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TOEFL Reading Test For Vietnamese Students

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Blog Summary Get ready to ace the TOEFL reading test! This initial part of the TOEFL exam measures your reading skills and takes 54-72 minutes. To succeed, grasp academic and non-academic texts, touching on art, history, science, and business. Aim for a score between 24-30 (advanced level) or 18-23 (high-intermediate level) to shine. The TOEFL reading format covers vocabulary and passages. Strengthen with practice tests and reading widely. To know more, keep reading.

The TOEFL reading test is the first component of the TOEFL exam. This section evaluates an individual's reading proficiency using various benchmarks. The amount of time permitted for completing this task is between 54-72 minutes. With a comprehensive study plan and a well-planned schedule, you will be able to prepare well before the TOEFL exam. Read on and learn more about what to expect in this part of the exam.

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TOEFL Reading Overview

When you take the TOEFL test, clearly understanding what will be asked in its reading section is essential. Achieving a good score in TOEFL's reading section requires a mastery of both academic and non-academic texts. While some questions might be tricky, with enough practice, any test taker can do well in this part. All reading materials are taken from university-level textbooks, providing a multifaceted look at different fields like art, history, science, and business.

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How is TOEFL Reading Scored? 

Having a well-thought-out study plan is crucial to achieving an optimal score in the TOEFL reading section. The total score parameter for the TOEFL reading section is 30. It is possible to get a good score depending on one's level of proficiency, which ranges from low to advanced. The details regarding how the TOEFL reading section is assessed can be found in the table provided below.

TOEFL Section

TOEFL Reading Score Chart

Proficiency Level

TOEFL Reading

TOEFL Reading Score Range is 0–30

Advanced Level (24–30)

High-Intermediate Level (18–23)

Low-Intermediate Level (4–17)

Below Low-Intermediate Level (0–3)

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TOEFL Reading Format 

TOEFL Reading Format



  • For the given word, select the most similar option from the list of words given to you.

TOEFL General Reading: Daily Life

  • In this exercise, a text of between 15 and 150 words will be given to read. 
  • The text can include social media posts, menus, posters or news articles.
  • Additionally, 2-4 multiple-choice questions must be answered.

TOEFL Academic Reading: Tables

  • You will be given to read short academic texts in a grid layout.
  • This summarised information is taken from various sources, such as websites, newspapers, textbooks and magazines.
  • Every table contains up to 85 words comprised of four questions. Each question has three options: True, False or Not Stated.

TOEFL Academic Reading: Reading Passages

  • Test-takers are often presented with a TOEFL reading passage written at a college or university level.
  • These passages can cover an array of topics, including art, history, science and business.
  • In general, these texts are around 200 words, with six questions to answer afterwards.

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TOEFL Reading Practice Test 

By taking a TOEFL Reading Practice Test, you can strengthen your ability to understand academic texts. In this assessment, you will be given a passage and asked related questions. These exercises make it easy to identify where you need more work and then make improvements.

One of the most effective ways to improve your reading skills is to read as much as possible. This can include books, newspapers and blogs. To further hone your reading skills, complete all three practice tests that are available below, and you need to complete them within 20 minutes each.

Practice Test 1 

Practice Test 2 

Practice Test 3 

TOEFL Reading Tips

  1. Having a regular reading routine is the key.
  2. Improve your language skills by learning new vocabulary.
  3. Be aware of the modifiers when going through answer choices.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the types of questions on the ETS reading test.
  5. It is essential to comprehend why certain words or phrases are incorrect.
  6. Beginning with shorter passages could be a great way to hone your reading skills.
  7. Using a timer while practising is recommended to improve your passage-reading skills.
  8. Once you briefly glance over the passages, read through them again and try to identify the primary concept of the passage.
  9. You can incorporate reading from other sources such as blogs, magazines and newspapers, allowing you to improve your reading speed and fluency gradually.
  10. Developing reading capabilities in a wide array of topics is essential. The topics include arts, sciences, history and business, which can be improved by regularly consuming study materials such as academic textbooks.

TOEFL Reading Preparation 

  1. Set reasonable objectives for yourself related to reading speed, accuracy and fluency.
  2. Before beginning your test preparation, familiarising yourself with the TOEFL exam structure is essential. 
  3. One of the best ways to improve your TOEFL scores is to identify and work on your weaker areas. 
  4. A study plan can be a great idea for achieving this goal – ensure it is comprehensive and covers all relevant topics.
  5. Obtaining materials from renowned authors or directly from the official TOEFL website is an excellent way to prepare for the reading portion of the examination. 

TOEFL Reading Passages 

TOEFL reading passages allow test takers to prove their reading capabilities. The questions are taken from various academic textbooks. Those seeking TOEFL reading practice can refer to these textbooks and even access three free practice tests on TOEFL's website.

TOEFL Reading Book PDF (Practice) 

If you are preparing for TOEFL, using practice tests from academic textbooks can be a great way to understand what questions will be asked. Below is a link to the TOEFL iBT reading practice test PDF that provides three practice tests to help you prepare. Take advantage of these resources to improve your chances of getting your desired TOEFL test scores.

Click this link for TOEFL Reading Book PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

How to master skills for the TOEFL iBT reading?

It is important to habitually complete reading practice tests from the ETS website to boost your TOEFL iBT reading skills. In addition, taking time to read academic books, blog posts, newspapers, and magazines can be beneficial in increasing your proficiency.