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Awarded to entering transfer students with a minimum of 12 transferable hours from a regionally accredited college and pre-requisite 2.5 GPA to 2.99.

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At the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, learning is not just limited to gaining information; it is an expedition of change that moulds pupils and enables them to bring about a positive impact on society. With a rich history, a commitment to excellence, and a vibrant community, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor offers international students an extraordinary educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Imagine stepping onto the campus of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, a 340-acre oasis of learning, where opportunities abound and dreams come to life. Like a compass guiding the path, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor embraces its role as the oldest continuously operating college in the state of Texas, instilling a sense of tradition and a foundation built on time-tested principles. Just as the Republic of Texas chartered the university in 1845, it continues to chart a course for academic excellence and personal growth.

As students walk across the campus of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, they'll find themselves immersed in a community that values the intersection of faith and academic excellence. The unapologetic dedication to Christian principles serves as the guiding light, illuminating their path to discovery and nurturing their intellectual curiosity. With inspired teaching and a commitment to making each student's learning experience the best possible, the university empowers students to reach new heights and uncover the depths of their potential.

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor; they are the heart and soul of the community. Like a vibrant tapestry woven from threads of various cultures and backgrounds, the student body represents 31 foreign countries, fostering a rich and multicultural environment. In this place, pupils will discover themselves encompassed by classmates who possess distinct viewpoints and encounters, enlarging their global perspective and widening their comprehension of the planet.

At the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, it is recognised that education extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. Like a symphony with multiple movements, the holistic approach to education harmonises academic pursuits with a vibrant student life.  

Just as a key unlocks a door, the campus facilities at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor provide the tools and resources necessary for student success. Cutting-edge classrooms, fully-furnished laboratories, an extensive library, and contemporary leisure amenities are accessible to them. These spaces become their canvas, allowing them to paint their masterpiece of knowledge, innovation, and personal growth.

As students progress through their academic journey at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, they'll be guided by the wisdom and support of the extensive alumni network. Picture a vast constellation of success stories, each shining brightly with accomplishments and contributions to their fields. This network becomes their guiding star, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and a sense of belonging long after they've walked across the graduation stage.

Campus Location

Located in the charming city of Belton, Texas, the University of Mary Hardin offers international students a prime location to pursue their higher education journey. Located in the centre of Central Texas, the campus offers an ideal combination of scenic surroundings, cultural opportunities, and easy proximity to neighbouring cities.

Belton positioned just 60 miles north of Austin on Interstate 35, allows students to enjoy the best of both worlds. While studying at the University of Mary Hardin, you can easily explore the vibrant arts scene, live music venues, and culinary delights of Austin.

Within Belton itself, you'll discover a close-knit community that warmly welcomes students. The city's rich history, evident in its charming architecture and local landmarks, adds a unique touch to your college experience. From visiting the Bell County Museum to strolling through the picturesque downtown area, you'll find ample opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture.340-acre campus provides a spacious and serene environment conducive to academic excellence. With lush green spaces, modern facilities, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the University of Mary Hardin offers a nurturing setting for your personal and intellectual growth. Whether you prefer studying in the library, collaborating with classmates in common areas, or enjoying the outdoors, the campus has something for everyone.

Study Areas

The University of Mary Hardin understands the importance of offering a diverse range of study areas to meet the unique interests and aspirations of international students. Educational curricula are crafted to furnish a holistic learning experience whilst endowing you with the expertise and competencies essential for a thriving profession.

For those interested in the world of business and finance, Accounting and Business Administration programs offer a solid foundation. You'll learn from experienced faculty who combine theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, preparing you to thrive in a competitive business landscape.

If you possess a strong desire to assist others, then Education and Guidance programs will furnish you with the resources to create a beneficial influence in the lives of individuals. From early childhood education to specialised counselling tracks, the university offers a range of options to suit your career goals.

The field of healthcare is another area where the University of Mary Hardin excels. The nursing program, known for its excellence in training compassionate and competent nurses, prepares students to deliver high-quality patient care. 

For those interested in the intersection of sports and management, the Sports Administration program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of the sports industry. From event planning to marketing strategies, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this dynamic field.

Furthermore, the University of Mary Hardin is committed to fostering excellence in scientific research and innovation. The programs in Exercise Physiology and Public Health provide opportunities for students interested in advancing knowledge in these critical fields. You'll have access to cutting-edge research facilities and dedicated faculty who will guide you through your academic journey.

Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Mary Hardin values diversity and understands the importance of creating an inclusive community. University believes that embracing different perspectives and backgrounds enriches the learning environment and prepares students to thrive in a global society.

The commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in various initiatives across campus. university prioritises minority recruitment and retention, ensuring that all students feel welcomed and supported throughout their time at the University of Mary Hardin. The multicultural affairs programs celebrate and honour different cultures, promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Faculty and staff training and development programs focus on promoting cultural competency and creating an environment where everyone feels respected and valued.UMH endeavours to create a setting where pupils from diverse origins can participate in significant discussions, share thoughts, and gain knowledge from each other.

Worldwide pupils are an essential component of the multifaceted community. The university understands the unique challenges and opportunities you may encounter while studying abroad, and Mary Hardin is here to support you every step of the way. University-dedicated international student services provide resources, guidance, and cultural programming to ensure a smooth transition and a rewarding college experience.

Student Life - Clubs and Societies

Your college experience at the University of Mary Hardin goes beyond the classroom. They think that participating in extracurricular activities, associations, and groups is a vital aspect of individual and occupational growth.

It presents a chance to bond with individuals who share similar interests, discover your areas of interest, and form enduring friendships.

The campus presents a vast array of groups and associations that cater to diverse interests, hobbies, and academic fields.

Whether you're keen on joining a cultural association, a musical ensemble, a business-oriented group, or a community assistance organisation, there is something for everyone.

These associations provide a platform for you to explore your interests, cultivate leadership abilities, and contribute to society.

Engaging in community service is an integral part of the University of Mary Hardin experience. University believes in the power of service to transform lives and make a positive impact. Utilising volunteering possibilities and service-based educational programs, you will get the opportunity to contribute to society and tackle societal concerns on a local and global scale. These experiences not only broaden your perspective but also enhance your sense of empathy and social responsibility.

During Welcome Week, which marks the beginning of your UMHB journey, you'll have the opportunity to participate in various activities and events designed to foster community and help you establish connections. From team-building exercises to informative sessions, Welcome Week sets the stage for a fulfilling and memorable college experience.

Campus Facilities

The University of Mary Hardin is dedicated to providing top-notch campus facilities that support your academic, personal, and recreational needs. The university understands that a conducive learning environment plays a crucial role in your success as a student.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) arranges an extensive array of functions and undertakings all year round, serving varied hobbies and enthusiasms. These events allow you to unwind, connect with your peers, and create lasting memories. From concerts and talent shows to cultural festivals and guest speakers, there's always something happening on campus.

Career Services is here to guide and assist you in preparing for your professional journey. They offer career counselling, resume writing workshops, interview preparation, and job fairs to help you launch your career successfully. Whether you need help exploring career options or securing internships and job opportunities, Career Services is your go-to resource.

Your well-being is a top priority at the University of Mary Hardin. The university’s counselling services provide confidential support to students facing personal challenges, stress, or mental health concerns. Licensed professionals are available to listen, provide guidance, and help you navigate any difficulties you may encounter during your college years.

They also have a Health Center on campus, staffed by qualified medical professionals. Whether you need routine medical care, vaccinations, or assistance with managing chronic conditions, the Health Center is there to ensure your well-being and provide necessary healthcare services.

Residential Life presents an array of on-campus lodging alternatives, furnishing a secure and cosy abode to dwell in throughout your collegiate journey.

Residing on campus offers myriad advantages, comprising convenient accessibility to lectures, proximity to campus amenities, and the prospect to establish enduring companionships with your peers.

University of Mary Hardin's commitment to spiritual life is evident through various programs and resources. They understand the significance of faith and spirituality in the lives of students. Campus ministries, chapel services, and spiritual retreats provide opportunities for reflection, worship, and personal growth. The goal is to support your spiritual journey and help you develop a strong foundation of faith.

As a student, you'll have the opportunity to engage in the decision-making processes of the university through the Student Government Association. This platform allows you to voice your concerns, propose initiatives, and actively contribute to shaping the University of Mary Hardin community.

With a wide range of student organisations available, you can pursue your interests and passions outside of the classroom. If you have the desire to become a part of a student association related to your area of study, discover a fresh pastime, or engage in a competitive athletic group, these groups offer an opportunity for you to interact with individuals who share your passions and follow your pursuits.

Alumni Network

The University of Mary Hardin Alumni Association comprises a vast network of over 26,000 graduates who have made their mark in various fields and industries. The alumni network is a valuable resource for current students, providing mentorship, networking opportunities, and career guidance.

The university encourages you to stay connected with the alumni community and take advantage of the resources available to you. Attending alumni events, participating in alumni-led career panels, and engaging with alumni through online platforms can open doors to valuable connections and future opportunities.

Why study at the University of Mary Hardin- Baylor

Rich History and Commitment to Excellence

Established in 1845, the University of Mary Hardin holds the prestigious title of being the oldest continuously operating college in the state of Texas. Throughout its long history, the university has maintained a steadfast commitment to excellence in education. Known for producing outstanding educators, nurses, business leaders, and missionaries, the University of Mary Hardin has expanded its programs to include highly regarded science, music, counselling, and physical therapy courses. This commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of university life, ensuring that you receive a top-notch education.

Christian Higher Education

University of Mary Hardin is dedicated to providing a Christian higher education environment, where faith and academic excellence intersect. With an unapologetic dedication to Christian principles, the university emphasises inspired teaching and strives to make each student's learning experience the best possible. This holistic approach nurtures not only your intellectual growth but also your spiritual development, fostering values such as integrity, compassion, and servant leadership.

Diverse Study Areas

At the University of Mary Hardin, you'll find a diverse range of study areas to suit your academic interests and career goals. Whether your passion lies in business administration, accounting, counselling, education, exercise physiology, information systems, nursing, occupational therapy, physician assistant studies, public health, or sports administration, the University of Mary Hardin offers comprehensive programs that provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in your chosen field. University faculty are experts in their respective disciplines and are committed to equipping you with a strong foundation and real-world application opportunities.

Campus Location and Safety

Situated in Belton, Texas, the University of Mary Hardin enjoys a prime location in the heart of Central Texas. Just 60 miles north of Austin, you'll have easy access to a vibrant city renowned for its live music scene, cultural festivals, and thriving arts community. Belton itself offers a charming and welcoming environment, where you can experience the rich history and local attractions. The campus spans 340 acres, providing a spacious and serene setting for your studies. Additionally, the University of Mary Hardin takes pride in being one of the safest campuses in the nation, ensuring your well-being and peace of mind.

Supportive and Inclusive Community

As an international student, transitioning to a new country and culture can present unique challenges. At the University of Mary Hardin, you'll find a supportive and inclusive community that embraces diversity. The university's commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through various initiatives, including minority recruitment and retention programs, multicultural affairs, and faculty/staff training. You'll have access to dedicated international student services that provide resources, guidance, and cultural programming to help you navigate your academic journey and make lifelong connections.

Vibrant Student Life

Your college experience goes beyond academics, and the University of Mary Hardin offers a vibrant student life that complements your studies. With a wide range of clubs, societies, and organisations, you can explore your passions, develop leadership skills, and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you're interested in cultural clubs, music ensembles, community service, or student government, there's a niche for everyone. Additionally, the University of Mary Hardin hosts exciting events, such as Welcome Week, which marks the beginning of your journey and sets the stage for a fulfilling and memorable college experience.

State-of-the-Art Campus Facilities

The University of Mary Hardin is committed to providing state-of-the-art campus facilities that support your academic, personal, and recreational needs. From modern classrooms and well-equipped laboratories to a comprehensive library and computer labs, you'll have access to the resources necessary to excel in your studies. The campus also features a vibrant student centre, where you can socialise, collaborate, and relax. Additionally, career services, counselling services, a health centre, residence life, and recreational facilities are available to support your overall well-being and personal development.

Extensive Alumni Network

University of Mary Hardin's Alumni Association boasts a strong network of over 26,000 alumni who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. As an international student, you can benefit from this extensive network, gaining access to mentorship opportunities, networking events, and career guidance. Engaging with alumni can provide valuable insights and connections, opening doors to future career opportunities and personal growth.

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