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The Bachelor of Food Science and Human Nutrition is offered at the Ourimbah campus. The degree provides a strong background in the principles underlying the sciences of food technology and human nutrition. This includes the basic sciences, the chemistry and biology of nutrients and the attributes of food, including food commodities and functional foods. The Bachelor of Business is one of the most popular and dynamic degrees offered by the Faculty of Business and Law. The program has a practical orientation, with students learning from case studies of real business situations. The food industry and opportunities for nutrition focused students in the commercial sector are significant. With this in mind, a combined Bachelor of Food Science & Nutrition/Bachelor of Business (BFSHN/Bus) degree allows students to undertake and match business skills with their interest in food and nutritional sciences, a synergy that will maximise graduate employability.

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Admission to our undergraduate degree programs usually requires successful completion of a senior secondary school qualification similar to the Higher School Certificate (HSC), the highest educational award in New South Wales schools.


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Globally renowned, the University of Newcastle (UON) is celebrated for its commitment to excellence in education and research. Ranked within the top 200 universities worldwide by the QS World University Rankings, UON offers an extensive collection of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes in numerous subjects.

UON is a university that provides its students with various pathways to achieve their desired career goals. Spanning fields from business and law, education and arts, engineering and built environment, health and medicine, to science, the university offers many courses for students to choose from. Interests can range from business administration to nursing; architecture all the way through to psychology—UON has it all. This university ensures that no matter what one's interests or aspirations may be, there is a relevant program available.

With a focus on delivering graduates who are prepared to make an immediate contribution to industry and society, UON strives for real-world relevance. Through partnerships with business leaders, students benefit from valuable on-site experiences, internships, and networking opportunities. As a result of these connections with industry, graduates become well-equipped with both technical and professional skills needed in today's workforce. This connection between university life and practical application ensures that each student leaves UON fully prepared to handle any challenge they may encounter after graduation.

UON stands out for its outstanding accomplishments in several areas, including health and medicine, science and engineering, energy, and the environment. With a commitment to being at the forefront of knowledge and innovation, this university is devoted to furthering research pursuits. By providing high-tech research tools as well as an energised research atmosphere, UON continues to draw talented researchers from all corners of the globe.

UON believes in creating a positive learning experience for all of its students. To make sure everyone gets the assistance they need to succeed, there are a variety of resources and services available. From counselling and disability support to academic advice and career guidance, there is something at UON to help any student make the most of their educational journey. The university has dedicated staff members ready to provide the necessary guidance and support so that each individual has every opportunity to reach their goals.

At UON, it's not just about academics; there are many extracurricular activities to get involved in that will enrich your student experience. From student clubs and societies to exciting cultural events, the university has something for everyone, whether you're searching for a way to bond with others who share your hobbies or an opportunity to further develop essential interpersonal skills such as teamwork and leadership.

Campus Location

Located in New South Wales, Australia, and with five campuses to choose from, the University of Newcastle offers a diverse educational environment for students. Its main campus, Callaghan Campus, is situated 12 kilometres from Newcastle city centre and spans 140 hectares of land. It harmoniously combines natural beauty with modern facilities to create a perfect setting for learning. Aside from Callaghan Campus, other campus locations include Newcastle City Precinct, Ourimbah, Port Macquarie, and Sydney CBD, where specialised programmes are offered to give students more options to customise their education according to their individual interests and aspirations.

Study Areas

From its renowned commitment to excellence in education, UON (University of Newcastle) offers a plethora of study areas ranging from business and finance to pedagogy and the visual arts. 

Undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees are available for students interested in pursuing business domains such as administration, marketing, and accounting. Education courses provide an invaluable foundation in early childhood education, primary and secondary teaching, as well as curriculum development. Those drawn to the creative arts can explore disciplines such as English history, visual arts, or music, all of which help hone their critical thinking abilities while developing artistic flair.

Diversity and Inclusion

Recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality by Australia's Workplace Gender Equality Agency, UON (University of Newcastle) is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that celebrates people from all walks of life. Equal opportunities are provided, with initiatives in place that encourage cross-cultural understanding among students. Additionally, dedicated support services are offered to international students to ensure a smooth transition into university life and a welcoming experience. UON acknowledges any potential difficulties faced by overseas students and strives to provide them with the necessary resources and assistance.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

At UON, students have a wealth of options when it comes to joining clubs and societies. With more than 100 different academic, cultural, recreational, and special interest groups, there are opportunities to explore new interests and meet like-minded individuals while enhancing their university experience. One such example is the International Students Association, which serves as an invaluable resource for international students to connect with one another in a supportive environment. This association offers a range of activities and events that celebrate diversity, such as excursions and workshops that promote cultural exchange among its members. It provides a platform for international students to not only interact but also find a sense of belonging at the University of Newcastle.

Campus Facilities

At UON, modern and comprehensive campus facilities are available to support students in their academic and personal endeavours. Such resources are designed with one aim: to promote a conducive learning atmosphere for students to thrive. 

A key feature of these facilities is their library provision, which consists of multiple libraries across campuses offering huge collections of books, journals, and online resources. Students thus have access to a large bank of information that can be used for educational purposes.

UON recognises the importance of student health and provides various resources for students on campus. A medical centre staffed with trained professionals offers general consultations, vaccinations, and mental health assistance. Furthermore, the university is also equipped with numerous facilities that let students stay active and fit through physical activities such as team sports, working out, and group fitness classes.

UON provides a multitude of resources to enhance the college experience, ranging from housing options such as on-campus residential colleges and off-campus apartments to recreational facilities such as cafes, food outlets, bookshops, and recreational spaces. These services create an environment that promotes socialisation, collaboration, and relaxation among students.

Alumni Network

Boasting an impressive alumni network, Newcastle University brings together some of its most accomplished graduates. From nationally to internationally renowned individuals, these former students have made significant contributions in their respective fields. To keep them connected and involved, regular reunions are organised by university staff. These networking events provide a platform for alumni members to stay in touch, share stories, and create valuable professional relationships. Not only do these occasions help foster strong ties between past and present students, but they also aid in optimising current student experiences as well as supporting overall university success.

Why study at the University of Newcastle?

Exploring Academic Interests: Students at the University of Newcastle benefit from an extensive selection of study areas, enabling them to explore their academic interests with confidence. Whether it's engineering, business, health sciences, the humanities, or another field altogether, the university offers comprehensive programmes and guidance from experienced faculty in each area. UON enables students to find a programme that meets their individual needs.

Creating a Caring Environment: UON strives to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusivity and support for each individual student. Diversity is greatly valued, with the university making concerted efforts to ensure that all students feel accepted and supported. A wide range of guidance services, mentorships, and campus activities have been organised to promote both academic success and personal growth. UON ensures its scholars are given every chance to flourish.

Real-World Experience: The University of Newcastle provides students with the chance to gain valuable real-world experience through its industry partnerships. Through UON's internships, work placements, and joint projects, students are able to make connections that can open up potential career pathways. This practical approach to learning gives students the necessary skills needed for success in whatever area they choose to pursue.


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    19 22


Campus offering this course
Central Coast (Ourimbah Campus) - The University of Newcastle - The University of Newcastle

10 Chittaway Road Ourimbah NSW 2258, Australia

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The Ourimbah Campus is a multi-sector campus which offers University, TAFE and Community College programs and courses. The Ourimbah campus is a partnership of The University of Newcastle and Hunter Institute of TAFE. Affiliates are the Central Coast Community College and the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music.

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