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Applicants need to meet the minimum admission entry requirements of the University: Undergraduate entry: A qualification equivalent to Australian Year 12 and the required entry grade for the program for which they have applied, and English language comparable to Academic IELTS 6.0 overall with no band less than 5.5.Postgraduate entry: A qualification equivalent to an Australian Bachelor degree, and English language comparable to Academic IELTS 6.5. Students must meet the attendance requirements of their program and the student visa conditions to remain eligible for the scholarship. Citizens or permanent residents from Australia or New Zealand, India or Nepal are not eligible. Specific countries only are eligible, so contact your Regional Manager for more details.

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Is there a place where the aspirations of ambitious students meet the expertise of dedicated educators? Yes, there is - Southern Cross University. The youthful, progressive, and connected university champions its students' potential, providing a vibrant and thriving academic environment. From the grassy, wildlife-rich terrain of Lismore to the buzzing urban backdrop of the Gold Coast and the coastal beauty of Coffs Harbour, Southern Cross University branches out like a mighty tree whose roots are firmly planted in rich, diverse cultural soil.

Are these campuses mere locations, or could they be viewed as vibrant knowledge ecosystems where learning thrives harmoniously with the environment? It's the latter. Each of the university's campuses has unique features and advantages that create a stimulating and engaging study environment, a testament to the versatility of this institution. The Gold Coast campus sits adjacent to the airport and is a short walk away from magnificent beaches. The lush natural beauty of Lismore serves as a haven for native wildlife, while Coffs Harbour offers the renowned National Marine Science Centre.

What does it mean to study at Southern Cross University? It's akin to embarking on a fascinating journey across the expansive fields of knowledge, guided by the pioneering academic model. This innovative approach allows students to intensively study one or two subjects over six weeks, promoting deep learning and better life-study balance. It's a voyage of discovery where education is not confined to classrooms but is enhanced by world-class facilities, from gym areas to dedicated training rooms.

Just as a tree is more than just its branches, Southern Cross University is more than its campuses. It's a place that supports and values diversity, aiming to be a bold and compassionate community where all individuals are respected and celebrated. Think of the university as a colourful tapestry, each thread representing the unique experiences and perspectives of its vibrant community.

And what happens after graduation? Is the relationship between the student and the institution severed, like a boat losing its anchor? Absolutely not! Graduates join a global family, a vast professional network that spans over 100 locations worldwide. They have numerous opportunities to learn, network, and share experiences. It's as if they have been handed a compass to navigate the world, built on the solid foundation of their time at Southern Cross University.

Southern Cross University is more than an institution. It's a beacon of educational innovation, a crucible of diversity, and a bridge to a prosperous future. It is not just about the degrees that are earned or the research that is conducted – it's about nurturing potential, fostering lifelong relationships, and making a positive impact from local to global. It's a place where possibilities are believed in, opportunities are nurtured, and futures are shaped. It embodies an ethos that embraces change, cherishes diversity, and drives the future of education.

Campus Location

Southern Cross University boasts multiple campuses, each brimming with unique characteristics as study locations. The Gold Coast campus is a short walk from stunning beaches and conveniently adjacent to Gold Coast Airport, providing students with a beautiful backdrop for their academic journey. Southern Cross University's Lismore campus offers 75 hectares of lush, natural beauty in the heart of northern New South Wales. The Coffs Harbour campus, also located on the northern NSW coast, is a welcoming space set among rolling hills and bushland.

The university's Coomera Creative Campus in the northern Gold Coast operates as an educational partnership with TAFE Queensland, offering unique learning opportunities in a creative environment. Southern Cross University also provides metropolitan branch campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth for international students who wish to complete degrees in these bustling, vibrant cities. The Hotel School Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Hayman Island, run in partnership with Mulpha Australia, further contribute to the university's expansive geographic reach.

Study Areas

Southern Cross University offers a diverse range of study areas through its four academic faculties: Business, Law and Arts; Education; Health; and Science and Engineering. In the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts, students are encouraged to approach various issues from unique perspectives, promoting innovative thought across the university. Southern Cross University's Faculty of Education aims to disrupt and transform the education profession in powerful and positive ways. An impressive research profile and collaboration with colleagues, educational organisations and schools worldwide underpin this collective philosophy.

In the Faculty of Health, Southern Cross University focuses on tackling issues closest to home while recognising the potential to contribute globally. The Faculty of Science and Engineering develops scientific expertise alongside profound consideration of the systems and human needs behind the science. The university's SCU College and Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples also play integral roles in delivering courses and conducting research activities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Southern Cross University is steadfastly committed to fostering an inclusive and culturally safe work and study environment. This commitment is reflected in the bold, aware, and compassionate culture that the university promotes. At Southern Cross University, students are safe to be authentic and supported to achieve their full potential.

Student Equity and Inclusion services at Southern Cross University facilitate reasonable adjustments for students with a disability or medical condition who may require additional support. 

This free and confidential service provides various support services to students, assisting them in engaging in their studies on the same basis as a student without a disability. Southern Cross University sees diversity as a strength, propelling the community to challenge the status quo and learn from its diverse members' lived experiences and perspectives.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

Student life at Southern Cross University is vibrant and engaging, providing opportunities for students to unwind with friends and pursue interests outside of academic life. The university supports various social activities, such as netball, touch rugby, yoga, meditation, music performances, cultural celebrations, photographic exhibitions, environmental workshops, and Toastmasters seminars.

Joining an SCU club or society or participating in a community sporting/recreation team or group is a fantastic way to connect with people and develop well-rounded experiences. For example, students can get involved with the Nana Glen Cricket Club or the Sawtell Football Club, both welcoming new students and community members. Southern Cross University's focus on student life is a testament to its students' holistic development and enjoyment.

Campus Facilities

Southern Cross University takes pride in its first-class facilities designed to enhance students' learning and living experiences. The expansive gym area includes Hammer Strength and Life Fitness machines, free weights, and a separate cardio room. Students can also access a dedicated Cycle room and a Small Group Training room equipped with boxing and kickboxing equipment.

The university's campus also houses an indoor heated pool, excellent for water polo and lap swimming. Additionally, the Group Fitness Program and the peaceful, softly lit yoga area contribute to the variety of physical fitness opportunities available for students. Outdoor facilities, such as sporting ovals, courts, pools, and plenty of outdoor meeting spaces, are readily accessible for booking online.

The first-class facilities at Southern Cross University provide a conducive environment for both physical development and creative exploration. The gym area, complete with Hammer Strength and Life Fitness machines, offers an expansive range of options, including free weights and Olympic lifting platforms. The circuit area is specially designed to be user-friendly, catering to individuals at all levels of physical fitness, whether beginners, those in rehabilitation, or anyone desiring a quick workout within a limited timeframe.

The cardio room houses Life Fitness and Concept 2 equipment, suitable for all fitness levels, from casual walkers to competitive runners or triathletes. Southern Cross University's small group training room hosts boxing and kickboxing equipment, along with numerous unique training options. Outside the training room, students can participate in Boot Camp-style classes in a natural setting, incorporating the outdoor oval and surrounding hills into their fitness routines.

The university has a dedicated Cycle room equipped with smooth magnetic resistance cycles and ample air conditioning and fans to ensure comfort during rigorous training sessions for those interested in cycling. Further enhancing the vibrant fitness culture at Southern Cross University is the Group Fitness Program, conducted in a large area complete with an instructor stage and mood lighting to boost the overall workout atmosphere.

Moreover, Southern Cross University also offers purpose-built facilities, including theatres, recording studios, dark rooms, and editing suites for students interested in the arts and media. The availability and diversity of these facilities demonstrate the university's commitment to supporting all aspects of a student's life.

Alumni Network

Southern Cross University values its graduates, recognising them as a part of a global family and professional network. This community, encompassing over 71,000 people across more than 100 locations worldwide, serves as a significant asset for Southern Cross alumni. The university facilitates various events, workshops, and webinars to keep this network thriving, providing continued professional and personal development opportunities.

Further benefits available to Southern Cross University alumni include library access and special offers. Alumni also have the chance to celebrate their success and contribute to the university's vibrant community by participating in the Alumni Impact Awards. Southern Cross University embraces this network's collective wealth of knowledge and experience, reinforcing the idea that education and connection extend beyond the campus.

Upon graduating from Southern Cross University, students join a global family and professional network that continues to grow and prosper. With an alumni base of over 71,000 people dispersed across more than 100 locations worldwide, Southern Cross University offers numerous opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing experiences. This vast and varied community provides a wealth of insights, mentorship, and opportunities, which Southern Cross University encourages all alumni to dive into and make the most of.

Southern Cross University is dedicated to fostering a global community that extends beyond the years spent on campus. To facilitate this, the university hosts various events, workshops, and webinars to bring alumni together and foster connections. It's not just about maintaining relationships with former classmates but also about creating new ones with other alumni from different years, faculties, and regions. The connections made through these initiatives can often lead to exciting professional and personal opportunities.

The relationship between Southern Cross University and its alumni is mutually beneficial. As alumni continue to benefit from services like library access and special offers, they also have the chance to give back to the university community. Through mentoring programs, alumni can lend their knowledge, experience, and perspectives to current students. Southern Cross University deeply values these contributions, recognising the transformative impact such guidance can have on a student's journey. The rich and engaging alumni network at Southern Cross University stands as a testament to the enduring connections formed during the university years.

Why Study at Southern Cross University?

  • Southern Cross University boasts several strategically located campuses, providing a variety of unique learning environments.
  • The university offers diverse study areas across four faculties, aiming to stimulate innovative thought and address global challenges.
  • Southern Cross University is committed to diversity and inclusion, fostering a culturally safe work and study environment.
  • The university's vibrant student life features numerous clubs, societies, and sports teams, contributing to holistic student development.
  • Southern Cross University provides first-class campus facilities to enhance student learning and well-being.
  • A global alumni network provides ongoing professional and personal development opportunities for Southern Cross University graduates.


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