The John Harker International Scholar Award

Cape Breton University Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Scholarship value

    CAD 1500

  • Study level

    Postgraduate, Undergraduate

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  • Categories

    All Study Categories

Applicants must be an international student registered in a full course load (min. 18 credits) in any program at Cape Breton University. Applicants should have a minimum average of 80%, with no failures in the most recent evaluations (2022 Fall).

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Envision Cape Breton University as a bright star in the educational universe. It is not just an institution; it's a lively community steeped in cultural richness, nestled in one of the world's most scenic locations, Cape Breton Island. Are the terms 'urban vibrancy' and 'small-town safety' mutually exclusive? Not at Cape Breton University. It offers a harmonious blend of both, ensuring an enriched student life with opportunities and experiences.

What is it like to study at Cape Breton University? Picture an artist's palette, the colours representing various study areas such as Arts and Social Sciences, Education and Health, Nursing, Science and Technology, and Business. Each hue is vibrant, adding depth and dimension to the overall educational masterpiece. Students don't just receive an education; they craft their unique journey, tailoring their studies to align with their passions and aspirations.

Imagine a garden flourishing with diverse flora, each plant contributing to the ecosystem's vibrancy. This metaphor captures Cape Breton University's commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. It is an institution where diverse minds converge, promoting innovation, collaboration, learning, and advancing research. It is not merely an initiative, but a core value, woven into the very fabric of its mission and vision.

Do you recall the exhilaration of a team triumph or the joy of sharing a hobby? Societies and clubs at Cape Breton University are reminiscent of that sentiment. They offer a platform to explore interests, forge relationships, and enhance skills. It's akin to a bustling market, teeming with activity and energy, enriching the university experience.

Safety is not just a checkbox for Cape Breton University; it's an unyielding promise. Like a lighthouse guiding ships through tumultuous waters, the dedicated Campus Security Officers safeguard the campus, ensuring a safe and secure environment conducive to growth and learning.

What does it mean to be part of the Cape Breton University alumni network? Imagine joining a family that spans the globe, connected by shared experiences and values. It's like finding your name etched on a global map, offering endless connections, opportunities, and engagement.

How can one encapsulate the experience of living and studying on Cape Breton Island? It's akin to an unfolding novel, filled with beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, warm communities, and the endless adventure that awaits every turn of the page.

Cape Breton University is not just an educational institution. It's a constellation of opportunities, experiences, and values, striving to provide all its students with a holistic and enriching academic journey.

Campus Location

Cape Breton University lies in the heart of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, nestled in the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaw People - Mi'kma'ki. This unique location caters to a lifestyle that marries the vibrancy of an urban centre with the safety and genuine feel of a small town. Studying at Cape Breton University means opening doors to many cultural landscapes on Cape Breton Island, creating a truly distinct style of living.

Living on campus is an integral part of the Cape Breton University experience. It lays the foundation for many of the unforgettable memories students create here. Cape Breton University residences house students from around the globe, allowing them to discover what it truly means to be a Cape Bretoner. When students set foot in the residence, Cape Breton University wants them to feel like they've found a home away from home.

Cape Breton University's commitment to a rich, engaging residential experience ensures that the residential buildings are always buzzing with activity. This commitment extends to believing that a student's residential experience should be as enriching and enjoyable as possible. As part of this commitment, Cape Breton University offers three unique and secure residence options, ensuring a perfect fit for every student.

Study Areas

Cape Breton University presents students with an extraordinary range of studies. Whether it's arts, sciences, health, business, or technology, Cape Breton University allows students to explore their interests, build on their talents, and find their niche. The flexible degree programs under the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) are designed to provide a strong foundation for the future students envision.

Cape Breton University acknowledges the importance of quality training regarding health and education. The School of Education and Health (SEH) and the School of Nursing work tirelessly to give students the skills and knowledge they need to make a difference in people's lives and shape the future. Cape Breton University is proud of its dedication to bolstering the overall health and development of Cape Breton Island, and these schools play a crucial role in this commitment.

At the heart of science and technology at Cape Breton University is the School of Science and Technology (SST). The SST hosts many science, engineering, and technology courses, providing a firm foundation for students interested in these diverse and exciting fields. Complementing these are the world-renowned programs offered through the Shannon School of Business (SSOB), which provide a unique and specialised opportunity for students to earn the business degree they need to succeed.

Diversity and Inclusion

Rooted in Unama’ki and connected to the world, Cape Breton University is dedicated to creating a truly inclusive place to work, study, and research. The university's pursuit of excellence in research is guided by the knowledge that identity is complex and the belief that diversity and inclusion support academic excellence by inspiring innovation, increasing collaboration, improving learning, and advancing research.

As a signatory to the Dimensions Charter, Cape Breton University is committed to principles and associated practices that will further strengthen its research activities. The university believes that success in its equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts will make Cape Breton University more resilient and innovative and enhance the impact of research in its communities – underscoring the belief that the university is better together.

Cape Breton University’s commitment to strengthening efforts related to equity, diversity, and inclusion involves internal reflection, increasing awareness, building capacity, and promoting policy supported by a community of scholarship. The university’s five-year Strategic Research Plan prioritises expanding research initiatives that include data collection and analysis relevant to equity, diversity, and inclusion; identifying and removing internal barriers to recruitment, retention, and career advancement in the research environment; providing opportunities to learn about and reflect on cultural competencies; and valuing diversity in scholarship, the multiplicity of perspectives/experiences, and methodological approaches to research undertaken at Cape Breton University.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

Student life at Cape Breton University goes beyond academics. A plethora of societies ranging from recreational sports teams to hobby organisations to academic, political, and cultural associations, enhance the vibrancy of campus life. Cape Breton University believes that joining a society not only explores interests and develops strong relationships with like-minded students but also builds connections and resumes for the future.

Cape Breton University prides itself on its rich heritage and tradition. It remains committed to providing the best possible educational experience for its students. By combining world-class facilities, a wide array of study areas, a diverse and inclusive environment, an active student life, and a strong alumni network, Cape Breton University offers an unmatched educational journey for international students. The university continually strives to inspire growth, create change, and ensure a brighter future for its students.

Cape Breton University Student Union (CBUSU) is always at the forefront, encouraging individuals to start a society and offering support throughout the process. Registering a society with the CBUSU provides access to various benefits, including funding, administrative support, event planning support, and social media support. This broad spectrum of benefits aims to ensure a fulfilling and enriching experience for every student at Cape Breton University.

The community surrounding and supporting the institution is unlike any other at Cape Breton University. Its welcoming ambience, ripe for discovery and innovation, drives it a unique platform for personal and professional growth. The CBUSU advocates for high-quality, fully accessible education, prioritising students, striving to create change through advocacy and inspiring growth through engagement.

Campus Facilities

At Cape Breton University, cutting-edge facilities ensure an unparalleled student experience. The Cape Breton Health and Recreation Complex, located within the university’s campus, houses indoor and outdoor turf soccer fields; an eight-lane synthetic track with a field event venue; a community health and wellness/fitness facility; community outreach programming rooms; various game courts and practice venues as well as academic/wellness programming and research.

In addition, Cape Breton University ensures a secure campus environment with its Campus Security Officers. They provide safety and security services to all university community members 24 hours/day, seven days/week. Their services include security patrol throughout the campus, control access, parking enforcement, maintaining a centralised lost & found, and responding to incidents and emergencies.

The university understands the significance of the relationship between mental and physical health, overall well-being, and academic success. Hence, the Cape Breton Health Recreation Complex (CBHRC) is a testament to the university's commitment to student health and wellness. Full-time students have unlimited access to the fitness facility, included in their tuition and fees.

Alumni Network

The Cape Breton University alumni network is a robust, diverse community of over 33,000 members worldwide. Cape Breton University values this network as it comprises its biggest supporters who act as ambassadors wherever they are. Staying connected with the alumni, hearing stories of success, sharing those accomplishments with the rest of the family, and updating them on how they can engage with the Alumni network is integral to the university's outreach.

The Cape Breton University Alumni Association (CBUAA) represents over 28,000 alumni globally. Led by a volunteer group of professionals from various sectors, fields, organisations, and specialities, the CBUAA Board of Directors plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong connection among the alumni community.

Regional chapters and special groups, defined by a geographic area, work towards connecting alumni, students, parents, and friends. They aim to inform and involve them in various social, professional, charitable, and networking activities. This emphasises Cape Breton University’s commitment to maintaining a solid relationship with its alumni and strengthening the university's growth.

Why Study at Cape Breton University?

  • Cape Breton University upholds a respectful, inclusive, and engaging campus atmosphere.
  • The university offers a superior benefits package and a dynamic, supportive work environment.
  • Onsite facilities like the Cape Breton Health and Recreation Complex provide a holistic learning experience.
  • Cape Breton University presents a unique blend of urban energy and small-town safety.
  • The university's robust curriculum encompasses various study areas, catering to various interests.
  • Cape Breton University's efforts towards equity, diversity, and inclusion foster a vibrant and progressive academic environment.
  • The active student life and many societies and clubs offer numerous personal and professional growth opportunities.
  • The dedicated Campus Security Officers ensure a safe and secure study environment.
  • Cape Breton University's global alumni network offers valuable connections and opportunities for engagement.
  • The scenic beauty of Cape Breton Island and its diverse cultural experiences make studying at Cape Breton University a unique experience.


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