Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education - Italian (Birth to Grade 2)

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  • Duration

    8 Semesters

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    January, september

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This four-year initial teaching certification program prepares candidates to nurture and teach infants, toddlers and preschoolers and children in primary grade settings (kindergarten through second grade). The 120-credit Early Childhood Program offers candidates the opportunity to contribute to a strong foundation during a childs formative years. Grounded in the social constructivist approach to early care and education, candidates in the Early Childhood Program develop a view of young children as meaning-makers, creative innovators, problem solvers and theory builders who are proactive in constructing their schema of the world. With the goal of creating critical, multicultural and democratic contexts, teacher candidates strengthen their awareness of childrens literacies, languages, layers of identity and universal modes of learning so that they can fully support them as learners.

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Long Island University (LIU) is committed to the success and growth of every student. With a focus on providing a comprehensive and enriching college experience, LIU stands as a beacon of opportunity and academic excellence. As an LIU student, you can expect personalised support and guidance to navigate every aspect of your college journey.

At the heart of LIU's commitment is the LIU Promise, a program designed to ensure the success of every student. With the LIU Promise, each student is assigned a dedicated success coach who serves as a mentor and resource. Your success coach will assist you in creating an academic success plan, exploring financial aid opportunities, and getting involved on campus. Whether you need guidance in preparing for your career or support in overcoming academic challenges, your success coach has you covered.

Guided by the Student Success Milestones, you will work closely with your success coach throughout your LIU journey. These milestones serve as a roadmap, helping you excel academically, professionally, and socially. From setting goals and making informed academic choices to engaging in experiential learning opportunities, LIU provides a framework for your growth and development.

As a student at LIU, you have access to a wide range of opportunities to become a global citizen. LIU encourages students to engage in study abroad programs, allowing them to immerse themselves in different cultures, broaden their perspectives, and develop a global mindset. Additionally, LIU offers mock interviews, career workshops, and networking events to equip you with the skills and connections needed to succeed in your chosen career path. Participating in alternative spring breaks, exploring career-related externships, and utilising resources like Handshake for internships and co-op experiences further enhance your professional development.

LIU goes beyond the classroom to fulfil its promise to students. Engage in a career readiness workshop series to gain valuable insights and preparation for your future endeavours. Showcase your undergraduate research at the prestigious LIU Research Symposium, where you can present your work and contribute to your academic field. When the time comes, apply to graduate school and commence your career search with confidence, knowing that LIU has prepared you for success.

Participate in senior events, including Senior Week and the Graduate Fair, as you celebrate the culmination of your academic journey and prepare for the next chapter of your life. Finally, mark your accomplishments at the memorable commencement ceremony, surrounded by your peers, faculty, and loved ones.

Long Island University also emphasises the importance of giving back and staying connected. Enrol in class giving and contribute to the university's ongoing mission to provide excellence in education. LIU encourages alumni engagement, creating opportunities for you to stay connected with the LIU community and benefit from the wisdom and experiences of those who have walked the same path.

At Long Island University, your success is not just a goal; it's a promise. Through personalised support, a focus on global citizenship, and a commitment to your growth, LIU empowers you to thrive academically, professionally, and personally. Join the LIU community and embark on a transformative educational journey that will shape your future.

Campus Location

Long Island University (LIU) encompasses multiple campuses across the beautiful and vibrant Long Island region in New York. Each campus offers a unique atmosphere and a diverse range of academic programs and resources, catering to the needs and interests of its students.

One of LIU's prominent campuses is the LIU Post campus, located in Brookville, New York. Situated on a sprawling 307-acre suburban campus, LIU Post provides a serene and picturesque setting for students to pursue their educational endeavours. The campus boasts well-maintained green spaces, tree-lined pathways, and state-of-the-art facilities, creating a conducive environment for learning and personal growth.

LIU Post is home to a variety of academic schools and colleges, including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the College of Management, the College of Education, Information and Technology, and the College of Veterinary Medicine. These schools offer a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs, allowing students to explore diverse fields of study and find their passion.

Another notable LIU campus is the LIU Brooklyn campus, located in downtown Brooklyn, one of the bustling boroughs of New York City. The campus is situated in close proximity to cultural landmarks, renowned museums, entertainment venues, and a vibrant urban atmosphere. This prime location provides students with numerous opportunities to engage with the city's vibrant culture and take advantage of internships, networking events, and career prospects.

LIU Brooklyn houses various academic schools and colleges, including the School of Business, School of Arts and Communication, School of Education, and the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. These schools offer a diverse range of programs, including business administration, media arts, education, pharmacy, and health sciences, among others.

In addition to the LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn campuses, Long Island University has other affiliated campuses and centres across Long Island. These include the LIU Brentwood Campus, LIU Riverhead Campus, and LIU Hudson at Rockland, each offering specialised programs and resources tailored to the needs of their respective communities.

The LIU campuses strive to provide a supportive and engaging environment for students, combining academic excellence with opportunities for extracurricular activities and personal development. From modern classrooms and laboratories to libraries, research centres, athletic facilities, and student organisations, LIU's campuses are equipped with resources that enhance the overall educational experience.

Study Areas

Long Island University (LIU) offers a wide range of study areas and courses to cater to the diverse interests and academic pursuits of its students. LIU is committed to providing comprehensive educational programs that prepare students for successful careers in various fields.

Business Administration:

LIU's Business Administration program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the dynamic business world. Through a combination of coursework and hands-on experiences, students develop a strong foundation in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management. They gain insights into business strategies, entrepreneurship, and ethical decision-making, enabling them to tackle real-world challenges and excel in their careers.


LIU's Psychology program delves into the fascinating study of human behaviour and mental processes. Students explore various subfields of psychology, including cognitive psychology, social psychology, and abnormal psychology. They develop critical thinking and research skills, learning how to analyse human behaviour, conduct experiments, and interpret data. Graduates of this program are well-equipped for careers in counselling, research, human resources, and other psychology-related fields.

Computer Science:

LIU's Computer Science program prepares students for the rapidly evolving world of technology. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students gain a strong foundation in programming, algorithms, data structures, and computer systems. They also have opportunities to specialise in areas such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and software engineering. With hands-on projects and internships, students develop practical skills to design, develop, and maintain software solutions in various industries.


LIU's Nursing program is designed for students passionate about providing compassionate and quality healthcare. Through a combination of classroom instruction, laboratory practice, and clinical experiences, students learn essential nursing skills, including patient care, health assessment, and medical interventions. The program emphasises evidence-based practice, professionalism, and ethical decision-making, preparing graduates to excel as registered nurses in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.


LIU offers a range of Education programs, including early childhood education, elementary education, and secondary education. These programs provide aspiring educators with the knowledge and skills to become effective teachers. Students learn about curriculum development, instructional strategies, classroom management, and assessment techniques. Through field experiences and student teaching, they gain practical experience in working with diverse student populations, fostering inclusive learning environments, and promoting student growth and development.

Fine Arts:

LIU's Fine Arts program nurtures the creativity and artistic expression of students. Through a combination of studio courses, art history, and critical analysis, students explore various mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, and digital art. They learn about artistic techniques, art theory, and historical contexts, developing their unique artistic vision. Graduates of this program can pursue careers as professional artists, art educators, and gallery curators or pursue further studies in the field.

Diversity and Inclusion

At LIU, diversity and inclusion are fundamental values that shape the university's community. LIU celebrates diversity in all its forms, welcoming students from over 67 countries. The university believes in creating a sense of belonging for every student, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or identity. By fostering an inclusive environment, LIU encourages the exchange of diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas, preparing students to thrive in a global society.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

LIU recognises the importance of a well-rounded college experience and provides numerous opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities. The university offers a wide range of clubs, societies, and student organisations that cater to diverse interests. Whether students are passionate about community service, arts, sports, or academic pursuits, there is a club or society to suit their passions. Joining these organisations not only allows students to pursue their interests but also helps them develop leadership skills, make lasting friendships, and engage with their peers.

Campus Facilities

LIU's campuses are equipped with modern facilities that support both academic and extracurricular activities. The university's libraries provide extensive resources, including online research tools, computer labs, and access to a vast collection of books and journals. Students can find comfortable study spaces and collaborate with their peers in dedicated study areas. LIU's campuses also boast state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and specialised facilities tailored to the needs of various programs. Additionally, recreational facilities such as fitness centres, sports fields, and student centres offer spaces for students to unwind, exercise, and socialise.

Alumni Network

LIU takes pride in its extensive alumni network, which spans various industries and professions. Graduates of LIU have achieved remarkable success in their careers, and many remain connected to the university. The alumni network serves as a valuable resource for current students, providing mentorship, career guidance, and networking opportunities. Alumni are often invited to campus events, workshops, and career fairs, allowing students to benefit from their experiences and establish connections that can open doors to future opportunities.

Why Study at LIU?

  • Commitment to student success: LIU places a strong emphasis on student success, offering personalised support through its LIU Promise program. Each student is assigned a dedicated success coach who serves as a mentor and resource throughout their college journey. Success coaches assist students in creating academic success plans, exploring financial aid opportunities, getting involved on campus, and preparing for their careers.
  • Global opportunities: LIU encourages students to broaden their horizons through study abroad programs, internships, and career-related externships. These opportunities enable students to develop a global perspective, gain cultural competency, and expand their networks. LIU's partnerships with international institutions facilitate seamless exchanges and immersive experiences for students who wish to explore different cultures and enhance their academic journey.
  • Inclusive and welcoming community: LIU values diversity and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. The university fosters a sense of belonging, ensuring that every student feels welcomed, supported, and respected. By celebrating a variety of thoughts, identities, experiences, and backgrounds, LIU cultivates a rich and diverse community where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: LIU provides modern facilities that support academic excellence. From well-equipped laboratories and cutting-edge research centres to innovative classrooms and technology resources, students have access to the tools and resources they need to excel in their studies. LIU's commitment to maintaining up-to-date facilities enhances the learning experience and prepares students for the demands of their respective fields.
  • Extensive alumni network: Joining the LIU community means gaining access to a vast network of successful alumni who are eager to support current students. LIU's alumni network offers mentorship, career guidance, and networking opportunities. Graduates of LIU have gone on to excel in various industries, and their continued involvement with the university provides students with valuable connections and potential internship or employment opportunities.
  • Well-rounded student life: LIU offers a vibrant and engaging student life through its diverse range of clubs, societies, and events. Students can pursue their passions, develop leadership skills, and make lasting friendships outside of the classroom. From participating in community service initiatives to engaging in artistic or athletic pursuits, LIU encourages students to explore their interests and discover new passions during their college journey.


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LIU Post is located on a historic 330-acre campus located on Long Island’s renowned Gold Coast and offers an incredible learning environment that fosters academic achievement as well as student growth and development. LIU Post offers everything from world-class faculty and unique experiential learning opportunities to student clubs and NCAA Division I athletic events, where you will form lifelong friendships. The Post campus is located in an ideal location – just a 10-minute drive to the beach and a short train away from New York City.

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