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Top Accountancy Business and Management (ABM) Courses

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Blog Summary Discover the power of ABM courses, which combine management, business, and accounting. Explore strategic thinking, ideal for making corporate decisions and coordinating operations. ABM offers doors to various positions, including managers in sales, marketing, and human resources, for Filipino students. For a wide range of alternatives, professional contacts, and top-notch education, study ABM overseas. Explore the ABM tracks in project, marketing, entrepreneurship, and accounting.

The global accounting services markets progressed from $587 billion in 2021 to 639 billion in 2022, proving a massive scope for ABM courses. The accountancy, business and management strand combines mathematical equations, creativity and business aspects for preparing the best entrepreneurs and business professionals. Students with an ABM course overseas will develop a solid understanding of key areas in accountancy business and management.

As an international student, you will be prepared for solid careers as accountants, managers, team leads and business owners of tomorrow. It would be better if you adopted the right mindset for problem-solving and crisis management in a business. By studying an ABM course, you will learn how to run a successful business and make critical decisions that will help decide a positive future for your business. 

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ABM Full Form

The full form of ABM is accountancy, business and management.

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What is ABM course? (ABM Course Meaning)

ABM course is the study of a combination of disciplines such as accounting, business and management. Students enrolling in an ABM course will develop analytical thinking that is crucial in making business strategies and decisions. They will be taught how to run a business seamlessly to avoid adverse outcomes.

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What is the scope of the ABM strand courses for Filipino students?

ABM strand courses pave the way for business-related courses to find fruitful career opportunities as a human resource manager, sales manager, marketing manager, project manager, accounts executive, bookkeeper, internal auditor and entrepreneur. The scope is massive for ABM strand courses, and the salary packages are exemplary for roles in this field.

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Why should you study courses in ABM abroad?

Studying ABM strand courses abroad has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Wider choice of ABM programs.
  • Gain international industry connections.
  • The quality of education is excellent at universities abroad.
  • Colleges and universities abroad offer outstanding infrastructure and facilities.
  • You get the opportunity to study with students from different countries and mingle with diverse cultures.

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ABM Course Subjects

The following are the ABM course subjects:

  1. Business Math
  2. Business Finance
  3. Applied Economics
  4. Principle of Marketing
  5. Business Mathematics
  6. Statistics and Probability
  7. Business Enterprise Simulation
  8. Organisation and Business Management
  9. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  10. Fundamentals of Accounting and Business Management

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ABM Courses and Jobs

ABM Courses

Universities Offering ABM Courses

ABM Jobs

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Northern Arizona University

Accounts Manager

Master of Financial Analysis

La Trobe University

Financial Analyst

BSc (Hons) Accounting and Business

University of Exeter

Business Accountant

Bachelor of Business Administration

University of South Dakota

Sales Manager

Bachelor of Commerce

University of Canterbury

Tax Consultant

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ABM Courses in College (ABM Courses List)

The following are some college courses for ABM:

  1. BS Accountancy
  2. BS Entrepreneurship
  3. BS Accounting Technology
  4. BS Business Management
  5. BS Business Administration

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ABM Track Courses

  1. Accounting
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Project Management
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Foreign Service Management

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Possible Courses for ABM (Courses Under ABM)

  1. Banking and Finance
  2. Tourism Management
  3. Hospitality Management
  4. Management Accounting
  5. Human Resource Management

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ABM Strand Courses List (ABM Related Courses)

1. BSc (Hons) Accounting and Business

Course Duration: 3 Years

Intake Months: September

UniversityUniversity of Exeter

About The Course: This program is one of the best ABM courses designed for students looking forward to pursuing a career in business and accountancy. You will inherit a broad understanding of business subjects and learn the key concepts in accounting. The modules in this course cover a wide range of disciplines, such as management, business, accounting, law, finance and economics. Depending on the modules you have opted for, you might be eligible for exemptions from professional examinations.

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2. BSc Accounting and Business Management 

Course Duration: 3 Years

Intake Months: September

UniversityBrunel University

About The Course: As part of this program, you will learn to communicate effectively and maintain company financial data, making it one of the best ABM courses. There are also opportunities to get skilled in managing a business which is critical to business longevity and success. This program equips students with a solid understanding of business management, accounting, entrepreneurship, financial management, business law and strategic planning.

3. MSc Accounting and Business Finance with Data Analytics 

Course Duration: 2 Years

Intake Months: February, April, June, August, October, November

UniversityUniversity of Bedfordshire

About The Course: Do you want to study one of the best ABM courses? Then this Master's program is the right course! You get the opportunity to be awarded a subject-specific degree in disciplines such as accounting and business finance with data analytics. You will also develop comprehensive knowledge in key areas like accounting and finance and prepare for a career in management, focusing on finance and accounting.

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4. BA (Hons) Accounting and Business

Course Duration: 3 Years

Intake Months: September

UniversityUniversity of Central Lancashire

About The Course: With this program, you will gain a solid understanding of accounting and all the key aspects involved in a business environment. If you are a student who is seeking a broader career in a business enterprise in roles such as management, operations and business development, then this course is for you. You will develop a deep understanding of financial management, helping you make critical business decisions and strategies.

5. Bachelor of Business (Major in Accounting)

Course Duration: 4 Years

Intake Months: February, August

UniversitySwinburne University of Technology

About The Course: In this program, you will learn to deliver actionable insights that decide the business outcomes and understand the concept of profit and sustainable businesses. One of the notable aspects of this course is that you develop practical skills and leverage accounting technologies to analyse, evaluate and communicate financial information. Therefore, you will be prepared for a career in company accounting, business advisory, financial management, management accounting, tax and auditing. 

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6. B.A. Business Accounting with Finance (Honors)

Course Duration: 3 Years

Intake Months: September

UniversityLeeds Beckett University

About The Course: This course will help you thoroughly meet the challenges of working in today’s crucial business and financial industries. You can learn from the faculty who have substantial professional experience and also from seminars, tutorials, lectures and group project work. Besides, you have opportunities to benefit from teaching, assessments and using industry-standard technology to ensure you are highly employable after graduation.

7. BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance for International Business

Course Duration: 1 Year

Intake Months: September 

UniversityCoventry University

About The Course: Are you aiming to study a multidisciplinary course that covers business strategy, economics, financial planning, marketing and accounting? Then this program is one of the ideal ABM courses for you. With this program, you will be encouraged to adopt a problem-based approach to analyse, identify, evaluate and apply real-world business problems. By applying that, you can tackle an organisation's critical business and financial problems.

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8. Bachelor of Business - Accounting

Course Duration: 3 Years

Intake Months: March, July

UniversityWestern Sydney University

About The Course: Do you have a passion for problem-solving in the business world? Then this ABM course is a rewarding program that will help you understand the significance and importance of business and accounting in a professional setting. This course is your passport to any leading organisation in a wide range of sectors. Therefore, this program aims to develop your decision-making and problem-solving skills, which is a notable fact.

9. Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)

Course Duration: 4 Years

Intake Months: January, September

UniversityUniversity of South Dakota

About The Course: With this program, you can gain real-world experiences and knowledge to provide accounting, tax, audit and financial services. You will learn to focus on financial strategies, money management, and fiscal reporting, which are key aspects of a business. Therefore, this program is one the best ABM courses to gain rich experiences in and beyond the classroom to make the most of your studies.

10. B.A. Accounting and Finance (Honours)

Course Duration: 3 Years

Intake Months: September

UniversityCardiff Metropolitan University

About The Course: With this program, you will gain a comprehensive introduction to all accounting disciplines and get a professional accounting qualification. In many modules, the teaching has a weekly seminar and lecture. Seminars are usually run as workshops for students to get a solid understanding of the subjects. You can make appointments with tutors to clarify doubts about the course modules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ABM course all about?

Are you interested in a career in business? Then you can consider enrolling in an ABM strand course. These programs are designed to give students a strong foundation in business principles and practices. You'll learn about financial management, accounting, corporate operations, etc..