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This qualification reflects the role of individuals who have the primary responsibility of engaging the customer, maintaining daily store operations and delivering on organisational expectations. They have sound knowledge of product and service offerings. These individuals possess a range of well-developed skills where discretion and judgement is required. They work with some independence under limited supervision. Some individuals working at this level are responsible for supervising other team members and monitoring day-to-day workplace operations.

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Ultimo Campus

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TAFE NSW Institutes is dedicated to empowering individuals and unlocking their full potential through high-quality education and training. With a strong reputation as a leading vocational institution, TAFE NSW Institutes offer a diverse range of industry-relevant courses and qualifications to equip students with the skills needed for success in the real world.

Imagine stepping into a classroom where experienced and passionate faculty members, who have walked the path students aspire to tread, bring their real-world expertise to the forefront. At TAFE NSW Institutes, the faculty members are industry-qualified professionals who are committed to imparting practical knowledge and guiding students towards achieving their goals. They are the mentors who ignite curiosity, challenge perspectives, and help students develop the skills necessary to thrive in their chosen fields.

Just like a sculptor shaping a masterpiece from a block of stone, TAFE NSW Institutes provide the modern facilities and resources that serve as the foundation for students' educational journey. The campuses are dynamic learning hubs equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, interactive technology and specialised facilities. These spaces are designed to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and provide students with an immersive learning experience.

But TAFE NSW Institutes are more than just places of education. They are communities that embrace diversity, inclusion, and the celebration of individuality. As students embark on their learning journey, they will find a supportive and inclusive environment where their unique talents and perspectives are valued. The student clubs and societies provide opportunities for students to connect with like-minded individuals, pursue their passions, and build lifelong friendships. Moreover, the dedicated support services are here to assist students every step of the way, ensuring they have the resources, guidance, and care needed to thrive academically and personally.

TAFE NSW Institutes believe that education is not confined to the walls of a classroom. That's why they offer opportunities for students to gain real-world experience and forge connections within their chosen industries. Through practical placements, industry partnerships, and work-integrated learning initiatives, students have the chance to apply their skills in authentic settings, build a professional network, and prepare for successful careers.

At TAFE NSW Institutes, the understanding is that students' journeys don't end with graduation. That's why ongoing support is provided to alumni, helping them navigate their career paths, explore further educational opportunities, and stay connected to the TAFE NSW Institutes community. Just like a torch that continues to illuminate the way even after the sun has set, the alumni network is a source of inspiration, guidance, and professional growth.

Join TAFE NSW Institutes and unlock your potential. Let TAFE NSW Institutes be the catalyst that propels individuals towards their dreams, where knowledge meets opportunity and personal growth knows no bounds. Together, TAFE NSW Institutes and students will shape a future where ambitions become a reality and success becomes a legacy.

Campus Location

When it comes to choosing the perfect study destination, TAFE NSW offers an extensive network of campuses across New South Wales. Whether you prefer the vibrant city life or the serene coastal towns, you'll find a TAFE NSW campus that suits your lifestyle. With locations in metropolitan Sydney and various towns throughout the state, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the diverse communities of Australia. Here are some of the key campus locations:

  1. TAFE NSW Sydney: Choose from six convenient locations, including Design Centre Enmore, Petersham, Randwick, St George (Kogarah), Loftus, and Ultimo.
  2. TAFE NSW Western Sydney: Explore the dynamic region with campuses in Blacktown, Mount Druitt, Kingswood, Nirimba, Richmond, and The Hills.
  3. TAFE NSW Northern Sydney: Embrace the beauty of the northern beaches and beyond with campuses in Hornsby, Meadowbank, St Leonards, Northern Beaches, and Ryde.
  4. TAFE NSW Southern Western Sydney: Experience the cultural diversity of the south-west region at campuses in Bankstown, Campbelltown, Granville, Lidcombe, Liverpool, Macquarie Fields, Miller, and Wetherill Park.
  5. TAFE NSW North Coast: Enjoy the coastal lifestyle while pursuing your education at campuses in Coffs Harbour (Glenreagh Street), Coffs Harbour Education Centre (Hogbin Drive), Kingscliff, Port Macquarie, and Wollongbar.
  6. TAFE NSW Hunter and Central Coast: Immerse yourself in the vibrant communities of Glendale, Hamilton, Hunter Street (Newcastle West), Newcastle (Tighes Hill), and Ourimbah.
  7. TAFE NSW New England: Study in the picturesque locations of Armidale and Tamworth and experience the charm of rural New South Wales.
  8. TAFE NSW Western NSW: Explore the vast landscapes of Dubbo and Orange while gaining valuable skills and knowledge.
  9. TAFE NSW Illawarra: Enjoy the coastal beauty of Shellharbour, Wollongong, and Wollongong West, and access excellent educational facilities.
  10. TAFE NSW Riverina: Discover the thriving regional areas of Albury, National Environment Centre (Thurgoona), and Primary Industries Centre (North Wagga Wagga).

Study Areas

TAFE NSW offers a wide range of study areas to cater to diverse career aspirations. Whether you're interested in English Language Courses, vocational qualifications, degrees, or university degree pathways, TAFE NSW has a program that will suit your needs. 

Here are the study areas available:

  1. English Language Courses: Develop your English language skills through flexible study options at various locations across NSW. Enhance your communication abilities and prepare for future academic and professional endeavours.
  2. Certificate to Advanced Diploma Courses: Gain practical skills and industry-recognized qualifications in areas such as business, IT, hospitality, creative arts, construction, healthcare, and many more. TAFE NSW equips you with the knowledge and experience necessary to thrive in your chosen field.
  3. Degrees: Pursue a higher education degree at TAFE NSW and receive a valuable qualification for your future career. Explore degree programs in areas like accounting, engineering, nursing, design, information technology, and early childhood education.
  4. University Degree Pathways: TAFE NSW offers pathway programs that provide guaranteed entry into a number of Australian universities. This streamlined approach allows you to seamlessly progress from vocational qualifications to further study at the university level.

Diversity and Inclusion

At TAFE NSW Institutes, a commitment is made to fostering diversity and creating an inclusive learning environment for all students. The Diversity and Inclusion Policy of TAFE NSW Institutes reflects its values and ensures that everyone feels valued, respected, and safe. 

Here are some key principles that support the culture at TAFE NSW Institutes:

One TAFE Culture: TAFE NSW Institutes cultivates a supportive, collaborative, and customer-focused culture where every employee's contribution is valued.

Culturally Safe Environment: TAFE NSW Institutes provides an environment that is culturally safe, ensuring the spiritual, social, and emotional well-being of all individuals.

Leveraging Full Potential: TAFE NSW Institutes believes in unlocking the full potential of all its people to deliver the skills of the future.

Building Capability: TAFE NSW Institutes invests in building the capabilities of its employees and creating a culture that enables them to contribute and deliver excellence.

Employment and Inclusion Opportunities: TAFE NSW Institutes provides employment and inclusion opportunities specifically for Aboriginal people and aims to have a diverse workforce that reflects the communities it serves.

Accountability and Progress: TAFE NSW Institutes strives to foster a working environment free from prejudice, setting measurable targets and seeking feedback from its employees to track progress.

Continuous Journey: Diversity and Inclusion is an ongoing commitment at TAFE NSW Institutes. TAFE NSW Institutes aspires to be an employer of choice known for its inclusive culture and diverse workforce.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

TAFE NSW Institutes understand that the learning experience extends beyond the classroom. That's why TAFE NSW Institutes offer a vibrant student life with various clubs and societies where students can connect with like-minded individuals and engage in exciting activities. 

Here are some of the support services and facilities available to enhance students' student careers:

Accessibility and Disability Services: TAFE NSW Institutes provide a range of support services to assist students with accessibility and disability needs, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone.

Aboriginal Student Support: TAFE NSW Institutes' support officers are dedicated to assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners with enrollment, course selection, employment opportunities and study support.

Library Services: Students can access well-equipped libraries across TAFE NSW Institutes' campuses, providing welcoming spaces for study, research, group work, and access to a wealth of learning resources.

Personal Counseling: Students can speak with professional counsellors at TAFE NSW Institutes to address any study-related or personal matters. The counselling services are completely free and can also provide referrals to legal, health, or financial services.

Careers Counseling: Students can seek guidance from TAFE NSW Institutes' counsellors regarding the course and career choices, pathways, opportunities, resume writing, job applications, and interview skills.

Learning Support: Students can benefit from valuable learner support at TAFE NSW Institutes through drop-in or flexible learning centres, small group sessions, one-to-one assistance, and online support via Smarthinking.

Financial Help: Students may be eligible for Austudy, a government financial assistance program for students, providing support through Centrelink.

International Student Support: Coordinators at TAFE NSW Institutes are available to offer advice, support, and referral services to help international students achieve their educational goals and have a rewarding experience in Australia.

Multicultural Support: TAFE NSW Institutes cater to the vocational education and training needs of students from diverse communities, providing specialised programs for those whose first language is not English

Campus Facilities

When you choose TAFE NSW, you gain access to modern and specialised facilities that support your learning journey. Its campuses offer a wide range of venues, classrooms, and amenities to cater to various needs. 

Here are some of the facilities you can expect:

  1. Art Studios: Unleash your creativity in well-equipped art studios that provide the perfect environment for artistic expression.
  2. Auditoriums and Theatrettes: Experience a world-class learning environment in state-of-the-art auditoriums and theatrettes, where you can engage in performances, presentations, and events.
  3. Cafés and Restaurants: Refuel and recharge in on-campus cafés and restaurants, offering a variety of delicious options to satisfy your cravings.
  4. Classrooms and Seminar Rooms: Enjoy interactive and dynamic learning in modern classrooms and seminar rooms equipped with the latest technology and resources.
  5. Conference and Function Rooms: Conduct meetings, workshops, and conferences in dedicated conference and function rooms, designed to accommodate various group sizes.
  6. Kitchens: Hone your culinary skills in fully equipped kitchens, providing hands-on training and practical experience in hospitality and culinary arts.
  7. Sporting Facilities: Stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle with access to sporting facilities, including gyms, sports fields, and recreational areas.
  8. Childcare Facilities: For students with children, TAFE NSW provides childcare facilities to ensure a safe and supportive environment for your little ones while you focus on your studies.
  9. Video Conferencing: Connect with peers and instructors remotely through video conferencing facilities, enabling seamless collaboration and communication.

Whether you're organising an event, attending workshops or pursuing your classes, its campuses offer the perfect spaces to support your educational journey.

Alumni Network

Your journey with TAFE NSW doesn't end with graduation. As an esteemed alumnus, you have access to a range of opportunities and services to further enhance your skills and explore new career paths. 

Here's how TAFE NSW supports its alumni:

  1. Continuing Education: If you're looking to upskill or re-skill, TAFE NSW offers a variety of certificates, diplomas, and degrees across various career areas. You can continue your education and expand your knowledge.
  2. Short Courses: Explore the short courses that provide quick and focused learning in specific areas of interest, allowing you to acquire new skills efficiently.
  3. Online Study Options: TAFE NSW offers flexible online study options, providing convenience and accessibility for those with busy schedules or geographical constraints.
  4. Alumni Career Services: Access career services tailored specifically for alumni, including guidance for career changes, resume assistance, job search support, and networking opportunities.
  5. Alumni Updates: Stay informed about the latest developments, events, and achievements at TAFE NSW through regular alumni updates, keeping you connected to the vibrant TAFE NSW community.

TAFE NSW values your lifelong connection and provides ongoing support to help you achieve your career goals and stay engaged with the TAFE NSW community.

Why Study at TAFE NSW Institutes?

  • Quality education with a strong reputation in vocational training.
  • Wide range of industry-relevant courses and qualifications.
  • Experienced and dedicated faculty with real-world expertise.
  • Modern facilities and resources to support your learning.
  • Supportive and inclusive learning environment.
  • Access to student clubs, societies, and support services.
  • Opportunities for practical experience and industry connections.
  • Flexible study options, including online and part-time courses.
  • Strong alumni network for ongoing support and career opportunities.
  • Pathways to further education and career advancement.


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Campuses offering this course
Coffs Harbour Education Campus (CHEC) - TAFE NSW - TAFE NSW

363 Hogbin Drive, Coffs Harbour New South Wales 2450

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Coffs Harbour Education Campus is situated a short distance from the beach, almost halfway between the bustling city of Coffs Harbour and the beachside community of Sawtell. The campus shares a site with the Coffs Harbour Senior College and Southern Cross University to create an innovative and inviting learning environment for students of all disciplines, as well as the Coffs Harbour Innovation Centre, a regional hub fostering innovative, creative and technology-based businesses.

See all courses at this campus
Wollongbar Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

Sneaths Road, Wollongbar 2477

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Wollongbar is located on 140 pristine acres in a rural setting, between Lismore and Ballina in northern New South Wales, in a region known for its rich farmlands, producing a variety of sub-tropical fruit crops.

See all courses at this campus
Granville Campus - TAFE NSW - TAFE NSW

136 William Street, Granville 2142

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Granville is located in the geographical heart of Sydney, and has been training students since 1884. Located a short walk from Granville station, TAFE NSW Granville reflects its culturally diverse community and is committed to educating and empowering students to meet the needs and expectations of the ever-changing community.

See all courses at this campus
Bankstown Campus - TAFE NSW - TAFE NSW

500 Chapel Road, Bankstown 2200

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Bankstown has been providing vocational education and training to Sydney’s south west for over 50 years. Located within walking distance to the Bankstown station and town centre, TAFE NSW Bankstown has built a strong reputation for delivering community service courses and pre-vocational education and training to the areas ethnically and socially diverse population. Bankstown Campus has state-of-the-art facilities including five hairdressing and beauty salons, an onsite childcare centre and child studies facility and simulated business offices for practical training.

See all courses at this campus
Blacktown Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

Main Street, Blacktown 2148

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Blacktown is located in Greater Western Sydney, just a ten minute walk from Blacktown station and the centrally located shopping centre of the Blacktown CBD. Delivering courses and services to more than 7,000 students throughout the culturally diverse surrounding area, TAFE NSW Blacktown is committed to educating and empowering students to meet the needs and expectations of the ever-changing community.

See all courses at this campus
Newcastle Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

266 Maitland Rd, Tighes Hill, New South Wales 2297, Australia

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Newcastle is located in the trendy, inner-city suburb of Tighes Hill, a quick bus ride from Hamilton railway station and a short drive from the Newcastle CBD. Home to some of the most advanced equipment in Australia, TAFE NSW Newcastle is a beacon of opportunity for the people of the Hunter region, where they can come to learn, prosper, and create an exciting future for themselves and their local community.

See all courses at this campus
Ultimo Campus - TAFE NSW - TAFE NSW

Building W, 817/827-837 George St, Haymarket NSW 2000

View on map About Campus

AFE NSW Ultimo is located in one of Sydneys strongest education, cultural and entertainment precincts, right in the very heart of the city. Conveniently surrounded by Central Station, UTS, the ABC, Sydney University, Chinatown and Sydney’s bustling CBD, TAFE NSW Ultimo is the largest TAFE in NSW.

See all courses at this campus
Taree Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

Montgomery Cresent, Taree, New South Wales 2430, Australia

View on map About Campus

Taree is the commercial centre for the Manning Valley, and is surrounded by rich river flats and undulating hills, with agricultural land reaching to the beaches. With state-of-the-art facilities, including full automotive workshops, integrated childcare learning facilities for community playgroups, a CISCO training centre, and a metal and engineering 3D printer available for commercial use and training, TAFE NSW Taree is a well-resourced education and training centre and a strong part of the local community.

See all courses at this campus
Miller Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

Corner Hoxton Park And Banks Road, Miller New South Wales 2168

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Miller is a quiet and relaxed campus located on Hoxton Park Road, just off the M7 in Sydney’s south west. With facilities designed to simulate real-world situations and working environments, TAFE NSW Miller provides students with the opportunity to apply their skills in a practical way. Like the Building and Construction Faculty, which features beautiful timber panelling, stained glass windows and painted ceiling rosettes that have all been skilfully restored by talented TAFE NSW students.

See all courses at this campus
Port Macquarie Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

Widderson St, Port Macquarie, New South Wales 2444, Australia

View on map About Campus

Situated at the mouth of the Hastings River, TAFE NSW Port Macquarie offers students all the advantages of big city training and education, with all the benefits of a relaxed, laid back lifestyle. With great hospitality, tourism, massage therapy, graphic design, fashion design and electrical and electronics courses on offer, TAFE NSW Port Macquarie is an ideal place to study for a qualification.

See all courses at this campus
Kempsey Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

58 Sea St, West Kempsey, New South Wales 2440, Australia

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Kempsey is located right near the banks of the Macleay River, in Kempsey - a town on the New South Wales mid north coast, with a rich history and vibrant community. Situated on a hill bristling with rich plant life and community vibes, TAFE NSW Kempsey takes pride in their friendly staff and students who are often involved with local projects that incorporate a strong focus on sustainability.

See all courses at this campus
Orange Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

109 March Street, Orange New South Wales 2800

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Orange operates out of three sites, with the main March Street campus housing the majority of courses, including Aboriginal health, accounting, automotive, business administration, childrens services, community services, creative arts, hair and beauty, health, horticulture, tourism and hospitality, information technology, management and leadership, music, nursing, plumbing, project management, real estate, travel, welding, and welfare.

See all courses at this campus
Grafton Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

Clarence Street, Grafton New South Wales 2460

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Grafton is an important part of the Clarence Valley community, offering students an ideal place to study and live. Our campus features purpose built trades facilities including a painting and decorating showcase, a large automotive garage, specially fitted electrotechnology rooms, and multiple welding and metal work bays with a strong focus on safety. We also have an advanced music and screen facility, child studies and childcare centre, a restaurant-sized kitchen and on-campus restaurant, multiple IT labs, and a separate hair and beauty salon open to the public.

See all courses at this campus
Dubbo Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

Myall Street, Dubbo New South Wales 2830

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Dubbo specialises in agriculture, heavy and light vehicles, hairdressing and beauty therapy, construction and nursing courses, housed over two centrally located campuses. The Myall St Campus offers access and general education, building and construction, business and management, fine arts, hairdressing and beauty, hospitality, automotive, metal fabrication and welding courses. The campus also houses the Yarradamarra Centre for Aboriginal programs such as performing arts and languages. This campus also offers courses in aged care, children’s services, nursing, welfare and health including Aboriginal health. The Narromine Rd Campus offers courses in agriculture, animal studies, conservation and land management, horticulture, wool classing and heavy and light transport.

See all courses at this campus
Great Lakes Campus- TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

The Northern Parkway, Tuncurry New South Wales 2428

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Great Lakes is a 15 minute walk from the beach, north of the main CBD of Tuncurry, a picturesque town on the New South Wales mid north coast. The modern and innovative campus was established in 2001, as a part of the Great Lakes Joint Education Campus, and it shares the site with a junior and senior college, allowing for specialised training across a wide range of ages and skills.

See all courses at this campus
Tamworth Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

13 Janison Street, Tamworth New South Wales 2340

View on map About Campus

Located in the heart of the North West, TAFE NSW Tamworth offers a regional hub that features wide ranging courses, from certificate through to advanced diplomas. The state-of-the-art learning facilities provide a practical, hands on learning environment for courses as diverse as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural arts, carpentry, civil construction, gas fitting, hairdressing, retail management and web-based technologies.

See all courses at this campus
Kingscliff Campus - TAFE NSW Institutes - TAFE NSW

806 Cudgen Road, Kingscliff New South Wales 2487

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Kingscliff is located a short two minute drive from the golden sands and sparkling surf of the northern most beaches in New South Wales. Situated near local farmlands close to the Queensland border, TAFE NSW Kingscliff features spacious, tree-lined grounds, and is a training and educational hub for the people of the northern Tweed Shire community.

See all courses at this campus
Mount Druitt Campus - TAFE NSW - TAFE NSW

N Parade & Mount Street, Mount Druitt NSW 2770

View on map About Campus

TAFE NSW Mount Druitt is located a few minutes’ walk from the local train station, shopping centre and CBD in Sydney’s western suburbs.

See all courses at this campus

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