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OSU is a renowned academic establishment located in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. With its commitment to academic excellence, diversity, and inclusion, OSU offers students a unique and enriching learning experience. The campus is nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Oregon, providing an inspiring environment for personal and academic growth.

OSU offers a diverse range of study areas across its various colleges. The College of Agricultural Sciences equips students with the knowledge and skills to tackle global agriculture, food science, and environmental stewardship challenges. The College of Engineering prepares future engineers to address complex problems and contribute to technological advancements. The Faculty of Humanities encourages analytical reasoning, effective expression, and innovation within disciplines such as literature, philosophy, history, anthropology, and ethnic studies. The Department of Commerce offers comprehensive curricula that prepare learners with essential proficiencies to excel in the dynamic business landscape.

Diversity and inclusion are core values at OSU. The university is dedicated to fostering an inclusive community where students from all backgrounds can thrive. The Office of Institutional Diversity leads efforts to create an inclusive campus environment and supports underrepresented students. Cultural resource centres, student organisations, and events celebrate and embrace diverse identities and perspectives.

Student life at OSU is vibrant and engaging. Students have access to numerous clubs and societies that cater to a wide range of interests, allowing them to pursue their passions, develop leadership skills, and form lasting friendships. The campus facilities at OSU are top-notch. The Valley Library provides extensive resources and study spaces, while the Dixon Recreation Center promotes health and wellness through recreational opportunities and fitness facilities. OSU's research facilities allow students to conduct hands-on research and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries.

OSU's strong alumni network is crucial in supporting current students and recent graduates. Alums provide mentorship, career guidance, and networking opportunities, helping students launch successful careers. OSU alums have excelled in various fields, including academia, industry, entrepreneurship, and public service.

There are numerous reasons why students should consider studying at OSU. The university consistently ranks among the top institutions in the United States, offering high-quality education and robust academic programs. Students have access to research opportunities that allow them to engage in hands-on projects and collaborate with faculty. OSU's welcoming and inclusive community fosters a sense of belonging and support. The campus itself is a stunning setting that inspires learning and personal growth. OSU's career services provide comprehensive support, and the university's proximity to industries and organisations offers valuable networking and internship opportunities. Additionally, OSU gives scholarships and financial aid options to make education accessible to all qualified students.

Oregon State University offers an exceptional educational experience characterised by academic excellence, diversity, and inclusion.OSU offers a wide range of academic disciplines, an active student community, exceptional campus amenities, an influential network of alumni, and numerous advantages that equip students with the resources and prospects essential for their triumph. Whether students are inclined towards scholarly exploration, a nurturing environment, or a comprehensive education, Oregon State University is an appealing selection for their academic expedition.

Campus Location

Situated in the charming college town of Corvallis, Oregon, OSU's main campus offers an idyllic setting for learning and personal growth. Corvallis is known for its vibrant atmosphere, natural beauty, and a strong sense of community. Surrounded by lush landscapes, including the nearby Willamette River and the Cascade Range, students at OSU can enjoy a balanced lifestyle that integrates academic pursuits with outdoor recreational activities. Furthermore, OSU operates a remote campus in Bend, Oregon, furnishing scholars with exclusive educational opportunities in a vibrant and inventive environment.

Study Areas

College of Agricultural Sciences:

OSU's College of Agricultural Sciences provides a broad array of study fields that equip students with the skills and expertise required to pursue professions in agriculture, animal sciences, forestry, food science, and natural resources. These programs enable students to acquire practical knowledge and abilities that can be utilised to address worldwide issues concerning food security, sustainability, and environmental protection. 

College of Engineering:

Acknowledged as a prominent establishment in the field of engineering instruction, the College of Engineering at OSU presents an extensive range of academic disciplines, encompassing mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and computer science. The college equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen fields. Through innovative coursework, hands-on projects, and industry collaborations, students gain a solid foundation in engineering principles, problem-solving techniques, and critical thinking. OSU's College of Engineering nurtures the next generation of engineers who will contribute to technological advancements and address complex global challenges.

College of Liberal Arts:

If you possess a fascination for writing, sociology, melody, or any other topic encompassed by the disciplines of liberal arts, human sciences, artistic expressions, and cultural research, you can explore a diverse array of opportunities by enrolling at the OSU College of Liberal Arts. By enrolling in this institution, scholars can nurture their passions while acquiring crucial competencies such as critical reasoning, persuasive expression, and innovative troubleshooting that are essential for success in the contemporary and intricate world. Regardless of whether students are fascinated by the past, writing, mind science, financial matters, or aesthetics, the Faculty of Humanities offers a welcoming ambience that fosters mental expansion, inventiveness, and a profound comprehension of human civilisation and community.

College of Business:

OSU's College of Business is dedicated to preparing students for successful careers in the dynamic business world. The college offers a wide range of study areas, such as accounting, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and management. Through a combination of rigorous coursework, experiential learning opportunities, and industry partnerships, students gain a strong foundation in business principles and ethical practices. The College of Business emphasises real-world application, fosters entrepreneurial thinking, and equips students with the skills necessary to thrive in a competitive global marketplace.

Diversity and Inclusion

Oregon State University is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community that values and celebrates individuals from all backgrounds. OSU believes that diversity enhances the educational experience and prepares students to become global citizens. The university vigorously advocates for diversity, impartiality, and integration through diverse projects and schemes. The OSU's Office of Institutional Diversity leads efforts to create an inclusive campus environment, implement inclusive pedagogy, and support underrepresented students. The university also offers cultural resource centres, student organisations, and events that celebrate and embrace diverse identities and perspectives. Through these initiatives, OSU strives to create a welcoming and supportive community where all students can thrive and reach their full potential.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

OSU offers a vibrant and active student life with numerous clubs and societies that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether students are interested in academic and professional groups, cultural clubs, sports and recreation, or community service, there is a club or society to suit every interest. Joining these organisations allows students to develop leadership skills, enhance their personal growth, and create lifelong friendships. These clubs and societies also offer platforms for networking, collaboration, and applying classroom knowledge in real-world contexts.

Campus Facilities


OSU boasts extensive library resources that support research and learning across disciplines. The Valley Library, the main library on campus, offers a vast collection of books, journals, digital resources, and study spaces. Students have access to cutting-edge technology, specialised research assistance, and quiet study areas that facilitate academic success. The library also provides collaborative spaces, multimedia rooms, and archives that encourage innovation, creativity, and in-depth exploration of academic subjects.

Recreation and Fitness

The Dixon Recreation Center at OSU is a state-of-the-art facility that promotes health and wellness among students. The centre offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, fitness classes, sports courts, swimming pools, and outdoor adventure programs. Whether students prefer individual workouts, team sports, group fitness activities, or outdoor excursions, OSU provides diverse options to cater to their interests and preferences. The Dixon Recreation Center encourages students to prioritise their physical and mental well-being while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Research Facilities

OSU is renowned for its research endeavours and maintains cutting-edge research facilities across various disciplines. These facilities provide students with opportunities to engage in hands-on research, collaborate with renowned faculty members, and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries. From advanced laboratories and specialised equipment to field research stations and observatories, OSU's research facilities create an environment conducive to innovation and exploration. The university's dedication to achieving research superiority provides students with valuable opportunities to enrich their academic and career growth.

Alumni Network

OSU's extensive alumni network spans the globe and plays a vital role in supporting current students and recent graduates. Graduates of OSU offer counselling, occupation direction, and connections that can assist scholars in managing their scholarly path and smoothly transitioning into the corporate realm. Numerous former students of OSU have accomplished remarkable achievements in diverse domains, such as education, commerce, innovation, and civic duty. Through alumni events, guest lectures, and networking platforms, current students can connect with accomplished alumni, learn from their experiences, and leverage their expertise to kickstart their own careers.

Why Study at the Oregon State University?

  • Academic Excellence: Oregon State University consistently ranks among the top-tier institutions in the United States, offering students a high-quality education and rigorous academic programs. Distinguished teaching staff, cutting-edge amenities, and a dedication to exploration and advancement guarantee that students obtain instruction that readies them for forthcoming triumph.
  • Research Opportunities: OSU's emphasis on research provides students with numerous opportunities to engage in cutting-edge projects and contribute to impactful discoveries. The university's strong research infrastructure and collaborations with industry and government entities create an environment where students can explore their interests, push the boundaries of knowledge, and make meaningful contributions to their respective fields.
  • Welcoming Community: At Oregon State University, diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but integral values embraced by the entire community. The university endeavours to establish a setting where people of diverse backgrounds are embraced, appreciated, and assisted. By implementing comprehensive measures, cultural hubs, and programs that advance variety and fairness, OSU guarantees that each scholar can excel both intellectually and personally. 
  • Campus Beauty: The OSU campus boasts stunning natural beauty, with lush green spaces, inviting walkways, and breathtaking views. The integration of nature into the campus design creates a serene and inspiring atmosphere that fosters a sense of tranquillity and facilitates focused learning. From vibrant gardens to serene lakes, students can find peaceful spaces to relax, reflect, and find inspiration amidst their academic pursuits.
  • Career Services: OSU's dedicated career services provide comprehensive support to students as they transition from academia to the professional world. From resume building and interview preparation to internship and job search assistance, the university's career services equip students with the skills and resources necessary to launch successful careers. Through career fairs, networking events, and connections with industry partners, OSU helps students connect with potential employers and explore diverse career opportunities.
  • Industry Connections: Located in proximity to renowned industries and organisations, OSU offers students unparalleled access to valuable networking opportunities, internships, and potential job placements. Collaboration between faculty and industry leaders ensures that academic programs align with industry needs and provide students with practical skills and experiences. Students have the ability to exploit these links to acquire practical involvement, establish business connections, and enhance their likelihood of obtaining fulfilling job prospects.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: OSU is committed to making education accessible to all qualified students. The university offers a range of scholarships, grants, and financial aid options to assist students in pursuing their academic dreams. The financial aid centre at OSU offers individualised assistance and aid to assist scholars in managing their academic finances and acquiring the necessary resources to excel.


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Oregon State University offers a wide range of programs and majors, including fields like agriculture, engineering, liberal arts, business, and more.

International students applying to Oregon State University need to meet certain academic requirements, provide English language proficiency test scores, and submit other necessary documents like transcripts and letters of recommendation.

The cost of tuition and living expenses at Oregon State University varies depending on factors like residency status, chosen program, and personal preferences. It's best to check with the university for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Yes, Oregon State University offers scholarships and financial aid options for international students. These can help reduce the financial burden of tuition and living expenses.

Yes, international students at Oregon State University can work on or off campus with certain restrictions and limitations. They may be eligible for student employment opportunities on campus or participate in optional practical training programs off-campus.

Oregon State University provides housing options for international students, including on-campus residence halls and off-campus housing resources. Students can choose the option that suits their needs and preferences.

The campus life at Oregon State University is vibrant and engaging. Students have the opportunity to join various clubs and organisations and participate in events, creating a strong sense of community and fostering personal growth.

Oregon State University offers a range of resources and support services for international students. These include international student advisors, academic support, counselling services, cultural centres, and more.

Yes, international students at Oregon State University can participate in research opportunities. OSU is known for its research endeavours, and students have the chance to work with faculty members and contribute to meaningful projects.

Yes, Oregon State University provides opportunities for internships and cooperative education programs. These experiences allow students to gain practical skills, apply classroom knowledge, and establish connections in their respective fields.

Oregon State University is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community. The university promotes diversity through initiatives, cultural resource centres, and events that celebrate and embrace different identities and perspectives.

International students need to apply for a student visa, typically an F-1 visa, to study at Oregon State University. The process involves applying to the university, receiving an acceptance letter, and then applying for the visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate.

Yes, Oregon State University requires international students to demonstrate English language proficiency by submitting scores from recognised tests like the TOEFL or IELTS.

Oregon State University offers career services and job placement support for international students. These services include resume building, interview preparation, networking events, and connections with potential employers.

OSU provides resources and programs to help international students adjust to life in the United States and the local community. These include orientation programs, cultural events, and ongoing support from international student advisors.

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