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With its sprawling 135-acre campus adorned by the majestic Founder's Building and acclaimed Picture Gallery, this esteemed university beckons international students from all corners of the globe to embark on a transformative educational odyssey.

Discover an idyllic sanctuary of learning and enlightenment as you meander through our verdant parklands, where every nook and cranny unveils a tapestry of knowledge awaiting your exploration. The grandeur of the Founder's Building stands as a testament to the institution's legacy, while the esteemed Picture Gallery beckons art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a treasure trove of visual splendour. At Royal Holloway, the campus is your captivating canvas, inviting you to delve into an academic realm pulsating with vitality and possibility.

With an academic repertoire spanning diverse disciplines such as Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science, Economics, and more, Royal Holloway offers an intellectual feast that caters to the unique aspirations and passions of its cosmopolitan student body. Unleash the full force of your potential and seize the opportunity to chart your own educational trajectory amidst a melting pot of cultures and perspectives.

Yet, Royal Holloway is more than just a hallowed institution of learning. It is a vibrant tapestry of human connection and personal growth. Embrace the kaleidoscope of experiences that await you beyond the classroom as you immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of clubs and societies. Engage with kindred spirits, forge lifelong friendships, and embark on adventures that stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone. From riveting sports activities to culturally enriching events, there is a profusion of opportunities to weave unforgettable memories and craft your own unique narrative within the rich tapestry of student life.

To thrive as an international student, finding solace in a nurturing and inclusive community is paramount. At Royal Holloway, this sense of belonging is woven into the fabric of our institution. Discover a home away from home within our meticulously curated accommodations, where comfort and security intertwine to create an atmosphere conducive to personal well-being. Should you ever encounter challenges along your academic journey, our dedicated support services stand ready to provide guidance and assistance, ensuring you are never alone in navigating the intricacies of university life.

Royal Holloway's commitment to global education extends far beyond its picturesque campus. Through an extensive network of international partnerships with esteemed institutions, you can broaden your horizons through study abroad programs and collaborative research endeavours. Embrace the boundless opportunities to expand your worldview, foster cross-cultural connections, and shape your future on a global stage.

Enveloped in an aura of intellectual curiosity and guided by a tradition of excellence, Royal Holloway, University of London, empowers you to embark on an extraordinary educational voyage. Unleash the full extent of your potential, immerse yourself in a world teeming with possibilities, and become part of a community that cherishes the pursuit of knowledge. Embark upon this transformative expedition and allow the beauty of learning to unfurl within the hallowed halls of Royal Holloway.

Campus Location

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Egham, Surrey, lies the mesmerising campus of Royal Holloway, University of London. A haven of tranquillity and inspiration, this picturesque setting invites international students to embark on a remarkable educational journey where nature's allure intertwines with the pursuit of knowledge.

Unveiling its architectural grandeur, the illustrious Founder's Building stands as an enduring symbol of Royal Holloway's rich heritage. Its resplendent facade, adorned with intricate details, serves as a testament to the institution's legacy, kindling a sense of wonder and reverence within those who walk its hallowed halls.

As you traverse the verdant pathways that crisscross the campus, an enchanting tapestry of study spaces and communal havens reveals itself. Amidst the lush surroundings, these inviting enclaves foster a vibrant academic community where students can immerse themselves in intellectual endeavours, engage in collaborative discussions, and embark on journeys of discovery.

Embracing the ebb and flow of daily life, the campus offers an abundance of charming cafes and bars. Here, amidst the buzz of animated conversations, you can unwind, savour a refreshing beverage, or indulge in a delectable treat while basking in the camaraderie of like-minded peers.

For those seeking an active lifestyle, Royal Holloway presents an array of state-of-the-art sports facilities. From well-appointed fitness centres to sprawling sports fields and courts, the campus encourages physical well-being and fosters a sense of camaraderie through a variety of sports clubs. Engage in invigorating workouts, hone your skills, and forge lasting connections within this dynamic environment.

While the campus exudes an atmosphere of serenity, its proximity to London offers boundless opportunities for exploration and cultural immersion. Just 19 miles away, the vibrant city pulses with a kaleidoscope of experiences, from world-class museums and iconic landmarks to a thriving arts scene and diverse culinary delights. Allow the energy of London to infuse your university journey, broadening your horizons and enriching your understanding of the world.

Convenience extends beyond the city's borders, as the campus resides a mere seven miles from the bustling hub of Heathrow Airport. Whether you arrive from distant lands or bid farewell to newfound friends, the ease of travel ensures seamless transitions as you embark on international adventures or embrace the warm embrace of your loved ones.

The campus location of Royal Holloway serves as more than just a backdrop for academic pursuits; it is a sanctuary that harmoniously blends the beauty of nature, the weight of history, and the vibrant pulse of a global community. Within its embrace, international students find solace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging, as they forge lifelong connections and create memories that will endure long after their time at Royal Holloway has passed.

As you embark on your transformative educational odyssey, allow the campus location to stir your imagination, ignite your intellectual curiosity, and connect you with a diverse tapestry of learners from around the world. Let the serenity of the parkland, the allure of London, and the vibrant energy of the Royal Holloway community shape your academic journey, guiding you towards a future of limitless possibilities.

Study Areas

The educational landscape at Royal Holloway, University of London, beckons international students to embark on a captivating exploration of diverse fields of study. Within this vibrant academic milieu, a tapestry of disciplines awaits, each offering a unique gateway to knowledge and personal growth.

  • Biomedical Sciences: Journey into the intricate realm of human biology, unravelling the complexities of life and disease. Engage with the mechanisms of the human body, contributing to advancements in healthcare and biomedical research.
  • Accounting and Finance: Navigate the fascinating realm of numbers and financial systems, honing the skills to analyse intricate data, make strategic decisions, and drive the success of organisations in the global economy.
  • Computer Science: Venture into the frontiers of computer science, where innovation and creativity converge. Explore algorithms, artificial intelligence, and software development, shaping the future through technological prowess.
  • Economics: Grasp the dynamics of global markets, uncovering the forces that shape economic systems. Develop analytical tools to understand and address intricate economic challenges in a complex world.
  • Electronic Engineering: Immerse yourself at the forefront of technological innovation. Acquire expertise in electronic systems, telecommunications, and cutting-edge technologies, forging pathways to a digital future.
  • English and Creative Writing: Delve into the realm of literature, discovering the power of creative expression. Engage with renowned literary works, refining writing skills and unlocking the art of storytelling.
  • Geography: Explore the intricate interplay between humans and their environment. Investigate the complexities of landscapes, societies, and sustainable development, contributing to a resilient and equitable world.
  • Environment and Social Change: Address pressing environmental and social challenges, integrating scientific knowledge with social insights. Foster sustainable solutions and advocate for positive change.
  • Health Studies: Embark on a transformative journey to improve health outcomes and promote well-being. Explore healthcare systems, public health policies, and the social determinants of health.
  • Law and Criminology: Delve into the intricate world of law and justice, examining legal frameworks, criminal behaviour, and societal responses. Develop critical thinking and legal skills to navigate complexities.
  • Media Arts: Unleash your creative vision within the realm of media arts. From film and television production to digital media and visual communication, harness the power of storytelling through diverse mediums.

These study areas at Royal Holloway, University of London, form a rich tapestry of opportunities for international students to expand their knowledge, engage with distinguished faculty, and connect with a diverse community of scholars. Whether your passion lies in the sciences, humanities, or business, Royal Holloway nurtures academic exploration and personal growth. Embrace the diverse study areas and chart your path to a bright and fulfilling future.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Royal Holloway, University of London, the vibrant tapestry of diversity that defines our campus community is celebrated wholeheartedly. The richness of varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives is embraced, as it adds depth and value to the educational journey of every individual.

A steadfast commitment to fostering inclusivity is a core pillar of our institution. The aim is to create an environment where all students, regardless of their background, feel empowered, respected, and valued. This dedication to diversity mirrors the global society we inhabit, reflecting the world in which we live and learn.

International students play a vital role in our diverse community, offering unique cultural insights and perspectives. The warm embrace of students from all corners of the globe creates a sense of belonging and nurtures a supportive network throughout their educational endeavours.

An array of initiatives and programs actively promotes inclusivity on the Royal Holloway campus. Student-led societies and cultural organisations provide avenues for connection and engagement, facilitating the sharing of traditions, ideas, and experiences.

Moreover, the curriculum exemplifies our commitment to inclusivity and multicultural understanding. Academic programs foster critical thinking, encouraging students to explore various viewpoints and broaden their horizons. The inclusion of diverse perspectives creates an environment where mutual respect and open dialogue flourish.

A range of support services tailored to the diverse needs of our students is a source of pride for Royal Holloway. Dedicated staff members offer guidance, mentorship, and resources to ensure that every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Orientation programs and counselling services are just a few examples of the comprehensive support available.

Creating an accessible campus for all is an ongoing endeavour at Royal Holloway. We strive to eliminate barriers and provide accommodations for students with disabilities, ensuring equal opportunities for learning and engagement.

The Royal Holloway, University of London community firmly believes that diversity and inclusion are more than mere buzzwords; they are foundational values that shape our collective experience. Embracing the richness of our differences and harnessing their transformative power, we equip our students to succeed in an interconnected world.

Admission Requirement

  • GCE AS and A-Levels: A-level students must successfully complete three subjects. Each course at Royal Holloway, University of London, has its own specific grade requirements, which can be found in the course finder. It is important to note that certain offers may necessitate higher grades than the minimum requirements.
  • International Baccalaureate: The university warmly welcomes students who have pursued the IB Diploma. Minimum IB offers for each degree program are determined individually and can be accessed through the course finder.
  • GCSEs: UK students are expected to have a minimum of five GCSE passes, ranging from grades A* to C or 9 – 4, which must include Maths and English.
  • Interviews: Currently, no undergraduate courses at Royal Holloway, University of London, require interviews as part of the standard application process.
  • Postgraduate Admission: International students aiming to pursue a postgraduate degree at Royal Holloway need to fulfil the general entrance requirements as well as those established by the relevant department.
  • Postgraduate Diploma: The specific entry requirements for a Postgraduate Diploma are contingent on the program itself. For precise details, please consult the individual course information.
  • Master's Degree: Typically, a UK second-class honours degree or an equivalent overseas qualification is requested. In some cases, additional professional experience may be required. While certain courses may prefer a UK 2:1 degree or its equivalent, a "high" UK 2:2, with a final award of 57% or more (or equivalent), will also be considered. Relevant professional experience will also be taken into account.
  • Pre-Masters Programme: The Royal Holloway Pre-Masters Programme, delivered by Study Group, has been specifically designed to equip international students with the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen postgraduate degrees at Royal Holloway. The program spans two terms.
  • Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme: The Royal Holloway Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme, also delivered by Study Group, offers a flexible pathway to business-related master's degrees at Royal Holloway. This program is accessible from anywhere in the world and focuses on developing English language and academic skills before commencing the master's degree in the UK.
  • Master's Foundation Programme: The Master's Foundation Programme, available as a two or three-term program, prepares international students for postgraduate study in the UK. Taught at ONCAMPUS London, based at Birkbeck, the program provides a tailored pathway to a wide range of master's degrees at Royal Holloway.

Language Requirement 

At Royal Holloway, University of London, language proficiency is considered paramount for our international student community. Royal Holloway, University of London, recognises the significance of equipping students with the necessary language skills to thrive academically. Here is an overview of the language requirements:

  • English Language Proficiency: International students whose native language is not English are typically required to demonstrate proficiency in English. Royal Holloway, University of London, accepts various English language qualifications, such as IELTS, TOEFL, and Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic. The specific language requirements may vary depending on the chosen program of study. Accurate information can be obtained by consulting the Royal Holloway, University of London website or utilizing the course finder.
  • Minimum Scores: Each program may have its own minimum score requirements for English language proficiency tests. It is important to note that some courses may have higher expectations than the minimum scores. Detailed information can be found through the Royal Holloway, University of London course finder or on the website.
  • Exemptions: There are certain circumstances in which applicants may be exempt from providing English language proficiency test scores. For instance, individuals who have completed their previous education in countries where English is the primary language or have obtained a degree from an institution where English is the language of instruction may be eligible for exemption. Comprehensive details regarding exemptions can be found on the Royal Holloway, University of London website.
  • Language Support: Royal Holloway, University of London, is committed to providing extensive language support services to assist students in enhancing their language skills. The institution offers English language courses, workshops, and a wide range of resources designed to help students improve their proficiency and excel in their studies.

Royal Holloway, University of London, understands the pivotal role language proficiency plays in academic success and effective communication. The institution's comprehensive language requirements and support services exemplify the dedication to supporting the international student community in their language development journey. Prospective students are encouraged to explore the specific language requirements for their desired program and take advantage of the resources available to enhance their language proficiency during their time at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Student Life

Student Life at Royal Holloway, University of London, presents a vibrant and diverse experience for international students, brimming with opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. The university community warmly embraces cultural diversity, fostering an inclusive environment that values each student's unique background.


At Royal Holloway, a range of scholarships is available to recognise and reward outstanding talent, empowering students to pursue their academic aspirations and fulfil their potential.

Clubs and Societies:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant fabric of campus life by joining one of the numerous clubs and societies on offer. Whether your interests lie in sports, arts, culture, or community service, you'll find a diverse array of groups to engage with, connecting you with like-minded individuals and fostering lifelong friendships.


Experience a comfortable and well-equipped living environment through the variety of accommodation options Royal Holloway provides for international students. The campus residences offer a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, creating a sense of community and belonging while enabling you to fully immerse yourself in university life.

Support and Wellbeing:

Royal Holloway prioritises student well-being and offers a comprehensive range of support services. Dedicated staff members are readily available to assist with academic inquiries, personal challenges, and mental health support. Additionally, the university provides workshops and resources to equip you with the necessary skills to navigate your academic journey successfully.

Engaging in student life at Royal Holloway extends beyond the confines of the classroom, encompassing a myriad of opportunities for personal, academic, and social development. Embrace the diverse array of experiences, forge meaningful connections, and create lasting memories in a supportive and inclusive community that celebrates your individuality.

Campus Facilities

  • Teaching and Study Spaces: The Royal Holloway, University of London campus offers a diverse range of well-equipped spaces dedicated to teaching and studying. Students can immerse themselves in modern lecture halls and interactive classrooms, experiencing a dynamic and engaging learning environment.
  • Libraries: Extensive library resources await students at Royal Holloway. With a vast collection of books, journals, digital materials, and study resources, the campus libraries provide a rich intellectual landscape for research, exploration, and academic growth.
  • Sports Facilities: Embracing an active lifestyle is encouraged at Royal Holloway. The campus boasts excellent sports facilities, including sports halls, fitness centres, playing fields, and courts. Students can partake in recreational sports, join sports clubs, or engage in competitive events, fostering both physical and social well-being.
  • Student Union: The Student Union is a vibrant hub of activity at Royal Holloway, University of London. Here, students take the lead in organising events, championing student causes, and cultivating a sense of belonging. Joining clubs, societies, and student-led initiatives allows individuals to forge connections and make lasting memories.
  • Accommodation: On-campus accommodation at Royal Holloway provides a secure and welcoming home away from home. The residential halls offer a supportive community atmosphere, fostering friendships and creating memorable experiences as students embark on their educational journey.
  • Social Spaces: Royal Holloway's campus abounds with inviting social spaces designed for relaxation, interaction, and connection. Whether it's the cosy ambience of cafes, communal gathering areas, or the beauty of outdoor spaces, these settings inspire vibrant social engagement and foster a sense of belonging.
  • IT and Computing Facilities: The importance of technology in education is recognised at Royal Holloway. Cutting-edge IT and computing facilities are readily available, offering students access to computer labs, high-speed internet, and comprehensive software resources to support their academic pursuits and research endeavours.
  • Medical and Wellbeing Services: The well-being of students is a top priority at Royal Holloway. On-campus medical and counselling services are easily accessible, providing professional support and guidance to promote physical and mental wellness, ensuring students thrive in all aspects of their university experience.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Royal Holloway values diversity and inclusivity. Campus facilities are designed to be accessible, ensuring that all students, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities, have equal opportunities to engage fully in the university experience.

The campus facilities at Royal Holloway, University of London, offer a vibrant and inclusive environment, fostering academic excellence, personal growth, and a sense of community among students from around the world.

Alumni Network

Within the illustrious realm of Royal Holloway, University of London, the dynamic and interconnected alumni network assumes a pivotal role in sculpting the vibrant tapestry of our academic community. Encompassing a multitude of accomplished graduates across diverse domains and industries, this invaluable resource stands poised to assist present and future students on their transformative journeys.

By engaging with the Royal Holloway alumni network, international students gain access to a rich tapestry of seasoned professionals eager to impart their wisdom and insights. Through a myriad of meticulously orchestrated events, mentorship programs, and online platforms, students can forge meaningful connections with alumni who have traversed similar pathways and made resolute strides in their respective vocations.

Embracing the multifaceted advantages of the alumni network, students find themselves buoyed by career guidance, employment prospects, and networking galas. Alumni, ever-willing to lend their support, serve as guiding beacons, sharing their boundless knowledge and furnishing invaluable counsel on career progression and industry trends.

Furthermore, the alumni network kindles a profound sense of belonging and camaraderie, enabling international students to cultivate enduring bonds with individuals hailing from myriad cultures and backgrounds. Whether through nostalgic reunions, active involvement in alumni-led initiatives, or engagement with specialised interest groups, students can forge lifelong connections with like-minded alumni scattered across the globe.

The remarkable accomplishments of Royal Holloway alumni beckon as a wellspring of inspiration, offering a testament to the extraordinary potential and triumphs that accompany a degree from our esteemed institution. From trailblazing innovators to influential trailblazers, our esteemed alumni have left an indelible mark in their respective arenas, locally and on the global stage.

Moreover, the alumni network extends an invitation for international students to give back to the Royal Holloway community. Volunteering, mentoring, and endorsing diverse university endeavours present opportunities for students to contribute to the growth and enrichment of forthcoming generations of Royal Holloway scholars.

Why Study at the Royal Holloway, University of London?

Royal Holloway, University of London, offers international students a transformative learning experience characterised by personal growth and academic excellence. Delve into the reasons why studying at Royal Holloway can be a truly rewarding choice:

  • Globally Recognized Reputation: Royal Holloway has established a renowned global reputation for its academic excellence and impactful research contributions. Our university consistently ranks among the world's top institutions, attracting a diverse community of scholars and students from across the globe.
  • Inspirational Faculty: Prepare to be inspired by our esteemed faculty members, who are distinguished experts in their respective fields. Dedicated to fostering a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment, our professors nurture critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.
  • Vibrant and Inclusive Community: Embrace the vibrant and inclusive community at Royal Holloway, where students from diverse backgrounds converge to form lasting connections and friendships. Our campus thrives as a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and perspectives, offering a rich and immersive experience that prepares you for an interconnected world.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: At Royal Holloway, you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources that enrich your learning journey. From modern libraries and cutting-edge research labs to advanced technology, we ensure that you have the necessary tools and support to excel in your studies.
  • Opportunities for Personal and Professional Development: Empowering students to reach their full potential is at the heart of Royal Holloway's mission. Alongside academic pursuits, we provide a plethora of extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies that cater to diverse interests. These opportunities foster the development of valuable skills, expand your network, and create lifelong memories.
  • Beautiful Campus and Surroundings: Nestled in the scenic locale of Egham, Surrey, our campus boasts captivating architecture and sprawling green spaces. The serene surroundings provide an ideal setting for studying, relaxation, and personal reflection. Moreover, our prime location grants easy access to London, a vibrant city renowned for its cultural diversity and endless opportunities.
  • Career Support and Alumni Network: At Royal Holloway, we prioritise your career success beyond graduation. We offer comprehensive career support services, including internships, job placements, and networking events. Our extensive alumni network spans various industries, providing invaluable connections and mentorship to help kick-start your professional journey.


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Egham Campus - Royal Holloway, University of London

Egham Hill, Egham TW20 0EX, United Kingdom

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The campus is one of the most beautiful in the world with numerous teaching and study spaces, bars and cafés, high-quality accommodation, and sports facilities. All this is set in 135 acres of stunning parkland. Most teaching and social activity takes place on campus and this is where most undergraduates live in their first year, with the exception of Kingswood Hall (just a mile away). It is a friendly place, with a strong sense of community as new students soon become familiar faces.

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English language

IELTS 6.5 - 7.0

PTE 61 - 67

TOEFL 88 - 100

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Students from Australia are accepted to this university

Royal Holloway, University of London, offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, and business. Our programs are designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and valuable skills for their chosen fields.

To apply to Royal Holloway, International students can submit their applications directly or seek professional assistance through official partners such as AECC and submit the required documents, including transcripts, standardised test scores, and English proficiency test results.

International students whose first language is not English are required to demonstrate their proficiency through recognised English language tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL. Specific score requirements may vary depending on the chosen program, so it is important to check the official website for the latest information.

Royal Holloway offers a range of scholarships and financial support options for international students. These scholarships are merit-based and provide assistance with tuition fees and living expenses. Eligibility criteria and application deadlines can be found on our official website.

Tuition fees at Royal Holloway vary depending on the program of study. International students are advised to refer to the official website for the most up-to-date information on tuition fees and any additional costs associated with their chosen program.

Yes, Royal Holloway provides on-campus accommodation options for students. Our accommodation facilities offer a safe and supportive environment, fostering a sense of community. The range of accommodation options caters to different preferences and budgets, ensuring that students feel at home during their time at the university.

For students who prefer to live off-campus, there are various housing options available in the surrounding areas. The university's accommodation office can provide guidance and resources to help students find suitable off-campus housing options.

Royal Holloway is committed to supporting the well-being and success of its international students. We offer a range of support services, including academic guidance, counselling, visa support, and cultural integration programs. Our dedicated staff is always available to assist students throughout their academic journey.

International students are allowed to work part-time during their studies, subject to certain restrictions and visa requirements. The university's career services can provide guidance and information regarding part-time job opportunities both on and off campus.

Royal Holloway provides opportunities for internships and work placements, allowing students to gain practical experience and enhance their employability. The university has strong connections with industry partners, and our dedicated career services team can assist students in finding relevant internships and work placement opportunities.

Royal Holloway is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment. We have support services in place to assist students with disabilities or specific learning needs. These services include specialised support, accommodations, and access to assistive technologies.

Yes, Royal Holloway offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies catering to diverse interests. Students can engage in sports, arts, cultural events, and various student-led organisations, providing opportunities for personal development, social interaction, and making lifelong connections.

The student community at Royal Holloway is vibrant and diverse, with students from all over the world coming together to form a close-knit community. The university fosters a friendly and inclusive atmosphere where students can engage in various social and cultural activities, contributing to a fulfilling university experience.

Royal Holloway is located in Egham, Surrey, which is approximately 19 miles (30 kilometres) from central London. The university benefits from excellent transport links, making it convenient for students to explore the vibrant city of London and its many attractions.

Royal Holloway provides comprehensive career support to help students prepare for their future careers. Our career services offer guidance on job search strategies, interview preparation, networking events, and connecting students with potential employers through our extensive alumni network.

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