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Applicants must be able to demonstrate: their normal residence is in Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda. The financial need for study, i.e., annual gross household income not exceeding £80k (US$100k) that they are aged 18-21. Applicants should have a commitment to return to their home country within one month of degree completion.

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Nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of Wales, Cardiff University is much more than an educational institution. Picture this: It is an engine of opportunity, a catalyst for innovation, and a beacon of intellectual pursuit. What could be more thrilling than being part of such a dynamic and aspirational academic community?

Cardiff University is a veritable hub of academic and professional excellence, where the glow of knowledge illuminates each corridor and lecture hall. Cardiff's graduates, like bright stars in the constellation of academia, are sought after in the UK's competitive job market. Is it not intriguing that such a high percentage, 96% to be precise, find themselves employed or furthering their studies? A testament, indeed, to the university's commitment to moulding employable, versatile graduates.

The university offers a cornucopia of degree programs, each a unique puzzle piece fitting into the diverse academic landscape. Just as a tailor painstakingly crafts a garment to fit the individual, Cardiff's students can tailor their degree programs to their personal interests and career ambitions. Moreover, with certain degrees, exemptions from professional examinations become the icing on the cake. Isn't embarking on an academic journey that carves such unique pathways exciting?

Where does Cardiff University stand in the field of research, you ask? It stands proudly as a member of the prestigious Russell Group. Like an alchemist transforming base metals into gold, Cardiff University's researchers undertake cutting-edge, innovative work, with 90% of it rated as world-leading or internationally excellent. This academic goldmine enriches the teaching, ensuring a rich, research-informed education for every student.

Cardiff University is a truly global institution, a microcosm of the world, fostering a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community. The university's commitment to equality and diversity, embodied in its strategic equality plan, ensures an inclusive culture that respects and values everyone. Picture this: A place where everyone can feel at home regardless of background or identity. Isn't that the true essence of global education?

In essence, Cardiff University is a springboard to the future, a beacon for those pursuing knowledge, and a nurturing environment for those striving for personal and professional growth. Cardiff University is not just an institution; it's a unique, dynamic, and nurturing world. So, wouldn't you agree, it's more than just a university, isn't it?

Campus Location

Cardiff University holds the unique advantage of being situated across two spacious and attractive campuses. Cathays Park, one of the campuses, presents an inspiring study environment. With its broad tree-lined avenues and elegant Portland stone buildings, Cardiff University assures an environment conducive to intellectual growth. On the other hand, Heath Park serves as the dedicated healthcare campus, housing four Academic Schools on the same site as the University Hospital of Wales. It presents the perfect location for aspiring healthcare professionals.

The Cardiff University campuses are nestled within the vibrant capital of Wales, Cardiff, a city brimming with opportunities and experiences. The coastal city is easily accessible via road, rail, or air from various UK and overseas locations. In a nutshell, Cardiff University is an ideal destination for students who seek an excellent educational environment coupled with the thrill of city life.

Moreover, Cardiff's proximity to major transportation hubs enhances its appeal. The high-speed train service makes London accessible in approximately two hours. The city's location and direct flights from Cardiff and Bristol Airports to various UK and European cities make it a highly convenient destination for international students. The student residential areas of Cathays and Roath are within walking distance of the city centre, offering ease and convenience for the student community.

Study Areas

Cardiff University offers an array of academic programs grouped into three Colleges, each with a set of distinguished Academic Schools. For instance, the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences consists of ten Academic Schools, each dedicated to diverse study areas, including Business, Law and Politics, Modern Languages, and Social Sciences. Cardiff University takes pride in the vibrant, diverse, and inspiring community within this College, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to excellence in teaching and research.

The College of Biomedical and Life Sciences is another pillar of Cardiff University's academic structure. This College, too, is a vibrant academic community conducting innovative research and providing cutting-edge learning facilities. The College houses seven Academic Schools dedicated to different aspects of biomedical and life sciences, such as Dentistry, Medicine, and Psychology.

Cardiff University's College of Physical Sciences and Engineering also comprises seven Academic Schools. Known for its academic excellence, the College is internationally renowned for its research, teaching excellence, innovation, industrial engagement, sustainable solutions, and societal impact. It hosts Schools such as Architecture, Chemistry, and Mathematics, offering students a diverse set of options to pursue their academic interests.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Cardiff University, diversity and inclusion are not mere buzzwords. They form the very ethos of the institution. Cardiff University takes pride in fostering an inclusive culture free from discrimination, upholding the values of dignity, courtesy, and respect. Everyone in the community, regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation, has the right to be treated in accordance with these values.

Cardiff University is committed to advancing equality in all spheres and fostering good relations among different groups. This commitment manifests in the University's strategic equality plan, designed to promote and achieve equality improvements across the university. This approach ensures Cardiff University remains a welcoming space for students from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

The University's equality impact assessment planning tools allow for building equality into the University's policies. Progress on the strategic equality plan and an analysis of monitoring data for staff and students are available annually, making Cardiff University's commitment to diversity and inclusion more transparent and measurable.

Student life - Clubs and Societies

Cardiff University believes that the university experience extends beyond academics. Cardiff University Students' Union, with over 200 societies, promises a memorable student life in Cardiff. With such an array of options, there's something to suit every interest and passion. If students cannot find a society that fits their interests, they can revive an inactive society or even establish a new one. This allows students to engage in activities they are passionate about and create a more inclusive, diverse student community.

Cardiff University’s Students' Union (CSU) ensures a vibrant student life. It is a safe, inclusive space where students can be authentic. The CSU, which is consistently rated among the top in the UK for student satisfaction, operates from both the Cathays and Heath Park campuses. It provides various services and activities to enhance student life, from cafes, shops, and study spaces to live entertainment and a range of societies and clubs.

Creating unforgettable student experiences is an integral part of CSU's mission. The CSU organises various events and activities based on student preferences, from club nights to well-being events. The profits from these activities are invested back into the organisation's charitable services, contributing to a holistic and enriching student experience at Cardiff University.

Campus Facilities

Cardiff University provides a wealth of facilities to support student life and learning. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the newly refurbished Fitness and Conditioning Centre, which offers three floors of cardio, resistance, and weights equipment. The top floor is dedicated to strength and conditioning provision, designed to help students maximise their sporting potential.

The sports facilities extend beyond the fitness centre, with a vast 33-acre site providing high-quality grass pitches. Additionally, Studio 49, a modern dance studio located near the city centre and main university buildings, offers a wide range of fitness classes. These facilities ensure that students have ample opportunities for recreational activities alongside their academic pursuits.

Apart from sports and fitness, Cardiff University provides extensive library services, including access to Special Collections and Archives. The IT services at Cardiff University offer 24/7 access to software and resources from any networked computer on campus. Moreover, Cardiff University hosts various catering outlets across campus, offering diverse options for dining and relaxation.

Alumni Network

Cardiff University appreciates the role of its alumni community in shaping the university's future. The vibrant alumni community actively contributes to various initiatives, such as the 30(ish) Awards, celebrating the achievements of young alumni who have made significant contributions to their communities.

Cardiff University offers opportunities for alumni to serve as Alumni Ambassadors, helping inspire the next generation of students. These volunteers engage with prospective and current students, as well as the wider university community, sharing their experiences and insights.

The University also hosts Alumni Chapters across the globe, offering alumni opportunities to connect, network, and build strong relationships. These Chapters represent Cardiff University in different regions, supporting the University's strategic objectives and fostering a sense of community among alumni.

Why Study at Cardiff University?

  • Cardiff University degrees are highly regarded, with graduates being among the UK's most sought-after.
  • Impressive employability record, with 96% of graduates being in employment and further study.
  • A wide range of modules allows students to tailor their degree programs according to their interests and career ambitions.
  • Some degree programs offer partial or complete exemptions from professional examinations.
  • Flexibility is provided with the availability of part-time undergraduate courses for students with other commitments.
  • Cardiff University is part of the prestigious Russell Group, highlighting its excellence in research.
  • A high standard of teaching ensures students gain valuable knowledge, skills, and lifelong experience.
  • Employers recognise postgraduate programs and have strong partnerships with over 60 professional bodies.
  • Excellent research ratings, with 90% of research being rated as world-leading or internationally excellent.


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