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Top HUMSS Courses List to Study Abroad 2024

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Blog Summary Discover your path to a fulfilling career with HUMSS courses and jobs! These courses, part of the Humanities and Social Sciences strand, empower you to excel in diverse fields. From becoming a social worker, teacher, and writer, to exploring law, psychology, and journalism, HUMSS opens doors to impactful roles. Learn more about these courses in this blog.

The HUMSS courses and jobs are a perfect fit for those who think outside the box and want to make a difference in the world. If you are ready to take on challenges and like meeting new people, careers under HUMSS will help you attain your personal goals comfortably. 

After completing the HUMSS course, you can look forward to becoming a social worker, teacher, writer, lawyer, or journalist, which will set you up a strong benchmark in your career. Do you know? Even a psychology career is a viable choice for students opting for courses under the HUMSS strand.

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HUMSS Full Form

The full form of HUMSS is the Humanities and Social Sciences Strand.

What is HUMSS Strand?

The Social Sciences and Humanities strand is the perfect choice for high school students who want to pursue careers in fields such as journalism, communications, education, and liberal arts. All courses in HUMSS focus on developing students' reading, writing, and speaking skills; so they can effectively communicate with others. If you're interested in a career that involves working closely with people, then the Social Sciences and Humanities strand are the possible courses for HUMSS to work with people.

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Top HUMSS Courses List 2024

‘What are HUMSS strand courses?” is a question that many international students have. This is a brief list of HUMSS courses. But keep in mind that there are a lot more possibilities available in the academic sector:

Humss courses list 2024








Communication Arts 

Political Science 

Languages (Filipino & English)

International Studies

Physical Sciences 

Related Courses that are under HUMSS Strand

  • Bachelor of Arts major in Literature
  • Bachelor of Arts major in Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science
  • Bachelor of Arts major in Social Studies
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Criminology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

The Objectives of the HUMSS Courses

Senior high school students enrolling in HUMSS courses can expect to develop skills and confidence that will prepare them for sociological and artistic careers. Students enrolling in this program will learn to write effectively, edit their work, and use apt words to communicate their ideas. The primary objectives of the HUMSS courses are to communicate effectively with their future patients, clients, or audiences by providing them with the right tools.

Advantages of the HUMSS Courses

  1. High school students who choose to study humanities and social sciences (HUMSS) can expect to develop essential skills like communication, open-mindedness, and cultural awareness. HUMSS courses provide students with knowledge in areas like psychology, sociology, and a few others. Students reap significant benefits from choosing HUMSS strand courses as they gain skills essential for success in today's world.
  2. HUMSS graduates can succeed in many professions by understanding and empathising with others. These essential qualities help to build strong relationships, which are key to any successful career.
  3. HUMSS courses help students develop confidence in expressing their opinions and ideas clearly and concisely. Students learn to articulate their thoughts logically and effectively through various projects and tasks. This skill set is essential in many real-world situations.
  4. HUMSS strand courses provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue a variety of careers in many different industries. With a strong focus on critical thinking, analysis, and communication, graduates of HUMSS courses will be prepared to excel in any field they choose.

High-Paying HUMSS Strand Jobs (Jobs Under HUMSS)

The following are some of the HUMSS strand jobs that are available for graduating students to contribute to society and the workplace meaningfully:







College Professors 




News Anchor 



Cultural Anthropologist



Museum Curator 


Travel Guide 





Weather Forecaster 

HUMSS Strand Courses in Australia For Filipino Students

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy - Murdoch University
  2. Bachelor of Arts in International Relations - The University of Sydney
  3. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Archaeology - The University of Western Australia
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Relations - The University of Newcastle
  5. Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Honours) - Philosophy - The University of Queensland

HUMSS Strand Courses in Canada For Filipino Students

  1. Bachelor of Arts Honours in Classical Studies - Western University
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Humanities (Honours) - York University
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Child and Family Studies - Nipissing University
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Humanities - Trinity Western University
  5. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sociology - University of Regina

HUMSS Strand Courses in USA for Filipino Students

  1. (B.A) Political Science - Ashland University
  2. Bachelor of Liberal Studies - Texas Wesleyan University
  3. (B.A) International Studies - Nova Southeastern University
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy - Youngstown State University
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science - Southeast Missouri State University

HUMSS Strand Courses in UK For Filipino Students

  1. BA (Honours) Politics - Sheffield Hallam University
  2. BSc Honours Archaeology - Newcastle University
  3. BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies - Bath Spa University
  4. BA (Hons) Philosophy and Theology - University of Exeter
  5. BA (Hons) International Politics - Middlesex University

HUMSS Related Courses

  1. BA (Hons) Social Policy
  2. (B.A) International Studies
  3. (B.A) Interdisciplinary Studies
  4. BA (Hons) Philosophy and Sociology
  5. BA (Hons) Philosophy and Theology

Courses for HUMSS Students

  1. (B.A) Journalism
  2. (B.A) Philosophy
  3. BA (Hons) Sociology
  4. (B.A) Political Science
  5. BA (Hons) Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

HUMSS Strand Courses List

  1. (B.A) Public Relations
  2. BA (Honours) Childhood Studies
  3. BA (Hons) Sociology and Social Policy
  4. Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  5. BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics

HUMSS Courses in College

The following are the courses in college under HUMSS:

  1. (B.A) Psychology
  2. BA (Hons) - Arts - Politics
  3. BA (Hons) - Arts - Archaeology
  4. BA (Honours) Early Childhood Studies
  5. (B.A) Public Relations and Advertising

HUMSS Courses and Jobs in Australia



Salary (Average)

B.A. Psychology


71200 AUD

B.A. Architecture


68900 AUD

B.Sc Nursing


73100 AUD

Bachelor of Social Work

Social Worker

74800 AUD

Bachelor of Pharmacy


78300 AUD

HUMSS Courses and Jobs in Canada 2024



Salary (Average)

Bachelor of Education

Assistant Professor

96200 CAD

B.Sc Maths

Math Teacher

53625 CAD

Bachelor of Physical Education


48750 CAD

B.Sc Physics

Science Teacher

52000 CAD

B.A. English

English Teacher

43875 CAD

HUMSS Courses and Jobs in the USA



Salary (Average)

B.A. Physiology


71,100 USD

B.A. Mass Communication

Public Relations Officer

71,300 USD

B.A. Linguistics

Foreign Language Teacher

73,500 USD

B.A. Digital Media

Multimedia Specialist

75,000 USD

B.A. Journalism


75,800 USD

10 Best College Courses for HUMSS Students (Courses Under HUMSS Strand)

1. Education

HUMSS students are trained to communicate their ideas effectively and are exposed to a range of fields, such as politics, society and culture. Students enrolled in education courses are considered an information bank with knowledge in various spheres of education. Students eyeing HUMSS courses and jobs can enrol in this course to have a stable and high-growth career.

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2. Psychology

Psychology is one of the ideal courses for Filipino students looking for HUMSS courses and jobs. Psychology primarily focuses on child and adult psychology, behaviour patterns of individuals, human sexuality and personality theory. Psychology needs lots of training and hands-on activities to establish a strong career as a therapist, counsellor, social worker and psychologist.

3. Philosophy

HUMSS has a complete subject dedicated to human philosophy. It is backed by subjects that encourage critical thinking, making it a valuable course for Filipino students looking for HUMSS courses and jobs. In some subjects, philosophical concepts encourage students to be free thinkers; therefore, they are equipped with a solid foundation to pursue their dream career in Philosophy.

4. Sociology

Sociology helps students better understand society and its more significant problems, making it a perfect course for Filipino students looking for HUMSS courses and jobs. Students enrolling in this course will be well-versed in governance, citizenship, community engagement, and research. Therefore, graduating students can do a better job in social work and its related fields.

5. Political Science

Many Filipino students deciding to take up HUMSS courses can enrol in political science degrees to gain awareness about ongoing societal issues and the nation's political climate. This program is supplemented by the HUMSS information-rich subjects, such as politics, governance, social studies and citizenship, helping students to think critically when engaging in governance and politics in future.

6. Literature

Literature is another excellent course for Filipino students eyeing HUMSS courses and jobs, as it helps them enhance their reading and writing skills. Students can become professional writers by enrolling in this course. Besides, a viable opportunity exists for students to learn local and world literature, helping them improve their language skills. 

7. Economics

Are you curious to know why some countries are more prosperous than others and the reasons behind economic recession? Then, you can enrol in economics, as you will better understand various economics concepts.

8. Journalism

Are you passionate about writing and interested in news reporting? Does the magazine and news industry fascinate you? Then, journalism would be one of the top courses for Filipino students having an avid interest in HUMSS courses and jobs. Institutions overseas offer many journalism courses to help Filipino students pursue their dream careers in journalism.

9. Architecture

The architecture program is about the study of designing buildings and structures. Filipino students enrolling in this course can learn various architectural concepts and enhance their knowledge in designing malls, commercial buildings, airport terminals, and civil constructions. Filipino students interested in HUMSS courses and jobs can enrol in this course to pursue a career in architecture, become freelance architects or start their own agency.

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10. Communication Arts

This HUMSS course is famous for its detailed written and oral communication courses, both in Filipino and English. Filipino students enrolling in this course are trained to communicate their ideas effectively and creatively among various media formats, helping them excel in many communication-related careers such as advertising, public relations, and journalism.

Students' Queries

  • What is the best course in HUMSS?

The best course for HUMSS is Literature, Education, Economics, Psychology, Journalism, and Communication Arts. These courses help students to make a difference in society and open doors to a wide range of career options.

  • What are the careers under HUMSS?

The courses of HUMSS offer students a chance to pursue careers in public service, law, social work, medicine, psychology, therapy, education, and more. 

  • How many subjects are there in HUMSS?

HUMSS students typically take seven core subjects. However, the number of required courses may vary depending on the school's curriculum and specialised programs.

  • Which job is best for humanities students?

The range of career options available through studying the Humanities is broad and deep. Those who pursue a degree in this field can find themselves on a path to a successful career in law, journalism, fashion, marketing, aviation, and many other industries.

  • Is HUMSS Strand difficult?

There is no denying that the HUMSS strand is a challenging one. However, what sets it apart from the other strands is that the students enrolled in it are future shapers of the nation.

  • Why should you choose HUMSS?

The humss strand helps students improve their writing, reading, and comprehension skills. It also prepares them for college by strengthening their logical reasoning. Humanities subjects teach many fundamental skills, such as critical thinking, analysis, and creativity.

  • What do Humss students do?

In the HUMSS program, students learn how to effect positive change through their social science theories, community realities, culture, society and political studies. They also discuss moral issues, gaining the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference in the world.

  • What skills do you develop by studying the Humanities?

Humanities majors develop a number of important skills, often referred to as "soft skills." These include communicating persuasively in writing and orally, solving problems creatively, working well in teams, making decisions, managing oneself effectively, and critically analysing information.

  • What is a bachelor of humanities?

The humanities are an important part of any bachelor's degree program. They allow students to study various aspects of human civilisation, such as music, literature, philosophy, and art.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best courses for HUMSS?
The best courses for HUMSS are Literature, Education, Economics, Psychology, Journalism, and Communication Arts. These courses help students to make a difference in society and open doors to a wide range of career options.
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