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Awards are made for both taught programmes of study and research. All Studentship applications must be made through the University. Normally only those students who have been resident in the UK, for purposes other than education, for the preceding three years are eligible for a full award. For some awards candidates who are nationals of a member state of the EU and are resident in the UK may also be eligible for fees only awards. The Medical Research Council (MRC) is a publicly-funded organisation dedicated to improving human health. They support research across the entire spectrum of medical sciences, in universities and hospitals, in their own units and institutes in the UK, and in their units in Africa.

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Discover the essence of academic excellence and cultural vibrancy at the University of Aberdeen, UK. Located in the picturesque city of Aberdeen, Scotland, the educational institution symbolises erudition, motivating scholars from all corners of the globe to commence a life-changing academic expedition.

At the University of Aberdeen, academic pursuits transcend borders, fostering a global community of scholars who bring diverse perspectives and unique experiences. Like a tapestry woven from threads of different colours, the multicultural campus of the University of Aberdeen weaves together the aspirations, dreams, and talents of over 130 nationalities, creating a vibrant tapestry of learning.

Stepping onto the University of Aberdeen campus, you are greeted by the harmonious blend of architectural splendour and natural beauty. The campus serves as a vibrant stage where academic pursuits and personal growth unfold against picturesque landscapes and historic buildings. It is a place where intellectual curiosity is nurtured, and knowledge flows freely like the tranquil river that meanders through the city.

Like a compass guiding you through the vast ocean of knowledge, the academic offerings at the University of Aberdeen encompass a wide range of disciplines. Whether your passion lies in unravelling the mysteries of science and technology, examining the intricacies of law and politics, exploring the depths of business and finance, or immersing yourself in the richness of humanities and social sciences, the University of Aberdeen provides the compass to navigate your educational journey.

The dedicated faculty at the University of Aberdeen and esteemed experts in their respective fields serve as the guiding stars, illuminating your path to academic excellence. They inspire and challenge you to reach beyond your perceived limits, nurturing your intellectual growth and igniting the curiosity that propels you towards new horizons.

Just as an artist wields a brush to create a masterpiece, the state-of-the-art facilities at the University of Aberdeen act as the canvas upon which your educational experience takes shape. The Sir Duncan Rice Library, an architectural marvel, welcomes you into its embrace, offering a sanctuary where the whispers of knowledge reside. This is where you can explore a realm of books, investigation, and discovery, fully engaging yourself in an endless ocean of knowledge.

But the University of Aberdeen is more than just a collection of buildings and books. It is a vibrant tapestry of human connections, where lasting friendships are forged, and lifelong memories are made. Like a symphony, the campus resonates with the harmonious melodies of diverse cultures, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.

As you explore the campus of the University of Aberdeen, you will encounter a plethora of clubs and societies, each a unique thread that weaves together the fabric of student life. These organisations provide a platform to pursue your passions, discover new interests, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm. Take comfort in the strokes of art, the beat of the music, the potency of community service, or the essence of business. You will discover your niche in the lively fabric of student existence at the University of Aberdeen.

Join the University of Aberdeen, UK, where academic excellence, cultural diversity, and personal growth converge to shape tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and changemakers. Uncover your potential, embrace the perplexities of knowledge, and let the University of Aberdeen be your guiding star on this extraordinary journey of education and self-discovery.

Campus Location

Discover the vibrant and picturesque campus of the University of Aberdeen, located in the beautiful city of Aberdeen, Scotland. The University of Aberdeen is situated strategically in the city's heart, providing international students with convenient access to various amenities and cultural attractions.

Experience a truly multicultural environment at the University of Aberdeen, where over 130 nationalities are represented on campus. The University of Aberdeen celebrates diversity and nurtures a feeling of membership for everyone, establishing a one-of-a-kind and comprehensive environment that enables global scholars to form lasting bonds with people from different parts of the world.

Study Areas

Select from a broad spectrum of academic disciplines at the University of Aberdeen, tailored to a wide range of scholarly pursuits. If you aspire to explore the complexities of business and finance, solve the mysteries of scientific and technological domains, scrutinise the complexities of law and governance, or interact with the nuances of humanities and social sciences, the esteemed lecturers and exceptional facilities at the University of Aberdeen are dedicated to cultivating your intellectual growth.

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge Science Teaching Hub, a state-of-the-art facility designed to enhance your scientific education. Equipped with modern laboratories and interactive learning spaces, this hub fosters hands-on experimentation and collaboration among students and faculty alike. The diverse range of study programs and interdisciplinary projects available to students exemplifies the University of Aberdeen's commitment to research and innovation.

For those seeking an enriching learning environment, the Sir Duncan Rice Library stands as an architectural marvel and a treasure trove of knowledge. With its vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources, this iconic library provides an inspiring space for study and research. Whether you prefer silent solitude or collaborative group work, the library caters to your individual needs, ensuring a conducive atmosphere for academic success.

Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Aberdeen takes great pride in its commitment to fostering diversity and promoting inclusivity. International students at the University of Aberdeen are welcomed and valued within this multicultural community. Engage with individuals from various cultural backgrounds, embrace different perspectives, and broaden your horizons through meaningful interactions.

Various cultural events, festivals, and awareness programs are organised by the University of Aberdeen to celebrate the rich tapestry of traditions and customs. From Chinese New Year celebrations to Diwali festivities, these events provide a platform for cultural exchange and mutual understanding. Moreover, student-run groups at the University of Aberdeen proactively endorse diversity and incorporation, supporting parity and social justice on campus.

To ensure that every student feels supported and empowered, the University of Aberdeen offers a range of dedicated services. The Student Advice and Support Office provides guidance on matters such as immigration, housing, and finance, ensuring a smooth transition into university life. The Disability and Inclusion team works diligently to create an accessible environment for students with disabilities, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

University life at the University of Aberdeen extends beyond academics. International students have the opportunity to be part of a vibrant and dynamic array of clubs and societies, which provide ample opportunities to pursue their passions and engage with like-minded individuals. With over 120 student-led organisations covering diverse interests, there is something for everyone at the University of Aberdeen.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can join the Aberdeen Business Enterprise Society, where aspiring business leaders come together to exchange ideas, attend workshops, and network with industry professionals. For those with a love for the arts, the Fine Art Society provides a platform to showcase creativity and collaborate with fellow artists. Alternatively, if you are passionate about community service, organisations like the Community Outreach Society offer volunteer opportunities that make a positive impact on society.

Participating in co-curricular pursuits not just enables global scholars to cultivate fresh abilities and hobbies but also fosters enduring recollections and companionships. The clubs and societies at the University of Aberdeen encourage personal growth, leadership development, and a sense of belonging within the student community.

Campus Facilities

As a student at the University of Aberdeen, you will have access to world-class facilities designed to support your academic and personal endeavours. The campus is equipped with modern lecture theatres, well-equipped laboratories, and interactive learning spaces that foster collaboration and innovation.

The Sir Duncan Rice Library, with its striking architecture and serene ambience, serves as a haven for intellectual exploration. Here, you can immerse yourself in extensive collections of books, journals, and online resources, empowering your academic pursuits and broadening your intellectual horizons.

The Aberdeen Sports Village provides advanced amenities for pupils with a keen interest in athletics and their physical welfare. Whether you are an aspiring athlete or simply enjoy staying active, this facility caters to all fitness levels. With its top-notch swimming pool built to Olympic standards, fully furnished fitness centre, and diverse sports arenas, you can participate in a broad spectrum of physical activities and uphold a healthy way of life.

Alumni Network

Upon the successful completion of your education at the University of Aberdeen, you gain entry into a prestigious group of former students who are scattered all over the globe. The University of Aberdeen takes pride in its strong and supportive alumni community, which offers a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The Alumni Relations team ensures that you stay connected with the university and fellow alumni through regular updates, newsletters, and events. These programs offer an avenue for connecting, coaching, and exchanging ideas, empowering you to utilise the insights and proficiency of your colleagues. Regardless of whether you are searching for professional advice, investigating additional learning opportunities, or aiming to contribute to the academic community, the former Students' Association is available to assist you throughout your journey.

Why Study at The University of Aberdeen?

Studying at the University of Aberdeen offers a multitude of benefits for international students:

  • Uncover Scotland's rich heritage while enjoying a truly international atmosphere.
  • Choose from a diverse range of study areas and benefit from world-class facilities.
  • Engage with a welcoming and multicultural student community, fostering lifelong friendships and global connections.
  • Discover your areas of interest and hobbies by joining various clubs and organisations, which will help you grow both personally and professionally.
  • Access award-winning libraries and cutting-edge research facilities, empowering your academic pursuits.
  • Join a global network of accomplished University of Aberdeen alumni, opening doors to exciting career opportunities and lifelong support.


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