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    USD 7000 per year, USD 28000 for over 4 years

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    June, 2023

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Applicants should have minimum high school GPA 3.0, ACT 28 or SAT 1310.

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Imagine being part of an academic institution that’s a sparkling gem in the crown of Alabama. This is Auburn University - a bastion of education that bridges the gap between curiosity and knowledge. Nestled in the rolling landscapes of Alabama, the university offers a harmonious blend of serene natural beauty and buzzing campus life. Wouldn't you want to study in a setting that stirs your intellectual curiosity while appeasing your senses?

Stroll through Auburn's expansive academic horizon that extends beyond conventional boundaries. Like an artist with a palette full of vibrant hues, Auburn offers over 140 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs, sketching a world of opportunities for students. Isn't it mesmerising to imagine studying at a place that allows you to carve your unique educational pathway?

Now, picture a diverse tapestry of cultures, backgrounds, and identities blending seamlessly into the fabric of the university. That's Auburn University, a community that's a true embodiment of diversity and inclusion. Don't you think that learning in an environment that cherishes each student's individuality is a stepping stone towards becoming a global citizen?

Auburn University boasts a lively student life, buzzing like a beehive with activities and interests of all kinds. From honour societies recognising academic excellence to special interest clubs fostering shared hobbies, Auburn is a kaleidoscope of experiences. Can you feel the pulsating energy of a place that shapes leaders, innovators, and game-changers of tomorrow?

The campus facilities at Auburn are akin to a modern castle equipped for every knight in their quest for knowledge. Advanced research facilities, state-of-the-art recreational centres, and vibrant student centres make Auburn a sanctum of learning and personal growth. Could there be a better-equipped stage for a transformative academic journey?

Lastly, picture an expansive network of alumni stretching globally, like mighty oaks arising from Auburn's seeds of knowledge. This active network exemplifies Auburn's legacy and provides a robust support system for the university community. How comforting is it to know that at Auburn University, one is never alone in their journey to success?

Auburn University - it's more than an institution; it's an experience. Isn't it time to be a part of this enriching journey?

Campus Location

Tucked within Alabama's picturesque rolling hills and verdant landscapes, Auburn University's campus embodies the charm of southern hospitality. The campus, resplendent with lush greenery, open spaces, and a tranquil ambience, is a testament to the university's commitment to a welcoming educational environment. Auburn University provides the quintessential college experience, balancing academic rigour with a vibrant, engaging community setting.

Auburn University benefits from a moderate climate year-round, from the mild winter chills to the warm, sunny summer days. The ever-changing seasons allow students to appreciate the beauty of the natural world, giving a refreshing backdrop to their academic journey. Not just a place for learning, Auburn University’s location also promotes exploration and discovery.

Centrally located in the southeastern United States, Auburn University offers easy access to the bustling cities of Atlanta, Birmingham, and Montgomery. The strategic location enhances the student experience and opens up numerous opportunities for internships and practical experiences. It also presents the chance to delve into the diverse culture and history of nearby cities and attractions.

The university finds its heart in the welcoming town of Auburn. A supportive community spirit coupled with an array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues creates a dynamic, student-friendly atmosphere. Enriching this atmosphere is Auburn University's strong sporting culture. The university's beloved Auburn Tigers team brings electric energy to the campus, allowing students to showcase their school spirit.

Study Areas

Auburn University offers a comprehensive and diverse range of academic programs to cater to students' varied interests and career aspirations. The College of Agriculture, one of the university's numerous study areas, provides agricultural economics, animal sciences, and crop and soil sciences degrees. Auburn University imparts knowledge and emphasises practical experiences, contributing to a well-rounded education.

In the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction, students can delve into programs focusing on architecture, industrial design, and landscape architecture. At Auburn University, students don't just learn about designing and constructing built environments; they create them.

The College of Business, another cornerstone of Auburn University, equips students with the dynamic world of business. With departments dedicated to accounting, finance, and marketing, students acquire essential skills to thrive in their chosen careers. Furthermore, the College of Education focuses on creating transformative leaders in the field of education, offering programs that merge theoretical knowledge with practical experiences.

Rounding off the rich academic offerings is the College of Engineering. Renowned for a broad range of engineering disciplines, Auburn University continues to make strides in research and innovation in fields like aerospace, chemical, and computer science engineering. At Auburn, students don’t just study engineering; they become engineers.

Diversity and Inclusion

Auburn University prides itself on being an institution where diversity and inclusion are woven into the fabric of campus life. The university has initiated comprehensive programs to foster a campus climate that values diverse perspectives, starting with diversity training and cultural competency workshops. Auburn University believes that the best way to learn is to understand and embrace the diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences of the student body.

At the heart of these efforts, the Office of Inclusion and Diversity works diligently to ensure every student feels welcome and heard. This office orchestrates strategies, provides resources, and supports groups that have been historically underrepresented. Auburn University strives to be more than an institution; it aspires to be a home for all students.

With a diverse student body, Auburn University provides a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. Students have the opportunity to learn not just from their professors but also from their peers, promoting a holistic learning environment. In this inclusive setting, Auburn University underscores the importance of dialogue, organising forums and discussions on various aspects of diversity. Auburn University makes strides in broadening understanding and fostering unity through these conversations.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Student life at Auburn University encompasses more than academics; it's about creating a well-rounded university experience. Honour societies celebrate academic excellence, one of the many facets of Auburn University's dynamic student life. These societies offer platforms for students to engage in scholarly pursuits, community service projects, and networking opportunities. Auburn University recognises the importance of academic achievements while emphasising character development and leadership.

Service and volunteer organisations are integral to Auburn University's commitment to community engagement. Through numerous on-campus organisations, students can make a lasting impact in their local communities. Whether it's through volunteering, fundraising events, or service projects, Auburn University's students make a difference.

Moreover, Auburn University offers various leadership and professional development clubs, enhancing students' skills and career prospects. These organisations host seminars, workshops, and guest speaker events, giving students a platform to connect with industry professionals and gain practical experience. At Auburn University, students don't just prepare for their future careers—they start building them.

Lastly, recreational and sports clubs add vitality to Auburn University's student life. Whether students enjoy intramural sports, martial arts, or outdoor activities, there are clubs to cater to all interests. The university also hosts special interest clubs for diverse hobbies and passions, such as film, photography, or environmental sustainability, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

Campus Facilities

Auburn University boasts many state-of-the-art campus facilities that cater to the diverse needs of its student body. Its research facilities, renowned for groundbreaking work across various disciplines, provide students with the resources needed to excel in their academic pursuits. These facilities, ranging from specialised labs to research centres, form the backbone of Auburn University's commitment to innovation.

Auburn University's Recreation and Wellness Center offers a wide range of amenities for the health-conscious. From fitness equipment to swimming pools and basketball courts, students have everything they need to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Auburn University believes that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

The student centres serve as hubs of activity on the campus. These vibrant spaces house student organisations, dining options, study areas, and recreational activities. They are perfect for students to unwind, socialise, and create lasting memories.

Lastly, the outdoor spaces around the campus offer students a tranquil retreat amidst their busy schedules. Beautiful parks, green areas, and outdoor seating spots provide a serene environment for relaxation or study. Auburn University’s campus facilities are more than just buildings; they are a testament to its commitment to nurturing a conducive and vibrant learning environment.

Alumni Network

Auburn University boasts a large and diverse alumni network that stretches globally. With over 250,000 alumni from various industries and professions, Auburn University provides its students and graduates with many connections and networking opportunities. Auburn University's alumni network is a treasure trove of shared experiences, insights, and wisdom.

The university fosters lifelong engagement and support for its members through its alumni network. Regardless of their graduation year, Auburn University encourages its alumni to remain connected to their alma mater and actively participate in its events and activities. This ongoing engagement strengthens the Auburn University community's bonds, reinforcing its unity and camaraderie culture.

Auburn University's alumni network doesn't just provide networking opportunities—it creates them. Through mentorship, internships, job placements, and career guidance, Auburn University alumni help pave the way for the success of current students and recent graduates. Auburn University believes in the power of shared success, where the achievements of one become the inspiration for many.

The alumni network extends to various cities and regions through active alumni associations and chapters. These groups organise many events, networking functions, and social gatherings. This engagement provides a platform for alumni to connect, collaborate, and give back to their local communities, underlining Auburn University's ethos of community service.

Why Study at Auburn University?

  • Auburn University’s strategic location offers a blend of small-town charm and easy access to major cities, providing a holistic college experience.
  • Diverse academic offerings at Auburn University cater to various interests, ensuring every student finds a program that aligns with their career aspirations.
  • Auburn University fosters a campus environment that champions diversity and inclusion, ensuring every student feels welcomed and valued.
  • A vibrant student life at Auburn University enriches the academic journey with opportunities for community service, leadership, recreation, and shared interests.
  • State-of-the-art campus facilities, including cutting-edge research facilities and recreational centres, contribute to a conducive and vibrant learning environment.
  • A vast and active alumni network extends worldwide, offering networking opportunities, mentorship, and support for Auburn University's community.


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