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This advanced diploma follows on from the SIT50422 Diploma in Hospitality Management and offers an exceptional learning experience for students dedicated to a successful career in hospitality management. Setting you up for management roles across a range of venues and companies, youll uncover the unique skills required for delivering exceptional hospitality. The course will expand your understanding of hospitality and allow you to explore theoretical concepts to support your hospitality expertise. Youll develop key skills in business planning, asset management, finance, human resources and marketing to open a wide variety of employment opportunities.

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July, 2024

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  • 1.5 Years duration

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William Angliss Institute of TAFE holds the esteemed position of being Australia's largest specialist centre for food, tourism, hospitality, and events education and training. With a history spanning over 80 years, the institute has solidified its reputation as a leader in the industry, producing graduates who excel in various sectors worldwide.

The institute prides itself on its passionate and dedicated team, comprised of industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience. Their commitment to delivering training of the highest standard is evident through their long-standing industry ties and deep connections within the field. In fact, an impressive 86.3% of employers have expressed their recommendation for William Angliss Institute, highlighting the institute's credibility and the quality of its graduates.

Recognised as the Large Training Provider of the Year at the 2021 Australian Training Awards, William Angliss Institute has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence in education. The institute offers a comprehensive range of programs to both local and international students, catering to diverse learning needs and goals. Whether students are seeking short courses, VET in Schools, traineeships and apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas, or even graduate and postgraduate degrees, William Angliss Institute provides tailored training to suit every individual's aspirations.

The institute's main campus, strategically located in the heart of Melbourne, serves as a hub of learning and innovation. Complementing this flagship campus are additional facilities in Sydney, along with offices in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, ensuring accessibility to students across metropolitan and regional areas in Australia. William Angliss Institute's reach extends beyond the borders, with joint-venture campuses in China, a Tourism Continuing Education & Training (CET) Centre in Singapore, a partnership in Sri Lanka, and two partnerships along with a representative office in Vietnam. These international collaborations allow the institute to continuously expand its program offerings and global presence.

The success of William Angliss Institute is evident through the positive outcomes achieved by its students. According to the National Centre for Vocational Education and Training, an impressive 84.7% of students who completed a course at the institute expressed their willingness to recommend it to others. The satisfaction rate among graduates with their overall training stands at an impressive 89%, surpassing the average for TAFE Institutes in Victoria and TAFE Institutes Australia. Additionally, 85.4% of course completers were either employed or pursuing further study after their training, showcasing the institute's commitment to delivering practical and career-oriented education.

As part of its strategic plan for 2021-2023, William Angliss Institute aims to uphold educational excellence, enhance student experiences, foster partnerships, drive international development, promote innovation, and prioritise sustainability. The Institute aspires to be the first choice educational provider for food, tourism, hospitality, and events in Australia and internationally across all its locations.

William Angliss Institute of TAFE has earned its reputation as Australia's leading institution for education and training in the fields of foods, tourism, hospitality, and events. With a focus on educational excellence, industry partnerships, and international development, the institute continues to inspire and empower students while making significant contributions to the industry. By choosing William Angliss Institute, students embark on a journey that equips them with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to excel in their chosen careers and make a lasting impact in the world of hospitality and culinary arts.

Campus Location

At William Angliss Institute, students have the privilege of studying in vibrant and dynamic cities, where the urban landscape becomes their classroom. With campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, the institute offers an immersive learning experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.

Melbourne campus, situated in the heart of the CBD on La Trobe Street, allows students to embrace the essence of Australia's food and events capital. As a city renowned for its culinary scene and thriving events industry, Melbourne provides the perfect backdrop for students to launch their careers in the experience industry. Surrounded by bustling business districts, an array of restaurants, bars, accommodation options, and iconic event venues, students at William Angliss Institute are exposed to incredible opportunities for both work and play. The city itself becomes an integral part of the learning experience, with endless avenues for exploration and hands-on industry exposure.

With a history spanning over 80 years, William Angliss Institute has deep roots in Melbourne, earning a well-deserved reputation for delivering world-class hospitality training. The institute's connection to the city runs deep, and its graduates are highly regarded for their exceptional skills and passion for the dynamic industry.

In addition to the Melbourne campus, William Angliss Institute also offers a campus in Sydney, allowing students to explore another iconic Australian city while pursuing their studies. Studying in Sydney opens doors to a wealth of experiential opportunities, as well as the chance to gain world-recognised qualifications. From the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to the stunning shores of Bondi Beach, the city offers a blend of adventure, culinary delights, and show-stopping events. With Angliss's commitment to experiential learning, industry partnerships, and insider experiences, students in Sydney get to delve beyond the surface and truly experience the best that this beautiful city has to offer.

Whether students choose to study at the Melbourne campus or embark on their educational journey in Sydney, they can expect a dynamic and enriching experience. The campuses serve as gateways to a world of possibilities, where students are immersed in vibrant environments that reflect the essence of the hospitality, tourism, and events industries.

By choosing William Angliss Institute, students not only receive top-notch education and training but also have the unique opportunity to learn and thrive in two of Australia's most exciting cities. The campuses become the launching pads for their careers, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and real-world experiences needed to excel in the ever-evolving world of hospitality, tourism, and events.

Study Areas

At William Angliss Institute of TAFE, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of endless possibilities and embark on a journey of education and skill development in the fields of foods, tourism, hospitality, events, and hotel management. With a rich legacy of over 80 years and a reputation as Australia's largest specialist centre for foods, tourism, hospitality, and events education and training, William Angliss Institute offers comprehensive programs that prepare students for successful careers in these vibrant industries.


If you have a deep love for food and thrive in a fast-paced, creative environment, studying food at William Angliss Institute opens the door to a long and fulfilling career in an industry known for its energy and creativity. Whether your passion lies in butchery, baking, patisserie, culinary arts, or food technology, the institute's food courses provide you with the essential skills and knowledge for a rewarding career with global potential.

At William Angliss, they understand that the key ingredients for success in the food industry are passion, innovation, and dedication. Through their comprehensive programs, students are equipped with the practical skills and theoretical foundations needed to excel in their chosen field. From mastering the art of cooking to understanding the intricacies of food science and technology, students are immersed in a supportive and dynamic learning environment that nurtures their talents and prepares them for the demands of the industry.


If you have a love for travel and aspire to work in an industry that combines your passion with endless possibilities, studying tourism at William Angliss Institute is a perfect choice. The institute offers a comprehensive program that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the competitive experience industry.

Through local excursions, placement opportunities, and recruitment sessions with leading travel institutions, students gain firsthand experience and insights into the world of travel and tourism. Whether your dream is to work with a travel agency, an airline, an international resort, or a tour operator, the skills acquired at William Angliss Institute will empower you to pursue your career ambitions anywhere in the world.


Hospitality is both an art and a sought-after skillset, and studying hospitality at William Angliss Institute offers rewarding career opportunities for those who possess a warm smile, seamless service, and a genuine passion for creating memorable experiences. As Australia's largest hospitality training provider with a legacy of over 80 years, William Angliss Institute has forged strong industry partnerships, providing students with unique work placement and experiential opportunities.

The institute's hospitality courses combine theoretical foundations with practical training, ensuring graduates are well-rounded professionals capable of excelling in various hospitality settings. Whether your interest lies in hotel management, event planning, culinary arts, or restaurant management, the comprehensive approach of William Angliss Institute's hospitality programs nurtures your talents and equips you with the necessary skills to succeed.


For those who thrive in an atmosphere filled with energy and have a passion for creating inspiring experiences, launching an events career by studying at William Angliss Institute is a step towards a fulfilling future. As Australia's premier experience industry institute, the institute's events training programs have earned multiple awards, positioning graduates for success in this rapidly growing industry.

Combining classroom study with work placements and industry-based trips, William Angliss events graduates are exceptionally well-prepared to navigate the demands of the events industry. The institute's industry connections provide students with hands-on experience, allowing them to apply their skills and knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Diversity and Inclusion

William Angliss Institute prides itself on fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment. The institute believes that diversity enriches the educational experience and prepares students to succeed in a multicultural society. At William Angliss Institute, students from all backgrounds, cultures, and identities are welcomed and valued.

William Angliss Institute's commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond the classroom. The institute actively supports various cultural and community events, providing students with opportunities to engage with different cultures and traditions. Students have the chance to participate in multicultural festivals, culinary showcases, and cultural exchange programs, further enhancing their cultural awareness and appreciation.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Immersing yourself in the vibrant student life at William Angliss Institute goes beyond academics. One of the best ways to enhance your campus experience is by joining one of the many student clubs and societies available. These clubs, run by students for students with the support of Student Services, provide a platform for you to connect with like-minded individuals, engage in activities, and participate in exciting events throughout the semester. 

Angliss Wine Society

The Angliss Wine Society is a vibrant community within William Angliss Institute that celebrates the world of fine wine and the art of pairing. This student-run club provides an exciting platform for wine enthusiasts to come together, share their passion, and expand their knowledge in a fun and engaging way. With a variety of on and off-campus events throughout the year, members of the Angliss Wine Society are treated to unique wine tastings, workshops, and even a Yarra Valley Wine Tour (when permitted).

Wai Pride Club 

The WAI Pride Club is a supportive and inclusive community within William Angliss Institute that provides a safe space for individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ and those who support them. This student-led club aims to foster a sense of belonging, raise awareness, and promote inclusivity throughout the institute.

Joining the WAI Pride Club allows students to connect with peers who share a common interest in promoting LGBTQIA+ rights, acceptance, and understanding. The club organises various events, discussions, and initiatives to create a positive impact within the institute and beyond. Whether you identify as LGBTQIA+ or are an ally, the WAI Pride Club welcomes everyone who is interested in joining the cause.

Angliss Gastronomic Society 

For those who have a deep passion for the culinary arts and a curiosity for emerging dining techniques, the Angliss Gastronomic Society is the perfect club to satisfy your interests. This student-driven club brings together individuals who are enthusiastic about exploring the world of fine dining, connecting with industry experts, and embracing Australian culinary heritage.

Campus Facilities

At William Angliss Institute, students have access to a range of modern campus facilities designed to enhance their learning experience and provide a comfortable environment for their studies. The institute takes pride in offering state-of-the-art facilities that reflect industry standards and provides hands-on training opportunities. Here are some notable facilities available on campus:

Super Kitchen Training Kitchens: Equipped with advanced culinary equipment and spacious workstations, the super kitchen training kitchens provide students with a professional setting to develop their culinary skills and techniques. These well-designed kitchens are essential for practical training in the culinary arts.

Bright Street Front Cafe: The campus features a vibrant street-front cafe where students can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, delicious snacks, and meals prepared by aspiring culinary and hospitality professionals. It serves as a bustling hub for students and staff, fostering a sense of community and providing a space for relaxation and social interaction.

Large Training Restaurant with Balcony Dining: The institute boasts a large training restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. With its balcony dining area, guests can enjoy their meals while taking in the scenic views of the surrounding campus. This restaurant serves as a training ground for students to practice their hospitality skills, providing them with real-life experience in a professional setting.

Full Training Bar: The campus features a full training bar where students can gain hands-on experience in bartending and mixology. It is equipped with a wide selection of beverages, allowing students to practice crafting cocktails and providing them with the necessary skills to excel in the hospitality industry.

Dynamic Mix of Formal and Informal Learning Spaces: To cater to different learning styles and preferences, the campus provides a dynamic mix of formal and informal learning spaces. Students have access to well-equipped classrooms, collaborative study areas, and breakout spaces where they can engage in group discussions, independent study, and project work.

Relaxed Student Break-Out Spaces: Recognizing the importance of work-life balance and student well-being, the campus offers relaxed student break-out spaces. These areas provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for students to unwind, socialise, or engage in leisure activities during their breaks.

Additionally, William Angliss Institute operates two distinct dining establishments that contribute to the practical training and educational experience of its students:

Angliss Restaurant: The Angliss Restaurant showcases the institute's commitment to hospitality and professionalism. Operated by cookery and hospitality students, the restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with a menu showcasing their culinary skills. The attentive service and warm atmosphere make it an ideal venue to savour delectable dishes prepared by future industry leaders. The fully licensed restaurant also offers a selection of beers, spirits, and wines for guests to enjoy, including speciality mocktail beverages created by the students.

Restaurant Rubric: Located in Alexandria, Restaurant Rubric is a student-run restaurant that serves as a unique and affordable dining option. By dining at Restaurant Rubric, guests directly contribute to the student's learning experience, supporting their development as aspiring chefs and hospitality professionals. The restaurant aims to provide quality meals while offering students an opportunity to refine their skills and showcase their creativity in a real-world setting.

Angliss Bistro: The Angliss Bistro is a popular spot for students to relax during their lunch break or enjoy a morning coffee while catching up on the day's news. With its inviting ambience and convenient location on campus, it serves as a gathering place for students to socialise and recharge before or after their classes.

Alumni Network

William Angliss Institute takes pride in its strong and supportive alumni community known as Angliss Alumni. This vibrant network serves as a valuable link between industry professionals, current students, and graduates, fostering connections and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Engaging with the alumni network through events, newsletters, and various initiatives enables alumni to develop their skills, expand their industry networks, and stay connected with the institute. As a graduate of William Angliss Institute, individuals automatically become members of Angliss Alumni, while institute staff can join the community by contacting the Alumni office directly.

Alumni Benefits

Being part of the Angliss Alumni community comes with a range of benefits designed to support alumni in their ongoing professional development and connection to the institute. Some of the key benefits include:

Short Courses at Angliss: Angliss Alumni enjoy a generous 25% discount on Short Courses offered by William Angliss Institute. This provides an excellent opportunity for alumni to enhance their skills and knowledge in specific areas of interest. By utilising the discount code ALUM25 during the booking process, alumni can avail themselves of this exclusive offer.

Angliss Restaurant & Angliss Bistro: Alumni and their families can indulge in culinary delights while enjoying a special 20% discount at Angliss Bistro, Angliss Restaurant, and Café Imparo (located at Sydney's Campus). To take advantage of this discount, alumni simply need to mention the discount code ANGLISS ALUM when making a booking at the Angliss Restaurant.

Library Membership: Graduates of William Angliss Institute are eligible for Alumni membership at the Learning Resource Centre (Library). This membership provides access to valuable resources for a period of 12 months from the registration date. To register, alumni are required to pay a fee of $55.00 (incl. GST) and present a photo ID along with evidence of Alumni membership.

Why Study At William Angliss Institute of TAFE?

  • Practical Approach: William Angliss Institute emphasises hands-on training, ensuring students acquire real-world skills that are highly valued by employers.
  • Industry Recognition: With a long-standing reputation in the hospitality and culinary industry, the institute is recognised as a leading institution for producing top-tier professionals.
  • Expert Faculty: Students learn from experienced faculty members who are industry experts, providing valuable insights and guidance throughout their educational journey.
  • Student Support Services: The institute offers comprehensive support services, including career counselling, academic assistance, and health and well-being resources, to ensure students thrive both academically and personally.
  • Networking Opportunities: William Angliss Institute provides ample opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals through events, guest lectures, and industry partnerships, paving the way for valuable networking connections.
  • Cultural Immersion: Studying at William Angliss Institute in the vibrant city of Sydney allows international students to immerse themselves in a multicultural environment, gaining exposure to diverse cultures and cuisines.
  • Alumni Benefits: Upon graduation, students can enjoy exclusive alumni benefits, such as discounts on short courses, dining experiences, and access to the institute's library resources.

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Melbourne Campus - William Angliss Institute of TAFE Victoria - William Angliss Institute of TAFE Victoria

555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 Australia

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William Angliss Institutes main campus at Melbourne is the largest specialist facility for hospitality, foods, tourism and events in Australia. The fully-equipped campus is strategically placed in the Central Business District. The campus is arranged within the free tram zone and is effectively reached via train, bus and tram.

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