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Study in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, with its iconic skyline shaped by avant-garde architecture, is not just a bustling port city. It's a global nexus for education, innovation, and culture. As the Netherlands' second-largest city, Rotterdam blends its rich maritime history with a forward-looking vision, making it an enticing destination for international students. Here are compelling reasons why Rotterdam should be on the radar of every aspiring student from around the world.

Why Study in Rotterdam?

Global Hub: It's strategic location makes it a global business and logistics hub.

Global Hub: It's strategic location makes it a global business and logistics hub.

Innovative Programs: Choose from a wide range of cutting-edge academic programs.

Innovative Programs: Choose from a wide range of cutting-edge academic programs.

Top Universities: Home to prestigious institutions like Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Top Universities: Home to prestigious institutions like Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Student-Friendly: Affordable living costs and excellent public transportation.

Student-Friendly: Affordable living costs and excellent public transportation.

Top Universities in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, a city synonymous with innovation and diversity, is home to educational institutions that mirror these values. Its universities are not only renowned for their academic prowess but also for their role in shaping future leaders, researchers, and visionaries. Below is an overview of the top universities in Rotterdam:


Founded In

Notable Programs

Unique Features

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)


Business, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences

Home to the prestigious Rotterdam School of Management. Strong focus on research and sustainability.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences


Engineering, Business, Health, Arts

Emphasizes practical learning and real-world applications. Collaborations with local industries.

Willem de Kooning Academy


Fine Arts, Design, Media

Known for its innovative approach to arts and design education. Vibrant student exhibitions.

Codarts Rotterdam


Music, Dance, Circus

Offers high-quality arts programs with an international focus. Rich performance culture.

Cost of Studying in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, with its iconic port and modern skyline, isn't just a city of architectural marvels and cultural vibrancy; it's also a city of academic dreams. While Rotterdam promises a rich learning experience, understanding the financial nuances of studying here is paramount for international students. The good news is, that Rotterdam offers competitive pricing in the European academic arena. Here's a breakdown of the typical costs to give you a clear picture of your investment in this dynamic Dutch city:

Expense Category

Estimated Cost (Annual in EUR)


Tuition (Undergraduate)

€6,000 - €15,000

Fees can vary significantly based on the course and institution. Non-EU/EEA students generally pay higher tuition.

Tuition (Postgraduate)

€8,000 - €20,000

Course-specific fees can vary. Scholarships may be available to reduce costs.

Doctoral Degrees

€15,000 - €25,000

Funding and research grants can often offset these costs.


€7,000 - €12,000

Rent can vary based on location (city center vs. outskirts) and type (shared vs. studio).


€1,200 - €2,400

Includes water, electricity, heating, and internet.

Groceries & Food

€2,400 - €4,000

Eating out frequently can increase this cost.


€600 - €1,000

A bike is a popular and cost-effective mode of transport in Rotterdam.

Books & Supplies

€500 - €1,500

Digital resources and second-hand books can help manage this expense.

Leisure & Personal

€1,500 - €3,000

Includes activities like dining out, movies, sightseeing, and other personal expenses. Varies greatly by individual.

Popular Activities to do in Rotterdam

While Rotterdam's academic institutions promise rigorous intellectual engagement, the city itself offers a plethora of activities to ensure a balanced and exhilarating student life. This dynamic city's energy, coupled with its rich tapestry of history and modernity, promises an adventure at every corner. Here are some must-explore activities and experiences for international students in Rotterdam:

  • Marvel at the iconic Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen) – a testament to Rotterdam's innovative spirit.
  • Visit the Markthal, a blend of art, food, and architecture, with its impressive ceiling mural.
  • Take a Spido harbour tour and see the largest port in Europe up close.
  • Explore the Maritime Museum to dive deep into the city's naval history.
  • Immerse yourself in local and international art at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.
  • Attend the International Film Festival Rotterdam and celebrate global cinema.
  • Relax at the Kralingse Plas, a serene lake ideal for picnics, boating, and wind-surfing.
  • Wander through the Arboretum Trompenburg, a tranquil garden oasis in the heart of the city.
  • Stroll down Witte de Withstraat, the artsy and bohemian street filled with quirky shops and cafes.
  • Experience the bustling Blaak Market on a Saturday, where you can sample Dutch delicacies and buy fresh produce.
  • Join in the festivities during King's Day or the Summer Carnival to experience Dutch celebrations.
  • Try the Dutch snack 'bitterballen' at a local 'brown café'
  • Sample international cuisines at Fenix Food Factory, a hip market hall in Katendrecht.
  • Embrace the Dutch way of life by biking along Rotterdam's well-planned cycle paths, and exploring districts like the historic Delfshaven.
  • Discover vibrant murals and installations using the Rewriters' street art app, which guides you through the city's best urban art.

Student Life and Experiences in Rotterdam

From the moment you step into Rotterdam, you're not just entering a city; you're embarking on a journey. Here, amidst the intertwining canals and futuristic skyline, every alleyway invites exploration, every sunset at the Maas River promises reflection. For a student, Rotterdam is a canvas of experiences waiting to be painted. The city's heartbeat is palpable in the laughter echoing from the cafes of Witte de Withstraat, in the serene afternoons spent by the Kralingse Plas, and in the vibrant energy of the Summer Carnival's dancing streets. 

Weekends might find you hunting for vintage treasures at the Blaak Market, or perhaps cycling through historic Delfshaven, with its cobblestone streets narrating tales of yore. Nights in Rotterdam are a symphony of experiences - from the culinary delights of the Fenix Food Factory to the rhythmic beats of clubs like Annabel. And, amidst these adventures, what truly stands out are the friendships forged - bonds that transcend nationalities, cultures, and time zones. In Rotterdam, you don't just live; you craft stories, make memories, and weave the rich tapestry of a life well-lived.

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