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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

The Graduate Diploma in Construction Practice teaches students from varied backgrounds how to manage building projects – from physical execution to financial analysis and funding. The program focuses on the organisation and management of project resources (people, process, products, energy, finance, space) to deliver building projects on time, within cost, and of the defined scope and quality. Upon completion of the Graduate Diploma, students may choose to complete an additional four subjects to gain a Master’s qualification. This program is well suited to professionals who have been working in the industry and require a formal qualification.

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You must have successfully completed an Australian Bachelor degree (or equivalent overseas qualification) or/with full-time or equivalent, work experience in a relevant industry setting. Meeting the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee entry. Your application will still need to be assessed and accepted. If you dont meet the entry requirements, there may be other program.


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What if there was an institution that offered more than just a degree? Bond University, wrapped in the heart of the Gold Coast, is a vibrant hub of academic excellence, enriched by diverse cultures converging from over 90 countries. Picture a community as varied as a technicoloured tapestry bound together by shared aspirations, ambitions, and experiences.

Spread across 50 hectares of architecturally stunning landscape, Bond University's campus is a universe in itself. It's akin to a city where sandstone buildings meet lush green spaces and scenic water bodies, and each nook and cranny pulsates with life and learning. Ever witnessed a blend of architectural grandeur and nature's splendour? Well, Bond University's campus would be the perfect illustration.

Each corner of Bond University resonates with an unwavering commitment to providing world-class education. Envision four academic faculties and various specialised units, each a wellspring of knowledge, where professors are not just educators but mentors guiding the way. Isn't learning from industry leaders and accomplished academics a unique privilege? It certainly is at Bond University.

With a rich tapestry of student clubs, societies, and interest groups, Bond University is akin to a bustling marketplace of ideas and cultures. Picture a beehive buzzing with constant activity. That's Bond University's student life - a space where every individual finds their hive, their tribe, their place of belonging.

The campus facilities at Bond University can be compared to an artist's toolbox, providing the right resources to craft the perfect masterpiece. From state-of-the-art libraries to cutting-edge classroom spaces, these facilities are the canvases where students sketch their dreams. Who said universities couldn't be both a school and a studio?

As a Bond University graduate, you'll be part of a legacy. Imagine a tree with its roots deep in the ground and branches spreading worldwide. That's Bond University's alumni network - an interconnected web that, despite geographical boundaries, shares the common ground of the Bond University experience.

Choosing to study at Bond University is like embarking on an enriching journey across academic landscapes, cultural hubs, and professional networks. It's not just about earning a degree; it's about shaping your worldview, developing character, and fostering connections that last a lifetime. Doesn't that sound like the university experience you're looking for? Welcome to Bond University, where your unique educational journey awaits.

Campus Location

Bond University is nestled within the geographical heart of the Gold Coast in Robina. This expansive campus, spreading over 50 hectares, has several magnificent sandstone faculty buildings, student facilities, cafes, restaurants, shops, landscaped gardens, sporting fields, bushland, and even a saltwater lake. Bond University takes pride in the architectural design of the campus, with the soaring four-story arch designed by international Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning Japanese architect, Arata Isozaki, being a central focus.

A particularly noteworthy feature on campus is the 6.5m stainless steel sculpture, Limitless. Unveiled during Bond University's 30th anniversary in 2019, it has inscribed the names of every graduate from the opening in 1989 up to the 30-year mark – a total of 26,727. This campus is more than just a place to study; it's an environment that instils pride in every Bond University student.

Aside from the primary campus, Bond University also extends its presence with the Bond Institute of Health & Sport, conveniently located adjacent to Robina Hospital, CBUS Super Stadium, and Robina train station. This provides an excellent home base for students involved in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and dietetics, and sports and exercise science programs. For a specialised offering, Bond University has another location in Brisbane, working closely with industry experts to deliver its best-in-class programs.

Study Areas

As home to four academic faculties and several academic units, Bond University strives to deliver a world-class educational experience while sustaining the highest quality of teaching. The Bond Business School, for instance, is a hub of innovation where industry leaders and world-class academics collaborate to impart knowledge in state-of-the-art facilities.

Bond University's Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine has made a name for itself in the medical, health, and sports sciences fields. Its mission is to remain at the forefront of healthcare education and research, supported by innovative, accelerated programs and world-class facilities. Whether the goal is to contribute to cutting-edge health science research or to launch a successful career in medicine, Bond University provides an environment conducive to achieving those goals.

Bond's Faculty of Law and Faculty of Society & Design also offer a comprehensive academic experience. At the Faculty of Law, students are taught by some of the country's best law teachers and scholars using world-class teaching facilities. In contrast, the Faculty of Society & Design explores human behaviour, communication, group dynamics, and the impact of the built environment on society.

Diversity and Inclusion

Bond University firmly believes in the principles of gender equality, equity, diversity, and Indigenous participation in education, employment, and research. Recognising that the diversity of staff and students enriches the community, Bond University has initiatives and policies to eliminate discrimination and reduce barriers to participation and progression in employment and education.

Bond University fosters diversity and inclusion in every aspect of its operation. This is reflected in the diverse student body, which consists of students from over 90 countries. Bond University supports gender equality throughout all the university's functions and provides a study environment that is accessible, inclusive, and diverse, allowing all students to achieve their career aspirations.

The Bond University community's diversity is one of its greatest strengths. Celebrating this diversity and understanding the importance of various voices and ideas makes Bond University an incredible place to study and work. Bond University is proud to provide an inclusive environment where all students feel welcome, respected, and valued for their unique contributions.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Bond University offers numerous opportunities for students to engage with others who share their interests. Whether academic, cultural, or hobby-based, many student clubs, societies, and interest groups are under the Bond University Student Association (BUSA) umbrella to explore. Bond University encourages participation in these groups as it believes it helps students grow and learn outside the classroom and fosters a sense of community on campus.

Bond University's academic clubs, tailored to specific fields of study or career paths, operate under the Faculty and Relevant Faculty Student Association (FSA). This provides a valuable resource for students looking to broaden their academic horizons or make connections with those on similar career trajectories. The team behind BUSA is always eager to facilitate any new clubs that students might wish to establish, helping foster a diverse and inclusive campus community.

Bond University prides itself on the rich cultural diversity represented among its student body. This is echoed in the range of clubs and societies on offer, each reflecting the varied interests and backgrounds of the student community. Bond University believes this diversity of perspectives enriches the university experience and fosters mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect.

Campus Facilities

Bond University provides students with state-of-the-art facilities to support effective learning and innovation. These include libraries, multimedia spaces, and modern classrooms, all designed to facilitate immersive learning experiences. Bond University's commitment to educational excellence is mirrored in the provision of these facilities.

The campus boasts three libraries, including the John & Alison Kearney Main Library. Whether it's a quiet spot for study or needing assistance from the helpful on-site librarians, Bond University's library services cater to every student's needs. Alongside traditional book and journal resources, the libraries provide access to an extensive range of digital resources, offering comprehensive support for students in their academic pursuits.

Bond University provides hands-on learning opportunities through various campus resources for students in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine. This ensures students gain the practical skills and real-world knowledge crucial for their future careers. The state-of-the-art facilities at Bond University indicate the university's commitment to delivering top-tier educational experiences to all students.

Alumni Network

Upon graduation, Bond University students join a thriving alumni community that extends to over 30,000 individuals worldwide. The bond between the university and its graduates remains strong long after completing their studies. Bond University celebrates the achievements of its alumni, who make significant contributions in diverse fields across the globe.

The Alumni Mentor Program, a distinctive feature of the Bond University alumni experience, connects current students with graduates. Through this program, students gain valuable insights and professional guidance that can significantly benefit their transition from study to employment. Bond University firmly believes such relationships are pivotal in developing the next generation of industry leaders.

Bond University's Alumni Centre, housed in Building 1, Level 1, is a hub for graduate interactions. The centre includes an Alumni Lounge, the Bond Merchandise Store, four meeting rooms, and a boardroom. It's an inviting space where alumni can connect socially, conduct meetings, or relax during a campus visit. The strength of the alumni community is a testament to the lifelong bonds formed at Bond University.

Why Study at Bond University?

  • Bond University offers accelerated degree programs, allowing students to complete their studies in a shorter timeframe.
  • The student-to-staff ratio is one of the lowest in Australia, ensuring personalised attention and guidance.
  • Bond University strongly focuses on practical, experience-based learning, providing students with industry-relevant skills.
  • The university's campus has state-of-the-art facilities and resources that enhance the learning experience.
  • The cultural diversity of the student body offers a rich and inclusive environment for students.
  • Bond University's strong ties with industry and the Alumni Mentor Program provide valuable networking opportunities.
  • Bond University fosters a strong sense of community and offers many student clubs and societies.


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Campus offering this course
Main Campus - Bond University - Bond University

14 University Drive, Robina QLD 4226, Australia

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Situated on Gold Coast in Queensland, the Bond University campus features the first-rate infrastructure that houses a number of world-class facilities. The campus is home to hi-tech computer labs, lecture theatres, case-study and seminar rooms, teaching labs, the Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre and a huge amphitheater. The well-stocked John and Alison Kearney Library have computers, group study rooms, and study areas. The campus offers excellent dining and residential facilities with comfortable on-campus accommodation. Also, various dining options, like Pulse Cafe, University Club, Papyrus Cafe, Kinetic Cafe, and Dons, are available on the campus. It also features a sports center that offers group exercise sessions and facilities for several sports and related activities like aerobics, boxing, TRX, yoga, swimming, football, and rugby.

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