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Study PGDM in Canada as an International Student

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Blog Summary Looking to pursue a PGDM in Canada? Discover top B-schools offering diverse management specializations like Supply Chain Management, Healthcare Management, and more. With a 2-year study period, you can also gain up to 2 years of work permit post-graduation. PGDM, akin to MBA, equips you with practical skills for a wide range of roles. Eligibility involves a bachelor's degree, English proficiency, GRE/GMAT scores, LORs, and SOP. Applying involves selecting your course, university, interviews, and acceptance. B-schools like Humber, Centennial, and Nipissing offer courses in healthcare, business, and digital communication. Upon graduation, diverse roles beckon, such as IT Project Manager, Marketing Director, and HR Director.

How to study PGDM in Canada as an International Student?

Did you know that Canada is home to some top-ranking B-schools (Business Schools)? The B-schools offer a multi-range of management specialisations courses, such as PGDM programs for aspiring management students. By studying PGDM in Canada, students can get a work permit of a maximum of 2 years in the country and potentially work for companies like Deloitte, Tim Hortons, Accenture, Royal Bank of Canada, and Westjet. Continue reading this blog to learn more about Canada's PGDM courses and the best universities to pursue them. 

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PGDM Full Form

PGDM is the abbreviation for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. PGDM is generally a two-year business management program for aspiring management students to gain soft and technical skills related to the field of business. Students admitted to this diploma program will be exposed to management training with a practical and industry-oriented approach. Ranking of the university, accreditation, curriculum, faculty, alums, peer group, and live project opportunities are some of the criteria for choosing the right PGDM program.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM full form) and Master of Business Administration (MBA full form) are education programs catering to the same management aspiring students with slight variations. Students graduating from the PGDM program will receive a Diploma, whereas MBA graduates will receive a degree. This is because PGDM is a private business school-offered management program. However, PGDM is equivalent to MBA for all practical purposes and be used to pursue Ph.D. if done at accredited universities. 


PGDM Eligibility

Here are the PGDM eligibility criteria in Canadian universities for International students:

  • You should have a Bachelor's degree in Management or any other discipline (the specialisation requirement varies from country to country).
  • You should have secured the required score on the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE exams.
  • You should have procured a Canadian international student VISA. 
  • You should have secured GRE/GMAT score according to the university’s requirements.
  • You should submit a minimum of two letters of recommendation (LOR). (Note that this might change depending on the university of your choice).
  • You should submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP).

How to Apply for PGDM in Canada?

The following is the step-by-step application process for applying for PGDM in Canada:

  • Decide on what type of PGDM course you want to study.
  • Select the university that offers your preferred PGDM course in Canada.
  • Check the eligibility criteria, admission procedure, and the course's starting date in your chosen university.
  • Submit your application and documents required like undergraduate certificate, English proficiency certificate (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE), LOR, SOP, etc.
  • Pay application fees after completing acting the paperwork.
  • Participate in the interviews set up by the university as a part of the admission process. In these university interviews, your soft skills and communication will be assessed. 
  • If you clear the interview, the university will send you a conditional offer letter.
  • You then have to accept the offer and make the required deposit. (*note that the deposit is non-refundable).

PGDM Courses in Canada

B-schools in Canada offer multiple specialisations in management courses for students interested in pursuing a career in business management. The following table will provide you with PGDM courses in Canada, the universities that sponsor them, and the duration of each course. 

The top specialisation of PGDM Courses in Canada

PGDM Courses in Canada

PGDM Colleges in Canada


Supply Chain Management

Humber College 

1 - 2 years

Healthcare Management

Centennial College 

1 year

Human Resource Management

Nipissing University

2 Years

Event Management

Centennial College 

1 year

Health Care Management

Cape Breton University

2 year

Digital Communication Management

Fanshawe College

1 - 2 years

Hospitality Management

Seneca College 

1 - 2 years

Interactive Media Management

Algonquin College

1 year

Business Management

Cape Breton University

2 year

International Business Management

Canadian College for Higher Studies

49 Weeks

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PGDM Colleges in Canada

PGDM courses in Canada are offered (mostly) by private B-schools that are not allied to any universities. PGDM colleges in Canada are private and autonomous (to put it simply). However, these private, autonomous B-schools offer an instinctive study atmosphere with the most experienced faculty. 

Post PGDM Salary

Graduating from PGDM can help you secure a variety of employment opportunities in the job market. A typical graduate of PGDM can be employed as a Consultant, HR professional, Marketing Specialist, Executive assistant, Project Manager, etc. 

The following table will give you the top post-PGDM salary and their job titles:

PGDM Salary

Job Title

PGDM Salary

Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)

$77k - $146k (*estimated )

Senior Managing Consultant

$132k - $201k (*estimated )

Senior Project Manager, IT

$81k - $161k (*estimated )

Marketing Director

$68k - $170k (*estimated )

Human Resources (HR) Director

$62k - $145k (*estimated )

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PGDM worth doing in Canada?

Yes, it is worth pursuing PGDM in Canada because Canada has the top Business schools in the world.