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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

This course is available in two schedules - Day and Night in Navitas English. Cambridge English language tests are recognised and respected by companies, governments and universities around the world. Navitas Cambridge courses are closed courses. Each course has a start and finish date and runs for a set number of weeks. Courses are aligned to the test schedules set by Cambridge. You and your classmates can sit the final official Cambridge test and share the same goals, while getting to know each other. You will develop the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills you need to achieve the best result you can. You will also learn special test strategies and life-long study skills to improve your Cambridge performance and help you become an independent learner. Each day, you will do an hour of test practice. This is an opportunity to familiarise yourself with each section of the test and practise each one under test conditions. You will get ongoing feedback on your progress. On the day of the test, all this practice will make it much less stressful.

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    ELICOS/ ELS Provider

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Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. is a highly regarded company that has had significant success in offering the best possible language education. They provide a variety of English courses that are intended to improve students' language skills for academic, professional, and personal objectives. In addition to the top-notch instruction provided by Navitas English Services Pty. Ltd., a complete support system is available.

The skilled instructors who have received training in teaching English and who use a communicative approach to sessions make Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. proud. These dedicated teachers foster a lively and interactive environment where students actively participate in dialogues, practical exercises, and enjoyable activities to improve their English proficiency. In order to assist students develop not only their language abilities but also their confidence while using English in real-life settings, emphasis is placed on communication and practical application.

When deciding where to continue their language learning experience, students have a variety of geographic options from which to choose at Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. Students can visit other places and cultures while studying thanks to the several campuses spread around Australia's cities. 

General English, academic English, business English, and IELTS preparation are just a few of the study areas offered by Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. to fulfil various learning needs. The goal of general English instruction is to improve students' language skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The main focus of academic English studies is to help students excel academically in an English-speaking setting; subjects covered include critical thinking, research techniques, note-taking, and presentation techniques. The formation of business communication, vocabulary development, the creation of business documents, and workplace communication are also covered in Business English classes. Finally, by giving students organised practice and tactics, IELTS preparation lessons are made to assist people in achieving high results.

The goal of Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. is to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. It thoroughly appreciates the value of diversity and works to foster a friendly environment for students from various backgrounds. Support services that assist students in integrating into the Australian educational system and culture are put in place to guarantee that they transfer smoothly. Additionally, Navitas promotes intercultural exchange by enabling students to interact with classmates who come from different cultural backgrounds, improving both communication skills and cross-cultural understanding.

Campus Location:

There are numerous campuses for Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. (formerly known as ACL) spread around Australia. The purpose of this institute is to give students easy access to top-notch language instruction and assistance. The actual campus locations are listed on the business website, however depending on which one you choose for your study period, they could vary.

Students can have a truly exceptional experience by studying in Australia. They can travel to many different regions of the nation thanks to the campuses that are dispersed throughout its borders, from the numerous cities to the picturesque landscapes. This increases their exposure to many places and cultures, which will ultimately improve their educational experience and provide them a well-rounded education.

Study Areas:

English language instruction is the main focus of Navitas English Services Pty Ltd, formerly known as ACL. This university has developed thorough programmes to assist learners on their path to fluency because it recognises the importance of language proficiency for both academic and professional achievement as well as personal development.

A crucial course that is provided to help students hone their language proficiency is general English. It includes core abilities including speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Students can engage in extensive language training and develop confidence when using it in various circumstances through a variety of interactive activities, seminars, and practical tasks.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) preparation classes are another service provided by Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. These programmes aim to assist students in developing the competency required for an effective IELTS performance. Each course covers all four test sections—reading, writing, listening, and speaking—and includes guided practice and feedback to help students perform at their best.

Diversity and Inclusion:

This institution works to guarantee that all students may get familiar with Australia's educational system and culture while acknowledging cultural diversity. Support services are offered to make this transition easier.

It is advantageous for Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. to welcome students from different nations and cultures into their learning environment. This institution promotes an environment that is conducive to learning and allows students to socialise with peers from various backgrounds. Through this form of contact, Navitas wants to broaden its student body's perspective on the world, improve communication skills, and boost cross-cultural understanding.

Navitas English Services Pty. Ltd. places a high premium on celebrating other cultures. The college provides numerous possibilities for students to learn about and recognise various backgrounds, from cultural festivals to activities that promote intercultural exchange. These programmes not only allow students the chance to share their own cultural heritage but also aid in the development of close bonds with those around them.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

It is acknowledged at Navitas English Services Pty Ltd that each student has individual interests and skills. There are numerous groups and organisations that can satisfy any inclination to express these hobbies. There is something here for everyone, from academics and sports to the arts, music, volunteering, and everything else students may be interested about.

Clubs devoted to particular sports disciplines, like football, basketball, tennis, or cricket, can be the best option for people who love physical activity and friendly rivalry. They give students a place to participate in these activities as well as a chance to connect with others who have similar interests. Similar to this, cultural clubs give students a platform to exhibit their culture by planning activities and workshops centred around various customs and cuisines from around the globe.

Academic organisations based at universities provide a fantastic option for those looking for a way to advance their academic interests. These organisations make the perfect gathering spots for students with similar interests to engage in deep discussions, engaging debates, and cooperative learning activities.

By participating in an art or music club, creative students can explore their interests. These clubs provide a range of outlets, including music, dance, drama, painting, sketching, and photography. Participating in musical and artistic activities encourages students to use their imaginations, express themselves, and work together as a team.

Campus Facilities:

The goal of Navitas English Services Pty Ltd, formerly ACL, is to provide a campus setting that fosters the best learning environment for students. At Navitas, staff members are aware of how critical it is for students to have access to all the tools they need to succeed academically and socially. The school works hard to provide a stimulating environment where students may actually grow while they are studying in order to ensure this.

The library is a key facility at Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. It offers access to internet databases in addition to offering a wide range of resources, including books, journals, and research papers. As a result, the library makes a great starting point for students looking for information relevant to their studies or just looking to learn more about something new.

The ideal setting for learning and study is provided by Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. Modern technology, audiovisual tools, and cosy seating are provided in lecture halls and classrooms to encourage group projects, interactive conversations, and captivating presentations. Dedicated study rooms have been built to facilitate students' learning journeys outside of the classroom. Private study rooms, group workstations, and inviting seating areas are provided at these locations to support solo or group study sessions as needed. Students can therefore pick a location that best suits their tastes and learning style.

Alumni Network:

The goal of Navitas English Services Pty Ltd (previously ACL) is to create a strong alumni network that combines former and present students. The organisation is dedicated to providing its graduates with continuous support and opportunities so they can stay connected to their alma mater while taking advantage of the advantages of a vibrant alumni network.

Navitas English Services Pty Ltd.'s alumni network provides resources and activities to support recent graduates in their post-university lives. Career services are available to aid these individuals with the process of finding a job, such as creating resumes, practising interview techniques, and networking. These tools help graduates become more employable and assist them in smoothly transitioning into the workforce. 

The alumni network also plans social events like reunions that provide graduates with opportunities to build relationships with industry experts or discover new career paths. Usually at these functions, there are guest speakers, panels, and workshops where people can gain valuable knowledge about different industries.

Graduates can access resources that support ongoing study and career success by joining the alumni network. In order to keep them up to date with the most recent developments and trends in the sector, these could include access to online courses, webinars, workshops, and materials that are specific to their field.

Why study at Navitas English Services?

  • Comprehensive range of English language courses: A wide range of English language classes are offered by Navitas English Services Pty Ltd to meet different demands. These courses, which range from General English and Academic English to Business English and IELTS preparation, are all designed to assist students in achieving their chosen level of proficiency in the four main language skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Experienced teachers and communicative approach: Visitors to Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. will be supervised by skilled teachers who run their sessions according to a communicative technique. Students can improve their fluency and feel more at ease speaking English in everyday situations by engaging in fun activities and undertaking useful exercises.
  • Supportive and inclusive environment: For students from various language and cultural backgrounds, Navitas English Services Pty Ltd. tries to establish an inclusive learning environment that embraces diversity. In addition to building intercultural understanding and improving communication skills, they offer support services to make the transfer into Australia's educational system smoother. All students can gain by engaging with various viewpoints during their academic experience in this way.

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Sydney Hyde Park Campus - Navitas English - Navitas - Navitas English - Navitas

255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000 Australia

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The school is opposite Hyde Park, a huge green space in the heart of Sydney with over 16 hectares of parklands for you to relax in, study in and enjoy!

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