Bachelor of Arts (Music) / Bachelor of Applied Business (Entertainment Management)

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    AUD 31,000

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    3 Years

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    February, may, september

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Students from Australia are accepted for this course

This double degree is ideal for students who want to develop their ability in solo and collaborative music performance, music analysis, song writing, technical musicianship, whilst also learning about the recording, business and management side of the music industry. Students will undertake fundamental units such as music performance, song writing, technical musicianship, marketing and business strategy, publicity, music publishing, and event management. Throughout the course, students will: Craft and produce original songs in studio Understand and develop performance at a professional level Gain exposure to the Australian and international music industries Gain knowledge and experience in artist and tour management Access career pathways through our industry partnerships and placements Plan, manage and promote live events Develop a foundational understanding of publicity, marketing and the media Gain knowledge and experience in artist and tour management.

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In Australia, Collarts stands out among tertiary education colleges. Born out of a rich 30-year history, Collarts has continuously defied convention by providing students with an independent learning environment that fosters passion and individuality.

Collarts represent an opportunity to learn in a unique way. Here, students can tap into the knowledge of industry professionals and develop their skills, with the potential to create award-winning music projects, coordinate noteworthy events, and deliver powerful content for the world's media outlets. It is an inspiring platform that strives to shape the future of music acts worldwide.

The vibrancy of Collarts' four central campuses is palpable. It's a haven for creativity and self-discovery, yet parking may be an issue along Wellington St. and its local precinct. To keep the campus open to everyone, accessibility is key; each building has been designed with disabled individuals in mind, with dedicated parking available onsite. As part of their commitment to inclusivity, Collarts also provides specialised support services for students living with disabilities, a testament to their dedication to offering equal opportunities for all.

Collarts is a place of welcome for people from all backgrounds, where mutual learning and respect are strongly encouraged. As such, the university takes steps to ensure equal opportunities for everyone while also continuously monitoring the participation and achievements of disadvantaged equity groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Moreover, Collarts provides tailored learning support services that accommodate individual needs in order to create an environment where inclusivity and acceptance thrive.

At Collarts, the student experience is enriched by a range of events and activities that bring everyone together. From free activations to networking opportunities and social occasions, Collarts creates an atmosphere of connection and community. Furthermore, special moments such as NAIDOC Week, Pride Month, International Women's Day, and Mental Health Month are given particular attention in order to foster respect and promote kindness amongst all its members.

Collarts is a revolutionary environment, brimming with opportunities and top-notch facilities. From recording studios to post-production facilities and performance spaces, students have access to some of the most advanced technology available. But it doesn't stop there; Collarts has also forged relationships in the industry, allowing students to gain invaluable real-world experiences that can set them up for future success. Computer labs are abuzz with creativity as dreams come alive, and ideas become reality. It's an educational ecosystem unlike any other—one where artistry discovers its voice.

Collarts is an excellent venue for international students looking for life-changing educational opportunities. Bachelor's degrees and diplomas at the graduate level open access to rewarding career prospects in the creative sector. Students can customise their learning experiences with the use of flexible online and mixed learning choices. Collarts gives students the tools they need through accelerated learning packages so they may start their professions earlier.

Campus Location

Collarts, the Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd., is expertly situated in invigorating city centres, giving students an energising and rousing atmosphere for learning. Offering four convenient campuses around Australia, Collarts provides convenience to international scholars searching for a creative education down under.

International students can make the most of their studies at their campuses, all of which are located in areas with a wealth of cultural activities. Melbourne is home to three of them and is celebrated as Australia's centre of culture, known especially for its bustling arts and entertainment offerings. The fourth campus is situated on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, an area beloved by locals and visitors alike due to its artistic flair and diverse collection of galleries, cafes, and places where you can hear music live.

Study Areas

International students have a wide selection of academic options at Collarts to explore and pursue their interests in the arts. Their undergraduate courses are meticulously designed to suit the requirements of the industry since Collarts believe in offering actual career pathways into the creative sector.

Students can choose from a diverse range of study areas, including:

2D Animation: Dive into the world of animation and learn the techniques and tools required to bring characters and stories to life.

Acting: Develop your acting skills and explore various techniques under the guidance of experienced industry professionals.

Advertising: Gain a deep understanding of the advertising industry and learn to create compelling campaigns that resonate with audiences.

Animation and VFX: Learn the art of visual effects and animation and master the tools used in the film, television, and gaming industries.

Audio Engineering: Immerse yourself in the world of sound and learn to create professional-quality audio recordings and mixes.

Comedy: Hone your comedic skills and learn the art of stand-up comedy, sketch writing, improvisation, and comedic performance.

Digital and Social Media: Explore the ever-evolving landscape of digital and social media marketing and learn to create engaging content that captures attention.

Entertainment Journalism: Develop your journalistic skills and specialise in reporting on the entertainment industry, including music, film, television, and more.

Fashion Marketing: Combine your love for fashion and marketing by learning the intricacies of promoting and selling fashion products in a competitive market.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Collarts, fostering a diverse and equitable community is at the forefront of their ethos. They endeavour to create an atmosphere of mutual learning and appreciation in which students from all walks of life feel embraced. The college's commitment to diversity also carries over into its business practices, guaranteeing equality for all in terms of opportunity.

At Collarts, they are committed to making sure that every student can access quality learning support services tailored exactly to their respective course requirements and individual needs. To assist in achieving this goal, there is a specialised Student Services that provides academic support, professional counselling, and extra assistance for students with disabilities.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Collarts is cognizant of the value of an invigorated student population. The university recognises that a superior education involves more than academic studies; for this reason, they have created various student clubs and organisations to amplify the student experience.

Students at Collarts have the chance to interact, work together, and explore their interests outside of the classroom through a variety of groups and organisations. A variety of hobbies are represented by these student-run organisations, including music, film, photography, drama, fashion, and more. They plan activities, classes, and performances that let students share their skills and interact with others who share their interests.

Campus Facilities

Across its five campuses, Collarts offers top-notch, professional facilities. For students to expand their creative abilities and get practical experience, access to modern facilities is essential.

Their campuses feature:

Recording Studios: their recording studios, which feature cutting-edge technology, give students a chance to learn about music creation, sound engineering, and audio post-production.

Facilities for Post-Production: In their specialised spaces, students can work on projects, including video editing, visual effects, and post-production.

Performance Spaces: their performance spaces offer a stage for students to express their artistic abilities. They are intended for live performances, rehearsals, and showcases.

Computer laboratories: their computer laboratories support coursework in digital art, animation, and design. They are outfitted with industry-standard software and hardware.

Classrooms: their classrooms offer students a comfortable learning environment and are furnished with contemporary teaching aids.

Alumni Network

A powerful and engaged alumni network at Collarts serves as a platform for the accomplishments of their graduates in the creative sectors.

Their graduates have achieved success working in a variety of creative industries at places, including digital firms, interior design studios, music production organisations, and more.

Both current students and graduates can benefit from the continuous support and networking possibilities offered by the Collarts alumni network. It acts as a hub for networking, career development, and mentoring.

Why Study at Collarts?

Collarts provides some strong justifications for why international students ought to think about enrolling with them:

Tertiary-level bachelor's degrees and diplomas: Collarts provides university-level qualifications that pave the way for job opportunities in the creative industry.

Flexible online and blended study options: Collarts offers flexible study options, allowing international students to choose between online, on-campus, or blended learning, depending on their circumstances.

World-class industry-standard facilities: Collarts campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, mirroring the professional environments found in the creative industry.

Industry collaborations and placements: Collarts has developed extensive networks within the entertainment and arts industries. This hands-on experience sets their students apart and enhances their employability.

Support with fees: Collarts offers government FEE-HELP, which is the equivalent of HECS for private institutions. This means that eligible students can defer their tuition fees, removing the financial burden upfront.

Campuses offering this course
Brunswick Street Campus - Collarts - Collarts

209 Brunswick St,, Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065 Australia

View on map About Campus

Brunswick St is our dedicated music campus. Finding a space to rehearse or record in is made easy here, with many studios and equipment available for students studying Music Performance, Audio Engineering, and Music Production.

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Wellington Street Campus - Collarts - Collarts

208 Wellington Street, Collingwood, Victoria, 3066 Australia

View on map About Campus

Our main Wellington street campus is the former Independence Australia building and has been purpose built for persons with disabilities. It is the main campus, located in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant music and arts scene in Collingwood.

See all courses at this campus
Cromwell Street Campus - Collarts - Collarts

67/69 Cromwell St,, Collingwood, Victoria, 3066 Australia

View on map About Campus

Cromwell St is a campus dedicated to design and media. With a modern aesthetic, it’s filled with natural light and bright, open spaces perfect for collaboration in Interior Design, Digital & Social Media, and more.

See all courses at this campus
George Street Campus - Collarts - Collarts

2/156 George St, Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065 Australia

View on map About Campus

George St is our second-largest campus, located between Wellington St campus and Brunswick St campus. This expansive campus hosts many courses, including Fashion Marketing, Fashion & Sustainability, Comedy, and more.

See all courses at this campus

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