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Study in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is not just a hotspot for surfers and tourists, but also a haven for students from all over the world. Located in Queensland, Australia, this coastal city is known for its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a progressive education system. The Gold Coast offers a unique blend of leisure and learning, making it a sought-after study destination.

Why Study in Gold Coast?

Quality Education: Home to institutions like Bond and Griffith University.

Quality Education: Home to institutions like Bond and Griffith University.

Accessibility: Well-connected with major Australian cities.

Accessibility: Well-connected with major Australian cities.

Active Lifestyle: Abundant outdoor and water sports activities.

Active Lifestyle: Abundant outdoor and water sports activities.

Cultural Scene: Diverse events, festivals, and arts venues.

Cultural Scene: Diverse events, festivals, and arts venues.

Top Universities in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast, often recognized for its shimmering beaches and exuberant lifestyle, is also home to some of Australia's leading academic institutions. These universities not only promise world-class education but also offer a unique setting where coastal beauty meets academic rigor. Imagine diving deep into research papers while being a stone's throw away from some of Australia's best surf spots. Gold Coast's universities are the perfect blend of sun, sea, and scholarship.




Griffith University


A research-intensive institution, Griffith University is renowned for its comprehensive programs and commitment to sustainability and social impact.

Bond University


Known for its smaller class sizes and personalized learning, Bond offers a diverse range of disciplines and boasts a strong international student community.

Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus


Part of the larger SCU network, its Gold Coast campus is celebrated for its modern facilities and courses in health, business, and education.

TAFE Queensland Gold Coast


Offering a range of vocational courses and training, TAFE ensures students gain hands-on experience and skills relevant to today's job market.

New York Film Academy Australia


This Gold Coast branch of the esteemed NYFA offers courses in filmmaking, acting, and screenwriting, leveraging Australia's growing film industry.

Cost of Studying in Gold Coast

Nestled in the southeastern corner of Queensland, the Gold Coast offers more than just its famous beaches and theme parks. For students, it provides a dynamic and international environment, teeming with opportunities for academic growth, cultural immersion, and personal development. As Australia's sixth-largest city, the Gold Coast is home to several prestigious institutions and offers a lifestyle that perfectly blends urban amenities with the charm of coastal living. However, studying abroad, especially in a city as bustling as the Gold Coast, requires planning and budgeting. Below is a table to help prospective students get an idea of the costs involved in pursuing higher education in this beautiful coastal city.

Expense Category

Estimated Cost (per annum)


Tuition (Undergraduate)

AUD 20,000 - AUD 30,000

Costs vary greatly depending on the course and institution.

Tuition (Postgraduate)

AUD 25,000 - AUD 40,000

Specific courses or specialties might have higher fees.

Doctoral Degrees

AUD 27,000 - AUD 37,000

Research-based courses might have additional costs.


AUD 10,000 - AUD 20,000

Rent varies based on location and type of accommodation (shared, private, on-campus).


AUD 1,200 - AUD 2,000

Includes electricity, water, and gas. Some accommodations might have utilities included in rent.

Groceries & Food

AUD 3,000 - AUD 7,000

Eating out is more expensive than cooking at home.


AUD 500 - AUD 1,500

Costs can be reduced with student discounts on public transport.

Books & Supplies

AUD 500 - AUD 1,500

Depending on the course, certain specialized materials might be needed.

Leisure & Personal

AUD 2,000 - AUD 5,000

Includes entertainment, personal care, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Popular Activities to do in Gold Coast

Gold Coast City, with its expansive coastline, verdant hinterland, and effervescent city life, is a treasure trove of activities for both the adrenaline junkie and the serenity seeker. Every nook and corner of this city promises an adventure or a story waiting to be discovered. Whether you're riding the crest of a wave or finding solace amidst ancient rainforests, the Gold Coast ensures memories that last a lifetime.

  • Surfing at Surfers Paradise: Dubbed the surf capital of Australia, grab a board and ride the waves or learn the craft with numerous surf schools dotting the shoreline.

  • Exploring the Hinterland: Delve deep into the lush Lamington National Park, a World Heritage site, discovering cascading waterfalls, rare birdlife, and ancient trees.

  • Theme Park Thrills: From heart-stopping roller coasters at Movie World to close encounters with marine life at Sea World, the Gold Coast is Australia's theme park hub.

  • Hot Air Ballooning: Rise with the dawn and float over the city's landscape, witnessing the hinterland, skyscrapers, and shimmering coastline from a bird's eye view.

  • Gold Coast Canal Cruises: Meander through the city's intricate canal system, admiring opulent waterfront homes and the glimmering skyline from a different vantage point.

  • Shopping at Pacific Fair: Dive into one of Australia's largest shopping centers, blending luxury brands with local boutiques, interspersed with delightful eateries.

  • Joining a Beachfront Yoga Class: Marry fitness with serenity as you practice yoga on the golden sands, with the rhythm of the waves as your soundtrack.

  • Visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: Interact with Australia's diverse wildlife, from cuddling koalas to feeding kangaroos, in this iconic conservation park.

Student Life and Experiences in Gold Coast

Student life and experiences in Gold Coast City transcend the realm of textbooks and classrooms. Drenched in sunshine and brimming with energy, the city offers a kaleidoscope of experiences tailored for the youthful spirit. For many students, mornings start with a refreshing dip in the azure waters or a jog along the sun-kissed beaches, setting the tone for the day. As the day unfolds, the numerous cafes and eateries become hubs of conversations and laughter, where global cultures meet over a cup of coffee or a plate of avo toast.

Weekends bring with them the promise of adventure. The hinterland calls out to the nature enthusiast, offering hiking trails that wind through ancient rainforests and lead to pristine waterfalls. Meanwhile, the urban heartbeats of the city reverberate in its bustling markets, art galleries, and street performances. For the nocturnal souls, Gold Coast's nightlife doesn't disappoint. From vibrant beachfront clubs where one can dance the night away to more laid-back bars with live music, there's a vibe for every mood.

Social connections thrive in this city. Events, festivals, and workshops catering to international students' diverse community are frequent, fostering friendships that often last a lifetime. Whether it's a barbeque gathering by the beach or a cultural exchange evening, shared memories are continually being crafted. In essence, being a student in Gold Coast City is about embracing a lifestyle that harmoniously melds relaxation, adventure, and rich cultural experiences.

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