelaide is situated in the central business and cultural district of Adelaide, an area surrounded by parklands and gardens and bordered by the River Torrens.

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North Terrace Campus - The University of Adelaide

259 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

View on map About Campus

Located in the heart of Adelaide, the main campus at North Terrace forms part of the citys cultural promenade surrounded by the states art gallery, museum and library. The campus provides a mix of the historical and contemporary, combining old sandstone buildings with state-of-the-art teaching, learning and research facilities. North Terrace is the main location for undergraduate teaching and a vast range of research activities.

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English language

IELTS Overall 6.5 Reading 6,Listening 6,Speaking 6,Writing 6

PTE Overall 58 Reading 50,Listening 50,Speaking 50,Writing 50

TOEFL Overall 79 IBT Reading 13,Listening 13,Speaking 18,Writing 21

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Students from Australia are accepted to this university

You can apply to the University of Adelaide through a registered study abroad agent/partner like aecc. Applying through a study abroad agent increases your chances of a successful admission when compared to self apply.

Entry requirements vary depending on the program and level of study. Generally, international students need to meet academic qualifications equivalent to Australian standards and demonstrate English language proficiency through tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

The University of Adelaide accepts various English language proficiency tests, including IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Test of English (PTE), and Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE). 

Yes, the University of Adelaide offers scholarships specifically for international students. These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, and some may also consider other criteria, such as leadership qualities or community involvement. Explore the university's scholarship webpage for more information.

Yes, international students with a valid student visa are generally allowed to work part-time during their studies. The Australian government has specific work limitations for international students, so it's important to check the visa conditions and regulations.

The University of Adelaide provides comprehensive support services for international students. This includes orientation programs, academic support, counselling services, accommodation assistance, and access to student clubs and societies. The International Student Support team is available to help with any queries or concerns.

Tuition fees vary depending on the program and level of study. International students can find detailed information about tuition fees by contacting aecc expert counsellors.

The University of Adelaide offers a range of accommodation options for international students, including on-campus residences and off-campus housing. On-campus options include residential colleges and apartment-style living. 

Yes, the University of Adelaide organises orientation programs specifically for international students. These programs help students settle into university life, provide important information about services and support, and offer opportunities to meet fellow students.

Yes, the university offers pathway programs for international students through the University of Adelaide College. These programs provide alternative pathways to meet entry requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Yes, international students can access healthcare services on campus through the university's Health and Medical Services. These services include general medical care, counselling, and support for mental health and well-being.

Yes, the University of Adelaide provides opportunities for international students to participate in research projects and internships. These experiences enhance students' practical skills and provide valuable industry connections. Check with your faculty or department for specific research and internship opportunities.

The university's Career Services team offers support and resources to help international students with career planning, job search strategies, resume writing and interview preparation. They also organise career fairs and networking events to connect students with potential employers.

Yes, international students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and join various clubs and societies at the University of Adelaide. These activities provide opportunities for socialising, pursuing hobbies, and developing leadership skills.

The University of Adelaide and its campuses are generally considered safe for international students. The university has security measures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of its students. However, it's always important to take necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines to maintain personal safety on and off campus.

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