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PTE Exam Results and Scoring Comparison

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Blog Summary Get ready for your academic journey with PTE Exam Scoring Comparison. If you're aiming to study in English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia, understanding PTE scores is crucial. This blog breaks it down: PTE result times, band score requirements for different study levels, and the unique scoring system. Dive into the PTE score chart for 2023 to know your English proficiency level. Learn how to calculate your PTE score using communicative and enabling skills. Remember, PTE scores are valid for 2 years, and there's a handy comparison with IELTS and TOEFL scores. Get set for success!

PTE Exam Scoring Comparison

A new year. A new academic journey. This is the right time to get your PTE scores ready for applications. Universities abroad are keen on admitting passionate students from around the world. However, there are certain requirements to join universities abroad. One such qualification is English proficiency, especially if you want to join universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking countries. This blog is curated to clear your questions about PTE results and scores. Continue reading to know PTE result time, PTE score calculator, PTE band score comparison, and more.


PTE Result Time

PTE test scores (officially) are available for people who have taken the test within 5 days of taking the test. Test takers from India (as high as 90% of them) have reported receiving the PTE score as early as 48 hours after taking the test. When your PTE score is ready, you will get an email notifying the results being published by Pearson. The email will also inform you how to check your PTE result using your Pearson web account.

PTE Band Score Requirement for Universities

Here is the PTE band score requirement for universities and other academic institutions. 

Level of Study 

Minimum PTE Band Score Requirement

Foundation Course

36 - 50

Under Graduate 

51 - 60

Post Graduate

57 - 67

PTE Scoring System

PTE tests are evaluated by computerised systems. Due to this, there are fewer errors, miscalculations, and personal biases in the evaluation that can otherwise arise in human evaluation. You take the test on a computer (at your home or one of the PTE test centres located all over the globe), and a specially designed computer program evaluates your answers. There is no human effort or interaction. 

The machine scoring system of PTE conducts two types of PTE exam scoring, and they are:

  1. Partial Credit
  2. Correct or Incorrect

Partial Credit 

Partial credit or half a score is given when the test taker gives part of the correct answer to the question. However, you are awarded no points if you give an answer with no accuracy.

Correct or Incorrect

Correct or Incorrect (Full or No credit) scoring is the second form of scoring. Here, a right answer is awarded full credit, and a wrong or partially correct answer is given no credit.  


PTE Score Chart 2023

Each PTE score in the PTE score chart indicates various English expertise of the test takers. The following table describes the proficiency possessed by each holder of a certain PTE score.

PTE Score Chart 2023

PTE Score

Description of the PTE Score

90 -85

  • You can understand virtually everything spoken or written in English.
  • You can summarise written or spoken English arguments and reconstruct them in a coherent presentation.
  • You can express yourself in English spontaneously, precisely, and fluently (even in a complex situation).

84 - 76

  • You can understand many ranges of difficult English text and recognise the nuances in their meanings.
  • You can use English effectively and flexibly for academic, professional, and social purposes.
  • You can express yourself in English spontaneously and fluently without any apparent search for expressions.

75 - 59

  • You can understand complex and abstract topics (spoken or written English) in your area of specialisation.
  • You can produce clear and comprehensive English text on various subject matters.
  • You can fluently speak and interact with native speakers without any strain.

58 - 43

  • You can understand explicit meanings of topics in academics, work, and social settings.
  • You can write English with continuity in topics of familiarity and personal interest.
  • You can describe events, experiences, dreams, hopes, and ambitions without much strain.

42 - 30

  • You can understand basic expressions and sentences in situations that are not complicated.
  • You can communicate effectively to get information in familiar situations.
  • You can describe your background, immediate matters, and environment using simple terms.

29 - 10

  • You can understand very basic terms and expressions.
  • You can introduce yourself and others in English, answer personal questions, and participate in similar conversations.
  • You can interact in very simple English if the other person speaks very slowly and clearly.

What is the Best PTE Score?

PTE Academic measures your proficiency in the English language according to global standards and assesses it on a scale of 10 to 90. Different scores in the PTE scale stand for different English proficiency levels. So, the following table will help you find the best PTE score for various requirements.

PTE Score

What it means?

CERF Equivalent

IELTS Equivalent

90 - 85

High English Proficiency


Band 9

84 - 76

More Than Any Requirement for Academic Education


Band 7 - 9

75 - 59

Good for Applying for Undergraduate Course in Any Top Universities


Band 5.5 - 6.5

58 - 43

Minimum requirement for Undergraduate Course


Band 4 - 5

42 - 30

Low for Academic Course Work or Foundation Year Course



29 - 10

Very low for Academic Course Work or Foundation Year Course



PTE Score Calculator

You will receive a PTE score report which will be broken down into 2 main contributors. These contributors are Communicative skills and Enabling skills. Your communicative skills consist of 4 main contributors: Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Reading. The enabling skills include grammar, oral fluency, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, and written discourse. 

The overall PTE score is derived by adding all the Communicative skills with the average of the Enabling skills and then dividing it by five. However, you must find the average of the Enabling skills to do this. The average of Enabling skills is derived from adding all the Enabling skills and dividing it by six. 

How to Calculate your PTE Score?

Grammar + Oral Fluency + Pronunciation + Spelling + Vocabulary + Written Discourse ÷ 6 = Average of Enabling Skills

PTE Listening + PTE Speaking + PTE Writing + PTE Reading + Average of Enabling Skills ÷ 5 = Your PTE Score

PTE Score Validity

PTE scores are valid up to 2 years from the date of taking the score. Once the two-year period is over, your PTE score will automatically be removed from your Pearson web account. Even your official PTE score report will show the validity of two years. However, for immigration purposes in Australia, the validity of the PTE score is 3 years.

PTE vs IELTS Score Comparison

If you have already taken IELTS before, you can understand your English proficiency in PTE Academics by comparing the PTE Band score and IELTS score.

PTE Band Score

IELTS Band Score





















PTE vs TOEFL Score Comparison

If you have already taken TOEFL before, you can understand your English proficiency in PTE Academics by comparing the PTE Band score and TOEFL score.

PTE Score

























Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good PTE score?
Students are eligible to apply to universities abroad with a PTE score of 57 to 67. 60 to 51 is acceptable for undergraduate programs, and 36 to 50 is good for foundation programs. However, 85 to 90 is the highest score to get in a PTE exam (but this is not required for any academic program or visa).
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