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Best Courses in Australia for Filipino Students

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Blog Summary Australia offers diverse post-secondary education options, from traditional degrees like Engineering and Business to unique choices such as Eastern medicine and Performing Arts. As an international student, you can select courses projected to be in demand. Consider Business Management for leadership skills, Computer Science Engineering for tech innovation, Teaching for rewarding education roles, Cybersecurity for data protection, Nursing for high salary and PR prospects, Psychology for varied career paths, Social Work for humanitarian focus, Architecture for design, and Accounting for financial expertise. Weekly pay varies, making Australia a promising destination for career-focused Filipino students.

If you have been in Australia for quite some time now, you must know that the post-secondary education choices that Australia has to offer are dynamic and future-proof. Are you interested in studying one of the best courses in Australia? As an international student, you have the option to choose a classic graduation degree in Engineering, Medicine, and Business Management, but you also have some rare and interesting course choices like Eastern medicine, Theology, and Performing Arts. Depending on your interest and passion, you can choose a course, have an amazing learning experience, and a steady career in Australia.

As an international student, if you are thinking about what courses in Australia are going to be in high demand in the near future, the following list should give you a fair idea. The below jobs are projected to experience a rise in demand in the near future as per the prediction done by the government of Australia. However, it is wise to do proper research on the nature of jobs in the given industry, average pay, career growth opportunities, and above all these parameters, you need to be sure and have clarity in regards to your interest in the subject before making a career choice. To help you choose a course of your choice, here we have listed some of the best courses in Australia for Filipino Students.

Best Courses in Australia for Filipino Students

  • Business Management
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Teaching
  • Cybersecurity
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Architecture
  • Accounting

1) Business Management in Australia

The need for business graduates with strong leadership skills for business and demonstrable industry experience is evergreen. Business schools in Australia train students in this perennial need by designing their curriculum as a perfect blend of theories and practical lessons. Classroom lectures, group and individual projects on real-world business problems, case analysis, internships with top companies are all part of the business education in Australia. Students also have an array of specialisations to opt for and specialise in. Business graduates from Australia chair several global companies in senior roles. Even in Australia, management roles are one of the high-paying jobs. It is also one of the jobs that are expected to face strong growth in the future.

Weekly pay - AU $2700

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2) Computer Science Engineering in Australia

Computer Science never goes out of fashion. Year, after year, computer science graduates with analytical and resourceful skills are consistently in high demand and paid handsomely. Computer Science degrees also open up entrepreneurial opportunities for you, if you are curious about solving real-world problems with the help of technology. Therefore, you can also make a career that is free from 9 to 5. Master's degree is 2 years and the world's most advanced specializations in Computer Science are available in Australia. Along with the high salary, the degree will also let you work across the world with top technology companies. The tuition fee is between $30000 to $35000 a year but international students can apply for scholarships and cut down the cost substantially.

Weekly pay - AU $2000

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3) Teaching in Australia

Qualifications required to become a teacher differ between the states of Australia. Generally, you can study for an undergraduate degree in Education and become a primary school teacher. If you have an undergraduate degree in a discipline like Science, you can complete a Master's in Education designed for a particular age group of children (early childhood, primary or secondary) and become a teacher in the same discipline, for the same age group. Some states may require you to have some work experience. For international students, the English language standards are very high to qualify to become a teacher. In the academic version of IELTS, you need to score an 8 or above in speaking and listening and, at least 7 in reading and writing. Salary for senior teachers goes up to $100000 a year while most teachers draw $50000 a year at the start of their career. Check with expert career counselors and find out the requirements for the state you prefer to work in.

Weekly pay - AU $1950

4) Cybersecurity in Australia

Cybersecurity is one of the most happening courses worldwide. In recent times companies are spending a larger sum to strengthen their cybersecurity without a second thought since data security today is uncompromisable. So, anyone with expertise in cybersecurity can enjoy a high-income career. Australia offers advanced undergraduate and postgraduate programs in cybersecurity courses with network security, digital forensics, ethical hacking, information security, policy governance, etc as specializations. During the course, students get to work with top global cybersecurity firms as a part of their program and gain on-the-job experience. Another unique advantage of having a cybersecurity degree along with high expertise in the field is that you can work as a consultant or start a firm on your own. If you are someone who loves technology and desires to be a tech entrepreneur, cybersecurity could be the best-suited course for you.

Weekly pay - AU $1932

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5) Nursing in Australia

In Australia, nursing is one of the most sought out courses among international students. High salary, high demand, and a fairly easy path to get PR are some of the reasons for its popularity. Nurses are among the top 20% of high salary earners in Australia. A registered nurse earns $55000 to $72000 a year on average. You can do a diploma, bachelors, or a Masters in nursing from a good institution and join the workforce right after. If you have a nursing degree from your home country, you can join Australia's IRON program, learn new skills, local regulations, work ethics, etc needed to work as a nurse in Australia. Clinical nurse, medical researcher, orthopedic nurse, pediatric nurse, neonatal nurse, mental health nurse, emergency nurse, certified midwife, anesthesia nurse are some of the top career choices of nursing graduates in Australia.

Weekly pay - AU $1909

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6) Psychology in Australia

Psychology is an inspiring field of study for those with inquisitive and empathetic minds. You work to solve the problems of the world by understanding their origin - human minds. By saying so, psychology doesn't limit your career options to classic, clinical options like clinical psychology or mental health counseling. Today, psychologists play a crucial role in diverse fields like sports, advertising, art therapy, aviation, etc. The options are as large and varied as they could be. If you are thinking of migration to Australia, psychology also features in the MLTSSL list and it is one of the fields with a low unemployment rate in the country.

Weekly pay - AU $1857

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7) Social Work in Australia

Social Work is the perfect choice for students who want to find a balance between a well-paying career and social service. If you are naturally a kind and supportive person who aspires to solve the humanitarian crisis in today's world, MSW (Master of Social Work) is a postgraduate degree that opens up a world of career opportunities. With an MSW degree, you can find opportunities in areas like child support, mental health, human rights, refugee welfare, substance abuse and rehabilitation, human rights, women empowerment, etc. Social workers enjoy high levels of job satisfaction and the demand for them is expected to grow a staggering 22.5% by 2022. Social work is also featured in the MLTSSL list which means that chances of obtaining PR are better as a social worker.

Weekly pay - AU $1829


8) Architecture Course in Australia

A career in architecture is incredibly rewarding since it allows students to design and alter the interior and exterior environments. Their architecture degrees are internationally competitive, focusing on the interaction between architecture, communication, technology, culture, and the environment, and are taught by well-respected academics, many of whom are also practising architects from small boutique practises to large international firms.

Weekly pay - AU $1904

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9) Accounting in Australia

The Bachelor of Accounting degree is designed to provide students gain skills and knowledge in reporting, analyzing, and managing financial resources in business and government. In addition to meeting the education requirements for membership in the Australian accounting professional organisations, the degree permits individuals to study in associated disciplines of interest such as finance, business information systems, management, marketing, international business, and corporate sustainability.

  • Professional and scholarly accounting research that provides light on the issues that lie beneath accounting statistics will drive students to critically analyze new accounting concerns.
  • This will aid them in their academic as well as professional endeavors. If students have these academic and professional attributes, they will have greater career opportunities in accounting and will be able to continue further accounting studies.
Students in Australia can apply their theoretical and technical accounting knowledge in a commercial setting. Under supervision, exercise judgement to provide alternate solutions to simple accounting problems, taking into account social, ethical, economic, regulatory, sustainability, governance, and/or global perspectives as needed.

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What are the best courses in Australia for Filipino students?
Popular courses for Filipino students in Australia include nursing, engineering, IT, hospitality, and business.