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Blog Summary Discover the excellence of Australian education in a nutshell! With a 13-year schooling journey spanning from preparatory to senior secondary levels, Australian schools are globally renowned. From government to non-government institutions, schools adhere to state regulations and emphasize holistic development. Beyond academics, students cultivate life skills, respect, and self-discipline. The curriculum covers English, math, science, arts, and more, while promoting teamwork and personal growth. In Australia, education goes beyond the classroom, fostering adaptability and essential qualities for a dynamic future. Engage in a diverse and enriching learning adventure, unlocking the skills for success in a changing world.

Australian schools are among the finest in the world. See for yourself what makes an Australian education so valuable.

School education in Australia includes preschool, preparatory (or kindergarten), primary school, secondary school (or high school) and senior secondary school (or college).

Schooling lasts for 13 years, from preparatory to senior secondary. School is compulsory until at least the age of 16. Types of schools include government schools, non-government schools (including faith-based schools such as Catholic or Islamic schools) and schools based on educational philosophies such as Montessori and Steiner. All schools must be registered with the state or territory education department and are subject to government requirements in terms of infrastructure and teacher registration.

Australian schools do more than just educate students. They prepare them for life − developing communication skills, self-discipline and respect for themselves, their peers and their world. Schools offer a broad curriculum in the key learning areas – English, mathematics, studies of society and the environment, science, arts, Languages Other Than English (LOTE), technology, health and physical education. They also believe strongly in the benefits of a rounded education – including the teamwork, self-expression and personal development that happens outside the classroom.

In Australia, students will enjoy a diverse learning environment that is as personally enriching as it is educational, and develop the skills and qualities needed in a changing world.

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