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Top Universities in Melbourne

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Blog Summary Dreaming of studying abroad? Melbourne, Australia's 3rd most popular city for international students, awaits! Unveiling the best universities in Melbourne for your academic journey. Embark on your educational adventure in Melbourne – where innovation, flexibility, and success intertwine!

As the top 3rd university city for international students in 2019, Melbourne has been climbing up the popularity ladder as a student’s dream study destination. Home to some of the world’s top universities in Melbourne and a great place to live in, this capital city of Australia certainly deserves attention. 

If you are planning to study abroad soon, then Melbourne ought to be on your radar! Here are some of the top universities in Melbourne ranking where you can study in if you are considering it.

1. University of Melbourne – The capital and The country’s #1 

Not just one of a top universities in Melbourne, but this university also stands #1 in Australia. Their global reputation goes hand-in-hand with their wide global alumni network and university rankings Melbourne. Prime ministers, Governors-General, and Nobel Laureates being products of this university is proof of their high standard education system.

The ‘Melbourne Model’ is known for the flexibility provided to students. This means there is a slight difference in the degree programs offered here and by this model, you can choose and create your own study path and map out your direction.

How does this help though? As industries keep expanding and changing, you are taught to adapt and think independently.

The career opportunities offered are diverse just as their courses. Graduates work in industries and sectors including the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Some of the degree programmes offered are in industries like IT, Engineering, Health, Science, Business and Economics, Law, Veterinary, agricultural and food sciences.

Apart from improving your prospects, you are likely to be highly satisfied with the study experience. 97% of the graduates are employed and 89% of them enjoy the path they have chosen. Can it get better than that?

2. Monash University – Making their presence known while changing the world

While constantly helping aid the development of society, Monash University has climbed to the position of 5th in the universities in Melbourne ranking. 

Their impact has spread across countries with their presence felt in Malaysia, Italy, China, India and Indonesia. This makes the institution the largest in Australia and also one of the top universities in Melbourne.

Their motto ‘Am still learning’ projects their ambition to keep growing and contribute to creating change in this world. Collaborating with various disciplines, Monash University has made an impact with its impressive research in projects like the World Mosquito Program and Anti-flu drug Relenza.

With courses like Engineering, Education, Business, as a student of Monash, you will have achieved success in areas such as green chemistry, accident and trauma, sustainability, among a few others.

The Monash’s Global Engagement has attracted a large number of Australian Government-sponsored students through the Australia Awards program ( A scholarship program for international students).

3. La Trobe University – Become Career Ready 

 A university that stands proudly among the top 1% of universities in the world, and ranks 13th in the universities in Melbourne ranking, La Trobe University will shape you to be ready for the future.

Keeping in view the consequences of the pandemic and how the economy has been developing over the years, La Trobe is quickly becoming a pioneer in shaping the future of the generations to come.

Some of their courses will ignite a forward-thinking approach to issues and creativity. Courses like Cybersecurity, Psychological science, Digital Business and Business Analytics are rising in demand. La Trobe’s postgraduate courses in Education, Nursing and Midwifery and Law are also some excellent courses that you could pursue.

If you are concerned about getting a job after your studies, La Trobe’s Career Ready Advantage prepares you for it. This program is designed alongside industry partners like Commonwealth Bank, PwC, and Optus. Students have the opportunity to stand out with the Career Ready Advantage Award. You can be rewarded with either the platinum, silver or gold awards which will connect you with the industry.

4. RMIT university – Get ahead with Global Connections

Ranking 23rd in university rankings Melbourne and #2 for student engagement (as per 2021 Good Universities), RMIT has raised the bar high!, and becoming the top universities in Melbourne.

They have lived up to their vision to stay ahead with their exceptional educational ethics and by offering various courses and scholarships to support their students’ goals.

RMIT offers a diverse range of courses like Law, Fashion, Game Design, Business and Property to name a few. Global opportunities are offered in the form of their 200 industry connections across Asia, Europe and North America.

There is a certain assurance in the quality of education, knowing that their curriculum is co-designed with industry experts. This means you will gain practical industry experience through internships, placements and work experience.

RMIT has partnerships with BMW, Deloitte, Adidas, L’ Oréal and an education led by these industries will certainly be a cherry on the top.

5. Victoria University – Climbing Blocks to Reach Goals

Ranked 25th in the universities in Melbourne ranking, Victoria University in Melbourne is a university ranked among the top 2% in the world. They have been a leading university in innovation and research and have contributed to the development of the economy. 

The recent revolutionary change to their education system, namely the award-winning VU Block Model, is proving to be beneficial for students.As per the Block Model, you will get to focus on one subject at a time instead of the usual multiple focus model. You will complete one unit, or a ‘block’, over a 4 week period.

The results of your completion are given just a few days later, evading uncertainty and stress. The success was seen in 2019 when the first-year pass percentage rose to 87% (a 13% increase) and the second-year pass percentage rose to 90%.

As the first university to introduce this Block Model in Australia, it is followed by all undergraduate students. From 2021, it will be followed for postgraduate students as well.

Victoria University has over 4000 connections and an award-winning training program that will further build your career and help develop your practical skills.


There are so many advantages that each university in Melbourne has to offer. To know more about top universities in Melbourne and these advantages, you can contact us, AECC, anytime.

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