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The Associate of Science Degree: Option 2 is intended for students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university and major in engineering, computer science, physics or atmospheric science. This degree is designed to allow students to complete approximately 70 math/science credits required or recommended for admission into these majors. The remaining 20 credits of the 90-credit degree include 5 credits of ENGL&101 (composition) and 15 general education credits (humanities and social sciences).This degree is a good option for math/science majors that require or recommend more than 40 credits of math and science course work for admission into four-year college or university programs. Students completing the AS Option 2 degree will satisfy many of the pre-major, laboratory and major track sequence prerequisite courses for their major prior to transferring and will finish their general education graduation requirements at the four-year institution.Recognize the interdisciplinary nature of the sciences and use scientific inquiry to critically evaluate a proposal, claim, process or theory.Recognize and interpret the meaning of quantitative and mathematical symbols and apply appropriate logic, tools, and processes to make meaningful decisions and solve problems. Utilize multiple representations, including graphical, symbolic, numerical, and narrative, to analyze and solve problems.Use appropriate documentation to exchange spoken, written, and visual information in order to communicate effectively and to participate as an effective team member within the scientific community and other appropriate settings.

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You must have successfully completed an United States Year 12 (or equivalent senior secondary school qualification) Equivalent qualifications may also include a recognised post secondary diploma in the relevant discipline with the required grades.Meeting

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All students at the prestigious educational institution known as "Northern Seattle College" can take advantage of a variety of academic programmes and support services because it is a part of the renowned Seattle Colleges system. The college's goal is to give students an outstanding education that will prepare them for successful jobs or transfer to four-year institutions. Classes are maintained small to aid in this effort, and faculty members are always available to provide individualised attention as needed. To make education accessible to everyone, reasonable tuition costs and financial aid programmes have also been developed. Through collaborations with local businesses and industry leaders, Northern Seattle College also supports the achievement of its students by giving them access to internships.

North Seattle College is located at 9600 College Way North in the Licton Springs suburb of Seattle, Washington. The college offers a dynamic campus setting surrounded by parks, shops, restaurants, and other attractions, making it convenient for students to get to thanks to its proximity to important transportation lines. These qualities combine to create the perfect environment for kids to succeed both academically and personally.

Students at Seattle College have access to a wide range of career and educational options. To aid in the move to a four-year university, the college offers two-year transfer degrees. For individuals looking for a strong foundation on which to base their future academic endeavours, this is a fantastic choice. The institution also provides technical and career programmes for in-depth training in a variety of sectors. These are fields that have immediate career implications, such as medicine, computer technology, business, and the culinary arts.

The mission of North Seattle College is based on the importance of diversity and inclusiveness. It celebrates a diverse range of pupils from various socioeconomic, racial, and cultural backgrounds in order to uphold this dedication. North Seattle College offers a number of support systems, such as multicultural services, the Gender Equity Centre, and disability services, to ensure that every student is at ease and capable of realising their potential. Additionally, in order to preserve a polite environment and encourage inclusivity among campus members, it actively promotes cultural awareness through events, workshops, and initiatives.

The wide range of extracurricular activities available at North Seattle College are well-known. There is something for every student among the organisations and societies focused on academic goals, cultural diversity, the arts, sports, volunteer work, and a variety of other interests. Joining one of these organisations gives you the chance to form close bonds with other people who have similar interests and passions while learning useful personal development skills like leadership and communication. Taking part in one of these groups is a fantastic way to broaden one's horizons outside of the classroom.

A variety of facilities are available at North Seattle College to facilitate study and interaction among students. Modern classrooms, labs, and computer labs give students a range of possibilities for their academic pursuits. Additionally, specialty areas are created especially for various academic degrees. A sizable library provides books, e-books, online databases, and assistance with research, while wellness services including counselling and health resources keep students in good health. There is even a Student Leadership Centre that promotes neighbourhood ties through events, meetings, and activities. This campus experience is completed by additional conveniences like a restaurant, bookshop, study spaces, and outdoor entertainment areas.

The Nort Seattle College Alumni Network was created to help graduates stay in contact with their old mater and maintain relationships with instructors and classmates. The college hosts gatherings, networking opportunities, and mentorship initiatives to support alumni in keeping in touch and exchanging experiences. Additionally, users can access unique career services including job advertisements and professional development programmes, as well as information about noteworthy alumni. All of these tools support alumni and current students in achieving excellent outcomes.

Campus Location:

The campus of esteemed college Northern Seattle College is tucked away at 9600 College Way in the centre of the Licton Springs suburb of Seattle, Washington. Commuters from all over the city can easily get to and from this unique educational facility with great ease and convenience thanks to its good connectivity to multiple major transportation lines.

Students at North Seattle College can take use of a wide range of local attractions and activities. For individuals looking to take a break from studying, there are various options available, like relaxing in one of the many parks, participating in outdoor activities, or just taking in nature. Additionally, surrounding eateries and shops offer a variety of options at their doorstep when hunger strikes or a shopping binge is required.

Study Areas:

Students who enrol at Seattle College, a renowned institution of higher learning, have access to a wide range of educational opportunities. Learners may be confident that their course of study will align with their goals and motivations thanks to the more than 60 options available to them.

When choosing a higher education institution, North Seattle College is a fantastic choice to take into account. In addition to career and technical courses created to give students practical training and skill development in a variety of disciplines like healthcare, computer technology, business, and culinary arts, they offer transfer degrees that make the transition into four-year colleges easier. In order to give you a competitive edge on the job market, specific professional certificates are also offered in fields including accounting, human resources, project management, and graphic design.

Diversity and Inclusion:

North Seattle College values and upholds the principles of tolerance and diversity in order to make sure that the campus is a welcome place. The college is proud of its diverse student body, which includes people from different socioeconomic, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

For its students, North Seattle College is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere that is both fair and inclusive. Three centres have been set up particularly for this purpose: Multicultural Services, Gender Equity Centre, and Disability Services, which provide direction and materials created for different student demographics. These divisions work to give each student equal access to educational opportunities.

North Seattle College is dedicated to creating a culture of learning and comprehension that is open to the world. They work to foster an environment that values intercultural respect and communication through workshops, events, and projects. Over 80 countries were represented in their student population as of the data cutoff in September 2021, demonstrating their unwavering dedication.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies:

The Seattle College extracurricular programmes are the heart of the college experience. They foster leadership qualities and personal development while also fostering deep interpersonal relationships. There are numerous student organisations and clubs available for students to choose from, giving them options to suit their vast range of interests.

There are several organisations and groups at North Seattle College that you can join to meet people who have similar interests. These clubs offer a priceless chance for growth and development, from cultural diversity to sports and volunteerism. Participating in such activities will not only help people develop their abilities or talents, but it will also enable them to form enduring friendships and meaningful connections that they will remember for years to come.

Campus Facilities:

The state-of-the-art Northwest Seattle College buildings provide a perfect environment that encourages student achievement and involvement. Modern classrooms, science labs, and computer centres are spread throughout the entire campus and have been carefully built to fulfil the academic standards for the school's many courses and programmes.

With the aid of a number of facilities, including the Wellness Centre, North Seattle College aims to enhance the experience of its students. By providing counselling services, health resources, and wellness initiatives, this centre assists college students in taking care of their emotional and physical health. Students can therefore receive the assistance they need for a fulfilling college experience that emphasises wellbeing.

The university's Student Leadership Centre serves as a focal point for student activities, gatherings, and events. Student organisations have a place here to work together and come up with ideas for projects that will foster a tight-knit campus community. It not only fosters a sense of community, but it also inspires students to take on leadership responsibilities and participate in establishing campus life.

Alumni Network:

The teachers and staff at North Seattle College place a high value on keeping in touch with its graduates. For this reason, they created the Alumni Network, which gives alumni a way to keep informed about what's going on on campus and connect with other former students.

The institution hosts a number of alumni-focused events throughout the year to provide them a chance to network with one another and teachers. These events foster an environment where graduates can talk about their life since graduation and make friendships that will last far beyond their time at the university.

The goal of Seattle College's Alumni Network is to maintain contact with former students, foster professional connections, and guarantee that graduates receive the assistance they require to be successful in their chosen industries. This group is committed to assisting former pupils who want to succeed after graduation and make a meaningful contribution.

Why study at North Seattle College?

  • High-Quality Education: Students interested in a top-notch education that will equip them for professional success or transfer to four-year universities will be pleased with Northern Seattle College's programmes. Students benefit from customised care and assistance throughout their educational journey thanks to lower class numbers and approachable teachers. The college offers a broad range of academic programmes, from transfer degrees to professional technical training, enabling students to easily pursue their goals.
  • Affordable Tuition and Financial Aid: Access to education is at the heart of everything done at Northwest Seattle College. The college keeps tuition costs down and offers a variety of financial aid alternatives in order to make this possible. Scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programmes are all offered as ways to ease the burden of tuition costs so that aspirational students can pursue their academic goals without feeling too strained financially. Northwest College works to remove financial obstacles and ensure that everyone, regardless of background, has a chance at success.
  • Industry Partnerships and Career Opportunities: Northwest Seattle College has sought to develop partnerships with local employers and business leaders in order to guarantee the success of its students in both their academic pursuits and future jobs. These links open up a wide range of opportunities for on-the-job training, internships, and job placements that give students priceless work experience. Northwest Seattle College equips students with the skills and resources needed to succeed, whether they want to pursue immediate employment or transfer to a four-year institution, by fusing classroom learning with practical applications. These collaborations give NWSC graduates a competitive advantage on the job market and may open up long-term employment opportunities for them.

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