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Blog Summary Find out which countries are best for pursuing a bachelor's in criminology abroad. The USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia all provide top-notch education and a wide range of employment opportunities. After earning a bachelor's degree in criminology, salaries vary by region, often higher in the US and the UK. Law, criminal justice, and psychology are all essential topics in criminology. To know more, keep reading.

A criminologist not only creates a positive impact on the world but he/she is also responsible for instituting change in his/her local community. Wonder how this is possible? Graduates of bachelor of science in criminology work in unison with law enforcement, prisons, security companies, outreach programs, and many more. In other words, they work from a base level to tackle and eradicate crime. If you are interested in such a noble career, continue reading to know universities, subjects, and eligibility for a bachelor's in criminology.

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Best Countries to Study Criminology Courses Abroad

Criminology courses are available in all countries around the globe. However, the quality of education offered and subsequent research and employment opportunities vary drastically. Here are some of the best countries to study criminology with regard to education and employment opportunities:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Australia
  3. United States of America
  4. Canada

Salary Potential after Bachelor in Criminology

The salary after studying bachelor's in criminology is mainly dependent on the specific location you are working on. A criminologist in the metropolitan part of the United States or UK will earn a more maiden salary than someone in the Philippines or India. That being said, the following are some of the reports of salaries for criminology graduates published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.





Police and detectives




Correctional officers and bailiffs


Probation officers


Criminal justice and law enforcement teachers, postsecondary


Forensic science technician


Bachelor of Science in Criminology Subjects

The subjects of the bachelor of science in criminology are from a combination of 4 topics, namely social science, social issues, criminal justice, and law. Despite minor academic variations from university to university, there is an overall consistency in the subjects. Here are some of the bachelor of science in criminology subjects:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Sociology Theory
  • Social and Developmental Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Policing and Police Powers
  • Deviance and Crime Control
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Cyber Criminology
  • Criminal Law
  • International Crime Justice
  • Youth Justice
  • Research and Ethics
  • American Law
  • Civil and Human Rights

Eligibility for Bachelor of Science in Criminology for Filipino students


  • You need a minimum secondary school grade of 2.5 to 3.0 GPA or equivalent.
  • You need English proficiency certification, i.e., IELTS, TOEFL, PTE.
  • You need the minimum required score in the university entrance examination like SAT, ACT, etc.


  • Work experience in relevant fields; Social work experience is also considered.
  • Letter of recommendation from an educational authority.
  • Extracurricular activities, achievements or credentials.

Application of Bachelor of Science in Criminology for International/Filipino students

  • Candidates must fill up online applications through the university portal or government website.
  • He/she must submit certificates and proofs of competency.
  • He/she must pay the application fee at the end of the online application.

Top Bachelor of Science in Criminology Courses

Bachelor of Science in Criminology degree programs focus on quantitative emphasis, calculus, statistics, policy analysis, data analysis, etc. Here is a list of universities with a top bachelor of science in criminology programs.

  • Florida State University 
  • University of Minnesota
  • Florida State University
  • Missouri State University-Springfield
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • George Mason University
  • University of Roehampton London
  • University of Portsmouth
  • California Lutheran University
  • Northern Arizona University

Top Bachelor of Arts in Criminology Courses Options

BA in Criminology has a liberal arts background when compared to BSc. The academics of a bachelor of arts in criminology focuses on crime, criminal justice, and social research. For students who are opting for the course, the elective options are criminal investigation, terrorism, national security, criminal courts, conservation law enforcement, and family and juvenile justice support services. 

Graduates of bachelor of arts in criminology will have explicit knowledge of how crime and justice are connected to human behaviour, government policy, and social environment. Following are some of the top bachelor of arts in criminology courses for students interested in this field.

1. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology - Queensland 

Duration of the Pathology course

3 Years

Level of study



Brisbane, Australia

University Name

The University of Queensland

Year of University’s establishment


About this Course:

This Criminology program explores questions such as who, why, where, and when in regard to crime. It also explores crime magnitude and its logical prevention. The students of the course can cash in on the hands-on practice of theories of criminology and have real industry engagement through research projects.

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2. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology - Swinburne

Duration of the Pathology course

3 Years

Level of study



Melbourne, Australia

University Name

Swinburne University of Technology

Year of University’s establishment


About the Course:

This Criminology course investigates motivations and social factors that lead to criminal behaviour (on top of defining crime, society, and treatment of criminals). Students will know the practice and system involved in policing crime mitigation. 

The students of this criminology course will also get a chance to study crime on a global scale. Cybercrime and security concerns are other topics in this course. 

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3. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology - JCU

Duration of the Pathology course

3 Years

Level of study



Townsville, Australia

University Name

James Cook University

Year of University’s establishment


About the Course:

This Criminology program combines a wide range of crime-related theories, projects, and research to produce graduates that are both informed and qualified. A graduate of this course will be competent to secure a top position in the field and thereby make the community safer.

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4. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology - Western University

Duration of the Pathology course

4 Years

Level of study



Ontario, Canada

University Name

Western University

Year of University’s establishment


About the Course:

This Criminology program explores and defines deviance, crime, and criminal behaviour. After completing the course, graduates can pursue a career in law, social work, social policy, teaching, government, correction, or public administration. 

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5. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology - Vancouver Island

Duration of the Pathology course

4 Years

Level of study



British Columbia, Canada

University Name

Vancouver Island University

Year of University’s establishment


About the Course: 

This Criminology course polishes different kinds of skills in students, such as project management, legal analysis, critical thinking, conflict mediation, communication, research, and analysis, and more. Students interested in current events, social justice, and psychology will find a footing in this course. 

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Bachelor in Criminology Courses Fees

Graduates of Criminology courses are in demand in diverse fields like law enforcement, public services, private organisations, social service, and such. Due to this demand, universities provide criminology courses with different variations and specialisations. Thus, the course fee is based on these specialisations and other benefits like university infrastructure. Here are some universities and their fees for a bachelor's in criminology course.



University College Cork

USD 42,160

The University of Law

USD 16,638

James Cook University 

USD 25,264

The University of Auckland 

USD 23,708

Western Sydney University 

USD 17,744

University of New Mexico

USD 22,586

University of York

USD 59,497

Hofstra University 

USD 47,510

The University of Manchester

USD 68,972

The University of Adelaide

USD 58,834

Bachelor of Science in Criminology - jobs

Even if you are not opting for a master's, a Bachelor of science in criminology offers many job opportunities in different fields. Though the following list does not cover all the career options, it has some of the most popular jobs after a bachelor of science in criminology. 

  • Probation Officer
  • Law Enforcement
  • Detective
  • Juvenile Justice Specialist
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Human Rights Advocates
  • Drug court directors
  • Police Officers
  • Profilers
  • Correctional Treatment Specialist
  • Community Services
  • Public Affairs
  • Government work

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