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Australian Professional Skills Institute is a renowned educational institution located in the vibrant city of Perth, Western Australia. With its prime location and commitment to providing exceptional training and support, APSI offers international students a unique opportunity to embark on a transformative academic journey.

Situated in the heart of Perth, Australian Professional Skills Institute benefits from its proximity to the city's bustling central business district. These strategic location grants students easy access to a wide range of employment opportunities, cultural attractions, and renowned tourist destinations. From exploring the stunning beaches to immersing themselves in the city's vibrant cultural scene, students can experience the best of what Western Australia has to offer.

At Australian Professional Skills Institute, student well-being and success are at the forefront of everything that is done. The dedicated faculty and staff are committed to providing personalised support and guidance throughout each student's academic journey. From the moment students set foot on campus, they are welcomed into a warm and inclusive community that values their individual growth. With a student-centred approach to education, Australian Professional Skills Institute ensures that every student feels supported, encouraged, and motivated to achieve their goals.

Australian Professional Skills Institute offers a diverse range of nationally recognised training courses designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their chosen fields. Whether students are interested in business, leadership and management, commercial cookery, hospitality management, or health and community services, Australian Professional Skills Institute provides comprehensive programs that cater to various career aspirations. The curriculum is carefully crafted to align with industry requirements, ensuring that students graduate with the practical skills and confidence to excel in the workplace.

One of the hallmarks of the Australian Professional Skills Institute's programs is the incorporation of practical learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to gain real-world exposure through compulsory workplace training or industry placements. This hands-on approach allows students to apply their knowledge in a professional setting, gain valuable Australian work experience, and develop a deep understanding of their chosen industries. The practical learning opportunities provided by APSI prepare students for the challenges and demands of the workforce, giving them a competitive edge in their careers.

Studying at Australian Professional Skills Institute is not just about acquiring knowledge and skills; it is a pathway to excellence. The institute's commitment to providing a transformative educational experience empowers students to reach their full potential and achieve success in their professional endeavours. With a focus on practical learning, personalised support, and a vibrant community, APSI sets students on a trajectory toward a bright and prosperous future.

Australian Professional Skills Institute offers international students a remarkable educational experience in the vibrant city of Perth. With its prime location, comprehensive programs, supportive community, and emphasis on practical learning, APSI provides a pathway to excellence for students from all walks of life. By choosing APSI, students embark on a transformative journey that prepares them for success in their chosen fields and empowers them to make a positive impact in the global workforce.

Campus Location

Nestled in the heart of Perth, the Australian Professional Skills Institute (APSI) offers a campus location that thrives with energy and opportunity. Situated in East Perth, just minutes away from the bustling central business district and the vibrant Northbridge entertainment precinct, the institute's campus serves as a convenient and inspiring setting for international students seeking a comprehensive educational experience.

The Wellington Fair, encompassing six commercial units, including the brand-new Culinary Hub, acts as a central hub of learning and collaboration. This prime location not only provides easy access to various amenities, cultural attractions, and employment opportunities but also immerses students in a thriving urban environment that fosters personal and academic growth.

Study Areas

APSI recognises that each student has unique passions and aspirations. To cater to diverse interests, the institute offers a wide range of study areas and programs. Whether students are interested in business management, hospitality, cookery, leadership, marketing, or other fields, APSI provides an extensive selection of courses to ensure they can pursue their desired areas of study.

Business, Leadership, and Management Courses:

If you have a natural flair for leadership and a keen interest in the corporate world, APSI's Business, Leadership, and Management courses are tailored to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in various business sectors. From foundational business principles to advanced management strategies, these courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape and prepare you to excel in managerial roles.

Commercial Cookery Courses:

Perth's culinary scene is renowned for its sophistication and gastronomic delights. To meet the growing demand for skilled chefs, APSI offers a range of Commercial Cookery courses that nurture your culinary talents and equip you with the practical skills required in a professional kitchen. From classic techniques to innovative culinary trends, you'll learn from experienced chefs and gain hands-on experience to become a sought-after culinary professional.

Hospitality Management Courses:

Hospitality is a thriving industry that offers diverse career opportunities. APSI's Hospitality Management courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical training, empowering you with the expertise to excel in this dynamic field. From front-of-house operations to strategic management, you'll develop the skills to deliver exceptional guest experiences and lead successful hospitality enterprises.

Healthcare and Community Services Courses:

APSI recognises the importance of providing compassionate care and support to those in need. The Healthcare and Community Services courses offered by APSI focus on aged care, home and community care, and disability care. These programs provide specialised training and practical experience to prepare you for a rewarding career in the healthcare sector, where you can make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Patisserie Courses:

For those with a passion for artistic expression and a love for delectable desserts, APSI offers specialised Patisserie courses. These programs enable you to develop a range of specialist skills and techniques as a Patissier in a hotel kitchen, bakery, or cake shop. With a focus on innovation and creativity, you'll learn the art of creating visually stunning and mouthwatering pastries, cakes, and confections.

Online Courses:

APSI understands the need for flexibility in education, which is why it offers a range of online courses for Australian domestic fee-for-service students. These online programs, including Business, Leadership and Management, and Work Health and Safety, provide a convenient and accessible way to enhance your skills and knowledge while balancing other commitments.

Corporate Training:

APSI also offers Corporate Training programs, including the Executive Development Program and Study Tours. These tailored programs cater to the specific needs of organisations and individuals seeking professional development and executive training. With experienced trainers and customised curricula, APSI delivers high-quality training solutions to enhance leadership capabilities and drive organisational success.

Perth Hospitality Academy (PHA):

As the hospitality department of APSI, Perth Hospitality Academy (PHA) aims to enhance professional service standards and increase the skilled labour force in the hospitality industry. PHA delivers nationally recognised qualifications based on the Australian vocational and education training system, preparing students for rewarding careers in hospitality. With a focus on practical skills and industry relevance, PHA equips students with the expertise to excel in various hospitality roles.

Employment Pathway Programs:

APSI goes beyond traditional education by offering unique employment pathway programs designed to support students in their search for employment. These programs provide students with valuable industry connections, practical training, and career guidance to enhance their employability. APSI's commitment to helping students launch their careers is exemplified through these specialised programs, which bridge the gap between education and employment.

Diversity and Inclusion

At APSI, the commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond mere acceptance. The institute actively fosters an environment that celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures represented by its international student community. By embracing diversity, APSI creates a dynamic and inclusive space where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

One of the key strengths of APSI is the wide range of countries that its students hail from. Students from across the globe come together, bringing with them unique perspectives, traditions, and experiences. This diverse student body creates a microcosm of the global community within the institute's walls, offering an unparalleled opportunity for cross-cultural learning and understanding.

Within this multicultural environment, students have the chance to interact with peers from different backgrounds on a daily basis. The exchange of ideas and experiences fosters a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and broadens students' perspectives. It challenges preconceived notions, breaks down stereotypes, and promotes a sense of unity among individuals who might have otherwise never crossed paths.

To further nurture a global mindset, APSI organises various cultural events and activities throughout the academic year. International food festivals, cultural performances, and traditional celebrations provide a platform for students to showcase their heritage and share it with their fellow classmates. These events create an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity, encouraging students to explore new cultures, traditions, and ways of life.

Moreover, APSI recognises the importance of providing support systems tailored to the unique needs of its diverse student body. The institute ensures that resources are available to address any challenges or concerns that may arise due to cultural differences or language barriers. From language support programs to cultural sensitivity workshops, APSI strives to create an environment where students feel valued, respected, and understood.

The benefits of a diverse and inclusive community extend far beyond the classroom. APSI believes that exposure to different cultures and perspectives enriches the overall educational experience and prepares students for success in an interconnected world. The ability to navigate cultural nuances, collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and adapt to new environments are highly sought-after skills in today's global job market.

By embracing diversity, APSI aims to cultivate a sense of global citizenship among its students. This mindset extends beyond the confines of the institute, empowering graduates to become advocates for inclusivity and agents of positive change in their respective communities and workplaces. APSI alumni, armed with their international experiences and cross-cultural competencies, contribute to building bridges between cultures, fostering understanding, and promoting a more harmonious world.

Campus Facilities

APSI's commitment to excellence is reflected in its state-of-the-art facilities. The institute continuously invests in modern resources, including well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and specialised training areas. By providing access to the latest technology and industry-standard equipment, APSI ensures that students have the best possible learning experience. These facilities create an immersive and engaging environment where students can apply theoretical knowledge, develop practical skills, and excel in their studies.

Wellington Fair Campus

Spread over six commercial units in Wellington Fair, APSI's campus provides a spacious and conducive environment for learning. The campus is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the specific needs of each program, ensuring that students have access to dedicated spaces for their respective fields of study.

Culinary Hub

One highlight of APSI's campus is the brand new Culinary Hub, located within Wellington Fair. This state-of-the-art facility is specifically designed to meet the needs of culinary arts students. It features modern kitchens equipped with the latest culinary equipment, allowing students to hone their practical skills and experience real-world kitchen operations. The Culinary Hub provides a professional setting where students can explore their passion for cooking and develop the expertise required in the culinary industry.

Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough Training Kitchen

In addition to the Wellington Fair Campus, APSI has a partnership with Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough, which provides a unique training venue for APSI students. This beachside hotel offers a stunning setting with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, creating an inspiring backdrop for students to enhance their practical skills in a real-world hospitality environment. The Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough Training Kitchen offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a professional setting, ensuring they are well-prepared to excel in the hospitality industry.


Aria+Sol is APSI's training kitchen and restaurant, designed to provide hands-on training opportunities for both hospitality and cookery students. This dedicated venue serves as a real-life commercial environment where students can refine their operational skills, collaborate effectively in teams, and gain practical experience in a professional hospitality setting. Aria+Sol offers a realistic and immersive learning experience, allowing students to develop their abilities while delivering exceptional service and culinary creations to customers.

By providing access to these exceptional facilities, APSI ensures that students receive comprehensive training that prepares them for the demands of their chosen industries. The campus facilities are designed to support students in their educational journey, foster collaboration and creativity, and provide a platform for the practical application of theoretical knowledge. APSI's commitment to creating a conducive and inspiring learning environment further enhances the overall student experience and contributes to their success in their chosen fields.

Alumni Network

The APSI alumni network serves as a valuable resource for international students, offering a platform to connect with successful alumni who have established careers in various fields. This network provides opportunities for mentorship, job referrals, and valuable industry connections that can greatly benefit current APSI students. The alumni network serves as a supportive community, providing guidance and assistance as students navigate their own career paths.

By staying connected with the alumni network, students gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experiences that can help shape their own professional journeys. Alumni can offer valuable insights into industry trends, provide advice on career development, and share job opportunities within their respective fields. This network of accomplished professionals fosters a sense of community and collaboration, inspiring students to strive for excellence and reach their full potential.

Why Study At the Australian Professional Skills Institute?

  • Practical Learning: APSI believes in the importance of practical learning and real-world experiences. The institute's programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their chosen professions. By incorporating hands-on training, industry placements, and experiential learning opportunities, APSI ensures that students develop practical skills that are directly applicable to their future careers. This emphasis on practical learning not only enhances students' confidence but also provides them with a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Career Development: APSI is dedicated to empowering students in their career development journey. The institute's career services team offers comprehensive assistance, including job search support, resume and interview preparation, and access to exclusive job opportunities. Through workshops, networking events, and industry partnerships, APSI helps students develop the necessary skills to navigate the competitive job market successfully. With a focus on employability, APSI prepares students to enter the workforce with confidence and provides ongoing support as they progress in their careers.

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Main Campus - Australian Professional Skills Institute

Unit 12, Wellington Fair, 40 Lord Street, East Perth, WA 6004 Australia

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Located in East Perth, just minutes from the bustling central business district in Perth and vibrant Northbridge entertainment precinct, the campus is spread over six commercial units in Wellington Fair, inclusive of our brand new Culinary Hub.

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The Australian Professional Skills Institute offers a wide range of programs and courses in areas such as Business, Leadership and Management, Commercial Cookery, Hospitality Management, Health and Community Services. They provide diverse study options to cater to different interests and career paths.

The campus of the Australian Professional Skills Institute is located in East Perth, which is conveniently situated just minutes away from the central business district and the vibrant Northbridge entertainment precinct.

To apply for admission to the Australian Professional Skills Institute, you can visit their official website and follow the application process outlined there. You may need to submit your academic transcripts, English language proficiency test results, and any other required documents.

Yes, the Australian Professional Skills Institute is a registered and accredited institution. It meets the quality standards set by the regulatory bodies in Australia, ensuring that you will receive a recognised and valuable qualification upon completion of your studies.

Yes, the programs offered by the Australian Professional Skills Institute are recognised both nationally and internationally. The institute provides nationally recognised training courses, which means that the qualifications you earn are respected and valued not only within Australia but also in many other countries.

The availability of scholarships or financial aid for international students may vary. It's best to seek official partners of the Australian Professional Skills Institute such as AECC to inquire about any available scholarships or financial assistance programs specifically for international students.

The entry requirements for international students at the Australian Professional Skills Institute may vary depending on the program or course you are applying for. Generally, you will need to meet certain criteria such as English language proficiency, academic qualifications, and any specific prerequisites for your chosen program.

The Australian Professional Skills Institute may provide assistance or guidance in finding suitable accommodation options for international students. It's recommended to contact their student services or accommodation office for information on accommodation availability and support.

The Australian Professional Skills Institute has a dedicated student support system in place to assist and guide students throughout their academic journey. They offer various support services, including academic support, personal counselling, career guidance, and assistance with any student-related concerns or issues.

Yes, the Australian Professional Skills Institute offers opportunities for work experience or internships as part of their programs. This allows students to gain practical, hands-on experience in real workplace settings, enhancing their skills and employability.

The Australian Professional Skills Institute provides support and resources to assist students with job placement after graduation. They may offer career development services, job search assistance, networking opportunities, and connections with industry partners to help students find employment opportunities in their respective fields.

Yes, international students in Australia are generally allowed to work part-time while studying. However, there may be restrictions and limitations imposed by the Australian government. It's important for international students to familiarise themselves with the specific visa regulations and work rights applicable to their situation.

Yes, the Australian Professional Skills Institute can provide assistance and guidance regarding visa applications and immigration matters. They can offer information on visa requirements, support with completing visa applications, and advice on immigration regulations and processes.

The class sizes at the Australian Professional Skills Institute are typically small, allowing for personalised attention and interactive learning. This enables students to actively engage with instructors and peers, fostering a conducive learning environment.

The Australian Professional Skills Institute may consider transferring credits from previous studies if they are relevant and meet the institute's requirements. Each case is evaluated individually, and credit transfer eligibility can be discussed with the admissions office or academic advisors of the institute.

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