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GISMA University of Applied Sciences is an exceptional institution that serves as a gateway to the international business world. Established in 1999, GISMA has been a pioneer in shaping the future of business education. The university equips talented and qualified individuals with interdisciplinary skills and digital literacy, preparing them to thrive in today's ever-evolving corporate landscape.

Campus Locations:

GISMA University of Applied Sciences offers a unique educational experience with campuses located in prominent cities in Germany and the United Kingdom. Each campus provides a distinctive environment and access to a range of opportunities. The main campus is situated in Potsdam, known for its beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks. The Berlin campus, located in the vibrant capital of Germany, offers modern facilities and proximity to key players in the corporate world. GISMA also has campuses in Hannover, Hamburg, and London, each with its own advantages and opportunities for students to explore.

Study Areas:

GISMA University of Applied Sciences offers a wide array of study areas to cater to diverse interests and career aspirations. Students can choose from undergraduate degrees and postgraduate courses in various disciplines, such as data science, AI, digital business, and management. The programs provide a strong foundation in business and management principles while incorporating cutting-edge concepts and technologies.

Diversity and Inclusion:

At GISMA University of Applied Sciences, diversity and inclusion are celebrated and valued. The institution believes in the power of bringing together students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds, ideas, strengths, interests, and experiences. This commitment to diversity fosters an enriching learning environment where students can learn from one another and develop a global perspective. Studying at GISMA means joining a network of students from over 40+ nationalities across the globe, providing a unique opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and develop a global network that extends beyond graduation.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies:

GISMA University of Applied Sciences recognises the importance of holistic development and offers a vibrant student life outside the classroom. Students can engage in various extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies. These provide opportunities to unwind, develop soft skills, build networks, and enhance the overall experience. GISMA offers a range of clubs and societies catering to diverse interests, including business, entrepreneurship, sports, and cultural activities. Participating in these clubs facilitates networking and collaboration with like-minded peers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Campus Facilities:

GISMA University of Applied Sciences takes pride in providing state-of-the-art facilities that support student learning and contribute to a conducive academic environment. The campuses feature modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology, creating a comfortable and interactive learning environment. The institution also offers well-equipped libraries and research facilities that provide access to a vast collection of academic resources, supporting students in their research, assignments, and overall academic pursuits.

Alumni Network:

GISMA University of Applied Sciences values its alumni and maintains an active network to support their professional growth and ongoing learning. The alumni network offers opportunities for former students to connect and collaborate, fostering professional relationships that can extend throughout their careers. GISMA organises alumni events, workshops, and seminars, allowing graduates to stay connected and benefit from the experiences and expertise of their peers. Lifelong learning is encouraged, and short-term training courses are offered for alumni to refresh and deepen their professional knowledge.

Why Study at GISMA University of Applied Sciences:

  • Accreditation: GISMA's Global MBA program holds prestigious accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA), signifying the program's high quality and international recognition.
  • Lucrative Career Opportunities: Graduates of the GISMA University of Applied Sciences MBA program in Germany have the potential to earn an average salary of €105,000, demonstrating excellent career prospects.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: GISMA understands the financial considerations of pursuing higher education and offers flexible payment plans to ease the financial burden, allowing students to focus on their studies without undue stress.
  • Corporate Partnerships: GISMA University of Applied Sciences has established partnerships with English-speaking global organisations in Germany, providing students with opportunities for internships, practical training, and potential employment with renowned companies.
  • Multilingual Environment: While all academic courses at GISMA are taught in English, the university also offers free German lessons, enabling students to develop language skills that enhance their employability in the German job market and contribute to their cultural integration.

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Postdam Campus - GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS

Konrad-Zuse-Ring 11 14469 Potsdam, Germany

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Potsdam, the culture-rich capital of Brandenburg is the city with the second-highest growth rate in Germany. It is well-known for its booming economy and abundance of leisure activities.

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GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS is an educational institution that acts as a pathway provider, helping students transition to higher education by offering preparatory programs and support services.

GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS offers a range of study programs in various fields such as business, management, finance, marketing, and data science.

International students applying to GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS typically need to meet certain academic requirements, provide English language proficiency, and submit necessary documents like transcripts and a passport.

To apply as a pathway student at GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS, you need to complete the application form, submit the required documents, and meet the specified criteria for the pathway program.

Studying at GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS as a pathway student provides an opportunity to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in higher education, receive academic support, and ease the transition into a degree program.

Credit transfer policies may vary, and it is best to consult with the university regarding the possibility of transferring credits from previous studies to GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS.

Scholarship availability for pathway students at GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS may vary, and it is recommended to inquire with the university about any scholarship opportunities.

GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS offers support services such as academic advising, study skills workshops, tutoring, and access to resources to assist pathway students in their educational journey.

Yes, pathway students at GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS can progress to a degree program upon successful completion of their pathway program and meeting the entry requirements of the desired degree program.

Completing studies at GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS can enhance career prospects by providing relevant skills and knowledge sought by employers in various industries.

Pathway students at GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS are generally required to demonstrate English language proficiency through recognised tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

The duration of pathway programs at GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS can vary, and it is advisable to check with the university for specific program durations.

The cost of studying at GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS as a pathway student can depend on factors like the chosen program and its duration. It is recommended to contact the university for detailed information on tuition fees and related expenses.

Part-time work opportunities for pathway students may be available, but it is important to consider any restrictions or limitations set by local laws and the university. Checking with the university and relevant authorities is recommended.

Pathway students at GISMA University of Applied Sciences - GUS can experience a vibrant campus life with opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, join clubs and societies, and interact with fellow students from diverse backgrounds.

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