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CIT is a fully accredited Pivot Point school enabling us to use state of the art resources on campus, off campus and online. Our salons replicate a commercial barber/salon environment – working on clients – which makes the learning journey more enjoyable and practical to barbering clientele.

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July, 2024

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Reid Campus

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CIT has been providing top-notch vocational education to students locally and abroad for more than 90 years. As one of Canberra's premier institutions, CIT has a distinguished history of enabling people to surpass expectations while achieving their goals.

CIT is devoted to exercising the potential of education, believing that it has the capacity to bring about transformation. Just as a craftsman refines their abilities until they reach an optimum level, CIT strives to give students the essential information, useful experience, and professional connections needed for them to be successful in whatever career they pursue. Guiding students on their journey towards success, CIT acts like a conductor by setting up the optimal environment for them to reach their full potential and fulfil their desires.

When students enter CIT, they will be instantly embraced by an energetic and diverse campus with many different kinds of people. Here, diversity is celebrated, and each voice matters. Just like a tapestry made up of threads in all shapes, sizes, and colours, CIT's student body is enriched by members from varied backgrounds who bring their individual perspectives to the table.

At CIT, embracing differences and learning from one another is actively encouraged. Rather than only speaking about diversity and inclusion, they strive to create an environment that is rooted in fairness, equity, and respect for social and cultural diversity. Such an atmosphere allows for a tapestry of cultures, ideas, and talents to flourish, much like a garden benefits from its variety of flowers. In recognising the richness of its student body, CIT celebrates these profound differences.

CIT offers a unique learning experience that goes beyond textbooks and lectures. Here, the focus is on more than developing skills; it is about discovering oneself, creating connections, and unlocking passions. With countless activities to choose from, including clubs, sports tournaments, market days, and cultural events, campus life hums with energy and excitement. From the kaleidoscope of activities available, here come lasting memories that stay with students throughout their lives.

At CIT, practical knowledge is paramount. Rather than confining learning to books alone, this university acknowledges that true understanding comes from hands-on experience. Using modern tools and simulated environments that resemble real-world working scenarios, students are not only proficient in theoretical knowledge but also competent enough to succeed in any industry they choose. Like a blacksmith transforming a lump of iron into an art piece, CIT equips its graduates with all the skills required for professional success.

By selecting CIT, present students join a long history of excellence. As with any constellation in the night sky, members of the alumni network are spread across various industries and have eagerly taken on the role of advisors to guide and support incoming graduates. Their vast resources give new enrollees access to invaluable connections, knowledge, and experiences that lead directly to achieving their objectives.

Campus Location: 

Located in the vibrant city of Canberra, the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) offers international students an exceptional learning experience in the heart of Australia's capital. Canberra is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, world-class educational institutions, and thriving urban spaces. As a student at CIT, you'll have the opportunity to live and study in this dynamic city, surrounded by Australia's finest cultural and educational institutions, the seat of government, bustling urban spaces, and stunning nature reserves.

Study Areas

CIT  takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of study areas to cater to diverse career aspirations. Their aim is to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your chosen field. Whether you have a passion for Health & Fitness, Creative arts, Science & Environment, Professional fields, Service Industry, Education & Community, or Trades, CIT has the right course for you.

CIT takes pride in providing a wide variety of study areas to meet the needs of students with various professional objectives. Its goal is to arm you with the abilities and information needed to succeed in your field of choice. CIT provides the ideal course for any student, whether they are passionate about health and fitness, the arts, science, the environment, professional professions, the service industry, education, the community, or trades.

Diversity and Inclusion

At CIT, they value and celebrate diversity in all its forms. They are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable learning environment that embraces students from all sections of society. The goal is to create a community that promotes fairness, respect, and cultural understanding.

CIT honours and values diversity in all of its forms. They are committed to creating a welcoming learning environment for students from all walks of life. They wish to create a neighbourhood where tolerance, respect, and justice towards all cultures are valued.

We are dedicated to supporting both the students and staff to reach their full potential. CIT provides various resources and services to ensure an inclusive learning experience. Their support programs aim to overcome disadvantages faced by student and staff equity groups, offering equal opportunities for success. Additionally, they strive to raise awareness among staff and students about their rights and responsibilities within the university community.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

At CIT, they believe that university life goes beyond the classroom. That's why they offer a vibrant and engaging student life with a wide range of clubs and societies to suit every interest. Joining a club or society is a fantastic way to make new friends, explore your passions, and create lasting memories.

Cultural clubs at CIT are open to all students, not just those from specific countries or cultures. These clubs provide an opportunity to appreciate and embrace different cultures, fostering cross-cultural connections and understanding. You'll have the chance to meet students from various backgrounds, share experiences, and celebrate the rich diversity that exists within the student body.

For sports enthusiasts, CIT offers a range of sporting clubs to help you stay fit, healthy, and active. Many of these clubs participate in university sporting events, such as Intervarsity, UniSport Nationals, and UniSport Nationals Snow, allowing you to showcase your skills and compete with other universities.

Academic clubs and societies provide an excellent platform for networking, professional development, and industry connections. These clubs allow you to socialise with fellow students in your course while also connecting with professionals in your chosen field. From accounting and advertising to architecture, engineering, environmental science, and exercise physiology, CIT offers a range of academic clubs that can enrich your educational journey.

Campus Facilities

Our campus boasts world-class facilities tailored to specific study areas. In the Health & Fitness field, you'll have access to well-equipped fitness training facilities, where you can gain practical experience in exercise physiology and personal training. The Creative Arts facilities include studios and workshops equipped with the latest technology for photography, graphic design, and digital media.

CIT offers laboratories with advanced equipment, allowing you to conduct experiments and research in a controlled environment. The Professional fields benefit from dedicated spaces for business simulations, presentations, and group projects, providing a practical learning environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and managers.

The Early Childhood Education and Care training facility provides a nurturing and safe environment for practical training in childcare, while the hospital training wards, equipped with simulation patient robots, offer a realistic setting for healthcare and nursing students to develop their clinical skills.

Alumni Network

At CIT, they believe that education is just the beginning of your journey. When you become a part of the CIT community, you gain access to a strong and supportive alumni network that can provide valuable connections and opportunities even after you graduate.

Education is simply the start of your journey, according to CIT. Students who join the CIT family have access to a robust and helpful alumni network, which can offer beneficial connections and possibilities even after they graduate.

The alumni network can be a valuable resource for career guidance, industry insights, and building professional relationships. Whether you're seeking advice on job prospects, looking to expand your professional network, or exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, their alumni network will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Why Study at CIT?

Choosing CIT as your educational institution offers numerous advantages that pave the way for your future success:

  • Comprehensive Education Pathways: CIT provides a range of education options to suit your lifestyle and experience. Whether you're new to study or already hold qualifications,theyhave the right pathway for you.
  • Skills Recognition Program: Don't waste time learning what you already know. CIT's skills recognition program allows you to fast-track your study by recognizing your existing knowledge and reducing your study time.
  • Fee Assistance and Scholarships:theyunderstand that financing your education is important. CIT offers fee assistance, scholarships, and support for various life circumstances. Eligible students can access student loans through VET Student Loans and FEE-HELP for diploma and advanced diploma level study.
  • According to the Skills Recognition Programme, there is no point in spending time studying something you already know. Students can finish their coursework more quickly thanks to CIT's skills recognition project because it recognises prior knowledge and reduces study time.
  • They are conscious of the importance of college finance and offer scholarships and tuition assistance. Financial aid, scholarships, and support for a variety of life circumstances are all offered by CIT. Eligible students can apply for student loans through FEE-HELP and VET Student Loans for diploma and advanced diploma-level education.

Campus offering this course
Reid Campus - Canberra Institute of Technology - Canberra Institute of Technology

37 Constitution Avenue, Reid, Australian Capital Territory, 2601 Australia

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CIT Reid is walking distance from Canberra City, providing easy access to stylish cafes, bars, cinemas, and shops. Close by you will find Lake Burley Griffin, Australian War Memorial, National Gallery of Australia, and Questacon.

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