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Hospitality Management Courses in Australia for International Students

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Blog Summary Dream of a dynamic career in hospitality? Australia's renowned for its top-tier hospitality management courses. With globally-recognized universities offering practical skills, from event management to customer service, students graduate ready to excel globally. This guide covers course highlights, leading universities, fees, scholarships, and potential job prospects. Dive in to discover Australia’s premier hospitality education offerings and set the stage for a bright future!

The Hospitality Management Course is designed to give students the skills and knowledge they need to work in the hospitality industry. This course is perfect for those who want to pursue a career in this exciting and diverse field. During their studies, students will learn how to create strategies for businesses in the tourism industry.

Hospitality students are responsible for providing their customers with quality food, lodging and enjoyable activities. If you have a passion for travel, working with people and ensuring that others have a good time, then you should consider studying Hospitality Management. Read on to learn more about the different courses you can take up in Australia.  

Why Study Hospitality Management Courses in Australia?

  • Graduates with degrees in business are highly sought-after by employers in Australia. This gives students an edge in the job market and a wide range of career options.
  • A globally recognized Australian education provides students with the opportunity to travel the world and pursue successful careers.
  • Hospitality Management degrees in Australia provide students with academic support and opportunities to gain real-world experience in the work industry.
  • Students who study hospitality management in Australia are exposed to some of the world's most successful brands. They learn what it takes for a brand to succeed in the hospitality industry and how to create a top-notch customer experience. 

Hospitality Management Courses in Australia for International Students: Course Highlights

Are you looking for a degree that will give you the skills to work in a variety of hospitality organizations around the world? Then, Hospitality Management courses in Australia are a perfect choice! You'll learn about different aspects of hospitality, including event management, customer service, and more. And because the sector is so competitive, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore different career paths after graduation.

There is a range of different degree types that you can study for in Hospitality Management, such as bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees, diplomas and associate's degrees. You will also learn important subjects like accounting, economics, marketing, administration and HRM.

Types of Hospitality Management Courses in Australia for International Students

The hospitality and tourism industry has continued to grow over the years, providing numerous opportunities for those looking for an exciting and fast-paced career. High-quality training is in great demand, and Australia's universities are well-positioned to provide this. Their course enrollment has surged by more than 30%.

Australia is a renowned tourist destination for its stunning scenery and diverse culture. The Australian hospitality industry, which is the epitome of luxury and refinement, provides students with the opportunity to learn from the world's best and understand what sets the finest hospitality companies apart.

There are many different types of hospitality management courses offered by different universities in different streams. We have gathered some of them:



Tuition fee

Southern Cross University

Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management

AUD 93,000

Torrens University

Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management

AUD 82,800

The Hotel School

Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management

AUD 31,000

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

Diploma of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)

AUD 78,168

International College of Hotel management

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

AUD 84,544

University of Queensland

Bachelors of International Hotel and Tourism Management

AUD 67,000

Griffith University

Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

AUD 55,000

Charles Darwin University

Diploma of Hospitality Management

AUD 24,000 

Edith Cowan College

Diploma of Hotel Management 

AUD 13,500 

Le Cordon Bleu Australia

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management - Patisserie [Brisbane]

AUD 16,400

William Angliss Institute of TAFE

Diploma of Hospitality Management [Melbourne]

AUD 21,900


Diploma of Hospitality Management

AUD 24,600

You can also find out more about Hospitality Management courses for international students here.


Top Universities to Study Hospitality Management Courses for International Students in Australia

Here are some best universities for studying hospitality management in Australia:


The following is a list of some of Australia's best hospitality colleges and their QS rankings for 2022.

QS Ranking

Name of University


Tuition fee


Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

Diploma of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)

AUD 78,168


University of Queensland

Bachelors of International Hotel and Tourism Management

AUD 67,000

51 – 100

James Cook University

Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events


51 – 150

Edith Cowan University

Bachelor of Hospitality And Tourism Management

89,100 AUD

51 – 100

University of South Australia

Applied Hospitality Management LCB



Murdoch University

Hospitality and Tourism Management



Griffith University

Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

AUD 55,000


Bond University

Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management



Hospitality Management Courses in Australia: Eligibility

The following are the prerequisites for enrolling in hotel management courses:

  • To study at most colleges, you must score at least a six on the IELTS. Some may require a minimum score of 6.5. Some may require a minimum score of 6.5. There are also sectional cutoffs of 5.5 for the test's reading, listening, speaking, and writing parts.
  • Academic performance is taken into account.
  • Most schools do not have a minimum requirement, although, for Master's courses, some institutes need a GPA of 4 out of 7.

Application Requirement for Hospitality Management in Australia

  • In general, students must have completed 12 years of schooling or equivalent (e.g. passed an intermediate level in any stream)
  • A Master's degree candidate must have completed 16 years of education from a reputable university and have experience in the field of interest.

Hospitality Management Courses in Australia: Admission Process

Hotel management programmes in Australia typically have three annual intakes in February, June and November. Application is only possible online through the official website of the universities offering the programmes.

Hospitality Management Courses in Australia: Required Documents

When applying for a hotel management degree in Australia, you will require the following documents:

  • Secondary school and undergraduate degree results and mark sheets, if relevant.
  • Other languages' transcripts and papers should be translated into English.
  • As confirmation of English language competency, an IELTS score or equivalent is required.
  • Purpose Statement
  • 2-3 recommendation letters
  • Passport
  • Fees for applications
  • Account statement
  • Scholarship documentation, if applicable.

Cost of Studying Hospitality Management Courses in Australia

Students interested in studying abroad must cover the following costs:

  • Pre-arrival expenses(Application fee, GMAT, Insurance, IELTS, Visa fee, Airfare)
  • Tuition costs
  • The cost of living

Australia is the perfect choice if you're looking for an exciting and diverse place to live. With its urban centers and cosmopolitan atmosphere, the Land Down Under offers residents a high standard of living. In addition to its natural beauty, with beaches, deserts, and the Outback, Australia also has world-renowned landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Whether you're looking for adventure or a laid-back lifestyle, Australia has something for everyone.

Type of Expense

Cost (in AUD)


Homestay: $5,400 - $14,400; Students Hall: 440-1100; Rent of apartment- 750-1700


$6,000 - $12,000

Transportation cost

$360 - $840


$840 - $1,440



Books and study materials 

$6,000 - $12,000


Here is the table for the tuition fees for the hospitality management courses in Australia based on the degree level.

Degree Level

Cost (in AUD)


(1 year program)

AUD 29,000


(2-3 year program)  

AUD 78,168


(2 Year program)  

AUD 67,000

Associate Degree

(2 Year)

AUD 29,000 – 34,000


(1 Year)


Cost of Living in Australia

The cost of living in Australia is relatively high, with each household spending an average of $2,200 per week. The biggest expenses are usually for food and dining out, which can cost up to $400 per week. Other significant expenses include home loans or rent (around $600 per week), and insurance and other financial services (about $200 per week).

Scholarships for Hospitality Management Courses in Australia

Many scholarships are available for overseas students who want to study for a Master of Hospitality Management in Australia. Different scholarships have different requirements and funding levels, but all of them provide an opportunity to get a quality education in Australia. 

The government offers some scholarships to encourage people to come and study in the country, while universities themselves provide other scholarships. Some scholarships only cover a small amount of the monthly expenses, while others can provide full tuition remission.






University of Technology Sydney

Postgraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship

25 to 35 % of total tuition fees

Must meet all admission criteria for the selected Master

Must be commencing studies at UTS full-time and on campus

James Cook University

JCU International Merit Stipend

25% tuition waiver and A$ 700 monthly throughout the study

Must hold a visa that permits study prior to commencing

Must hold an offer for a full-time, internal program

Edith Cowan University

International Masters Scholarship

Up to 20% reduction in tuition fee

Required Language: English

Eligible Countries: All World Countries

International College of Hotel Management

ICHM Scholarships 2022

10-15 % reduction in full tuition fee

Open to domestic Australian and onshore international students.

Applicants must enroll in a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Degree at the university.

Applicants must demonstrate English Language Requirement.

Torrens University Australia

Three Pillars Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Hospitality Scholarship

Maximum of 30% of the tuition fee

Eligible Countries: All nationalities

Acceptable Course or Subjects: Undergraduate and postgraduate degree will be awarded in any subject offered by the university.

Admissible Criteria: To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following criteria:

Undergraduate and postgraduate international students must maintain a full-time study load, 1 EFTSL over a 12-month study period, to maintain their scholarship. Scholarship applicable on tuition fee only and on first attempt subjects.

William Blue College of Hospitality Motivational Scholarship

Maximum of 30% of the tuition fee

Candidates must have high school certificates with a good academic record.

To maintain their scholarship, undergraduate and postgraduate international students must maintain a full-time study load, 1 EFTSL over a 12-month study period.


Jobs & Salary After Hospitality Management Courses in Australia

The program prepares students to manage businesses in the hospitality industry. It allows you to specialize in accommodation services, culinary arts, food and beverage, or gaming. You'll learn practical experience, outstanding managerial skills, and real-world gain experience.

The hospitality industry is a vital part of Australia's economy, and there is a great demand for skilled hospitality managers. Graduates in this field can find employment in various sectors, including event management, hotel management, and restaurant management. Common roles fulfilled by graduates include managerial positions.

There are many sectors you can apply to after completing of hospitality management degree:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants and Commercial food service
  • Food and Beverages industry
  • Meeting and Event Management
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Entertainment and Sports Management
  • Airlines, Cruises and other transportation
  • Spa and Wellness Management
  • Casino Management
  • Catering and Event Entrepreneur
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospitality Marketing and Media
  • Hospitality Real Estate
  • Public Relations
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain
  • Finance and Revenue
  • Communication and Advertising



Range of Salary in AUD per year

Restaurant Manager

A$ 58,000 – A$ 69,000

Hotel Manager

A$ 55,000 – A$ 62,000

Airlines Customer Support Officer

A$ 55,000 – A$ 69,000

Customer Service Assistant

A$ 43,000 – A$ 62,000

Gaming Hosts

A$ 52,000 – A$ 63,000

Head Chef

A$ 55,000 – A$ 60,00



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