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Best Aviation Courses in Australia for International Students

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Blog Summary Aviation courses in Australia are designed to meet every passion and aspiration, whether you want to be a competent pilot, an intelligent air traffic controller, or a skillful aircraft engineer. You get to learn form seasoned industry professionals and get to completely immerse yourself in aircraft technology. To know more about the best aviation courses in Australia and top aviation schools in Australia, keep reading.

The fascination with flying things will never get old. But, have you ever wondered how much it takes to run an aviation industry? Aviation management is one of the much-required skills in the aviation industry and there are a lot of teams involved to manage different operations to make it seamless. Aviation is a multi-million dollar industry that has more than one field of knowledge & subject area. Because an aircraft involves multiple controlling systems and components and each requires a unique technician to function effectively.

Aviation studies vary from Aircraft piloting to sketching model airplanes, designing aircraft, wing designing, Aircraft maintenance engineering, Weather forecasting, Air traffic control, and numerous others.

Aviation Management Courses in Australia

Aviation management course is for those who wish to enter the Managerial and administrative positions in Australia. Aviation management courses beautifully inculcate a deeper understanding of aviation industry operations, the ecosystem, Leadership skills, safety, regulations, and most importantly management skills. Aviation management degrees in Australia are having both bachelor's and master's degree programs. The duration of the program could be between 3 - 4 years full time depending on the subject level.

Why Study Aviation in Australia?

Aviation is an interesting subject and there is a lot to take into consideration while selecting a specific course. Because each specialization in aviation has a different and detailed module about the specific subject which will engage students in deep study. There are a lot of new-age jobs also arising in the aviation industry and one requires to master subjects like physics, metallurgy, mathematics, and architecture.

Especially Aviation Courses in Australia are excellent curriculum designed using life skills, hands-on lab practices, knowledge, and values which ensures every student after their graduation to be more employable than anyone. Aviation degrees in Australia are taught with strong expertise which offers a deeper understanding of aviation safety, quality, and atmospheric standards. Aviation courses in Australia promise a student-friendly curriculum, quality education, affordable fee structure for the local and international student population.

Skill Set for Aviation Courses for International Students

Despite the theoretical skills - the aviation industry requires certain qualifications to be eligible for the fulfilling job role. Aviation industry jobs that come under the white-collar professions also expect certain qualities from a candidate to be eligible for the competitive role. 

These are some of the best skill sets an aviation course learning outcome brings out in international students and they are as follows:

1. Communication Excellence

The aviation field involves an 'n' number of people from diverse backgrounds and one needs to have excellent communication skills to convey their concepts very clearly to avoid miscommunications that lead to bigger losses. Communication skills also involve strong listening capabilities to be a better team player.

2. Teamwork & Leadership

Teamwork contributes major change to the entire system of any organization. A better team player needs to have patience and listen to other team members and work as a team that really pays off the efforts. One needs to have good team communication skills in order to be a better team leader.

3. People Management Skills

Aviation is a Business to customer business, whereas practicing better customer service is mandatory for any student to have better people skills. Since it is a customer service-based industry it is the first priority of an aviation graduate to develop people management skills and people relationship skills.

4. Problem-solving & Critical thinking

Whether you are a pilot or an aircraft maintenance engineer you need to know the possible problem areas of any upcoming problems so that they provide better service.

5. Time Management

Time management is a much-required skill in the aviation industry that can avoid organizations from creating unnecessary time hustle and huge losses. This also ensures the organization that you are representing will get better reliability among the public.

6. Positive Thinking

A positive mindset is one of the best qualities to have in the aviation industry - which helps you welcome more opportunities. This positive attitude also helps the internal team and your surroundings to get a positive impact which creates more productivity.

Types of Aviation Courses in Australia

Aviation is like an ocean, where you can explore different subject matters and address unique problems using those learnings. Aviation courses require strong science and mathematical skills which are basically expected from your school physics, business, and mathematical learning outcomes. Each module is designed in such a way that it directly supports your career and helps you practice the operations even before you really go for an actual job. 

Aviation has the following type of courses from major domains which addresses various aspects of operational areas:

  • Aviation Management
  • Avionics Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Administration
  • Astrophysics
  • Flight Operations Management
  • Meteorology

These courses demand higher knowledge, competency, and dedication to bring the best out of your future profession. Meanwhile, there are numerous free aviation online courses conducted at various big ed platforms like Udemy, Classcentral, Iata, Coursesity, etc.,

Eligibility Criteria for Aviation Courses

Just like every other university course aviation also mandates certain requirements to qualify for admissions. The primary requirement to be eligible for the institution is by having good scores in physics, mathematics, and English language. 

  • Talking about the language test, you need to clear a common entry English test like TOEFL and IELTS. 
  • Students who have already completed a short-term Certificate course in aviation management or your related stream from a reputed institution will have more chances of getting an admission. 
  • Each university has different entry requirements - to prove that each course and module demands unique skill sets from students. 

To give you some comprehensive information take a look at the below table:

Course Stage

Eligibility Requirements


Good Score in Physics, Mathematics, having O-Level.

IELTS Score more than 5.5 or more than equivalent

Must be 18 years old

Bachelor’s Degree

Must be pass in all STPM/ Major scores expected in Science, Mathematics and English language

IELTS Academic Scores more than 5.5

Master’s Degree

Must be an Undergraduate in any discipline from an Australian university or any international university having a minimum GPA of 2.0


Should be having a minimum of 10 years of work experience in the aviation industry.

Diploma in Aviation Management in Australia

Diploma in aviation management is a 52-week course from an Australian institution that offers sufficient skill sets and learning outcomes which is specialized in the Management of aviation. This improves the capability of an individual taking responsibility for their business to perform strategic decisions on their own. For an operational flight crew, you need to qualify.

  • General and aviation English language proficiency test as directed by the aviation regulatory authorities.
  • Students should complete an Australian year 12 or equivalent from a recognized institution with good mathematics and physics scores.
  • IELTS score of minimum 5.5 or equivalent as per the university requirements.

Bachelor of Aviation Management in Australia

Bachelors in Aviation management deals with learnings & their outcomes to match with the job responsibilities in the aviation industry. Aviation courses in Australian universities are taught with more hands-on practices which will involve mini-research projects in the final study year. Bachelor's course in aviation provides a better opportunity to contribute to a specific field in aviation and creates a gateway to enter into the aviation industry. 

Bachelors of aviation management in Australia has career opportunities in other service areas like airline management, Aircraft maintenance, and overhauling companies, Air traffic control. The Australian government also has a wide range of opportunities in the Defence force, Civil aviation, government sectors, Railways, and surveillance. Bachelor's course duration is 3 years and taught with core and major subjects.

Masters in Aviation Management Australia

With the ever-growing and dynamic aviation industry - the aviation management postgraduate module offers learning outcomes and comprehensive management skills to create skillful managers for the highly competitive job role. The course defines not only Management, operations in aviation but also helps you streamline your vision towards entrepreneurship and subject areas like management. 

No matter which industry you will start working in, a master's in aviation management will help you make a huge impact in your career. Already numerous individuals are making consistent changes over the years in the field of aviation consultancies, airlines, and civil aviation.

Best Aviation Universities in Australia

Here you'll find the major Universities list that provides quality education in aviation that has been recognized by QS World Global Ranking. These universities are listed among the World ranking for their reputation, Graduation employability, facilities, Academics.



Course Name



The University of Sydney

B.Eng. Aeronautical Engineering

4 Years


University of New South Wales, Sydney

M.Sc. Aviation

2 Years


Griffith University, Brisbane

Master Aviation

1.5 Years


University of South Australia, Adelaide

Bachelor Aviation - Management

3 Years


RMIT University, Melbourne

M.Sc. Aviation

2 Years

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