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This qualification reflects the role of individuals who are job ready and competent in a wide range of information and communications technology (ICT) roles and apply a broad range of skills in varied work contexts, using problem solving skills and effective communication with others.

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Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Surry Hills, UniSQ Sydney Education Centre is the educational hub associated with Canterbury Institute of Technology (CIT). Situated on Bellevue Street, in close proximity to Sydney's Central Business District, the centre offers a prime learning environment for students seeking postgraduate programs.

With its strategic location, UniSQ Sydney Education Centre provides easy access to a range of amenities and attractions. Students can conveniently reach Central Station, parklands, and popular tourist destinations such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and Darling Harbour. This bustling location offers a dynamic and culturally rich setting that complements the academic experience.

UniSQ Sydney Education Centre takes pride in its diverse and highly sought-after postgraduate programs. These programs cater to the needs of both domestic and international students, providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in today's competitive employment markets. The centre's academic staff brings a wealth of professional and academic experience to the table, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education and practical insights into their respective fields.

Recognising the importance of comprehensive support, UniSQ Sydney Education Centre offers a wide range of academic and welfare services. New students are encouraged to participate in the Orientation Program, which takes place at the beginning of each semester. This program provides essential information about living and studying in Sydney, helping students transition smoothly into their new academic journey.

To support students' learning endeavours, UniSQ Sydney Education Centre houses an in-house Resource Centre. This dedicated facility provides easy access to a variety of learning resources, fostering an environment conducive to research and study. In addition, students have access to the UniSQ online library, which offers a vast collection of electronic books and online journal databases. This digital platform ensures that students can conveniently access valuable academic resources whenever and wherever they need them.

UniSQ Sydney Education Centre takes great pride in its commitment to student support services. The centre strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, aiming to assist them in achieving their educational goals. From personalised assistance to a range of welfare services, UniSQ Sydney Education Centre is dedicated to ensuring that students receive the support they need throughout their academic journey.

With a focus on providing excellent student support services, fostering a welcoming environment, and offering affordable study costs, UniSQ Sydney Education Centre is the ideal destination for students aspiring to achieve their educational dreams. The centre is committed to equipping students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to thrive in their chosen fields and prepare them for the numerous opportunities that lie ahead.

Campus Location

UniSQ Sydney, in association with Canterbury Institute of Technology (CIT), is strategically situated on Bellevue Street in Surry Hills, a vibrant suburb close to the heart of Sydney's Central Business District. This prime location offers students the convenience of easy access to various amenities and attractions. With Central Station just a short walk away, transportation is a breeze, connecting students to the rest of the city and beyond. Surry Hills itself is known for its trendy cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops, providing a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere for students to enjoy. Moreover, the campus's proximity to parklands and tourist attractions such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and Darling Harbour offers students a picturesque and culturally rich environment.

Study Areas

UniSQ Sydney offers a range of postgraduate programs designed to meet the needs of today's competitive job market. The Master of Information Systems is a comprehensive program that equips students with the necessary skills and expertise to thrive in an increasingly connected world. It empowers students to understand and leverage existing technologies while maximising the potential of emerging ones. This program is particularly beneficial for professionals with qualifications in areas other than information technology, providing them with the opportunity to expand their skill set and open doors to exciting career prospects.

The Master of Cyber Security blends management and technical skills, preparing students to safeguard digital assets in an interconnected world. With a hands-on capstone research project, students have the chance to collaborate with industry professionals, applying theory to real-world scenarios. This program not only develops technical expertise but also hones leadership skills, enabling graduates to work in various industries across different areas of information and communication technology.

For individuals seeking to enhance their business acumen, UniSQ Sydney offers the Graduate Certificate of Business. This program is designed to expand career prospects and serve as a stepping stone towards pursuing a master's degree in business or information systems. What sets this program apart is its flexibility in admission requirements. Candidates with relevant professional work experience, even without an undergraduate bachelor's degree, may be eligible for entry. This inclusive approach recognises the value of practical experience and allows individuals to capitalise on their existing knowledge and skills.

Diversity and Inclusion

At UniSQ Sydney, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of the institution's values. The university prides itself on fostering a culture that celebrates and respects individuals from all backgrounds. With a rich cultural diversity within the student population, UniSQ Sydney is committed to creating an environment where every student feels welcomed, valued, and supported.

The university understands the unique challenges that international students may face when studying in a foreign country. To address these challenges, UniSQ Sydney offers dedicated multicultural support services. These services provide guidance and assistance tailored to the specific needs of international students, helping them navigate the educational journey and settle into the new cultural and academic environment. By prioritizing diversity and inclusion, UniSQ Sydney cultivates a vibrant and inclusive community that enriches the overall learning experience.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

UniSQ Sydney recognises the importance of a well-rounded student experience beyond academics. The university offers a wide range of clubs and societies, providing students with opportunities to pursue their passions, explore new interests, and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether it's joining a sports club, participating in a cultural society, or engaging in a professional association, students have ample choices to get involved and make lasting connections.

These clubs and societies play a vital role in fostering a sense of belonging and community on campus. They offer a platform for students to develop leadership skills, engage in teamwork, and expand their social networks. By participating in extracurricular activities, students can enhance their personal and professional development, ultimately contributing to a well-rounded university experience.

Campus Facilities

UniSQ Sydney boasts modern and state-of-the-art facilities to support students' academic pursuits. The on-campus Resource Centre serves as a hub for learning resources, providing students with access to a wide array of materials, including books, journals, and digital resources. This dedicated space allows students to study, conduct research, and collaborate with peers in a conducive environment.

In addition to the physical resources available on campus, UniSQ Sydney provides students with access to the UniSQ online library. This digital platform offers an extensive collection of electronic books and online journal databases, ensuring that students have access to a wealth of academic resources anytime and anywhere. This convenient accessibility enhances the learning experience and supports students in their academic endeavors.

Alumni Network

Upon graduation from UniSQ Sydney, students automatically become part of an extensive alumni network. This growing community comprises more than 100,000 alumni spread across 146 countries worldwide. The alumni network serves as a valuable resource for graduates, providing a platform for networking, professional growth, and continued learning.

UniSQ Sydney's alumni enjoy various benefits that help them stay connected and engaged. Through alumni chapters located around the world, graduates have opportunities to network with fellow alumni and professionals in their respective fields. The university also recognises outstanding alumni achievements through the Alumnus of the Year Awards, showcasing their accomplishments and contributions to society. The online jobs noticeboard allows alumni to access job opportunities, facilitating career advancement. Additionally, annual alumni events and the Alumni eNewsletter, Phoenix Rising, keep graduates informed and inspired by the success stories of their fellow alumni.

Why Study at the USQ Sydney Education Centre - Canterbury Education Group?

  • Globally Recognised Programs: UniSQ Sydney's postgraduate programs are highly regarded both domestically and internationally. The university's focus on practical skills and cutting-edge knowledge ensures that graduates are well-equipped to meet the demands of today's job market.
  • Industry Demand: The information technology and cyber security sectors are experiencing exponential growth, creating a significant demand for skilled professionals. Studying at UniSQ Sydney positions students at the forefront of these industries, providing them with opportunities for dynamic and globally transferrable careers.
  • Academic Excellence: UniSQ Sydney's academic staff members bring extensive professional and academic experience to the classroom. Their expertise and dedication to teaching ensure that students receive a high-quality education and gain valuable insights into their chosen fields.
  • Student Support Services: UniSQ Sydney is committed to providing comprehensive support services to its students. The iconnect central support service offers personalised assistance both on-campus and online, ensuring that students' queries and concerns are promptly addressed. Additionally, Student Relationship Officers are available throughout students' learning journeys, providing in-depth administrative support and guidance.
  • Inclusive and Welcoming Environment: UniSQ Sydney values diversity and strives to create an inclusive environment where all students feel valued and supported. The university's commitment to multicultural support ensures that international students and culturally diverse individuals receive tailored assistance to facilitate their transition and integration.
  • Engaging Student Life: Beyond academics, UniSQ Sydney offers a vibrant student life through a variety of clubs and societies. These extracurricular activities provide opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop leadership skills, and form meaningful connections with their peers.
  • Modern Campus Facilities: UniSQ Sydney's campus is equipped with modern facilities designed to support students' academic pursuits. The Resource Centre and online library provide students with access to a wealth of learning resources, while advanced technology and software enable them to apply their knowledge in real-world settings.
  • Strong Alumni Network: Upon graduation, students become part of an extensive alumni network that spans the globe. This network offers opportunities for networking, professional development, and continued learning, ensuring that graduates remain connected to the university and their fellow alumni.

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Canterbury Business College campus is modern and well-equipped. It has a wide range of facilities which include lecture rooms, specialised training rooms, library, computer laboratories with internet and e-mail facilities, students’ common room with dining facilities, centralised air-conditioning, microwave and refrigerator, etc.

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