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Tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of Leeds stands Leeds Arts University, an oasis for artistic expression and creativity. Established over a hundred years ago, this illustrious institution has been a prime destination for budding artists who yearn to experience an incredible creative journey. From all corners of the globe, aspirants have flocked here in pursuit of honing their talents.

Leeds Arts University is a melting pot of inventive individuals from varied backgrounds and cultures. There is no restriction on the creativity flourishing in this environment; each person is motivated to discover and express their particular artistic style while testing the limits of their craft to realise their full potential.

At this university, a highly-regarded faculty of creative professionals bring their passion and expertise to help students reach their potential. With their knowledge and access to excellent facilities and resources, students are given an exceptional education that allows them to take on anything they may encounter in their artistic pursuits.

Venturing outside the classroom walls, Leeds comes alive as a city of culture. Explore its streets adorned with street art, attend music festivals, and marvel at awe-inspiring works in numerous galleries. Here, Leeds serves as an extension to the educational experience for students - providing a wealth of artistic stimulation and motivation.

Leeds Arts University is renowned for its dedication to creating a strong and collaborative student community. Here, students forge meaningful connections, work together on projects across disciplines, and explore different cultures to open their minds. The university encourages personal and creative development in its learners by giving them the courage to face demanding artistic challenges while also inspiring them to make positive changes in the world.

The university understands that choosing the right educational path is a significant decision. That's why a dedicated team of professionals stands ready to support students throughout their journey. From providing guidance during the application process to ensuring a seamless transition into university life, Leeds Arts University is committed to facilitating an enriching and fulfilling experience for all.

Whether students aspire to become established artists, visionary designers, or creative professionals in any artistic field, Leeds Arts University provides a platform for them to realise their dreams. With a curriculum that fosters both technical mastery and critical thinking, students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-evolving creative industry.

In a world where creativity knows no boundaries, Leeds Arts University stands as a testament to the transformative power of art. As students embark on their extraordinary artistic adventure, they become part of a legacy that has shaped the artistic landscape for generations. It is through their unique artistic voices that they will leave an indelible mark on the world, embodying the spirit of Leeds Arts University.

Campus Location

Nestled amidst the bustling urban landscape of Leeds, the campus of Leeds Arts University emerges as a sanctuary for international students eager to embark on a transformative artistic journey. As one immerses themselves in the vibrant city of Leeds, it becomes apparent that the campus's strategic location offers an ideal backdrop for cultural exploration and creative expression.

Enveloped by a diverse and dynamic artistic community, the Leeds Arts University campus has become a melting pot of creativity and collaboration. The city itself exudes an eclectic mix of cultural heritage and contemporary vibrancy, providing an ever-flowing source of inspiration for budding artists from around the globe.

Discovering the campus and its surrounding environment, international students will find themselves embraced by a welcoming community that cherishes diversity and fosters meaningful connections. In this harmonious fusion of cultures, ideas flourish, perspectives expand, and artistic boundaries are shattered, creating a stimulating environment conducive to personal and creative growth.

Strategically positioned in the heart of Leeds, the campus offers convenient access to an array of amenities and services. The vibrant city centre lies within easy reach, boasting an enticing array of markets, fashionable boutiques, and an enticing culinary scene. Leeds strikes a delicate balance between an energetic urban landscape and serene retreats, providing students with the perfect setting to cultivate their artistic endeavours.

Beyond campus boundaries, international students can readily explore the breathtaking natural beauty that envelops Leeds. Just a stone's throw away, the tranquil Yorkshire Dales and captivating cities like York and Manchester await, offering a cornucopia of exploration opportunities that appeal to the adventurous spirit.

Study Areas 

Study Areas at Leeds Arts University unveil an expansive realm for international students to embark on a captivating journey of artistic exploration. Within these domains of creative learning, the university presents a diverse array of programs that nurture talent and facilitate holistic artistic development. From the realms of fine art and design to the captivating realms of illustration and photography, Leeds Arts University offers a stimulating environment that encourages students to push the boundaries of their creative endeavours.

Fine Art:

  • Traverse the realms of traditional and contemporary art practices, delving into the depths of artistic expression.
  • Harness the transformative power of painting, sculpture, printmaking, and mixed media to breathe life into creative visions.
  • Engage in collaborative endeavours with peers and industry experts, fostering an environment of multidimensional artistic growth.

Graphic Design:

  • Unleash the potential of visual communication, mastering the intricate art of design.
  • Dive into the captivating universe of typography, branding, and digital media.
  • Employ creative problem-solving techniques to craft captivating designs that resonate with diverse audiences.


  • Journey through the landscapes of visual storytelling, where imagination and creativity intertwine.
  • Hone the craft of visual narrative, character development, and sequential art, unlocking the power of illustration.
  • Embrace the versatility of traditional and digital mediums to bring captivating visuals to life.


  • Venture into the realm of capturing moments, exploring the world through a lens.
  • Unearth the technical intricacies of composition, lighting, and post-processing, refining your photographic artistry.
  • Experiment with genres spanning portrait, landscape, and documentary photography, crafting evocative visual narratives.


  • Step into the captivating world of fashion, where style becomes a canvas for personal expression.
  • Acquire the skills of garment construction, pattern cutting, and textile design, fashioning your unique aesthetic.
  • Embrace sustainable practices and shape the future of the fashion industry with your innovative creations.

Animation and Visual Effects:

  • Immerse yourself in the realm of animation, where imagination breathes life into the inanimate.
  • Grasp the principles of animation, character design, and digital compositing, fostering a captivating realm of visual storytelling.
  • Collaborate with fellow artists on awe-inspiring projects, crafting mesmerising animations that transcend reality.

Creative Advertising:

  • Uncover the art of persuasive storytelling and strategic communication, weaving narratives that captivate audiences.
  • Develop campaigns that ignite inspiration, leaving a lasting impact on viewers' hearts and minds.
  • Cultivate skills in conceptualisation, design, and execution, becoming a master of impactful advertising endeavours.

Interior Architecture and Design:

  • Delve into the harmonious interplay of design and functionality, shaping the spaces that are inhabited.
  • Conceptualise and create innovative interior environments that evoke emotions and elevate experiences.
  • Integrate architectural principles, material selection, and environmental considerations to shape the future of interior design.

Within these study areas, international students uncover a vibrant and supportive community of fellow artists, fostering collaboration, interdisciplinary exploration, and cross-cultural exchanges. Leeds Arts University provides an environment that nurtures individuality, promotes creative dialogue, and sparks profound artistic growth.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at Leeds Arts University weave a vibrant tapestry of cultures and perspectives, enriching the artistic ecosystem. The university's commitment to embracing diversity fosters an inclusive environment where each individual's unique artistic voice is celebrated and cherished. Here are key facets of Leeds Arts University's dedication to diversity and inclusion:

Cultural Exchange and Collaboration:

  • Engage in meaningful exchanges with a diverse international student community, embarking on a journey of cultural exploration.
  • Collaborate with peers from various backgrounds, creating a dynamic and enriching learning environment.
  • Discover diverse artistic traditions and global perspectives, expanding artistic horizons and nurturing cross-cultural understanding.

Accessibility and Inclusivity:

  • Leeds Arts University strives to ensure an accessible and inclusive campus environment that caters to the needs of all students.
  • The university's facilities and resources are designed to accommodate diverse requirements, fostering equal opportunities for all.
  • Ongoing initiatives promote accessibility in physical spaces, digital platforms, and academic support services.

Representation and Visibility:

  • Embrace the power of representation in the arts, celebrating a multitude of voices and identities.
  • Leeds Arts University actively integrates diverse perspectives into its curriculum, exhibitions, and guest speaker programs.
  • Showcase and honour the richness of your heritage and artistic expressions, contributing to a vibrant mosaic of creativity.

Support and Well-being:

  • Leeds Arts University prioritises the well-being and mental health of its diverse student body.
  • Dedicated support services and counselling are available to address the specific needs of international students.
  • Foster a nurturing community where students can find guidance, resources, and a sense of belonging.

Awareness and Education:

  • Engage in thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and events that foster cultural awareness and inclusivity.
  • Encourage critical thinking and reflection on societal issues, challenging stereotypes and biases.
  • Develop a profound understanding of how diversity and inclusion contribute to artistic excellence and societal progress.

Leeds Arts University recognises the inherent value of diversity in the creative process. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, the university empowers international students to flourish, evolve, and make a lasting impact in the global artistic landscape. Embrace the vibrant community at Leeds Arts University and embark on a transformative journey of creativity, collaboration, and personal growth.

Student Life

Leeds Arts University thrives with a dynamic tapestry of student life, where clubs and societies form vibrant communities that ignite passions and foster connections. International students find an inclusive space to engage, explore, and build lasting friendships. Discover the diverse facets of student life at Leeds Arts University:

Creative Collectives:

Immerse in a collaborative hub where artists, designers, writers, and performers unite to push the boundaries of their craft. These collectives incubate innovation, sparking artistic collaborations that transcend disciplines and inspire new perspectives.

Cultural Appreciation:

Embrace a kaleidoscope of cultures through societies dedicated to celebrating traditions, customs, and heritage from around the world. Engage in vibrant festivals, savour diverse cuisines, and participate in immersive experiences that nurture cross-cultural understanding.

Sports and Fitness:

Energise both body and mind by participating in a variety of sports and fitness clubs. From team sports to yoga and martial arts, students of all levels can join in, fostering physical well-being, camaraderie, and personal growth.

Literary and Debate:

Engage in intellectual discourse and hone critical thinking skills through societies focused on literature and debate. Delve into stimulating discussions, refine public speaking abilities, and explore a vast literary landscape that broadens horizons.

Community Service:

Make a positive impact on local and global communities through dedicated societies. Engage in meaningful volunteering initiatives, address social challenges, and collaborate on projects that inspire positive change and leave a lasting legacy.

Film and Photography:

Unlock the power of visual storytelling within film and photography societies. Collaborate with fellow visionaries, develop technical skills, and captivate audiences through the art of capturing life's moments.

Performance and Theatre:

Explore the transformative world of the stage by joining performance and theatre societies. Immerse in the realm of acting, stage production, and dramatic arts, where creativity takes centre stage and personal expression finds its voice.

Music and Dance:

Discover the universal language of music and movement through music and dance societies. From learning instruments to exploring various dance styles, students unite in harmonious melodies and rhythmic expressions that transcend cultural boundaries.

Campus Facilities

Nestled within the artistic hub of Leeds, Leeds Arts University beckons international students to embark on a creative journey like no other. Discovering the abundance of campus facilities at Leeds Arts University will undoubtedly ignite artistic passions and provide an engaging atmosphere for studies.

Immerse in a world of endless possibilities as Leeds Arts University unveils an unrivalled range of campus facilities. Purposefully designed to nurture creativity and facilitate collaboration among global talents, the campus offers an artistic haven that transcends borders.

  • Creative Sanctuaries: Step into purpose-built studios meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of artistic disciplines. Whether brush strokes paint vivid landscapes, sculptures breathe life into raw materials, designs shape the world, or illustrations ignite the imagination, studios perfectly fuel artistic expression. These vibrant and dynamic spaces embody the essence of artistic exploration, enabling full immersion in the creative process.
  • Digital Realms: For those exploring the realm of digital arts, cutting-edge computer labs await arrival. Equipped with the latest software and technology, these labs seamlessly fuse traditional and digital mediums, offering a playground for artistic prowess. Unleash digital creativity and venture into uncharted territories of visual innovation.
  • Knowledge Oasis: In recognition of the vital role a library plays in every student's educational odyssey, an extensive library at Leeds Arts University houses a treasure trove of resources. From an extensive collection of books and journals to a plethora of online databases, a wealth of knowledge and inspiration awaits. In this sanctuary of intellectual curiosity, comfortable study areas provide solace for research and intellectual exploration.
  • Community Spaces: Recognizing the importance of fostering holistic well-being and providing spaces for connection and relaxation, the campus also boasts inviting recreational facilities. Unwind and connect with fellow artists in spacious common areas where creative discussions thrive. Moreover, an on-campus café invites the rejuvenation of both body and mind, savouring a delectable array of refreshments.
  • Support Network: As an international student, Leeds Arts University understands the significance of feeling supported and connected to a community. Leeds Arts University is committed to welfare and success. A dedicated Student Services team stands ready to assist throughout the journey, offering guidance on accommodation, visa requirements, and overall well-being. Striving to ensure a seamless transition to life in Leeds, embracing the artistic voyage that awaits.

Leeds Arts University eagerly awaits arrival, ready to provide a vibrant and inclusive environment where creativity knows no bounds. Campus facilities, meticulously designed and thoughtfully curated, empower to unleash artistic potential and make a mark on the world. Join the thriving artistic community and let the creative spirit soar within the creative tapestry of Leeds Arts University.

Alumni Network

Leeds Arts University prides itself on the extensive and supportive Alumni Network, a global community that fosters valuable connections and resources for international students. Within this dynamic network, students can forge lifelong relationships and explore numerous opportunities. Discover the diverse benefits offered by the Leeds Arts University Alumni Network:

  • Global Reach:

The Alumni Network spans the globe, connecting individuals from diverse cultures and professional backgrounds. Through this expansive network, students can establish meaningful connections with creative professionals from various industries.

  • Mentorship and Guidance:

The Alumni Network provides access to experienced alumni who are eager to offer mentorship and guidance to emerging talent. Students can benefit from mentorship programs, workshops, and career advice sessions that help shape their artistic journeys.

  • Networking Events:

The Alumni Network organises networking events specifically tailored for international students. These events provide a platform for students to connect, collaborate, and expand their professional networks. From alumni-led workshops to industry conferences, students have opportunities to forge valuable connections.

  • Career Development:

The Alumni Network offers exclusive job boards, internships, and career development resources to support students in launching their creative careers. Students can also take advantage of alumni-led panels, guest lectures, and portfolio reviews to enhance their professional profiles.

  • Alumni Showcase:

The Alumni Network celebrates the achievements of its members through curated showcases and exhibitions. Students can participate in these events to showcase their own work, gain exposure, and receive feedback from esteemed professionals.

  • Continued Learning:

The Alumni Network provides students with opportunities for continued learning. Workshops, masterclasses, and online resources keep students informed about the latest trends and developments in their respective fields.

  • Collaboration and Projects:

The Alumni Network encourages collaboration among its members, facilitating interdisciplinary projects and community initiatives. Students can engage in creative collaborations with fellow alumni, pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic frontiers.

  • Social Engagement:

The Alumni Network organises social activities and gatherings that foster connections and a sense of belonging. From reunions and alumni mixers to online forums and social media groups, students can engage with their peers and build lasting relationships.

Why Study at the Leeds Arts University?

  • Inspiring Creative Environment:

Leeds Arts University fosters an environment that ignites creativity and sparks inspiration. Its dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, combined with a diverse community of students and faculty, creates a space where international students can explore and unleash their artistic potential in captivating ways.

  • Renowned Faculty:

Leeds Arts University is home to a distinguished faculty comprising accomplished artists, designers, and industry professionals. These experienced mentors, renowned in their respective fields, bring a wealth of expertise and real-world insights to the classroom, offering international students invaluable guidance and nurturing their artistic growth.

  • Industry Connections:

Leeds Arts University maintains strong connections with the creative industry, providing international students with valuable networking opportunities and exposure to professional practices. Collaborations, internships, and industry partnerships enable students to forge meaningful connections and gain practical insights, equipping them for success in the global creative landscape.

  • Specialised Facilities:

Leeds Arts University offers cutting-edge facilities tailored to meet the needs of diverse creative disciplines. From purpose-built studios and workshops to state-of-the-art digital labs and exhibition spaces, international students have access to a range of specialised resources that facilitate their artistic exploration and enable them to bring their visions to life.

  • Rich Cultural Heritage:

Situated in the vibrant city of Leeds, Leeds Arts University immerses international students in a rich cultural heritage. The city boasts a thriving arts scene, renowned galleries, music festivals, and a tapestry of diverse cultural events. This vibrant cultural milieu provides an abundant source of inspiration and opportunities for international students to engage with and contribute to the artistic tapestry of the city.

  • Collaborative Learning:

Leeds Arts University fosters a collaborative learning environment, encouraging international students to engage in interdisciplinary projects and the cross-pollination of ideas. Through group work, critiques, and collaborative initiatives, students learn from their peers, explore new perspectives, and develop a strong sense of camaraderie and collective growth.

  • Personal and Professional Development:

Leeds Arts University places paramount importance on the personal and professional development of its students. International students receive personalised support and guidance, empowering them to develop the necessary skills, confidence, and resilience to thrive in their chosen creative fields. The university offers tailored programs, mentorship opportunities, and entrepreneurship initiatives that nurture holistic growth and prepare students for successful careers in the arts.


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Leeds Arts University offers a diverse range of programs and courses in art, design, and creative disciplines. From fine arts to graphic design, fashion to illustration, there are numerous options for international students to explore and pursue their artistic passions.

International students can apply to Leeds Arts University by completing the online application form available or through official partners such as AECC. The application process includes submitting academic transcripts, a portfolio of artwork, and any additional requirements specific to the chosen program.

Leeds Arts University offers scholarships and financial support opportunities for international students. These scholarships are awarded based on merit and specific criteria, providing assistance to talented individuals who demonstrate artistic potential and academic excellence.

Entry requirements for international students vary depending on the chosen program. Generally, applicants are expected to meet academic qualifications equivalent to UK standards and provide evidence of English language proficiency. Specific entry requirements can be found on the university's website.

Leeds Arts University welcomes prospective students to visit the campus and experience the creative atmosphere firsthand. Open Days and campus tours are organised regularly, providing an opportunity to explore the facilities, meet faculty members, and get a feel for the vibrant community.

Leeds Arts University assists international students in finding suitable accommodation options. The university has partnerships with various housing providers, ensuring a range of choices, such as student residences and private rentals, to meet individual preferences and needs.

Leeds Arts University provides comprehensive support services to international students. These services include academic guidance, English language support, personal counselling, and assistance with visa and immigration matters. The university is committed to ensuring a positive and inclusive learning environment for all students.

Leeds Arts University encourages students to engage in work placements and internships as part of their academic journey. The university has strong connections with the creative industry, offering valuable opportunities for international students to gain practical experience and enhance their employability.

Leeds Arts University offers a vibrant and engaging student life. International students can participate in various student societies, clubs, and activities that cater to their interests. The university also organises cultural events, exhibitions, and workshops, fostering a sense of community and creative collaboration.

Leeds Arts University provides opportunities for international students to study abroad as part of exchange programs and partnerships with other institutions. Studying abroad allows students to broaden their perspectives, experience different cultures, and enhance their creative practice.

Leeds Arts University offers dedicated career support services to help graduates transition into the professional world. From job placement assistance to portfolio development guidance and networking events, the university equips graduates with the necessary tools and skills for a successful career in the creative industry.

Leeds Arts University celebrates the work of its students through regular exhibitions and showcases. These events provide a platform for international students to display their creativity and talent to a wider audience, including industry professionals and the public.

Leeds Arts University provides students with access to a well-equipped library and extensive research resources. The library offers a vast collection of books, journals, digital resources, and multimedia materials to support student's academic and creative pursuits. Knowledgeable librarians are available to assist students in their research and provide guidance on utilising the available resources effectively.

Leeds Arts University is committed to the well-being and success of its students. A comprehensive student support system is in place, including academic advisors, personal tutors, and dedicated support staff. They are available to address students' concerns, provide guidance, and ensure a positive learning experience.

Leeds Arts University takes pride in its extensive alumni network. Graduates of the university have gone on to establish successful careers in various creative industries worldwide. The alumni network provides opportunities for networking, mentorship, and collaboration, offering valuable connections and support to current students and recent graduates.

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