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Arkansas State University, a renowned educational institution, presents a multitude of prospects for international students aiming to pursue their academic and professional aspirations. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing leaders, fostering intellectual development, and enriching lives, A-State has emerged as a dynamic force propelling progress across the state, the Delta region, and beyond.

Established in 1909, Arkansas State University boasts an illustrious heritage and a proud legacy of delivering education in a manner that resonates with students. As the second largest university in Arkansas, A-State takes immense pride in its distinction as a national doctoral-level institution, offering an extensive array of over 150 areas of study. The diverse student community, comprising individuals hailing from all corners of the nation and the globe, contributes to a vibrant and inclusive learning milieu.

Nestled in Jonesboro, Arkansas, A-State enjoys an enviable location as a thriving centre for healthcare, entertainment, commerce, and industry. The campus is harmoniously nestled amidst the captivating landscape atop Crowley's Ridge, a natural formation sculpted by ancient geological processes, which serves as an enchanting backdrop to the bustling academic hub.

Arkansas State University prudently invests in state-of-the-art campus facilities to provide students with an environment that propels their academic pursuits and personal development. From the Red Wolf Den and the well-equipped fitness centre to the allure of basketball courts, football fields, and swimming pools, the university endeavours to offer resources that foster holistic growth. Additionally, the Reng Student Union serves as a vibrant nucleus of campus life, catering to various needs with its conference and meeting spaces, dining establishments, and a vibrant tapestry of student organisations.

A-State leaves no stone unturned when it comes to its academic offerings. The university caters to a diverse range of study areas, encompassing disciplines such as business and management, computer science and information technology, health sciences, engineering, and social sciences and humanities. A plethora of meticulously designed programs await students, aimed at developing their skills and knowledge within their chosen fields of interest.

In line with its steadfast commitment to innovation and adaptability in education, Arkansas State University acknowledges that traditional learning models no longer suffice in preparing twenty-first-century professionals. The university embraces and encourages active, independent, and autonomous styles of learning, empowering students to become discerning thinkers and decisive individuals. Through its esteemed Transitional University Studies (TUS) department, A-State offers comprehensive support and resources to students transitioning from the realm of high school to the vibrant tapestry of university life, ensuring their seamless integration into the academic and student community.

Why should one choose Arkansas State University? Because it presents far more than a mere academic endeavour. It engenders a transformative experience, preparing students to navigate the intricacies of the contemporary world. With its globally connected campus, A-State facilitates connections, fosters relationships, and unveils boundless possibilities for personal and professional growth. It stands as an institution where students unearth their passions, broaden their horizons, and emerge as the vanguards of tomorrow.

As international students embark on their educational odyssey at Arkansas State University, they become part of a vivacious community that transcends geographical boundaries. With a thriving network of over 100,000 alumni scattered across the globe, A-State extends a lifelong connection and unwavering support system. Graduates of the university seamlessly integrate into this global network, enriching their lives and unlocking an array of exciting prospects.

Arkansas State University serves as a beacon of knowledge, cultivating a spirit of intellectual curiosity, and empowering individuals to effect transformative change in the world. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, inclusive environment, and forward-thinking educational approaches, A-State stands as the quintessential destination for international students seeking an extraordinary academic expedition.

Campus Location

Arkansas State University (A-State) welcomes international students to its vibrant campus located in Jonesboro, a bustling city in Northeast Arkansas. The strategic location offers a warm and inclusive community, providing an ideal environment for international students to thrive academically and personally.

Study Areas

Arkansas State University offers a wide range of study areas to cater to the diverse academic interests and career aspirations of international students. Whether you have a passion for business and management, computer science and information technology, health sciences, engineering and applied sciences, or social sciences and humanities, A-State provides comprehensive programs to help you achieve your educational goals.

In the field of business and management, A-State equips students with essential skills necessary for success in the dynamic business world. Through programs that cover finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship, students gain a comprehensive understanding of global business practices. By engaging in internships and industry partnerships, they have the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, preparing them for a variety of industries.

For those interested in the rapidly evolving world of technology, A-State's computer science and information technology programs offer in-depth training in programming, software development, and data analysis. Students explore emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, gaining the technical skills needed in today's digital age. Through hands-on projects, hackathons, and collaborative initiatives, students enhance their problem-solving abilities and contribute to innovation in the field.

A-State's health sciences programs provide a pathway to a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. Whether it's nursing, biomedical sciences, or public health, students gain practical experience through clinical rotations, internships, and research projects. These opportunities help nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while also making a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.

The field of engineering and applied sciences at A-State is dedicated to preparing students for the challenges of a rapidly advancing world. With specialisations in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and more, students develop innovative solutions to complex problems. Through collaborations with faculty members, internships, and practical projects, students acquire technical expertise sought after by industries.

The social sciences and humanities programs at A-State offer a deep exploration of human culture, history, psychology, sociology, and languages. Students develop critical thinking skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour. Engaging in research projects, discussions, and community initiatives, students broaden their perspectives and contribute to positive social change.

By choosing Arkansas State University, international students can pursue their academic interests and career aspirations in these diverse study areas. With a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on learning experiences, and a supportive academic community, A-State provides a nurturing environment for students to thrive and achieve their goals.

Diversity and Inclusion

At A-State, diversity is celebrated, and an inclusive community is fostered where every student feels valued and respected. As an international student, a welcoming environment awaits, embracing cultural differences and encouraging cross-cultural interactions. The campus is a melting pot of perspectives, creating opportunities for global connections and lifelong friendships.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Engage in vibrant student life at A-State by joining clubs and societies aligned with your interests. These extracurricular activities provide a platform for personal growth, leadership development, and networking opportunities. Immerse in cultural clubs, sports teams, academic organisations, and community service initiatives, and create lasting memories with fellow students from around the world.

Campus Facilities

A-State offers modern and well-equipped facilities to support the academic journey. From state-of-the-art laboratories and research centres to libraries and student study spaces, the campus provides the resources needed to excel in studies. Enjoy access to cutting-edge technology, comfortable learning environments, and a variety of campus amenities enhancing the overall university experience.

Alumni Network

As an A-State graduate, become part of a global network of over 100,000 alumni. This vibrant community offers valuable connections and opportunities for career advancement. Tap into the knowledge and expertise of the alumni network, and benefit from guidance and support while navigating the professional journey.

Why Study at Arkansas State University?

Choosing Arkansas State University for higher education opens doors to a world of opportunities. Consider the following compelling reasons why international students choose A-State:

  • Academic Excellence: A-State is renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to student success. Faculty members are experts in their fields, providing world-class education and preparing students for a competitive job market.
  • Personalised Attention: At A-State, personalised education is valued. Small class sizes ensure individual attention from professors, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating a collaborative learning environment.
  • Supportive Services: Understanding the unique challenges faced by international students, A-State provides comprehensive support services, including academic advising, counselling, and international student services, ensuring well-being and success.
  • Career Development: A-State is dedicated to preparing students for future careers. The career development centre offers workshops, internships, and job placement assistance, enabling practical experience and employment opportunities upon graduation.
  • Affordable Education: A-State is committed to making higher education accessible and affordable for international students. A range of scholarships, grants, and financial aid options help manage the cost of tuition, allowing students to pursue educational goals.
  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse in the rich cultural heritage of Arkansas while experiencing American traditions and customs. Engage with the local community, attend cultural events, and explore the natural beauty of the region, broadening horizons.
  • Global Perspective: A-State values diversity and provides a platform for students to exchange ideas and perspectives from different cultures and backgrounds. Embrace the opportunity to expand the global network, develop intercultural competence, and enhance understanding of the world.


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Arkansas State University offers a wide range of programs and majors across various fields of study. Some popular areas include business, education, health sciences, engineering, arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. With over 150 degree programs available, students have plenty of options to pursue their interests and career goals.

If you wish to apply to Arkansas State University, consider using a registered study abroad agent/partner like "AECC." By applying through such an agent, your chances of acceptance are higher than if you apply on your own.

The admission requirements for international students at Arkansas State University may vary depending on the chosen program and degree level. Generally, you will need to submit your academic transcripts, standardised test scores (such as the SAT or ACT), proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS), a completed application form, and financial documentation. It is advisable to check the specific requirements for your intended program.

Yes, Arkansas State University offers scholarships and financial aid opportunities for international students. These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, leadership qualities, and other criteria. Additionally, there may be specific scholarships available for international students from certain countries or regions.

The cost of tuition and living expenses at Arkansas State University can vary depending on factors such as your program of study, residency status, and personal choices. Tuition fees for international students are typically higher than those for in-state students. As for living expenses, it includes accommodation, meals, transportation, books, and personal expenses. It is best to refer to the university for the most up-to-date information on costs.

Yes, international students at Arkansas State University are eligible to work on campus. The university provides various part-time job opportunities on campus, such as working in the library, student services, or research departments. However, off-campus employment opportunities for international students are subject to certain regulations and limitations.

Absolutely, Arkansas State University values the well-being and academic success of its international students. The university provides a range of support services, including counselling services, academic advising, and international student orientation programs. These resources are designed to help international students adapt to university life, manage academic challenges, and address personal concerns.

The student life at Arkansas State University is vibrant and diverse. There are numerous student organisations, clubs, and activities that cater to a wide range of interests. Students can participate in cultural clubs, academic clubs, sports teams, performing arts groups, and more. The university also hosts various events throughout the year, creating a lively and engaging campus environment.

Absolutely, international students are encouraged to get involved in clubs and organisations at Arkansas State University. There are numerous clubs and organisations that welcome students from diverse backgrounds. Whether you're interested in community service, cultural exchange, sports, or academic pursuits, you'll find opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and make meaningful contributions to the campus community.

Arkansas State University offers a range of housing options for international students. These include on-campus residence halls and off-campus housing facilities. On-campus housing provides a convenient and immersive living experience, allowing students to be close to campus resources and activities. Off-campus options may include apartments or shared accommodations near the university. 

The safety of students is a top priority at Arkansas State University. The campus is equipped with security measures, including campus police and emergency response systems, to ensure a safe environment. The surrounding community also maintains a cooperative relationship with the university to enhance safety. However, it is always important for students to exercise personal safety precautions and be aware of their surroundings.

Yes, Arkansas State University provides resources and support for international students to improve their English language skills. The university's English as a Second Language (ESL) program offers courses and language support to enhance English proficiency. Additionally, the university's writing centres and language labs provide assistance with academic writing, speaking skills, and language development.

Absolutely, international students at Arkansas State University have opportunities to participate in internships and cooperative education programs. These programs allow students to gain practical work experience in their chosen fields while studying. The university's career services office assists students in finding internships and cooperative education placements, providing valuable hands-on learning experiences and networking opportunities.

Yes, Arkansas State University offers opportunities for international students to engage in research and study abroad programs. The university encourages students to explore research projects and collaborate with faculty members in their areas of interest. Additionally, there are study abroad programs that allow students to broaden their perspectives and immerse themselves in different cultures while earning academic credits.

Arkansas State University provides comprehensive career services and job placement support for international students. The university's career centre offers resources such as resume writing assistance, interview preparation, job fairs, and networking events. Career advisors are available to guide international students in exploring career options, internships, and full-time job opportunities. The university also maintains strong relationships with employers to facilitate job placements for graduates.

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