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Australia: Sector Calls for International Student Vaccination Passports

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Blog Summary Australian Education Minister Alan Tudge aims to reintroduce international students by implementing a digital vaccine certification system. As border closures have severely affected educational institutions relying on international students, the need to reopen is critical to avoid prolonged losses for universities and the nation's prosperity. To address these challenges, all states and territories are working on a national plan to bring back international students safely, ensuring a balance between revival and well-being.

The Australian Education Minister, Alan Tudge plans on creating a digital vaccine certification system to pave the way for the return of international students to the country.

Australian institutions that rely on international students have been the hardest- hit by the border closures. And, any further delay to reopening Australia’s borders past 2021 will have consequences that will stretch well into the future, with losses for universities and other providers – as well as national prosperity – over multiple years.

Hence, all states and territories have been asked to propose a national plan for international student arrivals without jeopardizing their safety.