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Top Marine Transportation Courses for Filipino Students

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Blog Summary Embark on a thrilling journey with marine transportation courses! Explore the world's waters, cultures, and lucrative careers. Pursue a Bachelor's in Marine Transportation to become a professional deck officer. With sea trade booming, demand for experts is soaring. Discover eligibility requirements, job prospects, and salaries. Topics covered: Marine Transportation essentials, subjects (like ship handling, meteorology), eligibility (high school grad, health certificate), top courses (USA, UK), salaries abroad (Australia, USA, etc.), and roles (Customs Officer, Marine Surveyor). Sail into a bright future today!

Top Marine Transportation Courses for Filipino Students 

What if we told you can travel across charted waters, explore different cultures and at the same time get paid generously? That is the career of a marine transportation course graduate. You can also set sail to this dream career by pursuing a Bachelor's in Marine Transportation. With almost 90% of trade done through sea routes, the demand for professionals in this field is rising. This blog will cover everything you need to know about Marine transportation, from the eligibility requirements to apply for the course to the various job opportunities and salaries you can earn in this field.

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What is Marine Transportation Course

Marine Transportation is a four-year degree that will train you to become a professional marine deck officer. During your Bachelor’s in Marine Transportation studies, you'll gain valuable skills and knowledge in seamanship, navigation, ship business, meteorology and marine law. You'll also be able to put your theoretical education into practice, giving you the confidence and experience to embark on your maritime career. Marine transportation programs typically include classroom instruction, hands-on training in special laboratories, and simulation activities using modern ship equipment like RADAR, ARPA and GMDSS communications.

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Marine Transportation Course Subjects List for Filipino Students

  • Shipboard Personnel Management
  • Basic Marine Engineering
  • Ships, Ship Routines, and Construction
  • Cargo Handling and Storage
  • Ship Handling and Maneuvering
  • Meteorology and Oceanography
  • Radio Communication
  • Deck Watchkeeping
  • Terrestrial Navigation
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Celestial Navigation
  • Maritime Laws
  • Marine Pollution and Prevention

Eligibility Requirements for Marine Transportation Courses

As a Filipino student applying for a Bachelor’s in Marine Transportation, here are some of the eligibility requirements you need to fulfil:

  • Must be a high school graduate with grades that meet the standardised test scores for Marine Transportation. 
  • Should have a good conduct certificate from all institutions. 
  • Candidates should submit their health certificate and medical laboratory test results. 
  • Applicants should submit a resume highlighting their leadership qualities and previous association with the maritime industry. 
  • The crew on all ship types require a minimum level of English to meet the competencies of their rank.

Top Marine Transportation Courses List for Filipino Students

01. Bachelor’s in Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation Course duration: Four terms at sea, including one aboard a commercial vessel

University: Massachusetts Maritime Academy, USA

About the course: 

Cadets who sign up for this Marine Transportation course develop skills to become licensed ship deck officers. Through navigation, seamanship, ship construction, ship handling and stability training, cadets gain hands-on experience by putting theoretical education into practice. The Academy offers top-notch education, state-of-the-art ship and tugboat simulators, and hands-on expertise aboard its own fleet of vessels.

To qualify as a third mate on steam or motor vessels of unlimited tonnage on the oceans, cadets must build a foundation of sea knowledge and pass examinations conducted by the United States Coast Guard. Those who complete these requirements often find management and operations positions within the intermodal, transportation, and petroleum industries.

02. Bachelor’s in Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation Course duration: 4 years 

University: Texas A&M University, USA

About the course: 

This Marine Transportation course provides a well-rounded education that encompasses the humanities, sciences, maritime disciplines, and business fundamentals related to the maritime industry. Cadets receive instruction and training both ashore and afloat, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the maritime sector. With such a broad range of knowledge, the cadets are trained to become leaders in the maritime industry.

03. Maritime Business BSc (Hons)

Marine Transportation Course duration: 4 years 

University: University of Plymouth, UK 

About the course: 

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the maritime industry plays a vital role in transporting goods and connecting people. This BSc (Hons) Maritime Business course examines this important sector's commercial, economic and operational aspects while also providing students with an understanding of the legal issues that arise in this field. With a strong reputation within the industry, this course is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. 

With its connections to numerous professional organisations, including the Nautical Institute, Export Institute, International Association of Maritime Economists, Sea Vision UK, and International Association of Maritime Universities, students at this university have ample opportunity to network and learn from diverse perspectives.

04. Bachelor’s in Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation Course duration: 4 years

University: Maine Maritime Academy, USA

About the course: 

The course teaches everything you need to know about vessel operations and navigation, as well as subjects like cargo operations, ocean science, navigation rules, ship handling, ship structure, watchkeeping, and marine communications in this Marine Transportation course. You'll study in a collaborative environment and get plenty of hands-on experience through labs and fieldwork.

Further, the University allows you to learn from experienced professionals who are licensed mariners. They understand your passion for the maritime world and will share their insights and knowledge from years of working on the water. Maine Maritime faculty are known for their groundbreaking research in the maritime field, which they present at conferences and seminars all over the globe.

05. Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation Course duration: 

University: Cal Maritime, USA 

About the course: 

A career in maritime transportation can be both exciting and rewarding. For those who wish to become licensed deck officers or shoreside maritime managers, this Marine Transportation course can offer broad industry training that will prepare them for various positions within this field. With so many options available, there is sure to be a role that suits your individual skills and interests. Positions are available in vessel operations, ship's agency, marine insurance, stevedoring, charter brokering, and federal employment. This course prepares students to take the U.S. Coast Guard STCW licensing exam for Third Mate and Officer in Charge of the Navigational Watch.

Marine Transportation Salaries Abroad 


Approx. Salary

Marine transportation professional salary in Australia

AUD 72,000

Marine transportation professional salary in New Zealand

NZD 84,000

Marine transportation professional salary in the USA

USD 85,300

Marine transportation professional salary in Canada

CAD 83,900

Marine transportation professional salary in the UK

GBP 30,800

Marine Transportation Jobs for Filipino Students

Once you graduate with a Marine Transportation degree, you will become eligible to apply for the following positions and more: 

  • Deckhand
  • Steward 
  • Customs and Border Protection Officer 
  • Logistics Coordinator 
  • Marine Surveyor 
  • Marine Underwriter 
  • Deep Sea Ship’s Officer 
  • Inland Mariner 
  • Ship Broker/Charterer 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation?

A bachelor's degree in Marine Transportation provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the maritime industry. The program focuses on navigation, cargo handling and storage, and ship operations. Students spend their first year of study completing academic coursework, followed by a one-year cadetship onboard a vessel.

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