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Study in Galway

Studying in Galway City is like diving into a vibrant blend of history, culture, and modern student life. Known for its lively atmosphere, Galway offers students a unique educational experience amidst cobbled streets and the breathtaking Irish coastline. However, like any city, newcomers might initially grapple with adjusting to the local dialect or finding affordable accommodation.

Why Study in Galway?

Top Institutions: Home to NUI Galway, a leader in global education.

Top Institutions: Home to NUI Galway, a leader in global education.

Diverse Programs: Wide-ranging courses from arts to sciences.

Diverse Programs: Wide-ranging courses from arts to sciences.

Picturesque Location: Located by the sea, with a blend of urban and rural settings.

Picturesque Location: Located by the sea, with a blend of urban and rural settings.

Warm Community: Friendly locals and a welcoming student environment.

Warm Community: Friendly locals and a welcoming student environment.

Top Universities in Galway

Galway City, often termed the 'Cultural Heart of Ireland', is home to prestigious universities that not only offer top-tier education but also immerse students in the city's rich heritage and vibrant arts scene. Here's a closer look at the prominent universities in this Irish gem.




National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)


With its roots stretching back to the 19th century, NUIG is an institution that blends traditional learning with modern research, attracting students globally.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)


A dynamic institution, GMIT is known for its focus on practical experience, fostering innovation and creativity in its diverse student base.

Galway Business School


Primarily focused on business and entrepreneurship, GBS provides tailored courses aiming to mould the next generation of global business leaders.

Galway Cultural Institute


Catering mainly to international students, GCI offers English language programs and cultural immersion, capitalising on Galway's rich artistic heritage.

Galway Film School


Ireland's leading film school, it offers students hands-on experience in the world of filmmaking amidst the scenic beauty of the West of Ireland.

Cost of Studying in Galway

Studying in Galway, the picturesque city on Ireland's west coast, is like living in a postcard, surrounded by its scenic beauty and vibrant culture. But, like every coin has two sides, pursuing higher education here does come with its own set of costs. Yet, Galway's charm and quality of education make every penny worth it.

Expense Category

Estimated Cost (per annum)


Tuition (Undergraduate)

€10,000 - €15,000

Fees can vary based on courses and universities. EU students often pay lower fees.

Tuition (Postgraduate)

€12,000 - €20,000

Specialised courses or prestigious universities may charge more.

Doctoral Degrees

€13,000 - €18,000

These can vary based on the research field and funding opportunities available.


€6,000 - €10,000

Living off-campus can sometimes be cheaper; sharing accommodation can significantly cut costs.


€1,200 - €1,800

Includes electricity, heating, water, and internet. Bundled services might offer savings.

Groceries & Food

€2,500 - €3,500

Cooking at home is cheaper; local markets might offer fresh produce at a lower price.


€600 - €1,000

Using student discounts on public transport can help save money.

Books & Supplies

€500 - €1,000

Purchasing second-hand books or using digital versions can be cost-effective.

Leisure & Personal

€1,500 - €2,500

This includes entertainment, personal care, and other

Popular Activities to do in Galway

Galway, fondly known as Ireland's Cultural Heart, is a vivacious city brimming with artistic vibrancy, historical wonders, and natural beauty. Here's a taste of what you can dive into when you're not immersed in your books:

  • Explore the Latin Quarter: Wander through the cobbled streets, lined with quaint shops and buzzing pubs, where live music and hearty laughter spill out onto the streets, capturing the city's essence.

  • Visit Galway Cathedral: A splendid mix of Renaissance, Gothic, and Romanesque architecture. Its impressive interiors and serene ambiance make it a haven for both history buffs and peace seekers.

  • Attend the Galway International Arts Festival: Revel in two weeks of theatre, music, dance, and visual arts. From world-class performances to street parades, it's a cultural extravaganza not to be missed.

  • Relax at Salthill Promenade: Take a leisurely walk along the beautiful coastline, enjoy the sea breeze, and if you're brave enough, take the traditional plunge from Blackrock diving board!

  • Discover Connemara National Park: A short drive from the city, it offers breathtaking landscapes of mountains, heathlands, and lakes. Perfect for hiking, picnics, and capturing stunning photographs.

  • Experience Galway's Food Scene: Delight your taste buds at the Galway Food Festival, or visit local eateries that serve everything from traditional Irish dishes to international cuisines.

  • Join the Galway Film Fleadh: A paradise for movie enthusiasts, this film festival showcases an eclectic mix of Irish and international cinema, complete with workshops and discussions.

Student Life and Experiences in Galway

In the heart of Galway, every stone and every street seems to hum with stories. For students fortunate enough to call this city their temporary home, the experience is nothing short of transformative. Imagine stepping out of a lecture, the weight of academic pressures momentarily forgotten as the infectious spirit of the city sweeps you up. You're drawn into the melody of a local busker, their tune reminding you of the beauty in simplicity. Soon, you find yourself at a corner pub – not just any watering hole, but a place where every patron has a tale, every barstool an anecdote.

Engaging conversations with locals reveal a tapestry of history, myths, and legends, and it's not long before the city’s folklore becomes your bedtime story. The weekend arrives and the student community – a diverse mix of backgrounds and cultures – comes together like old friends. Some might be planning to explore the city's art festivals, while others organise a kayaking expedition on the River Corrib. There's an unspoken bond, a sense of belonging, that's palpable in every interaction.

It's this blend of learning and living, the weaving of academics with rich cultural experiences, that makes Galway special. It's more than just a city; for many students, it's a transformative journey, a chapter where memories are etched, friendships forged, and life truly celebrated.

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