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The curriculum of this degree combines courses from the disciplines of Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science and prepares students for careers in Big Data Science & Analytics, a rapidly growing field with huge unmet demand. The unique interdisciplinary educational experience allows students the opportunity to acquire the broad base of knowledge and skills which employers are seeking.

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Perched like an intellectual lighthouse amid the vibrant town of Burlington, Vermont, the University of Vermont (UVM) weaves a fabric of diverse perspectives, ideas, and possibilities. Isn't it fascinating how UVM is a crucible of intellectual curiosity, bubbling with innovative thoughts and explorations?

UVM, with a panoply of academic programs, is like an artisan's palette, offering more than 100 bachelor's, 46 master's, and 21 doctoral programs. This wide-ranging palette allows students to paint their academic and professional futures with bold strokes of innovation and creativity. 

Reflecting a vibrant tapestry of cultures, UVM prides itself on a history that reverberates with firsts in American higher education. Here, diversity is not just a word but an action embodied in dedicated centres for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Like a grand mosaic, each student's unique background enriches UVM's picture, but isn't the unity in diversity genuinely creating a masterpiece?

At UVM, student life brims with possibilities like a tree laden with fruits. Over 200 student organisations offer students the chance to find opportunities that resonate with their passions and interests. Like gardeners nurturing their plants, doesn't every student wish to cultivate their potential to its fullest bloom?

With state-of-the-art academic buildings, library resources, and recreational facilities, UVM is akin to a well-tuned orchestra, orchestrating the rhythm of learning and growth. The residence halls, suite-style buildings, and apartments provide a harmonious living environment, contributing to the symphony of the vibrant campus experience. Can you hear the melody of intellectual and personal growth?

The UVM Alumni Association acts as a golden thread, connecting the university's past, present, and future. With more than 120,000 alumni worldwide, it fosters lifelong connections among alumni, students, faculty, and Vermont residents. Isn't it enriching to be part of a community that bridges generations, creating a continuum of shared experiences?

As an epitome of comprehensive higher education, UVM is where curiosity meets opportunity, diversity meets unity, and the past meets the future. It is a place where the vibrancy of learning is as perennial as Vermont's seasons. 

Campus Location

The University of Vermont, fondly referred to as UVM sits nestled in the picturesque town of Burlington, Vermont. The Princeton Review and the New York Times have recognised Burlington as a top college town. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, the town mirrors UVM's dedication to a greener future. Every corner of Burlington echoes a community spirit, from local food providers' support to the celebration of the arts.

Life at UVM blends the best of both worlds – a vibrant, bustling campus in the heart of an inviting, amiable town. The university has a campus home to more than 5,800 students residing in interest-oriented Learning Communities. These Learning Communities, which offer single, double, and triple-occupancy rooms, are the heartbeat of UVM’s student life, promoting academic success, social growth, and a greater sense of connection among students.

Moreover, UVM ensures students can feel at home, offering lounges, study spaces, and kitchenettes within each complex. These spaces encourage students to collaborate on class projects, gather for residential programs, or simply share a meal. UVM believes these shared experiences help students build meaningful relationships and explore new perspectives.

From witnessing arguably the best sunsets in the east to experiencing a cultural hub with live music, award-winning restaurants, and a thriving art scene, life at UVM is genuinely distinctive. The #1 college town, as named by Travel + Leisure magazine, is waiting for students to explore and make it their home away from home.

Study Areas

The University of Vermont prides itself on its breadth and depth of academic offerings. With 100 bachelor's programs, 46 master's programs, 21 doctoral programs, an M.D. program, and four pre-professional options, UVM caters to a wide array of intellectual curiosities and career aspirations. Students enjoy the intimacy of a class size of 30, allowing for more personalised instruction and guidance from faculty members.

One of the prestigious colleges within UVM is the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). CALS offers a diverse selection of undergraduate majors and graduate programs. With an emphasis on everything from basic to applied science, CALS covers various agriculture and life sciences topics, offering a self-designed program and programs shared with other UVM colleges and schools.

UVM also hosts the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department, Community Development and Applied Economics Department, Nutrition and Food Sciences Department, and Plant Biology Department, each providing unique and comprehensive academic programs. Students can delve deep into subjects of interest, learning from faculty passionate about their fields of study.

At UVM, students don't just learn; they engage in hands-on experiences, immerse themselves in active research, and explore the world through exchanges with selected universities around the globe. This variety of offerings and opportunities makes UVM a vibrant academic environment.

Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Vermont has a long history of commitment to fairness and diversity, evident in the many "firsts" UVM has achieved in American higher education. The university's Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion takes great pride in ensuring that excellence is inclusive of everyone at UVM. The Division works daily to make its work accessible, affirming, and action-oriented, fostering a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

The Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is at the helm of this effort. This leader advises the Provost and senior leadership on policies, programs, and strategies to realise inclusive excellence at UVM. Through this dedicated leadership, the university continuously seeks to uphold an energetic, visible, and ongoing commitment to diversity, racial equality, and inclusion.

Furthermore, UVM’s Prism Center serves as the campus hub for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Ally (LGBTQA) students. The Prism Center offers support, education, training, and advocacy to the UVM community. Additionally, the Mosaic Center for Students of Color (MCSC) provides a range of programs and services to meet the unique needs of students of colour.

To continue UVM’s commitment to accessibility, the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at the university ensures equal opportunities for students with disabilities. This commitment extends to UVM’s students, staff, and faculty, fostering an inclusive and equitable community where everyone feels valued and respected.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

As UVM firmly believes in the power of community, the university encourages its students to explore their interests by joining one or more of the 200+ recognised student organisations. The Student Government Association (SGA) plays a pivotal role in ensuring these organisations receive the necessary support and funding for operations, programming, and leadership development.

The yearly highlight of UVM's student life is ActivitiesFest, a grand fair where SGA-recognised student organisations gather to present their offerings to the student body. This event is an ideal platform for students to interact with club members and learn about engagement opportunities.

Beyond clubs and organisations, UVM recognises the importance of volunteerism and thus offers many opportunities for students to give back to society. UVM’s Volunteers in Action (VIA) is a student-led and student-funded organisation that caters to the needs of UVM students and the greater Burlington community. With over 15 individual volunteer programs, VIA is a testament to UVM’s dedication to service.

These activities and a host of events ensure that UVM students can find their tribe, expand their intellectual and social spheres, and acquire invaluable career skills.

Campus Facilities

UVM boasts modern and well-equipped academic buildings designed to foster a conducive environment for learning and research. Students have access to state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and study spaces, enabling them to engage in hands-on learning experiences effectively.

The Bailey/Howe Library serves as the primary information and research hub at UVM. This library houses an extensive collection of books, electronic resources, and multimedia materials to support students' and faculty's academic pursuits. Moreover, the library staff offer research assistance to help students navigate and utilise the available resources effectively.

UVM's commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle among its students is evident in its excellent recreational and wellness facilities. From fitness equipment to sports fields and walking trails, the Campus Recreation Center caters to students' diverse interests and fosters a sense of well-being.

On-campus housing at UVM is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient living environment. The university offers a range of residential facilities, from traditional residence halls to suite-style buildings and apartments, all designed to foster a sense of community and contribute to a vibrant campus experience.

Alumni Network

The UVM Alumni Association works tirelessly to foster lifelong relationships among UVM alumni, students, faculty, and Vermont residents. With more than 120,000 UVM alumni worldwide, the association continues to build and maintain engagement programs that help them reconnect with UVM in meaningful ways.

UVM Connect is an exclusive UVM-only online community where alumni can easily interact with classmates, provide mentoring to current students, post jobs, and promote their businesses. The Alumni Association regularly hosts events on campus and nationwide to provide networking opportunities, lifelong learning experiences, and social events.

The Alumni Association also provides numerous volunteer opportunities through its standing committees of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. UVM is committed to making progress on issues of diversity, racial equality, and inclusion, upholding an energetic, visible, and ongoing commitment to these critical areas. The association's proactive efforts ensure a continuously connected, mutually respectful, and civically engaged alumni community.

Why Study at UVM?

  • UVM's location in the charming town of Burlington, Vermont, offers a perfect blend of a vibrant campus and a supportive, community-oriented town.
  • UVM offers a diverse array of study areas with more than 100 bachelor's, 46 master's, and 21 doctoral programs, ensuring that every student finds a course of study tailored to their intellectual curiosity and career aspirations.
  • UVM values diversity and inclusion, evident in its myriad of "firsts" in American higher education and its dedicated Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Prism Center, Mosaic Center for Students of Color, and Student Accessibility Services.
  • With over 200+ recognised student organisations, UVM students are sure to find a community that will allow them to expand their intellectual and social spheres while acquiring invaluable career skills.
  • UVM's state-of-the-art academic buildings, library resources, recreational and wellness facilities, and residential options provide a conducive learning environment and vibrant campus experience.
  • The UVM Alumni Association fosters lifelong relationships among UVM alumni, students, faculty, and Vermont residents, offering numerous engagement programs and meaningful opportunities to stay connected to UVM.


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