Psychology courses after 12th for Indian Students

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Blog Summary Explore psychology courses after 12th for Indian students, delving into options, career paths, and more. Uncover diverse branches like clinical, counseling, biopsychology, and their roles. Understand the distinction between psychologists and psychiatrists. Discover top-notch undergraduate psychology courses after 12th: BA in Psychology offering holistic insights, Applied Psychology BSc (Hons) for real-world applications, BA Clinical Psychology aiding mental health, and Bachelor of Forensic Psychology for crime-related insights. Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies blends management with social studies. Each program opens doors to roles like psychologists, counselors, managers, and more. Check global salary ranges for these rewarding careers.

If Psychology is something that tickles your interest and you are evaluating your chances of getting into a psychology program, this is the article for you. This article will find different options for psychology courses after the 12th (undergraduate and postgraduate programs), how to become a psychologist in India, eligibility, course duration, job opportunities, global salary range, etc.


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What is Psychology?

American Psychological Association (a scientific and professional association that stands for all psychologists in the United States) defines psychology as “the study of mind and behavior”. However, psychology has its roots in another discipline –” Philosophy”.  Psychology emerged from philosophy, especially from its sub-sections such as epistemology (which talks about the nature, origin, and limitation of knowledge). Later, it was given dedicated efforts to ground itself in the scientific method and emerged from the 20th century as the prime discipline of soft science. 

Why Psychology Courses After 12th Is A Good Idea?

At present, psychology is an important driving force in multiple other fields. Psychology lends its core principles to the areas such as biology, health, sports, education, sociology, law, forensics, and many more. This is why studying psychology courses after 12th is a great career choice. 

Major Lucrative Branches Of Psychology

High paying branches of psychology courses in India after 12th

Major branches of psychology courses after 12th that pay well

What they are about?


Clinical Psychology

It concerns the assessment and treatment of mental illness


Counseling Psychology

It is the study of helping people to make difficult decisions and overcoming problems by means of counseling



It is the study of investigating the role of the brain, neurons, and nervous system in influencing thoughts, behaviors, and feelings


Abnormal Psychology

It studies unusual patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion


Cognitive Psychology

It is the study of the mind as an information processor 


Comparative Psychology 

It is the study that concerns animal behavior


Behavioral Psychology

It is the study of correlating one's behavior with their mind


Cross-Cultural Psychology 

It is the study of investigating the extent of the culture being an influencing factor for human behavior. 


Developmental Psychology

It focuses on how humans change and develop in the span of their life


Educational/School Psychology

It deals with problems and characteristics of students stemming from their affiliation to the school


Experimental Psychology

It focuses on testing theories and principles of human behavior 


Forensic Psychology

Here the main focus is to provide psychological expertise to help civil and criminal proceedings


Health Psychology

It is the study of behavior playing a part in health and illness


Industrial-organizational Psychology

It is the study of how behavior and mental state affect work performance


Personality Psychology

It is the study of how behavior patterns make an individual unique


Social Psychology

It is the study of how social behavior affects individual and group psychology


Sport Psychology

It is the study of how psychological factors affect the participation and performance of athletes


Who Is A Psychologist?

A professional who is trained in one or more subfields of psychology is called Psychologist. He/she practices psychology as his/her vocation. 

Places psychologists work: hospitals, laboratories, schools, colleges/universities, prisons, military, government, businesses, private practices, etc. 

A psychologist is expected to contribute in their presiding setting with mental health care services (like psychological counseling), research, educational testing, assessment, teaching, business and organizational consulting, and many more. 


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How To Become A Psychologist after 12th?

Training for psychology is done at a university, or a school for psychology (as a part of the curriculum). Students usually go through psychology courses after 12th to pursue a career in psychology. After fishing the master’s program the graduates are expected to complete a doctoral degree in psychology (PsyD), philosophy (PhD), or education (EdD). 


Difference Between Psychologists And Psychiatrists 




Psychologists do not have degrees in medicine

Psychiatrists have degrees in medicine.

Psychologists can only prescribe medicine with an additional degree or if they are a psychologist in the military, Guam, or Indian health service.

Psychiatrists can prescribe medication 

Psychologists perform treatment through therapy

Psychiatrists perform treatment through medicine

For psychologists, mental illness is just one branch of their specialization

For Psychiatrists, mental illness is the only focus

Undergraduate (UG) Psychology Courses After 12th

By choosing the right-fit UG psychology courses after 12th commerce/science/humanities you can make your dream job in psychology a reality, and that too just the way you like it. Following are some different choices in psychology courses after 12th.


1. Bachelor Of Arts In Psychology


About the Course: BA in psychology can be the most obvious and straightforward route to take if you are looking for a career in psychology. These psychological courses offered by colleges and universities are successful in giving you an all-around-the-board intel on the concept of psychology. This makes BA Psychology one of the best psychology courses after 12th humanities/science/commerce.


Course Duration: 8 Semesters


Jobs With Bachelor Of Arts Psychology Courses After 12th:


Jobs with BA psychology courses after 12th

Global Salary (*Estimated)


$57k - $122k

School Counselor

$37k - $68k

Mental Health Therapist 

$38k - $64k

Hum,an Resource (HR) Manager

$51k - $99k


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2. Applied Psychology BSc (Hons)


About the course: Applied Psychology BSc (Hons) is your course to take if you are looking for something that is hands-on. These professional psychological courses after 12th are a good source for understanding psychology through real-world applications. The syllabus includes social, developmental, biological, research and cognitive methodology, and more.


Course Duration: 3 Years

Jobs With Applied BSc (Hons) Psychology Courses After 12th:


Jobs with Applied BSc (Hons) psychology courses after 12th

Global Salary (*Estimated)


$65k - $105k

Human Resources (HR) Generalist

$36k - $53k

Behavior Specialist

$33k - $55k

Employee Relation Director

$71k - $148k


3. BA Clinical Psychology


About the course: BA Clinical Psychology gives you the opportunity to be a part of the mental health institutions. You will be able to help with varied mental issues through therapy and medicine (sometimes). Clinical psychology and counseling psychology are the top two branches of psychology that are the most popular in the job market. 


Course Duration: 3 Years


Jobs With BA Clinical Psychology Courses After 12th:


Jobs with Clinical Psychology courses after 12th

Global Salary (*Estimated)


$65k - $105k

Clinical Therapist

$60k - $119k


$50k - $110k

Research Scientist

$75k - $152k


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4. Bachelor Of Forensic Psychology


About the course: Bachelor Of Forensic Psychology is for students who are interested in criminal psychology. The course is very specific when compared to courses like “BA Psychology”, which pertains to a wide range of areas in psychology. With a forensic psychology degree, you will specialize in providing counsel related to crime-related investigations.

Course Duration: 4 Years


Jobs With Bachelor Of Forensic Psychology Courses After 12th:

Jobs with Bachelor Of Forensic Psychology courses after 12th

Global Salary (*Estimated)

Forensic  Psychology

$40k - $103k

Substance Abuse Counselor

$34k - $56k

Licenced Clinical Social Worker

$64k - $101k

Crime Analyst

$45k - $81k


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5. Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies - Consumer Behavior


About the course: Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies is the perfect blend of management and social studies. It differentiates itself from other management degrees by making all the management strategies fact-based, and it is further improved by drawing on the methodologies of social studies.   


Course Duration: 3 Years


Jobs With Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies - Consumer Behavior Psychology Courses After 12th:

Jobs with Bachelor Of Management and Organizational Studies courses after 12th

Global Salary (*Estimated)

Management Consultant

$55k - $148k

Human Resource (HR) Business Partner

$53k - $105k

Customer Service Manager

$39k - $91k

Academic Advisor 

$28k - $40k


Want to know more?


To learn more about psychology courses and courses related to similar fields, click here


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for psychology courses after 12th in India?
After 12th, Indian students can pursue Bachelor's degrees like B.A. or B.Sc. in Psychology, offered by various universities.