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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

The Pre-masters has been designed specifically to support international students who wish to study a postgraduate computing degree, but do not meet the entry requirements. The programme is aimed at students who already hold a computing or non-computing undergraduate qualification and seeking to progress to a Masters level in computing. By studying this programme, you will be equipped with the skills to develop your knowledge and understanding of essential computing concepts alongside those that enable you to become more of a critical thinker and writer. Your experience on the programme will expose you to a variety of activities that will develop transferable skills in presentations, teamwork, meeting deadlines and research to name but a few.

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IELTS IELTS 5.0 (at least 4.5 in all skills)

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Welcome to Nottingham Trent International College, the gateway to your academic success and a vibrant community of global learners. As an international student, you may have questions and concerns about your educational journey abroad. Rest assured, Nottingham Trent International College is here to guide you every step of the way and provide you with an exceptional learning experience.

At Nottingham Trent International College, the focus is on your education and personal growth. The integrated pathway courses in partnership with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) allow you to seamlessly transition into undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs at one of the renowned universities in the UK.

What sets Nottingham Trent International College apart is its unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Education here is transformative, empowering you with knowledge and skills that are not only relevant but also future-proof. The programs are designed in collaboration with industry leaders, ensuring that you receive a high-quality education that aligns with the demands of the professional world. Imagine building a strong foundation, like a sturdy bridge, that supports your journey towards your desired career destination.

But education is not just confined to the classroom. It's about embracing a tapestry of experiences that shape your personal and professional growth. That's why Nottingham Trent International College offers a supportive learning environment where you receive personalised attention from experienced faculty and support staff. There is a belief in the power of individualised guidance, like a compass that steers you towards your true potential.

Studying at the college means joining a diverse community of students from around the world. This rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives creates a global mosaic, enriching your understanding of the world and enhancing your employability in an interconnected society. Imagine expanding your worldview, like a kaleidoscope revealing new colours and patterns.

In addition to the outstanding education, Nottingham Trent International College offers an exciting student life that goes beyond textbooks and lectures. Engage in extracurricular activities, join clubs and societies, and immerse yourself in a world of opportunities. Picture it as a vibrant canvas, where you can paint your own unique experiences and create lifelong memories.

To support your holistic well-being, there are state-of-the-art facilities that cater to your academic and personal needs. The classrooms are dynamic spaces where knowledge comes to life, and the libraries offer a sanctuary for exploration and intellectual growth. Picture the campus as a nurturing ecosystem, providing you with the resources and tools you need to flourish.

The college understands that the transition to a new country can be daunting. That's why comprehensive support services are provided from the moment you arrive. The dedicated staff will guide you, help you settle in, and organise social activities to foster friendships with your classmates. They are here to be your compass, guiding you through the uncharted waters of this new chapter in your life.

As you embark on this transformative journey, know that Nottingham Trent International College is not just an institution, but a community that embraces diversity, fosters growth, and believes in your potential. Join the college and become a part of the global family, where education transcends borders and dreams become realities. Welcome to a world of possibilities.

Campus Location

Located in the vibrant city of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent International College is nestled in the heart of England, offering a convenient and exciting study destination for international students. The campus is ideally situated, providing easy access to the city's cultural attractions, shopping centres, and entertainment venues. With excellent transport links, students have the opportunity to explore Nottingham's rich history and immerse themselves in its vibrant atmosphere.

Study Areas

Nottingham Trent International College understands that each student has unique interests and career aspirations. That's why the college offers a wide range of study areas to cater to diverse educational goals. 

Imagine delving into the intricate world of business strategies, honing your management skills, and becoming a leader in the dynamic corporate landscape. Or perhaps you're captivated by the wonders of science and technology, eager to unravel the mysteries of the universe and make groundbreaking discoveries. For engineering enthusiasts, the opportunity to design and innovate awaits, with hands-on experiences that bring concepts to life.

  • If your heart yearns for artistic expression and creativity, Nottingham Trent International College offers a platform to refine your artistic skills and transform your ideas into masterpieces. You'll have the chance to explore various artistic disciplines, from visual arts to design, allowing your imagination to flourish.
  • The social sciences beckon those with a passion for understanding human behaviour, society, and culture. For aspiring legal minds, Nottingham Trent International College offers a solid foundation in law and criminology. 
  • The health and life sciences field invites those who have a genuine desire to make a positive impact on people's lives. 
  • Whichever study area you choose, Nottingham Trent International College ensures that you receive the guidance and support you need to excel. Engage in interactive lectures, collaborate with fellow students on projects, and tap into the wealth of knowledge offered by experienced faculty members.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Nottingham Trent International College, diversity and inclusion are celebrated and cherished. The college welcomes students from different cultural backgrounds, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. With a diverse student body representing 69 nationalities, students have the unique opportunity to interact with peers from around the world, promoting cultural exchange and global perspectives. Nottingham Trent International College is committed to providing equal opportunities for all students and providing a platform for diverse voices to be heard.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies 

Embark on enriching student life at Nottingham Trent International College, where a vibrant array of clubs and societies awaits. It's not just about academics; it's about discovering your passions, nurturing your talents, and creating lifelong memories.

Are you a sports enthusiast eager to showcase your skills on the field? 

  • Whether it's football, basketball, or cricket, the college offers opportunities to play and bond with fellow sports lovers.
  • If you're a culture aficionado, dive into the richness of various cultural societies. Immerse yourself in vibrant traditions, participate in festivals, and celebrate diversity. From dance troupes to music ensembles, these societies provide a platform to showcase your artistic talents and foster cross-cultural understanding.
  • For the academically inclined, academic associations offer a space to engage in intellectual discourse and expand your knowledge beyond the classroom. Attend guest lectures, participate in debates, and collaborate on research projects with like-minded peers. These associations provide a supportive community that nurtures intellectual curiosity.
  • If community service is close to your heart, Nottingham Trent International College offers community service groups where you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Engage in volunteering activities, participate in social initiatives, and contribute to the betterment of society. By joining these groups, you not only give back but also develop empathy, compassion, and leadership skills.

Campus Facilities

Nottingham Trent International College boasts a range of modern and student-centric campus facilities designed to enhance your learning journey and overall well-being. 

  1. Step into the classrooms, where the engaging atmosphere fosters interactive learning. Experienced faculty members employ innovative teaching methods, encouraging active participation and critical thinking. You'll find yourself fully immersed in the learning process, expanding your knowledge and skills.
  2. The library and resource centre beckon you to explore a vast collection of academic materials, from textbooks to research journals. With quiet study spaces and collaborative areas, you'll find the perfect environment to delve into your studies or collaborate with fellow students on group projects.
  3. Computer labs equipped with the latest technology provide you with the tools you need to excel in the digital age. Access state-of-the-art software, conduct research, and develop essential digital literacy skills that are vital in today's interconnected world.
  4. For sports enthusiasts, Nottingham Trent International College offers sports facilities, including a gymnasium and sports fields. Engage in physical activities, join sports teams, and nurture a healthy and active lifestyle. Enjoy delicious meals, relax with friends, and recharge before embarking on your next academic endeavour.
  5. Nottingham Trent International College also understands the importance of providing suitable student accommodation options or assistance in finding suitable housing. Living in a supportive and comfortable environment is essential for your overall well-being and academic success.

Moreover, the college provides comprehensive student support services, including counselling, career guidance, and academic support. Trained professionals are there to lend a helping hand when you need it, ensuring that you have the resources and support to overcome any challenges and thrive during your time at the college.

Alumni Network

Become part of a strong and active alumni network that spans the globe. Nottingham Trent International College's alumni community offers lifelong connections and professional networking opportunities. 

Graduates of the college have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields and are eager to give back. Through mentorship programs and guest lectures, alumni contribute to the college's continued growth and support current students. 

Joining the alumni network provides a platform to connect, share experiences, and collaborate on various initiatives, empowering you even after graduation.

Nottingham Trent International College is more than just an educational institution; it's a place where dreams take flight, passions ignite, and friendships blossom. With diverse study areas, a vibrant student life, and modern campus facilities, the college offers a holistic and fulfilling experience for international students. Start your journey today and unlock a world of possibilities.

Why Study at Nottingham Trent International College 

From pursuing your academic goals to discovering your true potential, Nottingham Trent International College is your pathway to success. Here are a few reasons why you should consider studying at Nottingham Trent International College. 

  • Integrated Pathway: Nottingham Trent International College offers pathway courses in partnership with Nottingham Trent University (NTU), providing a seamless transition into undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs at the university.
  • Supportive Learning Environment: Students at Nottingham Trent International College benefit from a supportive and inclusive learning environment where experienced faculty and support staff provide personalised attention and guidance.
  • Global Perspective: With a diverse student body from around the world, studying at the college provides a unique opportunity to gain a global perspective, fostering cultural understanding and enhancing employability in an interconnected world.
  • Industry Connections: The college has strong connections with industry professionals and organisations, offering access to internships, work placements, and networking opportunities that can kick-start students' careers.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Nottingham Trent International College boasts modern facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, libraries, and specialised labs, providing students with the resources they need to excel in their chosen fields.
  • Exciting Student Life: Students can participate in a range of extracurricular activities, clubs and societies, and other events to enrich and enjoy their time as college students.
  • Career Support: To make sure students are well-prepared for their professional journey, the college offers extensive career support services, such as employability workshops, job fairs, and advice from committed career advisers.
  • Vibrant City Life: Located in the vibrant city of Nottingham, students can experience a thriving cultural scene, diverse entertainment options, and a rich history, making their time outside of the classroom equally fulfilling.
  • Community Living: Nottingham Trent International College provides student accommodation options or assistance in finding suitable housing, creating a supportive community where students can make new friends and settle into their new environment.
  • Academic Support: Students receive one-on-one academic support from trained college staff, ensuring they have guidance and assistance throughout their studies.
  • Guaranteed Entry to NTU: When students pass their pathway course at the required level with good attendance, they are guaranteed entry to Nottingham Trent University, opening doors to further academic and career opportunities.

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